tagGroup SexTales From The Therapists Couch 02

Tales From The Therapists Couch 02


Often we fall into behavior patterns that are initially useful but over time become problematic.

This is the case of my Tuesday night group of men who are trying to start families.

Few women realize how very deep-seated the fear of getting a girl pregnant can be.

Most men are conditioned from early adolescence to avoid impregnating their girlfriends. The enormous responsibility of parenthood and the dire financial consequences of an unplanned pregnancy continually reinforce this fear.

Even after the commitment of marriage the fear lingers on especially during the early years of the relationship when the consequences if an unplanned pregnancy can be nearly as disastrous as an accidental pregnancy with an unsuitable stranger.

The six men in my Tuesday night group all suffer from the symptoms of over-conditioning. They all have a common complaint; they are unable to ejaculate unless they are wearing a condom.

All of the men in the group are primarily heterosexual. For the most part they have an exciting and fulfilling sex life with their young wives but they are unable to achieve a meaningful climax unless they are wearing a condom. This of course makes starting a family problematic.

The methodology I have developed to cure this condition is admittedly unconventional but has, in the past has proved to be almost universally successful.

I use the male group bonding experience to desensitize these men to the point where they are able to climax without wearing protection.

A precondition of joining and attending the group is that none of the members can have protected sex with their wives during the previous week and none of them are allowed to masturbate to climax with or without their wives.

Of course their wives are under no such prohibition and many of the group members spend their evenings lying in the dark listening to their wives masturbate in the bed next to them.

Of course they are allowed unprotected sex with their wives but because of their condition fucking their wives provides little or no relief because they rarely if ever are able to ejaculate inside of their spouses.

As a matter of fact fucking their wives simply increases their frustration because while they may become enormously aroused, coitus provides little or no relief for their condition.

Thus when they showed up for the first Tuesday night group most of them had not had a climax for anywhere from two to four weeks depending upon the length of time from their initial individual interview to the start of our group therapy sessions.

After the first session our meetings take place every other week insuring each member is experiencing an identical period of sexual depravation prior to the therapy session.

The behavioral guidelines for sex between sessions are unchanging. No protected sex with spouses and no solitary masturbation. The only allowable sex is unprotected sex with wives or girlfriends. No oral sex and no mutual masturbation unless it concludes with the group member ejaculating inside of his wife or girlfriend using no protection whatsoever.

I am the only female present at this group for reasons that will presently become obvious.

There is a dress code of sorts. I guess you could call it an undress code. All members are prohibited from wearing anything but T-shirt and white brief underpants or a jock strap while in the session. A dressing room is provided in my office for them to change beforehand.

Total nudity is not only allowed, but encouraged.

I myself, wear only brief white cotton panties and a thin T-shirt that clearly shows my nipples even when they aren't stiff and erect, which I might as well admit happens only at the beginning of the session.

I find supervising and guiding these sessions invigorating and I might as well admit it arousing. After fifteen or twenty minutes into the first session my nipples are usually erect and tingling. Because my shirt is so thin, my excitement is obvious to the most unobservant member.

Most of the men in these groups are very observant and they can tell by my flushed face, sometimes unsteady voice and the pheromones my body emits that I am very excited by the events that transpire at my urging.

As these men become more aroused, I do as well and after a half hour or so my thin panties are usually so soaked with my fluids they become semi-transparent. I know that they are able to clearly see my distended clitoris through the material and this excites them and me as well. What woman doesn't enjoy showing off?

As a professional sex therapist I see nothing wrong with becoming involved with the guys in my group when this involvement will help advance their progress.

One rule that I make clear from the beginning is that as soon as over half of the group has stripped naked I will do so as well. If most of them have stripped their shirts off, my T-shirt comes off as well.

Of course I find the fact that their eyes are glued to my exposed breasts exciting and if they need to touch them and play with my excited nipples, well that's just part of the job.

My goal is to get every man in this group so aroused that they will do anything to achieve the release of ejaculation.

That is why I will mirror and participate in all of their activities as they progress through the therapy.

This is to excite them and encourage their participation in a range of activities that will gradually desensitize them to having ejaculations during unprotected sex.

Many of these activities could be considered homosexual or gay sex but since these are primarily heterosexual men this isn't really so. My presence, direction and occasional enthusiastic participation is intended to provide reassurance that this is simply an alternative form of sexuality that is intended to desensitize them from their unnatural fear of unprotected sex.

In each group there are usually one or two truly homophobic men. The experience is often unsettling and in addition to providing these individuals with genuine insight to their sexual nature sometimes provides a strong unconscious incentive toward the "cure" they are seeking.

