tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTales of Cougar Ridge Pt. 03

Tales of Cougar Ridge Pt. 03


Part 3: I Just Want Answers (or Neighbor Watching Neighbors)

Monica Avery is a voyeur. She is a respectable, looks 65 but is really 52, skinny, gray hair sprinkled with some remaining black, horn-rimmed-glasses wearing, pension drawing, married voyeur! Monica's penchant for voyeurism goes back to a day in high school when she came home early from school because of a power outage. She heard odd noises coming from her older brother's bedroom. She peeked through the keyhole and saw him in bed with his girlfriend. From that day on she has been on a crusade to "get answers" and to "satisfy my curiosity" about what goes on behind doors that are closed.

For most of her life this tendency has been harmless enough. She would watch neighbors from her window. She would press her ear to an adjoining wall or put her eye to a barely opened door to spy on houseguests. Prior to moving to Colorado there had only been a few times in her life that she had she been rewarded with a glimpse of something that most would consider truly naughty; like once when she saw her brother in law drying himself after a shower. Another time she saw, for a few seconds, a male nurse performing cunnilingus on a female nurse at the hospital where Monica spent 20 years as a janitor's assistant.

As a young lady she was a rather plain, slight woman of average height that could have probably transformed herself into an attractive one had that been her desire, but Monica was not blessed with social skills and she had little interest in being accepted by those around her. She was skeptical of the motives of others and never knew the joy of friendship or camaraderie.

Oddly enough, however, she did marry. Alfred Avery was working for the city as a water meter reader when he was struck by a garbage truck while he was working in an alley. His pelvis was fractured and his spine damaged. His injuries kept him confined to the hospital where Monica worked for over 18 months. During those months the pair developed a relationship of sorts. Alfred needed someone to take care of him. Monica needed someone to help her navigate the obstacles of life. On the day of Alfred's release from the medical facility a chaplain from the hospital performed their ceremony. Alfred and Monica went back to his apartment as husband and wife. Monica was 39 years old and Alfred was 57.

The newlyweds were able to consummate their union despite Alfred's injuries. Both lovers were virgins and were hobbled by concern of aggravating Alfred's condition. The process of sex was especially difficult for Alfred and he deemed it hardly worth the trouble. Consequently, and to Monica's frustration, sex was only repeated a few more times during their first year. After that, the subject was not broached between them again. They even found it advantageous to have separate sleeping arrangements.

Alfred was never able to return to work but he received a disability pension. Monica did continue to work and at the age of 50 she was able to leave the hospital with a small pension of her own.

Neither Alfred nor Monica had family that cared for them with one exception. Alfred had an aunt that was aware of his situation and took it upon herself to see that Alfred was treated fairly by the city. She wrote letters, contacted attorneys, and persisted until Alfred was awarded a sizable settlement. She stayed involved to see that Alfred used the money wisely. Most of the settlement was invested so that Alfred and his wife would have an adequate income for the remainder of their lives. The aunt inquired with Alfred regarding where he would like to live his remaining days. He unhesitatingly told her that he had always wanted to live in the Rocky Mountains. They researched carefully and found a comfortable house west of Denver in the Cougar Ridge Subdivision that filled the bill perfectly.

And there, two years later, our story begins. The Avery's home is located between Greta and Grace Johnson's house to the west, and Mel Morris's home to the east. Directly across the street is a home belonging to the Lincoln's. The Lincoln family owns a successful flooring company in the Denver area. There are three generations of Lincolns involved with the business and they are rarely at their vacation home in Cougar Ridge. Monica had only seen the oldest couple one time. The second and third generations had been there a few more times for weekend stays. Diagonally across the street and to the east was a new couple, Mark and Kathy Hill. Diagonally across the street and to the west were Tom and Tina Klinger and their three children.

Monica's voyeuristic tendencies were finding a good deal more success in Cougar Ridge. Part of that success came from the fact that she didn't have to work. This allowed her to stay up late in the evenings. It also allowed her to watch the neighbors during the day whenever she wasn't needed by Alfred. The Avery house was a two storey with a living room, kitchen, dining room, and master suite on the ground floor. Since stairs were very difficult for Alfred, he took the master suite and only on the rarest of occasions did he even go to the upper level. This allowed Monica a bedroom that faced the subdivision with a nice second level view through a window situated just beneath the roof's gable.

