tagGroup SexTales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 03

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 03


I describe myself as a wannabe Dirty old man, not because I am one, but because as my best friend Karen keeps telling me, there is no higher accolade and so I should aim to be one.

This is the third chapter in this series - I would strongly advise you to read the previous chapters in order before this one.

Again many thanks to Romantic1 for all his insight and help - any errors are mine.


Julia slid to the side allowing Simone to collapse on top of me. Her breathing slowed down and she fell asleep where she lay with me still firmly embedded inside her. Julia wriggled into a comfortable position by my side, and within a few moments was also asleep. I just lay there enveloped and surrounded by the women I loved, and slowly joined them in sleep.


The 'family' rekindled

At some point during the night Simone had slipped off me and was on her side still lost to the world. I was woken by the warm sensation of a mouth on my partially erect cock. Julia looked up at me and grinned as I rose to the occasion and resumed my full eight inches. She rolled the glans around her mouth and gave the head a kiss, then rose above me and straddled my hips and began to leisurely ride herself to an orgasm.

She bent forward and wriggling her pelvis whispered in my ear, "god you don't know how I've missed this feeling of you inside of me, cum inside me please."

We moved in sync and a few minutes later I came as I felt the wall of her cunt spasm as her orgasm hit her. I don't know were it all came from but I could feel my jism fill her and we both moaned in pleasure and satisfaction.

I thought that Simone was still asleep, but as I curled up behind her and put my arm around her, she took it and placed my hand on her breast and sighed contentedly. Julia slipped in behind me and her arm went around my waist and sleep took us all again.

I woke in the morning to the twinkling of lights on the cabin ceiling, as the early morning sunlight reflecting off the water shone through the cabins portholes. I was still spooned up behind Simone and Julia was tucked in behind me, her leg was draped over mine. I could hear that quiet almost sensual snore that was one of my fondest memories of the times she had shared our bed.

As I lay there I kept coming back to the revelations of last night. I knew that the family members, who over the years had shared their lives, their hopes and their love with Ros and I, had been a big influence to us. What I hadn't consciously realised was how much of an influence, it seems, we had been to them. I had always thought of the pair of us, as their best friends and occasional lovers not as a group guru - I had completely missed that dynamic. Had Ros? Looking back I think don't so, in fact I'm sure she hadn't, some of her comments in her last few weeks made much more sense to me now.

What worried me was that if this really was the case, what I had done to them all when I had withdrawn into myself. Christ, I was going to have to do a hell of a lot of bridge building.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt a stirring behind me and a hand came between Simone and me seeking out my morning erection, which was nestling between Simone's legs.

"Morning love, did you sleep well?" I asked quietly, gently turning towards her in order not to disturb Simone

"Mmmmmmmm, the best in a long while," she said as she began to slowly stroke my dick.

"As much as I love this attention, I think there is another very generous man who needs you even more than I do back there," I said pointing towards the other cabin.

"You always knew the right thing to say," she told me. She slid out of the bed, bent down and gently kissed me then headed back towards Mike.

I turned back towards Simone spooning her and sliding my still erect prick back between her buttocks. She gave a little shiver, my first indication she was awake. I reached around and gently stoked her breast and felt her give a little sigh and wriggle her buttocks back into my groin. Her hand reached down between her legs and grasped me and began rubbing my head along her kitty lips. After a minute or so of this, she eased me inside her moist cavern.

We made love, it wasn't sex; it was a feeling of completeness. As I came I could feel her gently shuddering all over. As we lay there basking in the afterglow I heard her murmur, "Another tick!"

I climbed out of the bed and headed for the shower. I really needed to ease the aches I was suffering from, a result of the copious amounts of sex my battered old body had enjoyed.

A quick shower and I felt a new man, an old one but a happy one. The smell of coffee drew me to the galley. I slipped a pair of shorts and a sport shirt on, and walked in. When I saw the Cunningham's I felt overdressed as they sat at the breakfast counter sipping fresh coffee. Mike was in a pair of Speedo's and Julia in her bikini bottoms. I pulled the shirt off and a life-giving cup of coffee was placed in my hand. Behind me I could hear Simone in the shower.