I met the men as they came in for the first session individually and directed them to the changing room and saw them into the therapy room. I saw that they were seated comfortably in the reclining chairs arranged in a half circle facing the large screen high definition video setup listening to soft music while I changed into the aforementioned T-shirt and panties.

I could feel their eyes on me when I walked in.

"I want all of you to relax" I said, smiling at them/

"The activities you will engage in are strictly voluntary and no one will be pressured to share anything they want to keep confidential."

"In this room you will be allowed to express yourselves verbally, physically and sexually. As you are all aware for the next six weeks there will be only two acceptable venues for you to obtain sexual relief. The first is at home having unprotected sex with your wives and here in this room with your fellow therapy group members."

"You may rest assured that whatever is said here and what happens here will stay here. These sessions are totally confidential."

At this point I pulled my panties down to mid thigh revealing a pussy that was already dampening as I observed their reaction to such a shameless action. A couple of the men already were semi-erect.

"I will be your facilitator while we work to develop solutions that will allow you to eventually fuck your wives without using protection and make them pregnant.

You are about to see a video of a former client and his cute little girlfriend after he concluded my therapy treatment. This is to demonstrate to you that, while unconventional, my solution will free you from your fears and eventually enable you to impregnate your wives and girlfriends.

With this I pulled my panties back up, picked up a remote and thumbed the "play" button.

I noticed as the lights began to dim automatically that several of the members were already sporting full-blown erections, which created ungainly tents in their "tight whites". "A few weeks without sexual relief works wonders" I thought to myself as I took a seat where they all could see me illuminated by the glow of the video presentation.

The first part of the video was a rather unremarkable interview with the girlfriend.

She was a petite small-breasted dark haired girl with rather remarkable legs, which were highlighted by the cute little skirt she wore.

She discussed their mutual desire to start a family and the difficulties her boyfriend had achieving ejaculation during coitus.

She kept crossing and re-crossing her legs while she was interviewed. Even this mild stimulus was having a marked effect on the group as they watched. I could see in the dim light that everyone was fully erect.

"Just you wait" I chuckled to myself.

The second part of the video was filmed three months later. It showed the same girl wearing the same short skirt, which was slightly tighter on her.

This time she turned to the camera and said, "I know that another therapy group will be watching this video. You may have been filled with doubt as Stephen and I once was but the proof is in the pudding."

The camera zoomed in on her. She was smiling and clearly radiant.

She began to unbutton her top. She wasn't wearing a bra; she didn't need one. Her breasts were very firm and clearly didn't require much support. Even before she finished unbuttoning her top you could see that her breasts were slightly larger than the interview portion of the tape.

After removing her top she unzipped the side of the skirt that was a little tighter than it had formerly been and then faced the camera wearing only panties.

She was just beginning to show.

"I know that you think it is impossible for you to fill your wives and girlfriends with your sperm. That's what Stephen and I thought before the miracle of the Tuesday night Freedom form Fear group. We believe if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million, so please sit back, watch and enjoy."

With this she slid her panties off and walked through a door to where a man, presumably Stephen was lying in bed jacking off with another guy.

"Hi Bob" she said, "Mind if I borrow Stephen for a while?"

"Not at all...Abby, can I stay and watch?"

"Abby colored deeply and said..."I guess so...there's already a camerawoman here I guess one more won't do any harm...besides we all know that there will be six or seven guys watching this video anyway."

Abby was blushing as she walked over to the bed Stephen was in. She paused and turned toward the camera and said, "Bob was one of the members of Stephens group. We've become close friends since they both graduated. Bob's girlfriend is filming this presentation tonight."

Bob backed off and sat in a chair on one end of the room and Abby and Stephen started kissing and touching one another."

This was not a pornographic video although it was a very graphic presentation. The first 10 minutes or so just featured shots of Abby and Stephen kissing and touching each other with increasing excitement and intensity.

Every once in a while the camera would drift over to Bob sitting a chair and watching the couple as he teased a very hard cock but the camera remained mostly on Abby and Stephen.

After a while Stephen mounted Abby and started fucking her. The camera moved between the couple on the bed and Bob who was watching intensely as he masturbated.

After ten or fifteen more minutes Stephen proceeded to fill Abby up with cream and the camera zoomed in for a close-up of Stephens cream oozing out as he pumped Abby full.

The camera work had grown increasingly shaky and it now focused on Bob who was standing next to Abby masturbating.

Stephen got up and presumably took over the camera because after some sudden unfocused movements the camera went back to a blonde girl who was visibly pregnant with blouse gaping open exposing swollen breasts, her pants pulled down to her ankles who was masturbating herself.

