tagTransgender & CrossdressersTales of Sub Asian Sissy Ch. 03

Tales of Sub Asian Sissy Ch. 03


(Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story! This is just my third post and I'd love to hear any feedback, questions or comments. Also, please feel free to contact me if you just want to chat with a very submissive asian sissy. XXX, jade)


While it's only about fifteen minutes away, the drive back to my apartment seemed to take forever. I had to sit down rather awkwardly, since the glass plug lodged in my ass hurt so badly when I sat normally; and whenever I hit the slightest bump in the road, I winced in pain. To make matters worse, I had to put all my windows down since I reeked of piss from those four guys showering me with their hot streams of foul urine. It was only about forty degrees and I was shivering. And, I was driving very slow and with extra caution; the last thing I needed tonight would be to get pulled over by a cop whilst only wearing a black lace bra and fishnet thigh highs, my 5" black patent stilettos and purse in the passenger seat.

It was so difficult to stay focused on driving—my mind was reeling with the events of the night. All I wanted was to just have a little naughty fun and suck Dave's cock, but now Dave, Matt and Kevin all knew my true identity and would expose me if I didn't do everything they desired.

While the idea terrified me, it also really turned me on. I would often chat with guys and then flake out because I was too scared to meet in person. But now I had no option but to submit. I could feel my pathetic lil sissy clit stiffening as my mind flashed to the image of me on the screen with my face covered in cum and my make up smeared down my face. I became achingly hard with a tiny lil drop of precum on the tip.

I finally arrived at my apartment building. Thankfully, it was now almost 4:00am and it was very quiet. But, unfortunately, the parking lot was nearly full and I had to park at the far end, furthest from my apartment. My apartment complex has six buildings, with about twenty small apartments in each; all of the apartment doors face outward, there was not a main entrance and hallways and such. It was a cheap place to rent, and while some of my neighbors seemed questionable, it was usually quiet. My apartment faced the street and one of the other apartment buildings.

I sat in my car, nervously looking around to see if any of my neighbors were around. I didn't see anyone and quickly got out of my car, my stilettos and purse in one hand and the other hand covering my tiny lil dicklett. I walked as quickly as I could to my apartment door, the glass plug hurting more and more with each awkward step.

Then, my heart almost stopped as I saw a door in the apartment across the street from me open. I was only about halfway to my door. A guy stepped out and lit up a cigarette; I'd seen him about there smoking many times... an older guy in his sixties with a big bear belly and beard. I could feel his gaze fixed upon me; I kept my eyes on the ground and slightly quickened my pace, finally arriving at my door. My hand was shaking as I unlocked the deadbolt and I quickly stepped inside, shutting the door and bolting the latch.

I breathed an audible sigh of relief, then set my 5" black patent stilettos and purse on the kitchen counter. I went straight to my freezer and pulled out the vodka, taking a big swig. The liquor burned badly, painfully reminding me that my throat was raw and chaffed from being fucked for hours by Dave, Matt and Kevin. But i took another big swing and walked into the bathroom, turning on the shower. I got into the steaming water, in my wig and bra and fishnets, happy to be washing the piss from me. As the water washed over me, my lil tiny clit got achingly hard again as my mind replayed images from my night of depravity.

I washed my wig and body several times, I felt so filthy and disgusting. Finally satisfied, I stepped out of the shower and dried off, pulling the many Bobby pins out that secured my wig. I then took of my bra and rinsed off my little b-cup breast forms, and then slipped of my thigh highs. I hung everything over the shower bar to dry.

I took one more swig of vodka and then laid in my bed naked. My mind was woozy from the booze and I was exhausted from my night of use and abuse. I drifted off to sleep quickly, needing to sleep on my side, with my glass plug lodged firmly in my asspussy.

I woke to the sound of text alerts; I picked up my phone, it was only 7:37am. I didn't recognize the number, but knew immediately it was Dave. I had never given him my number, in order to protect my identity, but realized now that no longer mattered.