I looked at Mike, "Thank you," I told him. "You don't know what that meant to Simone and me. You are the best."

"And Julia darling, I love you, not just for your kindness to an old man, and what you were to Ros, but for your generosity to Simone. It looks like I'm going to need to rebuild a few bridges with the family," I continued.

Julia smiled, "You really don't know do you? There is something I would like to show you. I don't suppose we have an Internet connection?"

"Surprisingly, yes; the satellite dish doubles up, let me set it up."

She stood up and went to their cabin and returned with a laptop. She began fussing about with it. "Password?" She asked.

I smiled "Rosie m, all caps, no space."

"Of course."

"Hi" came quietly from behind us. Simone stood there looking nervous in shorts and halter.

"Ah yes I forgot to tell you, there is a new crew and passenger uniform code." I told her picking up the cap she'd left on the counter last night. "For the crew it's just the cap."

She took it with a laugh and slipped her top off, and placed the cap on her head and gave us a twirl.

Mike smiled, "That's my kind of uniform."

Simone surprised me by giving him a long deep kiss and whispering in his ear, "Thank you," before sitting down on my lap.

"Yes, we are in," said Julia.


"Shut up and look," she passed me the laptop and I looked at the page displayed

It was well designed; in fact I recognise the style. "Kirsten's work?" I asked.

"Yes, your daughter does good work."

The banner at the top simply read The Family Help Page, below which was a row of photos, most of whom I recognized, some I didn't. The ones in the centre were of Ros and myself. Down one side were couple of blank video chat windows, in the middle was a news board, below it a chat message window and along the bottom a series of links. Dotted all over were Kirsten's trademark tiny animated anime characters.

Flashing in the middle of the news board was this message.


I saw that the boarder of Julia's photo was flashing. I pointed at it and raised my eyebrows in a mute question

"It means I'm on line."

There came a chime from the counter, I looked and saw it was Mike's phone.

"Message alert," he said pointing at the news board.

What the hell was going on?

"I think you need to explain all of this," I told them.

"It simple, after the funeral we could see you closing down, isolating yourself from the rest of us. As I told you last night there were a number of us that felt because we had needed you both, we would still need you, to keep us on the straight and narrow. When we couldn't talk to you I started a simple message board so the rest of us could keep in touch."

"I asked Kirsten to keep us up to date with your progress. She developed the site in to what you see now, The Family Help Page. When she found Ros's diary we were able to contact everyone in the family."

I pushed the laptop away, I had tears in my eyes and Simone was trying to kiss them away, chasing them down my face with her lips. She kept saying, "I love you," over and over again.

Mike and Julia wrapped their arms around us and held us. No words were needed.

Finally Julia spoke, "I think you are wanted." She said pointing at the laptop.

I looked at it, the damn thing was going crazy, most of the photos were flashing, all the video chat windows were live and the messages in the chat window were scrolling past so fast you couldn't read them.

Christ where do I start, I looked pleadingly at Julia. She clicked an icon I hadn't noticed and a new video chat window opened and that was a new problem as framed in the middle were Simone's breasts. She shot off my lap with a scream as I frantically tried to find the off button.

"Clothes, we need clothes," I cried. Simone reappeared with my shirt, as she slipped her abandoned top back on.

As I dressed I told them I need five minutes to get ready, and then thought again.

"That TV" pointing at it in the main cabin "is connected to my PC with its own keyboard and web cam, we can use that."

Five minutes later we were sitting on the sofa ready. Interestingly I already had a profile curtsy of my daughter - I really need to change my password, she had even used mine.

So apparently for the first time in the site's history, my photo was flashing and I was ready to go. I had asked Julia about the black boarder around Ros's photo and got a "What else could we do?" answer. She also has a profile; her's is number one, mine, two.

And so we went live. And for the next hour or so I told them why I had gone underground, what I was doing, introduced Simone. I renewed friendships, met new partners and children whom seemed to think I was a long lost grandfather.