The camera then went back to Abby and Bob who were both masturbating as well.

Bob said, "Abby, I really need some relief...can I come inside you too?"

Abby responded, "I'm already pregnant and I love the feeling of sperm splashing against my cervix, go ahead and fill me again."

Bob obliged her and once again there was a close-up of Bob draining his balls into Abby's well filled pussy.

There was one more section where Bob's girlfriend, the camerawoman, not to be left out was filmed up on her knees, being mounted from behind getting filled by Stephen as Bob and Abby watched and masturbated each other.

The final shot was of Abby and the camerawoman's pussies, both filled and running over with cream and then the picture faded to dark and the lights came up.

I was quite gratified with the reaction of the group to the video.

Four of the group members had either pulled their underpants aside or else taken them off altogether and were openly masturbating. The other two sat there with erections tenting their underwear looking distinctly uncomfortable and very frustrated.

I had seen the video beforehand but it had also caused me to become very aroused and with every eye on me I skimmed out of my panties and began lightly touching my clit.

"Did you like the video?" I asked rhetorically.

Clearly the entire group had enjoyed it immensely just as I was enjoying the naked hunger in their eyes as they watched me lightly touching my clit while I rolled a stiff nipple through the thin cotton of my T-shirt.

"What I want you fellows to do" I said as I masturbated my slippery pussy, "is to give your neighbor a "helping hand". Everyone looked embarrassed and I heard a muttered "No way" from one of the members.

"Let me put it another way" I said smiling wickedly, "The first member of this group who can make his neighbor come by jacking him off might get to make me come by jacking me off."

I could see that this had put an entirely new light on the subject and the four group members who had been masturbating began to hesitantly reach out and take the others cock in their hands.

I pulled my T-shirt off and now was entirely naked.

There were four guys, two couples gingerly touching each other.

I moved between the two couples encouraging them. I told them that they could touch my breasts and pussy if it would help them in their efforts.

This had quite an effect on them...and me as well.

One would masturbate his buddy while the guy being jacked off would be allowed unrestricted access to my body so his hands would roam all over me, cupping a breast, thumbing a nipple and ultimately playing with my clit. When I became aroused enough to be fearful of premature climax I would move away to the other group and the process would be repeated.

When they changed places I would go back and let the other guy feel me up.

I would bend over and let the guy doing the jacking rub his buddies cock against first one of my stiff nipples and then the other until both of my hard nipples were covered with a sheen of pre-come.

I hate to admit it but this nearly brought me over the edge on a couple of occasions and I wasn't even touching my clit while my nipples were being coated in semen.

Two guys, a third of the group refused to participate.

They still had their underpants on and despite raging erections showed no immediate inclination to make this a general circle-jerk as I had intended.

Happily I had a patented method for dealing with homophobic men.

I walked up and brushed them lightly with my body and them murmured, "Remember guys, it's now or never...do you really want to hold off from ejaculating...it'll be two weeks before you get another opportunity. They both glared at me.

"Tell you what" I said, "It seems kind of cruel to get you both this excited and then send you both away unsatisfied, why don't you flip a coin and I'll jack off the winner but the loser has to watch, deal?"

They both reluctantly nodded and I walked into my office, got a quarter and handed it to them.

The dark haired guy won the toss. His homophobic blonde friend was forced to watch as I jacked his buddy to an orgasm, which by this time took about thirty seconds.

I believe that I may have made some inroads with the watcher because while I was jacking his friend off he pulled his underpants down exposing a raging boner but when his friend finished he pulled his underwear back up stuffing an obviously engorged cock back into the restrictive underwear.

About this time the first couple managed to make his friend ejaculate so I walked away from the homophobic guy while he was still squirting helplessly and approached the successful masturbation master who had caused the first male-male ejaculation in our group and guided his hand to my dripping pussy.

As he flicked my clit the other two gathered close to reach out and touch me as they continued to jack each other off.

Soon they were both jacking each other's cocks wildly and began one at a time to spray me with their cream. The third guy played with my clit and then permitted one of they guys who had just covered me with his own sperm to stroke him to a creamy finish. He kept stroking my clit as his friend finished him. As he cried out that he was going to do it, he pointed his cock up in the air so it rained come over me as I climaxed helplessly in front of the entire group.

At the conclusion of our session five guys had participated and the sixth jammed his aching cock into his pants and went home very horny and frustrated.

Before he left he pulled me aside and pleaded for a little relief but I refused him. He reached down and touched my still swollen and dripping pussy but I pushed his hand away and sent him home very aroused and frustrated.

It would be interesting to see if his attitude toward the group activities would be improved by an additional two weeks of abstinence.


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