tagBDSMTales of Decadence: Dark Elf Town 04

Tales of Decadence: Dark Elf Town 04


Two days had passed in the Dark Elf Town. Celedwin enjoyed the public bondage, and the Dark Elves' strange, sexually addicted symbiosis with humans. A philosopher said that the perfect parasite improves its host.

She wondered if this fit these monsters.

-Back at Centaur's Heart, rooftop.-

The tavern Celedwin stayed in had a new, modern roof made of concrete, flat, fenced with grooves inside the concrete flooring for rainwater. But it didn't rain much on the city anyway, its wizards directing most rainwater to the nearby dams and rivers. And this debauched, dark delightful city was the one the human girl stayed in, had quite the amiable weather.

So Celedwin brought a worn, second hand couch to the roof, to sleep on it like a bum after sampling the strange city's pleasures.

She was in a magical reverie, her eyes and mouth shimmering with ambient magic as she was in a torpid half-sleep. This sleep on the "terraced roof" idea was lovely, letting her drain mana directly from the sun and the winds to meditate and charge. Her room was ofted echoing with the sounds of moaning and bed creaks typical of monster girl cities, so she needed a safe location to focus.

But then, her mana rush was broken, again, by monsters.

"Dakerufustatto is nice once you get used to it."

The Zipangu-accented voice belonged to a young girl who meowed while pronouncing certain syllables. Hearing the voice, Celedwin sighed and stopped her magical torpor, lounging on the weary-looking, worn couch set on the rooftop. It was the place where she came to meditate, after all the dark delights she had seen and sampled: a bit of bondage, exhibitionism, some drugs, and even some sex. It felt annoying that this GODDAMN CAT managed to pursue her across the city and eventually, popped up at her side, wearing that SHIT EATING GRIN.

"Cheechy. What the hell are you doing on my rooftop haven?" When the Cheshire monster girl tilted her head, Celedwin went on with a quiet tone, emphasizing as if she was telling the story to Bilal, a brain-damaged child of a Imereti vizier back when she visited Seljuk Sultanate. The Imereti vizier, Rego, turned out to be a traitor anyway, and was stripped of his belongings and exiled once he tried to make himself the Sultan in a staged coup.

"I am a wizard. I need magic. I rest. You are disrupting that rest. I will be angry, Cheechy." She sipped her coffee, looking at the GRINNING cat with weary eyes, and repeated.

"I will freeze and toss you to the river, Cheechy. Do not disrupt me like that."

Cheechy, the annoying Cheshire, with her eyes twinkling and her lips pursed into a strange, wavy line, flashed a fang and patted the couch, snuggling to Celedwin's like a cat.

"Oh but I have news, human. I didn't come to advertise dark elf games so you indulge in your hidden fantasies here..." She rolled on the flat, concrete roof garden, looking up, her arms and legs splayed after several rolls.

"What is it..." Celedwin sighed, stopping her charging meditation.

"Mistress Yukara and some dark elf enchantress was talking about you." The cat's head bobbed, and lied back down, looking at the stars. "some...uh..." The Cheshire meowed. "Uh..." And she sighed, sounding like another meow. "About...uh...P-ROJECT!" Her eyes glinted as Cheechy remembered. "About channeling mana, something something Blizzard...something!"

Celedwin slammed her palm on the table where her coffee cup stood with unconcealed anger: "Just tell me what it is! Can't you remember?" Seeing her go "nya" and blink, Celedwin sighed. "How do they let you in the wizarding tower anyway?! Someone like you would probably blow up anything she tries..."

The Cheshire giggled, her purple-black fur rippling with her laughter. She patted her fluffy, meaty paws together and stretched. "I am not working magic! Can't you see? How is Cheshires like me useful there? Guess!"

Celedwin, after a minute of concentration, sighed in annoyment and realized.

"Counter-espionage, spying and popping up in my private areas." The double entendre made the Cheshire cat girl giggle.

"Hey! I take offense at the last one-NYA!" Cheechy purred, stretching and yawning. "I didn't pop up when you were taking a bath with a purple net on your head and scratching your back with a twig-ooops! Hee hee!" The cheshire girl giggled, her mostly human body shimmering and slowly fading into invisibility to avoid any punishment.

After a quiet moment, she disappeared, save for her grin in the air...

"YOU LITTLE-" Her hand flashed, launching an ice projectile from her fingertips at the translucent grin floating in the air. The Cheshire's grin disappeared as well.