Not long after the Avery's moved in Monica was positioned at her vantage point on a summer afternoon while Alfred watched a baseball game on the television. She had seen Karla Raferty go by delivering mail. Karla and her husband, Ben lived near the other end of the subdivision. Tom and Tina Stone had jogged by together. The Stones had one of the northern-most houses in the subdivision. Suddenly Monica's attention was drawn across the street into the back yard of the Klingers. Gene was dressed in a Denver Broncos t-shirt and blue shorts as he walked to a storage shed, disappeared inside, and soon returned pushing his lawn mower. From her second story window Monica could see most of the Klinger's lawn and a small patio. She often saw their three children playing on the well kept grass. It occurred to Monica that she hadn't seen the kids for a few days. Perhaps there were visiting grandparents.

Gene was the total opposite of Monica's husband. Alfred was always a slight man and after his injuries he had become painfully thin. Gene, on the other hand, was built like a bull. Monica was reminded of a weightlifter or a sumo wrestler. It was no effort at all for him to pull the rope on the mower and start the engine. Monica watched every step he made as he mowed. It was a warm day and she could see the t-shirt change color under his arms and down the center of his back from perspiration. Monica had a habit of talking softly to herself. This became especially prominent as her imagination carried her into fantasy. "Hey, big boy, why don't you shut that thing off for a bit and let me bring you some ice water? Let's go over into the shade while you drink that water. You can cool off a little bit while I look you over. I just want to satisfy my curiosity a little bit. You don't mind do you? It's ok with you if I watch you mow your lawn, right? You don't care if I watch those big legs and those huge shoulders push that mower, do you?" Monica couldn't help herself as she became more engrossed in her fantasy. "So, do you have any sort of reward for a lady that brings you a nice cold drink on such a hot day?" Her hand began to stroke over her belly and up to her breasts. Her nipples began to harden. "I can think of several ways you could reward me...." Monica stopped mid-sentence as the Klinger's back door opened and Tina walked out with a large glass in each hand. Tina was a small woman by any standard but seemed especially small next to her husband. She had auburn hair cut short above her ears. She was wearing a sleeveless white top and loose white shorts. Gene's face lit up into a smile when he noticed her. She lifted one of the glasses and extended it toward him as he shut off the mower.

"Hey, bitch, you think you're gonna get my reward?" Monica whispered to herself. Gene tipped his head back and gulped about half of the contents of the glass. "I knew you were thirsty, big boy. I could see you were hot. I'm hot too, ya know -- but not the same hot as you," she pinched her nipples as Gene bent to kiss his wife in appreciation. Tina backed up suddenly, pretending to be repulsed by her sweaty husband. "Oh, prissy bitch! A little sweat won't hurt ya. Here, let me show you..." Monica quipped.

Playfully, Gene quickly set his glass down and lunged at Tina, wrapping her in his arms. A little of her drink sloshed out as he squeezed her. Monica could tell that Tina squealed in mock disgust. Both Gene and Tina laughed as he hugged her tighter, picked her up off the ground and kissed her passionately. Her resistance faded and she returned the kiss. Monica imagined their tongues at work. Gene let Tina's feet settle back to the ground without breaking the hungry kiss. His big hands gripped her butt and pressed her to him.

