Tales of Lustville Scene 08


He was nodding, looking somewhere inside himself.

"Do you have any questions for me?"

"Not yet. Only the one I haven't figured out yet. And you're telling me alot about yourself with the questions you're asking. And not asking."

He held out his hand, and she gave him one of hers, but kept her steady gaze on his face.

"It's not just sex is part of the answer. I expected to just start fucking when I saw you laying in the bed. If I had come in here and just taken off my clothes and got up on the bed, you would have fucked me, wouldn't you?"

She nodded, smiling at him again.

"Did you see that I needed you to make love to my mind, before you had sex with me?"

She shook her head. "You did that. Your body was screaming be gentle with me. It's okay, I like this, and I like you now. and when we get to the sex, it's gonna be better for me. And you too I hope."

She sighed, a wry smile on her lips now. "I know what sex with Lois is like. I've watched her having sex, and I had sex with, and made love with her. You can do both with the same person, you know."

"Will you tell me the rest of it? Or what you think it is? I guess I'll have to get the rest of it from her."

"She'll tell you it was because she wanted to fuck your brother. But that's not all of it for her. From what I know, you pushed passed some barriers yesterday, and felt good about yourself when you left. How did you feel when you got up this morning?"

She turn and rolled over on her back, and laid her head on his stomach again, her body stretched out across the bed. Reaching up she pulled his hand down and put it on her breast. "Play with my titties. I want to feel you touching me."

She pushed her bra down, and his hand closed over her tit. He molded and squeezed it gently, then moved over to the other one.

"I felt pretty good. I jerked off in the shower fantasizing about her sucking my dick. God that felt so good. Lois really knows what she doing."

"That's the way you're supposed to feel." She rolled her head to one side, and looked at him. "Do you want to have sex with me now?"

"No, or at least, not yet. I'm not through making love with you yet."

"Oh my! How old are you? Don't answer that. I don't want to know."

Taking his hand off her tit, she rolled over and got up on her knees. She moved over next to him, and rested her hand on his stomach.

"Well, in that case, do you mind if I finish unwrapping my present? Yours, you'll notice, came in an easy access package."

"And I like the package too. It's a total package. I'd like to get my...never mind. But will you do me a favor?"

"Depends on what it is." she said as she dragged her hand down slowly over his stomach, down through the crisp curls of his cock bush, not stopping till her fingers were on the tab of his zipper again. She dragged it down slowly, one tooth at a time. "What's the favor?"

"When we start having sex, will you teach me how to make love to you?"

"Of course silly! But you're going to have to pay attention to what I'm telling you. Keep in mind, that my whole body will be talking to you. It not all just words, Tom."

The zipper had reached the bottom, and she spread the flaps on his slacks, and started to ease them down. He lifted his hips to help her, and kicked his feet as she pushed them down his legs, and off his feet. She took his socks off, pushing his clothes off the end of the bed, before she moved her eyes back up to his crotch.

"Nice," she said crawling next to him and wrapping her hand around his cock, stroking it lazily. "Go ahead and ask me the question."

He shook his head, grinning. "No, just go ahead and tell me the answer. I already know it's not what I want to hear."

"Okay, I've seen bigger. But this is one nice dick you got here, Tom. Let's see...one...two...three."

She stacked her hands one on top of the other, then moved the bottom hand around to the top. More than half the head protruded from her fingers.

"Three hands and most of the head still sticks out? That's a good ten inches, easy. Is Tim packing the same kind of meat?"

"He's about the same size. But he claims his is bigger. He has more foreskin than I do."

"Who's the top?" she asked casually.

"We switch. We've been fooling around since we were kids." He looked down at her. "We don't fuck. We just suck each other, and play. We both know what the other likes. Will you come up here for a minute?"

"Sure. Next to or on?"

"You pick. I haven't kissed you yet. and I really want to."

"Definitely on top then." she said, throwing a leg over his waist, then crawling up onto him on her hands and knees. She stretched out on top of him, snuggling close, then raised her head and looked at him.

"I'm having a good time. How about you?"

"Truth? Lois made me...no, I came six times with Lois yesterday, she didn't make me cum. Well, maybe a couple times. But I've had as good, if not better time in the short time we've been making love together, than any one of those by itself."

"Six? Wow, I'm impressed! But what you're saying sounds about right. Now about this kissing thing. I like a lot of tongue, giving and receiving. I like it hot, sloppy and wet. Soft, tender and passionate too. You just have to pay attention to what I respond to. And do you mind if I jill off on your dick while we suck face? I love doing that!"

"As long as you don't mind me jacking off with your pussy while we kiss. Just out of idle curiosity, where did you learn a trick like that?"

She looked at him for a moment, her eyes shining, a crooked smile on her lips. She hugged him as she pressed her pussy down onto his cock, and her hips started working up and down, grinding her cunt slit over his cockshaft. She was breathing heavily and her ass started humping harder against him.

"Hold onto my ass, Tom. Squeeze my ass! Yeah! Dig your fingers in and pulled me down on your dick. No! Wait!" She slid one hand between them, getting her fingers under his throbbing cockshaft. "Sssshhhhh, lay still, Tom, let me do it. Let me make it good for both of us..."

