tagFetishTales of Pee & Perversion

Tales of Pee & Perversion


I don’t know what I was feeling; hatred, lust, rage, perversion. Her legs were peeled back around her ears, her cunt weeping, pink and ragged, and her anus, stretched to an unfathomable width as Paul’s flexing cock slammed into it, all fire and veins.

But it wasn’t until her eyes met mine, and she smiled this strange, unfamiliar smile as if everyone was in on some secret I’d somehow missed; that I felt that the existence of the Devil himself was assured. Our lives together flickered before my frozen form, as I stood rigid just beyond the door. So much wasted time, yet so much happiness, so much joy, so many lies and so many truths I never knew.

“Show me again,” the fucking bastard said, pulling out his whopping meat with a squelch from her dilated fuckhole. I could see the red-raw flesh of her arsehole as she rolled back, her hands on either side of the hole, stretching it as far apart as it could go, allowing both of us to see right up inside her body. Yet her eyes never left mine, and the haunting smile never left her face.

She’s always denied me anal sex, though I’d practically begged her for it for years. “It’s dirty. How could you want to put your dick up where I shit?” She’d always said… Bitch.

I don’t know what happened after that. That’s where things became a little red and patchy. I think I turned and left, but I may have stayed. What I was sure of was that I had access to the money. And at that time, that was all that mattered. The resentment and denial had changed me. I decided a tour of self-destruction marinated in sex and drugs was quite possibly the only logical choice for me to make.

And so that’s how I found myself in Thailand; a bottle of Sang Thip whiskey on the table, a Cuban cigar in my mouth, a rock band playing in the corner and swarms of beautiful Thai women vying for the attentions of the mostly fat, white men all around me. I looked down at myself. ‘Christ, I think I’ve become one of them,’ I thought. But the way I was knocking down the whiskey and buying ladies drinks made me eligible bachelor numero fucking uno, a regular David fucking Beckham, and I planned to abuse that power to the maximum. After all, what the fuck were women in this life if not whores to be used and abused? Even the ones you think are perfect turn out to be the worst of all.

The girls in the Butterfly Bar were dressed in tiny shorts and crop tops, with high heeled sneakers, jewellery and make-up on their smooth, tan faces. Their youth and vitality almost brought tears to my eyes, although I’d soon found out tears can be quickly seared away by the sting of Thai whiskey.

“I wan fuck you now,” The little whore named Um said wickedly, her hand rubbing my thigh.

“You like my sis-ter?” Oh asked from across the bar, rubbing her breast until Um noticed and laughed teasingly.

“I like both of you,” I replied, puffing my cigar. I gave Um a gentle rub on her lower back, feeling how small and tight her body was. Alien emotions of guilt and shame tried to surface, but the liquor held them nicely at bay.

“Smell bad!” Um screeched, flapping her hand in front of her nose. “You smoke no goo-d.”

“Where you stay? Which hotel you stay?” Oh asked. She had a slightly more serious air about her than her sister, straight down to business. Um is the party girl, and she was the first to jump onto my knee when I sat down. Downing the last of the whiskey, I stood up payed the bar fine for the two women and staggered away down Lollipop Lane.

Back in my room, the party continued, with the Sang Thip almost gone, and the girls half unwrapped. Um danced on top of the coffee table, her ripe breasts garnished with elegant, chocolate-brown nipples and her shorts unzipped and exposing the tips of her pubic hair. Oh sat beside me on the varnished cane couch and sucked gently on my cock. I could feel her warm saliva running down my balls.

I slid my hand into Oh’s top and bra and around her pert little breast and rubbed graciously around her nipple, feeling it crinkle and stiffen. I touched her ponytail, noticing that her face was softer and more elegant, yet not quite revealing as much raw sexuality as her sister’s.

“Piss in the cup Um,” I ordered, pointing at the empty tumbler next to her crimson toenails. Oh paused and looked up at me with her mouth poised halfway down the shaft of my cock. I held her head to get her to continue.

“Cannot,” she said somewhat guardedly.

I picked up my wallet and unhinged a fresh, purple, five-hundred baht note. “Can,” I intoned, holding up the bill.