Monica was riveted to the scene. She imagined herself in Tina's place. "That's it, big boy. Let me have that tongue. Let me feel those big muscles." Monica continued to stimulate her nipples with her left hand but she started rubbing her pussy with her right. "Yeah, grab my ass! That's right, pull me into you. Rub that cock against me! Let me feel it." She was rubbing faster and faster as her excitement built. Monica could see Tina move her free hand to Gene's butt, encouraging him to flex against her. "Yeah, big boy, flex those ass muscles. Here, let me put my hand inside those shorts so I can feel your ass work. Mmmhhmmm, work it! Now put your hands in my shorts. Oh yeah! Just like that . Just like that. If you keep rubbing that big hard cock against me, I'm gonna cum." Monica rubbed faster and harder. "I was curious about how those big hands of yours would feel. Don't stop. I'm about to cum!" Monica was on the verge of an orgasm when Tina lovingly slid her empty hand down the back of Gene's shorts. She caressed his butt a few seconds, then, shockingly, poured her drink, ice cubes and all, right down his shorts! Dumbfounded, Gene released his grip. Tina sprinted, laughing uncontrollably, through the door, into the house, and out of sight! Gene quickly regained his composure, began to laugh, and disappeared after her. A frustrated Monica stopped masturbating. "Oh, you sneaky little bitch! Oh, I can't believe you'd throw water on the fire like that!" Her mind made the transition from what she saw to what she now couldn't see. "Oh, you little bitch, so now he's gonna make you take those wet shorts off of him. That's right, take 'em off. Slide them down over that big powerful ass." She started rubbing herself again, her imagination fueling her need to cum. "Now, slip them over that hard cock. I wonder what that cock looks like. He's a big guy. I'll bet he's got a big cock. I've just got some questions. I just want to know some things. How big is it? I'll bet its long and fat..." Just then her body stiffened as wave after wave of orgasm swept over her. This was the most intense orgasm of her life. "Oh! Oh! Oh, I knew you'd be a good lover, big boy. I just knew it when I saw all those muscles. I knew it when I saw how strong you are." She welcomed the refreshing relaxation that follows cumming so hard. "I like that! That was worth the wait!" she said to herself thinking about the hours she spent looking out the window at those around her.

This experience pushed Monica's voyeurism to a new level. She decided that she should get some binoculars so that she could see more detail. She worried, though, that someone might see them and wonder what she did with them. The next day she went to Walmart and purchased a small pair of binoculars and a book on birdwatching. She thought that if she left the book near her window it would justify her ownership of the binoculars. She began watching her neighbors through the binoculars and was very pleased at how much detail she could now see. Unfortunately, she hadn't had another good opportunity like the one afforded by the Klingers.

Monica began thinking that if a little is good, a whole lot would be better. That line of reasoning led her to purchase a telescope. This was a mistake. She found that the telescope was so powerful and the field of vision so small that it was frustrating to locate her target. It so frustrated her that she put it back in its box. Her next purchase was a larger, more powerful pair of binoculars and a tripod. This worked out perfectly.

The next major escalation in Monica's pursuit of voyeurism occurred some months after she observed the Klinger's playful make-out session. One night she was scanning the neighborhood from her lofty perch, looking for gaps in curtains and for blinds that hadn't been properly closed when she observed one of her neighbor to the west, Grace Johnson, walking past the front of Monica's house toward Mel Morris' home, the neighbor on the other side. Monica would probably not have thought anything of it except it was odd to see one of the Johnson girls out walking so late in the evening and Grace kept looking from side to side as if she didn't want to be observed. Grace's body language just did not set right with Monica. "I'd like some answers. That is very strange. What are you up to, Grace?" Monica whispered to herself. Because of the shape of the houses and because of the placement of windows Monica couldn't see into the houses on either side of her.

Monica waited and waited for Grace to reappear. She had about given up and was thinking of going to bed herself when Monica saw Grace furtively return to her own house. "Something is going on here. I'd like some answers. She's got my curiosity stirred up. I just want some answers, is all," Monica repeated to herself.

Weeks went by. Perhaps a month had passed before, once again, Grace walked in front of Monica's house acting as if she didn't want to be seen. "Ohhh, Gracie! Now you've really got me wantin' some answers! What are you doing over at Mel's house? I need to get some answers!" Monica made up her mind that she was going to do her best to find out what her neighbors were up to. She was going to follow Grace. Monica found a dark jacket and her small binoculars. She had to be careful, though, and not let Alfred know what she was doing. She started down the stairs and realized that Alfred was still awake and watching the news. She returned to her post at the window to be sure that Grace didn't pass unnoticed back to her own house. Monica waited and waited. Finally she heard Alfred make his way to his room. Monica crept down the stairs, across the living room, and out the front door into the chilly night air. By now it was quite late and there were very few lights on in the neighborhood. There was a light on in Mel's house however.