"We need to talk about all this," I told Julia, as she and Simone brought me breakfast and kept my coffee cup full.

As people left others joined, and the number on my personal message icon just grew and grew.

I finally pleaded exhaustion, and logged off.

"So how many are there in the family," I asked.

"There are really only twelve of us. The original five, then Peter got married to Ann, so that was one more. Then he got divorced."

"I remember that," I said and I recalled the visits from one or the other of them during that period. Then Ann met Paul and they came to stay and it had just seemed right that Paul had entered our bed.

"Then Peter married Angela." I smiled remembering the bubbly Angie, "then others came and went and so it carried on," she continued. "Ros knew them all, the core and the friends. Who needed help, and who could help if you or she couldn't."

Julia added, "But it always seemed to be you who knew the right thing to say or do for every situation we threw at you."

"But isn't that what friends do for friends," I replied.

"Yes ... But you just did it without thinking, it was instinctive to you. I just didn't understand until now that you hadn't realised we were seeking you out for help." She shook her head, "That's enough brooding over spilt milk; we have the rest of the week to talk and", she said pointing at Simone "your lady needs you."


Simone again ...

And she did, she was sitting quietly in the other chair with her legs curled up under her and she looked so lost. I went and sat on the floor beside her and asked what was wrong.

"You've found your friends and family, and I don't know if there is a place for me in it."

"Don't be silly," I told her, "You became part of the family the second I met you."

Julia came over "You're my sister, my lover, our lover," she told her whilst indicating the rest of us.

I stood and pulled her to me, she just stood there shaking in my arms. "You really do want me," she said with insecurity, wonder, and surprise in her voice.

"Of course."

A smile lit up her face and she wrapped her body around mine, throwing her whole being behind the kiss that seemed to go on forever.

I looked at Julia and Mike, "Could you sort out some food for yourselves, we need some time together."

"No problem, go."

We headed to our cabin, and just stood there facing each other for what seemed ages, then, tentatively she reached out her hand and ran her finger down my face playing with my beard. I responded by stroking her shoulder then running my fingers down her free arm until I reached her hand. I drew it to my mouth and kissed each of her fingers.

I gently removed her top, and kneeling in front of her slid her shorts down and off her legs. I leant forward and gave her clit a delicate lick. This was not the time to rush things I thought. I slowly worked my tongue up her body; I visited her belly button and moved higher. I alternated the licks with little kisses and nibbles. Each time I moved she gave a little moan.

I reached the underside of her breasts and licked around the edges and then in towards the centre and kissed her nipple. She groaned with pleasure then whimpered as I moved to her other breast. Again, I teased and licked my way into the nipple before taking in my mouth. I felt her legs shake against my body and her groans grew louder as I increase my assault of her nipples. With a final long drawn out groan she came, and I could see her juices begin oozing down the inside of her thighs.

Simone pulled me upright as she removed my shirt, then kneeling she un-buttoned my shorts letting my ridged cock out of his prison. The shorts dropped to the floor and she took me all the way into her mouth. This was all about pleasure as she lavished her soul into the ultimate blowjob. There was no way I was going to last any length of time and within a few moments I could feel the tension building to bursting point in my balls. Then like liquid fire my orgasm burst out and she could barely contain my cum in her mouth. I could feel her frantically swallowing to make room.

She pulled back down my shaft, draining every last drop from me, and then licked up all the evidence. I stayed as hard as I had ever been and she smiled in anticipation. She moved to the bed and lay down on her back with her knees raised and spread open and her arms held out to me. I moved above her and with little ceremony sank deeply inside her dripping channel. She wrapped her legs and arms around me forcing in even further. We both groaned in pleasure and I began thrusting, slowly at first but with her encouraging me, faster and faster. Our cries and groans reached epic proportions.

I came with a shuddering explosion and my outpouring of cum in her cunt triggered her orgasm.

"Oh, fuck meeeeee," I cried.

"I think I just did," she gasped out.

We lay there, our chests heaving; basking in the afterglow as I slowly shrank to normal proportions and fell out of her. I slid down until my head was between her thighs and started to lick and clean her kitty lips and fur. She tensed and began moaning anew.