Um wriggled her hips and lowered the tight shorts, turning as they slipped over the swell of her succulent arse and then sticking it out at me. Her piss hissed furiously into the glass, rapidly filling it before she stopped, then continued pissing all over the carpet, her face turning pink. The squatting position she was in as amber liquid shot from her pussy made my prostate contract with warmth and sensations of extreme pleasure. She looked like an animal caught in the headlights.

Then she turned and giggled, growing serious, realising that I was about to reach orgasm. She kicked off her shorts and bounded naked off the table to join her sister salivating all over my cock.

‘That’s the spirit,’ I thought, holding back the hot lava as it bubbled up from my balls. I must have lasted three seconds before exploding into Oh’s mouth. She kept sucking like a true professional until my cock finished jerking, then lifted her head, her eyes glassy and the scent of semen surrounding us.

Taking turns tasting my cock and each others saliva the sisters were certainly earning their money tonight. I don’t know which one swallowed as they kissed each other before me, showing their tongues coated in my transparent sperm.

“Who wants to drink Um’s piss?” I asked casually, rubbing random breasts and licking each of their necks.

They both looked mortified by that idea, so I picked it up and sipped some of the liquid myself. “This is just the beginning,” I smiled with what I hoped was malicious intent, then thought, ‘soon I’ll have you licking each others arse juices from my cock.’

With the presentation of another two purples Oh drank half and Um the other half until the glass was set back on the table. Her piss actually tasted quite nice, with hints of coriander and chilli hiding behind the ammonia and wateriness.

I positioned the girls snatch to snatch on the bed, beneath a humming and slowly rotating fan. Sweat dripped down my body as I surveyed my artwork with a critical eye. I carefully repositioned Um’s knees so her pussy was more open and closer to her sister’s face, then I lifted her head until her face was buried and her sisters anus was right before her eyes.

My dick was rigid again, and standing out red and inflamed before me. I reached over to check on Oh’s cunt and make sure Um was giving it a proper seeing to. It was obvious she was enjoying herself, and I watched her open her eyes and lick at Oh’s clitoris, before stabbing her tongue deep inside.

I gripped each of Oh’s ankles and pulled them back until Um could get access to her tiny arsehole. Without any encouragement she licked and sucked the pink hole enthusiastically.

As I kneeled behind Um’s presented ass, I was glad to see Oh had not stopped sucking her cunt. Both girls were groaning and whimpering together, and I could see the juices running down Oh’s face.

My cock swayed before her eyes, naked, erect and bulging with purple veins. Oh disengaged for a second. “Must have condom,” she said.

“No condom.” I shook my head.

“No, no good.”

I pulled out another purple bill, and reluctantly she gave up. Fuck AIDS, I thought.

Sliding my open cock head against Um’s slick pussy, I relished in the feelings of our juices mingling, our bodily fluids seeping into each other’s bodies, into each other’s blood.

Then I slammed it home. I could feel her slippery hot innards gulping on my cock, her slick, pungent aromas wafting up to my nostrils as her moans became increasingly animalistic grunts. The room started to spin and all I could see was the silky, entwined bodies before me.

I pulled out of Um and pushed my cock into Oh’s mouth, having her taste the absolute interior of her sister’s steamy cunt. I pushed it past her tonsils and into her throat until I could see the outline of my cock in her neck.

I let my fingers trace Um’s anus, probing and pushing gently. She stiffened , but only for a second. Slowing down my thrusting to prevent coming too quickly, I settled my own anus over Oh’s mouth. Her tongue gingerly explored, then began licking and kissing it, the flexing muscle softening and hardening beneath me. Groaning, I picked up the bottle on Sang Thip.

The neck of the bottle fit almost too easily into Um’s ass, and judging by the increasing volume of her groaning, she was quite used to using her arse for more than just shitting. Gently I pushed in the bottle until it started to widen and watched the contents pour slowly into her rectal cavity. This excited me to no end and I had to stop my thrusting momentarily. I could still feel Oh’s tongue lapping over my balls and anus, occasionally moving to lick at the cunt, ass and cock juices as they collected around Um’s cunt.