"Nyehehehe!" With that, her presence felt disappearing.

"I'm getting a True Sight amulet first thing in the morning!"

Celedwin sighed, concentrating and getting back to her mana meditation.


Same rooftop.

Three days later.

Celedwin was done with her letter deliveries, and blankly watched the city with one hand in her pockets, hood pulled down, binoculars up in her right hand. Now standing quietly in her expensive wizard robes, her staff safely locked in the Yuki-Onna's beacon room, Celedwin thought of what to do: she would be teleported in a flash if she wanted, safe from harm.

She could help with magical engraving: not many people were deft as her in etching mana-rich ink to scrolls, wooden structures and furniture.

She could take up a trade. Relax, rest, and earn a bit of rent money.

Looking up, she waved at the squealing, laughing Manticore girl who seemed to be taking her husband for a joyride in her arms, the poor guy squeaking and begging her to slow down. Manticores were an enigma by themselves, looking like strongheaded monster girls with lionine paws, ears and scorpion tails topped with bat wings. They were believed to be cruel, but Celedwin came to know them as merely sexually aggressive, mischievious women who liked fun and fighting.

She tried to pronounce the name of the Dark Elf Town, which was a town all but in name, but a giant metropolis covered by strange misty trees and never-raining, silvery clouds: Schwarzstadt

Celedwin was from Western Frankia, bordering the monster girl empire itself: her accent made it sound funny even to herself.

"Ville Noire sounds much better than this...barbarians' tongue..." She chuckled to herself: even Lescatie had made Ulmic the official language, so Schwarzstadt was the name she was stuck with.

Of course, the rooftop refuge also gave a little bit of naughty bird's view to certain delights reserved for monster towns.

Naked running girls and women delivered mail, wearing nothing but a backpack and shoes, unashamed and focused on running as fast as possible, sometimes going as far as tossing the letters and scrolls with deadly accuracy at open windows. Their breasts bounced cutely in Celedwin's lenses, and she enjoyed watching their muscles contract and relax with each step in their marathon. Strangely, some of the mail slaves weren't actually slaves at all. Some lacked the tattoo "SLAVE" on their buttocks and didn't carry any collars.

She guessed correctly: Some women had grown to enjoy certain kinks in life, and actually volunteered for it. Their choice, Celedwin guessed, relaxing.

Celedwin watched them with lewd curiosity. It was amazing to see women that looked like Amazoness mamono run as slaves to deliver letters, but it was even better when they rested, not bothering to cover up their bodies and chatting up the townsfolk as if both sides were unbothered, ass and pussy in clear display. As they rested and left her sight, the street was taken by a coffle of naked women, each chained to the other by their steel neck collars. They were carrying trade goods on their backs, loaded to the brim and pulled along by a richly dressed dark elven merchant who gestured them to unload their backs to a boat waiting by the river canal. The women happily obliged, sighing in relaxation when the loads on their bodies, packages full of strange-looking, shimmering fruits piled on a merchant boat one by one. Their owner smiled, patted one of the women's cheek and pulled them by the hand, gesturing to a small inn, no doubt suggesting they should relax and eat.

Before they disappeared, the dark elf tossed a coin to a gaudy-feathered Harpy who was playing a strange, massive, stringed instrument.

Celedwin shifted her binoculars upwards, checking out some of the tavern or apartment rooms: certainly some lewd scenery to brighten up her morning relaxation would be seen, coffee cup steaming on the railing. With her other hand, Celedwin took a sip, and looked on.

Several rooms had men on chairs being fellated by monster girls with horns, animal ears, and strange beastly features. In the courtyard, there was a row of at least a dozen men, sighing with their pants down as monster girls knelt before them and were sucking them off, right next to a pair of middle-aged ladies smithing small silverwares. Both parties did not react to each other as if it was normal business, and it was quite natural. One man groaned when the naked succubus before him kept her mouth on his groin, swallowing, and stood up, politely thanked him and went to her business, putting on her backpack and leaving for a ship.

"Thank you!"

She saw a sex scene at one of the tavern rooms upstairs across the street. A human male was snuggling in bed with a Red Oni, a musclebound, giant woman with her trademark crimson skin, wild hair and horns entwined with the pale, smaller body of the man. When the man started to reach down, trying to take off a strip of tiger skin around the large monster woman's crotch, the Red Oni covered her face with her hands as her panties came off. Her lover, the smiling young man slid the cute little thong off, sliding it away and nestling his body between the Red Oni's muscular thighs that looked like they could break his spine.