"I can't cum again it's too soon," she groaned. I said nothing as I continued to lick, and suck and nip at her kitty lips and clit.

Her moans grew louder and she cried out, "Fuck........... fuck......... fuck.... FUCK..FUUUUUUUUUUUK, I'm cuuuuming." Her thighs slammed shut around my head and her fingernails were digging into my scalp.

Christ, she's going to kill me, I thought, then she relaxed and her thighs fell away and I could move.

"I love you," she gasped, then she curled up on her side, I crawled up behind her and in a few moments we were dozing.

I woke to a hand stroking my back, I looked to see Julia with her finger to her lips, and she motioned me to follow her.

"There's a problem and I don't know what to do. All the power is gone and I was in the middle of cooking."

"It's ok it's just the batteries, I forgot to switch the packs earlier."

I slip my shorts on and went to the wheelhouse and started the generator, then reset the breakers that had isolated the solar panels and Rosie came back to life.


And three became four

"I will leave the jenny running for the moment," I told Julia as I joined her in the galley. "Where's Mike?"

"Getting some sun on deck."

"Same old Mike," I laughed and then more seriously. "Look is he ok with this? Simone and I are rather monopolising you and it's supposed to your trip."

"I wouldn't worry about that," she told me. "Our original plan was for me to fuck you silly, for as long as it took, until you pulled your head out of your ass and woke up."

"What!!!" I spluttered.

"We were told we weren't to leave until you were back."

I looked at her for a long while after that revelation.

"Christ, I need a drink!" I told her.

I opened a bottle and poured a couple of glasses of wine and then a third after hearing Mike appear behind me. "Were you aware of your wife's plan for my body," I asked him and started drinking.

"Her plan, you mean my plan don't you?"

I spluttered and then started to choke - memo to self- don't breath in with a mouthful of wine.

"I didn't have a chance did I?"

"Nope, Simone just beat us to the punch, that's all." Julia said. "She's a wonderful woman; you need her."

I looked at them, "You both know how much I was missing Ros, and how big a hole she left. Well Simone fills that hole in a way I thought I would never experience again. I look at her, and I sense Ros smiling beside us."

"We know," Mike said. "We could see it in your face the first time we saw you together."

Julia looked at me "I'm going to wake her up, and we're going to have some girl bonding time, so you two need to clean up the mess". "Mike darling, the casserole needs to go into the oven for two hours; I've set the temperature just pop it in will you."

We acknowledged her orders as she disappeared in Simone's direction. "So," I said looking at him as we pottered about in the galley "not exactly what I had planned for your visit!"

Mike looked at me with his trademark grin "Bro, how many times did that happen to us in the past, perfect plans shot to hell the second our women got involved?"

"God, yes, remember that fishing trip, six months planning, six hours to get to the lake, three more to set up, and just as we made our first casts, there was the call, and we had to go home."

I picked up a bottle and the laptop and we took our glasses and went back on deck, and guessing that the girls could be some time, we got comfortable.

Mike and I continued reminiscing as I read a few emails before logging on to the family page. I was please but surprised to see Simone's picture had been added to the gallery. Julia must have taken it yesterday when we were all sitting around on deck. I opened my messages and they all seemed to say the same thing: 'We missed you, we love you, when can we see you, can I/we stay, please visit us.' I could feel the tears welling up, and Mike the friend that he is said nothing, just kept my glass full, and let me know he was there for me.

I finally looked at him, "I really didn't get it did I?"

"Oh, you got it; you just didn't realise you got it, that's all". "Ros used to tell us, you would always do the right thing for each situation; you just didn't realise you had."

I found a message from my daughter Kirsten promising me all forms of bodily abuse next time she saw me, because I hadn't told her or Chris her brother about Simone before anyone else, and could I please, please check the calendar link and approve the dates.

Calendar, what bloody calendar I thought. I found it in the links at the bottom of the page and opened it. Christ, I thought I'm going kill her as the full implications hit home.

"Have you seen this?" I asked Mike pointing at the screen.

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