I pushed the bottle in as far as I could, Um’s sphincter stretching dangerously over the widest part of the bottle. I could see well into her arsehole to where the whiskey swished around with all her anal filth.

Finally I removed the bottle, sniffing at it before throwing it onto the carpet. Her anus was soft and stretchy now but I could already feel the muscle tightening again. I pushed her arse lower until it was over Oh’s face and started tonguing her anus. I sucked it hard , trying to get to the whiskey, but to no avail.

“Push Um, push,” I ordered, licking her arse from my lips. I felt her anus swell over my tongue, blossoming like a rose before the first squirt of whiskey shot forth. I swished it around in my mouth before swallowing then eagerly returned for more.

She farted into my mouth before another hot jet of whiskey shot out which I then dribbled into Oh’s mouth.

“You love that don’t you, you little slut. You love the taste of your sister’s dirty arsehole.”

I placed my cock into Um’s abused anus and pushed until I was safely housed within her digestive tract. I sighed with exquisite pleasure at my power, dominance and ability to ensure degradation over the two whores. Payback to all women for what my wife did to me.

I picked up the pace of my thrusting, wanting to hurt Um with my cock, but she only groaned louder, her arse pushing unashamedly towards me. It was as if she loved having some stranger burrowing into her shithole.

I pulled it from her and ran it over her sister’s lips, smearing lipstick all over her face and my cock. She licked at it, knowing what I expected and took it into her mouth. The act itself made the sperm within me move to a rapid boil.

I bent down and licked and sucked at her arsehole, my mind swimming with clouds of lust.

After turning them over so that Oh was now perched over Um, who I think had just suffered a massive orgasm, I proceeded to push my slimy, arse-slicked cock into Oh’s pussy which seemed to suckle me like a baby lamb.

The nakedness of my cock felt absurdly pleasurable with the knowledge that I could catch any disease there was to catch. I was rolling the dice, living on the razors edge and running furiously towards death just so I could hold up my middle finger and say “Fuck You, you pissweak motherfucker!”

Oh was moaning like the true whore she was as her sister licked and sucked at her cunt and my cock greasily slid in and out. My finger was already rubbing the interior walls of Oh’s anus, her rigid sphincter incredibly appealing as it was wrapped like a perverse wedding ring around my finger.

I withdrew from her anal passage and pushed into Um’s mouth. She hungrily licked at my finger, scraping it with her teeth, her slippery warm tongue swirling all over it.

With my cock still coated in juices and human slime I found it slid perfectly into Oh’s anus. She cried out like a stuck pig for a moment as I pushed deep into her bowels, packing her arse with my meat.

I began thrusting for all I was worth, feeling Um’s finger probing around at my own backdoor. I slowed to let her rub my arsehole, before she licked her finger and pushed it up inside.

With precision and expertise she manipulated my prostate from beneath me and I felt my cock swell to its fattest possible girth.

Just before I exploded I pulled my cock from her Oh’s shithole and fired missiles of spunk across Um’s chin. The second spurt of jism looped and landed like a diver in a triple pike with a half twist inside the gaping cavity of Oh’s red-raw rectum.

With my slimy, convulsing cock now in my fist I pumped it hard and then slammed it up into Oh’s pussy to release another clump of seed toward her cervix. I stayed there for a few thrusts before sliding it out and feeding it to Um, who continuously rubbed inside my anus and held out her tongue as drips fell into her mouth.

More of my come started leaking out of Oh’s distended anus. I watched the thick rivulets slide out and trickle down her pussy. Um released my cock and sucked it noisily up, delving into her sister’s pussy on the way. Her entire face was shiny with come, pussy juice, arse slime and saliva. She gave me a smile and a wink, thrusting her finger harder up my arse and sucking my cock back into her mouth.

Later, I smiled a malevolent smile as I read the tattooed messages on my chest in the bathroom mirror, “Fuck Everyone,” and “Life is Suffering.” I guess it was my new found motto. I swallowed a Rohypnol with a shot of whiskey, remembering with sudden flashes of awareness the panic-stricken faces of Paul and my wife.

Everything was becoming a mixture of dream and reality. I had to escape. Life was making me too thirsty. The only thought in my mind was where can I run to now?

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