She didn't take her hands away as he slowly shifted, thrusting his hips, though Celedwin could see her shuddering when the man took her gently with slow thrusts.

Right next door, Celedwin could see smiling human maids singing as they cleaned clothes and patted carpets hanging from the window. They were wearing only some flimsy undergarments, a maid headdress and shoes, their clothes hanging from hooks on the door: it wouldn't do to dust them.

Celedwin grinned: She wished they took everything off while working. Like the naked black girls on the rooftop, cleaning and harvesting herbs from an elaborate rooftop garden as their bodies, lithe, nude and dark as the night gleamed with sweat. It was a sight to watch: Celedwin never saw girls like these, skin dark as the darkest night, hair woven into reddish, cute dreadlocks, slender like reeds and just as beautiful. Their obvious "boss", a young girl that looked like a cheetah with human face and torso, patted one of the girls' head, and lectured the workers indicating to each herb as if she taught something: Celedwin could not hear what she said.

Monsters knew how to pervert everyone around them.

She saw one of the maids, the one who was cleaning look to her neighboring room as she cleaned a carpet, smirking at the dark elf youth and the human going at it with loud noises.

Next door on the balcony, a dark elf and a human were going at it in full public view on the balcony, providing Celedwin, and the maids a nice show. One of them gasped and held her mouth, watching the couple fuck.

The young dark elf, a chubby, dark-skinned and white haired elfin beauty with the fat all gone to the right places, was bent over from the window, her mate thrusting behind her with in short, fast rythmic thrusts. Celedwin could see the dark elf's typical dark chocolate, fae features going stupid, her tongue lolling like an idiot and panting like an animal, demonic wisps of energy exiting her mouth towards the cool morning breeze. Her wrists were held by the man's hands like handles, her plump ass impaled on the man's cock so it looked like as if he was bouncing her on his lap even as both were standing up. Her animalistic screams from her open mouth with tongue dangling, mixed towards the sounds of working, haggling and singing haphazardly filling the morning air with the maids next room chuckling and doing their laundry.

"I hope she doesn't fall down or something...probably her tits and ass would bounce her off the floor but whatever..." Celedwin chuckled at her own wit. Crazy vacation to experience indeed. She watched some more isolated balconies from her hilltop tavern roof, scenes of sex, love, some slices of life and many decadent scenes.

It made her feel strangely serene. The simple docility and harmony of every species co-existing, even on master-and-slave levels, made her wonder if Demon Energy, mana of the magical sphere called Ecstasy, might be at work.

The world of Dunia was a world of many magical sources set in "Spheres", some mutually exclusive. Nearly all entities harnessed the elemental sources, and some exotic spheres, like Ecstasy for Succubi, or Death for Liches. Humans were bound to all four elemental Spheres equally. Harpies belonged to Air and Water, and had faint auras in Earth and Fire. Hakutaku were faint in all the four elements, but had a strong signal when looked through the Exotic Sphere of Cosmos, of infinite knowledge.

However, it was common knowledge that all these "mamono" no longer lived and prospered without engaging in sex, absorbing sexual fluids and sleep next to happy humans. It was as if the living energy called Mana no longer nourished them from mundane sources. For this, the human girl had a theory:

Celedwin was human: she drew energy from the mundane natural elements; yet after several days of monster girl visitations, she realized the mamono might be merely beings forcibly stuck on the sphere of Ecstasy, an obscure magical concept that wasn't much use to humans in casting spells, charged with bodily fluids and sex.

She also theorized this might be due to a massive magical spell initiated by someone high up the monster hierarchy, very likely Agrat herself.

When she mentioned that years ago in a thesis, she was told, no, ORDERED, by no uncertain means to keep quiet, or bad things might happen.

Perhaps it was a grand conspiracy to keep the status quo: no one died needlessly in the New Age of Mamono, at worst enslaved for some time before someone helped, he/she earned its freedom, or fell in love with his/her master or mistress and had a relatively happy life full of babies.

Who knew? Was it luck, or misfortune that old monsters died, and new monsters wanted sex?

Celedwin opened the rooftop door downstairs to leave the tavern: it was time to eat, get out, and have fun however she could. History and Philosophy could wait. Pleasures like the Dark Elf City could not. Her visa had three months.

