tagFetishTales of a Hitch-Hiker Ch. 01

Tales of a Hitch-Hiker Ch. 01


Chapter 1- The Pick Up

Christina had been warned many times about the dangers of hitch-hiking, but persisted anyway. "I've been doing it for years and nothing has ever happened to me.", she maintained. She'd think nothing of hitch-hiking scantily clad and without a bra. It was one thing when she was in her early teens, but now that she was very fully developed, it was quite a different story. The day came, however, when she wished she had listened more. This is her story;

A sinister looking man in a truck had picked Christina up this time. He soon noticed the size of her breasts and how they bounced so freely under her skimpy halter top, her long nipples protruding invitingly. Feeling his loins stiffening at this site, he decided he was going to keep her prisoner and promptly locked the doors. The evil man slapped some hand cuffs on Christina before she could do anything and hung her hands over her head. After driving to a secluded shack, he forced her inside and in no time had the terrified girl completely tied-up, laying on an old couch-ripping her halter top off and removing her Nikes in the process.

The man simply stood over his captive prize and watched her squirm. As she struggled helplessly, her enormous melons bounced and danced wildly, to her captor's delight. Besides the size of her breasts, Christina had extraordinarily long puffy nipples mounted on pinkish-brown areolas that spread more than 3" in diameter. The cool night air had made her nipples fully erect, adding to the man's pleasure.

He was also fascinated by her naked feet. The more she pressed and dug her bright red painted toes into the couch arms in her struggles, the larger the already huge bulge in the front of his jeans became.

He noticed her eyes widening at the site of his growing swell and he responded saying, "So, you wanna see?" and unzipped his fly. Christina stared in awl as his gargantuan hard-on sprang free and bobbed fully erect in front of her. She didn't think it was possible for such a size to be on a human being! The shaft of his amazing cock was so thick and long! The swollen purple head at the end was even thicker and was throbbing so, she didn't know if he was going to explode all over her. "Now, let's have some fun!", announced her strange captor.

The man sat on the couch beside his prisoner and played with and tugged Christina's bare chest, sucking and nibbling on them at different intervals, until her nipples were red and sore. He then moved on to her bound feet.

After sucking her long slender toes savagely for what seemed an eternity, the man slid his oversized cock between her barefeet. He moaned in ecstasy as she felt his long, hard shaft slide back and forth between her soft, warm feet. He ordered her to clutch his enormous cock-head with her toes. She obeyed and she could feel him throbbing against her as if he may cum at any moment.

He then mounted her bare chest, laying his long, thick member between the girl's chest. Even with him sitting on Christina's stomach, his man-hood extended well over the girl's face and mouth. The man pressed her bodacious tatas around his hard shaft and began thrusting back and forth, rubbing his throbbing cock head against her lips. "Start kissing and licking my big cock while I fuck your beautiful tits!", her captor ordered.

She did as she was told and began kissing and licking his mind-boggling marvel with genuine passion. To her surprise, she felt herself getting wet, as she was getting turned-on by her predicament.

Without warning, he suddenly plunged his mammoth cock into her mouth, stretching her lips to their max and ignoring her muffled protest. She was caught by surprise, but still welcomed her intruder by now, rolling her warm tongue fervently over his cock head-sucking and slurping like it was her favorite candy! She tried to swallow it all, but could not contain the gusher of hot cum he finally exploded in her mouth. When he was done she had his jizz all over her face, hair as well as her naked chest.

When he eventually recovered, he stood over her and said, "Hm, you're very good. I'm going to have to keep you here for a while."

Christina begged the man to please untie her so she could go to the bathroom and maybe clean up a bit. The man reluctantly agreed and untied her. Still topless and barefoot, she proceeded toward the bathroom and closed the door. While she sat on the toilet she noticed a small window that was slightly open. She eagerly climbed out, desperately forcing her body through the small opening toward freedom. With one last thrust she was through and her naked feet landed on the ground...where HE was waiting for her! He grabbed her by the arm and while forcing her back inside said, "You abused my trust and I'm going to have to punish you for that."

Before she knew it, Christina was now completely naked and tied, spread eagle on a bed in another room. The room was rather chilly, but she figured this was part of her punishment for trying to escape. He had used her panties to gag her mouth. He walked around her with an evil smirk and suddenly slapped her left tit hard. "Why did you do that, bitch?" From the other side of her now, he slapped her right tit-then the left one again. He pinched her nipples until she moaned in pain.

"I'll be back in a while.", he barked and with that he left.

She tugged and tested the ropes binding her, but soon surrendered and just fell as sleep.

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