Monica went to the closest window, peered inside but all she could see was light in an adjoining room. She started working her way around the house, proceeding carefully and quietly, trembling at the thought of getting caught. When she got to a window on the side of Mel's house furthest from her own she finally found what she was looking for. She caught her breath sharply and muttered, "oh, you lucky bitch!" as she saw a nude Mel sitting on his sofa while Grace, also nude, was giving him a blow job. Mel had his bald head tilted back, eyes closed, lost in the sensation of Grace's warm wet mouth. Mel was almost as old as Alfred but in much better shape. When Grace pulled her lips back to speak to Mel, Monica got a look at his cock. "Oh, you are a lucky bitch. Looks like a nice one," Monica whispered as she compared it to her husband's small member. In reality, Mel's penis was only of average size but Monica was impressed by it. "Yeah, you suck that thing, Gracie. Get it nice and hard and then we know what we'll do with it, don't we!"

Grace and Mel exchanged words that Monica couldn't hear. It became obvious, though, that they'd agreed to change positions for the very tall Mel stood to his feet and helped Grace up from the floor. They embraced and enjoyed a lingering kiss before she sat on the sofa and Mel got on his knees in front of her. Monica had heard of oral sex, of course, but she had never seen it before and she had certainly never experienced it. It was very obvious that Grace was enjoying Mel's ministrations immensely. Her eyes were clenched, her back was arched, her hands were pulling Mel's wet face into her. "Oh, you lucky lucky bitch! Come for us! Come all over that man's face!" As if she'd heard, Grace moaned in ecstasy. Her moans were loud enough that Monica could hear them through the closed window. "Lucky bitch! Wish I had some of that... you've got my curiosity stirred up now," Monica said as Mel raised up enough to suck briefly on each of Grace's nipples before placing a long kiss on her lips. Grace moved just right so that her slick and shining pussy was visible to Monica. "You lucky... ok, Mel, put that thing in her," Monica quietly urged.

Grace and Mel exchanged words again -- words that Monica couldn't hear. Grace stood and turned her back to Mel. He hugged her tight and took her breasts in his hands as he kissed her ears, cheeks, and neck. His erect cock was sandwiched between them. "C'mon, do it, Mel! Do it, Mel! I want to see you do it," Monica said. The couple was in no hurry, however. Mel continued his kisses and his fondling of her breasts.

All of a sudden Monica remembered her little binoculars. She fished them out of her pocket and pressed them to her eyes. "This will answer some questions. This will help me get some answers." She mumbled as she magnified the scene before her. She could see the very bumps on Grace's areolas. She could see Mel's fingers and how hard those fingers had made her nipples. Grace bent forward across the seat of the sofa and rested her forearms on the back of the sofa. Monica had her attention in exactly the right place as Mel took his cock in his hand and guided it to Grace's waiting pussy. All three of them moaned as he slowly sunk inch after inch into her. "Oh, you lucky, horny bitch! Look at those balls," Monica breathed as Mel's testicles hung well below his now glistening shaft. Monica wanted to touch herself but she couldn't hold the binoculars steady enough with just one hand and she didn't want to miss a single second of the lovemaking going on before her. Grace lifted her right arm from the sofa and reached back between her legs and cupped Mel's dangling balls. "Show me what they feel like. I'm just curious that's all. I just want to know what they feel like."

Even though Mel was making slow strokes it became obvious that he was about to cum. Each stroke ended with an authoritative thrust. Grace's right arm went back to the sofa and she tried to time it so that she thrust back just as Mel thrust hardest into her. "Oh, do it! Do it! Do it, Mel, come for me," Monica coached. She could feel that her own pussy was so wet that she had soaked through not only her panties but her pants, too. "I want to see you come, Mel." A few seconds later he grabbed Grace's hips and ground his crotch against her butt as he shot his cum into her as deep as it could go. "Thank you, Mel. That's the way to do. Yes. Yes, thank you Mel," Monica whispered as she unblinkingly soaked up every detail of the lovers. Grace straightened up as the taller Mel bent his knees and rotated his butt around in such a manner that he ended up sitting on the sofa with Grace facing away from him on his lap, his cock still buried inside her. He caressed her breasts as she sharply turned her head so that they could kiss. "Thank you, Mel. Thank you, Grace, you horny lucky bitch. Now I better get home before I get caught." Monica, as silently as possible made her way back to her own house and upstairs to her room. She quickly removed her clothes, shut off the light, and replayed the events she had just observed in her mind, all the while touching herself and enjoying several orgasms along the way. Eventually Monica slept as Grace quietly made her way back to her house.

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