Time to dive into the city and have fun.


Celedwin patiently nursed her beer downstairs, waiting for Helga. She had a good mind where the centaur woman was, busy having sex with her two studs she had bought. Two young human boys, bodies sculpted by magic and alchemy for larger penises and powerful ejaculations, were busy in her room just the way she loved it.

Her animalistic hindquarters, her equine lower half and pussy made no difference to hormone crazed boys. They loved her with earnest passion, not just for sexual appetites, but her almost motherly affection to each, be it nursing, or sleeping together in bed.

She was everything they missed in a fragmented childhood, wetnurse, big sister, mother, lover, and a sexual partner rolled in one beautiful centaur lady.

The boys were madly in love with Helga. And now each was working her over, one thrusting his manhood through eager, "o" shaped lips into a hungry centaur's mouth. He groaned in delight: every inch of his cock, up to his balls (and these felt the wet tongue work as well) felt like in a vaccuum, his whole body, from his ass to his brain, feeling like on fire. Lukas gasped for air as he passed his first record: a three minute endurance being sucked off by Helga, his mistress centaur, and her incredible mouth.

Being blown by Helga always felt as if it was his first time. It was merely a surrender when the Ulmic blond centaur smiled, opened her mouth and engulfed her lips on his cock like eating a sausage. He could not wait, she had given him a big, long hug when they woke up.

He was smelling her neck, kissing her lips, lost in the sensations between soft, inviting breasts, soft, inviting mouth, ample centaur upper body and her hands caressing his head. So much was he drowned in gentle care, he didn't realize that his crotch felt the cool air: Helga had pulled down his pants, and smiling, softly started to kiss his belly button, her lips, wet and soft, gently slid over his belly, and finally, his pubis, and rubbed on his shaft.

When she let out a quiet slurp, his groan alerted any nearby patrons, who were already lost in their own wild sex. The tavern was always full, always busy, the beds constantly creaking and air full of demon energy.

So, Lukas was held down, his ass held with two strong feminine hands as Helga sucked him off in a wild, hungry bout. So much was she lost in taking her mana breakfast, that her nude body, her wet horse-like sex was exposed to the corridor; the door was open as Helga violated the poor boy lukas with her hungry mouth, buried in his crotch.

Her head bobbing, she didn't realize Lukas nod in a strained tone, indicating to someone with an urgent strain in his face.

Helga kept humming, slowly moving her head back and forth and lost in pleasure until suddenly, a hand slapped her bountiful ass with a loud crack. Then the assailant lunged forward, grasping her breasts before she could kick him, and lunged with his pants down, impaling his cock with one quick stab balls-deep inside her hungry sex.

Helga had screamed loud enough to worry a few, which suddenly degenerated to hungry, animalistic grunts, with the person in question breeding her like an animal, his warm flesh slapping on her sweaty, cooled ample assflesh in loud slams as if he was a hungry stallion breeding a mare.

Helga didn't care who he was, or what he was. She buried her mouth to the cock in front of her, sucking with a crazed vigor on the hard shaft until she felt another groan, and the hard penis inside her throat quivered. With a few more strong suctions, she felt the energizing explosion of mana in her mouth, savoring both the taste and beautiful boy's joyful cries as the penis wilted slowly, releasing its energy inside her throat.

Helga didn't feel like a bitch, she loved making her boy happy...now who was the monster behind her, slapping her ample rump and breeding her like a beast?

If she could stop sucking im off, she could see...

Finally, after a long, agonizing blowjob combined with wrestling, she could withdraw her head from Lukas' wilting penis, push him to the bed so that he can rest, and gasp through savage thrusts behind to see who the monster stud breeding her was.

It was her other stud slave, which made her giggle even when he fucked her relentlessly.

"Y-you -AH!- little-EEH naught-yyyee! Boy!" An orgasm in her hindquarters started to build up,muddling her judgement and reactions. Helga shuddered, her eyes closed, letting him plow inside her with her upper body going numb.

Poor centaur women were in mating season, and those two boys fresh out of puberty had their work cut out for them. Especially him, for Helga had decided to play a trick the last night, and put him in a cock cage when the boy was sleeping.

She didn't realize she had forgotten the key on his bedside when Helga decided to blow Lukas for fun.

Now, he decided to sneak behind her, and blow one load that she would never forget.

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