"Mmmmmmm, your pussy is so hot, Tracy! it feels like its gonna burn my cock! Oh shit, what a...are you doing? Nunh! God...do that some more! Please!"

Raising her hips a little, she pressed his cockshaft into her cunt mound. Her pussy was drooling heavily, and she pasted a rich layer of cream along the length of his cock as she slid up and down over it.

"How's that feel, Tommy? Does it feel as good to you as it does to me?" she purred in his ear. "Do you like the way your big dick feels sliding up and down through my hot...wet...cunt!" She growled the last word in his ear. She was humping her clit onto his cockknob, and she was starting to cum already. "I'm gonna cum on your big fucking cock, Tommy! Oh god! It feels so good!"

"Oh it does, Tracy! It feels so good!"

She was jerking and writhing frantically on top of him, and she lost her grip on his cock. She still had it trapped between her fingers and her cunt slit, but couldn't find the tender bud of her clit with his cockhead again. She started stroking up and down over him again, working her hips back and forth, making his meaty shaft slosh all around in her sloppy wet slit.

Her orgasm had come up so quickly that it caught her by surprised. She couldn't do anything but surrender to it, Tom held onto her ass as she rode him feverishly, terrified that she'd slide off and take the wonderful sensation away from him.

"Oh god, baby! I'm cumming so good. Mom's cumming so good on her baby's big cock! Cum with me, Kyle! Shoot your hot cum all over me, baby! Give it to mmmeeeee!!"

Tom had been holding her hips, but as she started writhing and panting more frantically, he moved his arms up around her back, hugging her tight to him. His tiny nipples poked against her as they slid over each other on a sheen of sweat.

When he heard her say her son's name, urging him to cum with her, his own throbbing cock twitched, and he spurted hot cum all over her juicing pussy slit. Hugging her tighter, he plowed his cockshaft through her pussy slit, the pulsing knob sliding up out of her gooey cunt slice, and up between their bodies. Hot spunk sprayed out between them, soaking their bellies, mixing with the sweat already covering them.

He jerked his hips back as she raised up, and as they both moved, his cockhead pressed against the tight ring of her cunt hole, He squirted hot, sticky cum right onto her pussy, and she screamed in his ear.

Her head came flying up, and she stared glassy eyed into his eyes. "Tell me!" she grunted, wrapping her hand around his spasming cockstalk. Tell me you want to cum in my hot tight pussy! Tell me you want to fuck me, Kyle!"

"I want it Mama! Please! Let me put my cock in yo...Oh my god, Mama!"

Tracy slammed her cunt down over his cockhead, sucking it into her cumming cunt hole. Pounding her hips up and down feverishly, she slid her wet, sucking pussy over the top of his cock. She collapsed on him, hugging and kissing him finally as his hips flung his cock in and out of her wildly.

"Mama!" he wailed. "So good, Mama! I always knew it would be!"

His hips were jerking out of control as he spiraled through the most intense orgasm of his life. He clamped his hands on her ass, jerking her down as he slammed his hips upward. His cock plunged in to the balls in her tight, clasping cunt chute, and he froze, his arched hips holding them both off the bed, then fell heavily, making her grunt as his cockhead punched full force into the mouth of her womb.

Tracy felt like her head was going to explode as raucous spasms seized her body. She lay on top of him, just letting her body do whatever it wanted as she tried to absorb the pounding waves of sensation as they crashed over her.

Tom was laying under her, his legs weak and numb, his arms still clenched around her tightly. He basked in the searing heat of her pussy, unable to believe that he'd finally done it.

"I love you so much Mama. I've wanted this for so long...you can't know! You...please just hold me Mama!"

Tracy was coming down, listening to his plaintive cries. He had hinted, but was now confirming where his interest lie.

"Ssssshhhh, Tommy. Mama loves her big boy." she cooed in his ear as she kissed his neck, his cheek, then his shoulder. "Just hold me Tommy. Mama feels so good in your arms.

"But its not real, Tracy." he whispered. "I want it so bad, but she'll never let it happen."

"Sssshhhh, Tommy. Listen to me. It took me a long time to see what I had in front of me. And you're right, some people never see it." She raised up off him, sliding her arms under him and hugging him as she lay her head on his chest. "You asked my who taught me what we just did, so I'm going to tell you. My son. Three days ago."

She felt his head come up, and she raised up, looking at him.

"It's true. It was an accident, but it turned out that we both wanted it. I know your mom, Tommy. There's something in there, a spark that I feel inside myself. Lois feels that same spark in her. Would you believe that before this week, besides masturbating, I hadn't had sex in almost two years? I think Lois had gone at least a year. If you had come by last week, she would have closed the door in your face, and we wouldn't be here."

"Wow," Tom whispered. "Do you think I have a chance?"

"I really don't know, sweetie. I won't lie to you. But can I try to help? I have an idea that might work for all of us."

"What's that?"

"The truth. She lives by scripture, and the truth is at the core of that right? Me and Lois think we should tell her about what we do with our boys. And what we've done with you and Tim. Then you be the loving attentive son, and show off this hot body every chance you get."

"I don't think that would work. She'd go to the preacher, and you'd be run out of town."

"We thought of that. and it might be worth it. But there's always plan B."

"Plan B?"

"We get her drunk and seduce her, like Lois did with you and Tim."

End Scene Eight


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