The text read, "be at my front door at noon, sharp. Dress like a normal girl. Do NOT disappoint me this time. Or else, all of these photos will be posted all over your facebook wall. And, make sure your virgin asspussy is squeaky clean."

He sent me a series of photos from last night-his big thick cock jammed into my cherry red lips; a full body shot with my big pink fluffy tail coming out of my ass; my face covered in cum. I shuddered. My heart starting to pound. My sleep had briefly let me escape this new nightmare.

I replied quickly, "Yes, Master Dave, as you wish."

I laid there in my bed, trying to think of ways to escape this situation. but it was useless. I knew I had to do everything Dave, Matt and Kevin desired since they had access to my facebook and my phone contact list.

As I stood, my asspussy was very sore, as was my jaw. My lil dicklett was achingly hard, i had never seen photos of myself being used, and they turned me on so much that precum was oozing from the tip of my lil clit. I laid back down and put my legs way up above my head, my lil clit just inches from my face. I stroked myself just a few times and shot a massive load of cum into my mouth and onto my own face. I swallowed the salty jizz hungrily, scooping up every drop on my face and neck with my fingers and licking it off.

It was now already 8:30am, and I got dressed in my regular clothes. I found that if I tucked the tail between my legs and up towards my clit, I could hide it decently. I knew I had to ensure my asspussy was very clean, so I went to the drug store and bought an enema kit. i was flush as I got to the counter, but knew it was just part of the humiliation that was now part of my life.

When I got back to my apartment, the old guy was outside his door smoking again. I glanced at him and saw him staring at me, and went quickly inside. I went to my bathroom and read through the instructions. But first, I had to take out my tail plug. I tried to ease it out, and the pain shot through my entire body. I moaned loudly, tears welling up in my eyes. After a few more pulls, it was finally out of me.

Then, I got the enema kit ready and cleaned myself; the warm liquid felt so good inside me that I soon found myself hard again. I then had the challenge of putting the plug back inside me; thankfully, i had a bottle of lube that I sometimes used to stroke my little clit. I poured lube all over the big bulbous plug, and put some on my fingers. I rubbed my tight sore sphincter, and was surprised how good it felt. I inserted one finger, and then two and pushed them in and out. I noticed I did feel a little looser, but just barely. Then, I placed the tip of the glass at my hole, and pushed it inside of me. I yelled out in pain, but knew I had to get it back into my tight lil asspussy.

Time was moving quickly. I went to my closet and pulled out a cute little white eyelet sun dress. When my ex-girlfriend moved out six months ago, she left most of her stuff at my place. Thankfully, she was a little taller than me and most of her clothing and shoes fit me perfectly.

I went to my dresser; in the second drawer I kept all my sissy lingerie. I chose a hot pink lace thong and matching bra - I thought it was nice that they matched my tail. I put them on and then put in my little breast forms. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and wondered what on earth I was doing and how I let myself get into this horrific situation.

I then put on the sun dress - it came down to my knees, and thankfully completely hid my tail. You could just barely see the outline of my bra and panties, but I didn't think anything of it. I chose a pair of open toe sandals with a cute 2" kitten heel. I then sat down and painted my toes and fingers a nice pretty hot pink to match my panties and bra.

Finally, I did my make-up; keeping it natural and not too slutty. I certainly didn't want to be punished with Dave's belt again; there were still red welts on my ass from the brutal spanking he gave me last night.

Then, I put on my wig; it was dry and smelled nicely of my shampoo. I looked at myself in the mirror again and felt satisfied that I looked like a "normal girl," as Dave had demanded.

It was already 11:40am and I had to rush out of my apartment. I threw my make up bag, black fishnet thigh highs and stilettos into a tote bag and left my apartment. There were several neighbors in the parking lot or hanging around smoking, but I didn't care - I knew if I was a moment late, Dave would expose me.

I arrived at Dave's house at 11:57am. I parked right in front, knowing it no longer mattered if he knew what type of car I drove. I looked at myself in the rearview mirror and applied a little lip gloss. I then walked up to his front door, knocking gingerly.

Dave opened the door quickly.

