tagFetishTales of a Hitch-Hiker Ch. 02

Tales of a Hitch-Hiker Ch. 02


Chapter 2- The Torment

Her captor was gone for quite a while before returning. She wondered what else he would do to her and if he would ever let her go-alive, that is! It wasn't long before he came back to the bedroom to check on his prisoner. He was not wearing a shirt as he gazed down at her naked, vulnerable body and she could see, once again, the growing bulge in his pants as he was getting very aroused.

He reached down and raked his fingers through the thick locks of her generous love nest, tugging several times, making Christina yelp through her gag. He continued exploring her- running his fingers through her wet pussy lips and over her love button. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as she succumbed to his advances. She wondered if he was planning on shoving his gigantic cock in her. Her jaw was still quite sore from him being in her mouth. How painful would he be inside her?!

His hand suddenly stopped and grabbed her love box firmly before he said, "You look pretty hot, all tied-up like that. I think it's time for another round." With in seconds her captor was completely naked and kneeling beside her on the bed, his oversized cock swaying and bouncing menacingly over her. She didn't know if her jaw could take his monster salami again, so soon. As if reading her mind, he said he would give her poor jaw a break. She was relieved to some extent, but then realized what that meant.

She tried to prepare herself as he knelt between her bound legs. He dragged his mammoth hard-on teasingly over her naked thatch, rubbing his giant, purple head against her moist pussy lips. He gently pushed into her so slightly and then back out. He pushed in a little more each time until his cock-head was enclosed by her pussy lips. He kept plunging in and out like this, causing her pussy lips to slam shut around his cock and then open wide again over and over. He kept doing this until she was dripping wet and moaning in ecstasy and then, without warning, plunged into her as deep as he could. This caused her to squeal loudly and her body to shake. She would orgasm many times as he kept mounting her numerous times throughout the night. By the time he was finished with her, she was covered with sweat and completely exhausted.

He finally through a blanket over her and left the bedroom. She fell into a deep sleep, welcoming the warmth of the blanket. When she woke up the next morning, she noticed the ropes had been untied. "Was she free to go?", she wondered. When she tried to get up though, she discovered there was now a single chain securing her right ankle to the bed post. The chain was just long enough to allow her to get to the bathroom near by.

He must have heard her and burst through the bedroom door, announcing, "Good, you're up. You're gonna make some breakfast." She was soon secured by a chain in the kitchen, still completely naked. She shivered from the cool morning air and tried to keep herself warm by hugging herself. The man noticed her shivering and said, "Here, put this on." He tossed something to her feet that looked like a piece of clothing. She was relieved at first until she picked it up and saw it was a very sheer, extremely short, gown. She slipped it on and it barely covered her behind, which he promptly slapped and ordered, "Now, start makin' some breakfast. The boys'll be over soon."

THE BOYS?, she panicked. What the hell was he planning to do with her? A bunch of men while she was wearing, what amounted to nothing? He put his hand over the knife rake as she was staring at them and said, "Don't get any ideas. You just start cookin' enough for five hungry fellers." Christina obeyed, but worried what it was going to be like, being passed around like a sex toy by a gang of horny men.

She was just finishing the last batch of eggs when she heard the car pull up. Her captor immediately gagged her and tied her hands hanging them over her head so high, she had to stand tiptoed. It sounded like a small army, as their boots tromped in on the floor and then one by one, their eyes feasted on her. With her hands hung so high, the thin negligee she wore didn't even cover past her stomach, giving the men a clear shot of her love nest.

With a yank, her gown was off and the men began moving in on her now exposed and defenseless body, when there was a loud gun shot.

There behind the men, stood her captor with a shot gun. "Boys! Boys! Sit down and eat some breakfast. Dessert will still be there." With that the men stopped there advances on Christina and sat down to eat, leaving her to dangle before them. She was saved, but only for the time being, as her captor referred to her as "dessert".

By the time the men left, Christina was completely exhausted and covered with their sticky goo. The men all had their way with her, tucking, pulling, pinching, and squeezing on every part of her body. She didn't know how, but she decided some how she was going to make her captor pay for what he put her through.

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