"Go downstairs," he said sternly. Giving me a once over with a grin on his face. He followed very close behind me as I walked back to the basement door. I felt flush and my mind filled with thoughts of the abuse of last night.

As I descended the stairs, I saw that there was a filthy full size mattress on the floor in place of the coffee table. There were two tripods holding cameras at either end of the mattress. The coffee table was on the side of the room, with handcuffs, a ball gag and bottle of lube on top. Seeing those three items, my lil sissy clit started to stiffen. I was surprised, but relieved that Kevin and Matt were not there.

"Let's see how you did today," said Dave. He walked around me several times, looking me up and down.

"You must be the stupidest sissy on the earth," said Dave. "Now take off that ridiculous dress." I heard Dave removing his belt. I pulled off the dress quickly. Now standing there in my hot pink lace panties and matching bra.

"But Master Dave, I dressed as a normal girl, as you requested."

Smack! Dave's belt slapped my sore, welted ass very hard. Tears immediately started to well up in my eyes. Then, another hard smack.

"First of all, you stupid worthless sissy slut, I didn't ask you to speak." Smack! another hard lashing. Tears ran down my cheeks. "Secondly, this fucking dress is sheer! I can see your bra and panties right through it." Smack! "You better learn to follow the rules, jade. One more act of disobedience and I post the link to the video we made last night on your Facebook page."

I stood there, crying. He walloped me again with his belt. "Now put on your thigh highs and stilettos."

"Yes, Master Dave," I said quickly, and pulled on my fishnets and slipped on my stilettos.

"That's better," said Dave, walking to his laptop. He pressed a few keys and up came a video. It was from last night; and it was about two hours long. "As I told you, sissy, you're going to be a very popular girl."

I was shocked to see myself in the video, being used and abused. I thought I looked very sexy, and my lil pathetic clit started to get hard. I saw the stats and it already had over 60,000 views. I was both exhilarated and terrified. The thought of so many men watching me worship three cocks turned me on so much, but also horrified me since I never wanted to have sissy videos or photos of me in action get posted to the internet.

Dave laughed when he saw the look of terror on my face. "That's just the beginning Jade - as you can see, we'll be making another video tonight."

"Now get down on your knees and crawl on all fours to the mattress."

I immediately dropped to my knees and crawled to the mattress. Dave smacked me hard with his belt as I crawled, making me whimper in pain.

"Good girl."

He then went back to his laptop; up on the screen I saw myself, in a split screen, seeing myself from the front and the back. Dave then proceeded to strip; his big semi-stiff cock flopping between his strong thick thighs as he walked to me.

"Now, show me how good you can suck my cock, slave."

I said, "Yes, Master Dave," and gave his big swollen head a big kiss, getting my pink lip gloss on the knob. I then placed one hand under his big balls and the other around the base of his growing shaft as I sloppily licked his shaft up and down, getting him slippery and wet with my saliva. I stroked him as I took his head and shaft into my mouth, my tongue circling under his head. I started to bob up and down, taking him deeper and deeper into my throat with each bob. He moaned in pleasure.

He was rock hard as he grabbed the back of my head and rammed his hard shaft down my throat. I gagged hard and choked. He held my head in place, not allowing me to move. And, like last night, he pinched my nose hard. Not allowing me to breath. I struggled and pushed against his thighs, but he held me firmly, his big hard manmeat lodged down my throat.

I thought I would pass out when he finally pulled out his cock. Tears streamed down my face. I gasped for air as saliva poured out of my mouth, dripping down my chin and neck.

He then walked to the coffee table, picking up the hand-cuffs. "Now it's time to have some fun. Put your hands behind your back."

"Please Master Dave, we agreed to no bondage."

He slapped my face hard. "You stupid sissy. When will you learn that I do not care what we discussed."

I quickly moved my hands behind my back, not wanting to be slapped again. He put on the cuffs, the steel was very cold against my skin. He made them very very tight, fully pressed into my wrists.

"You see sissy, I own you now. And the sooner you understand that fact, the better off you will be."

I tried to move my hands, but it hurt so much since the cuffs were so tight.

Dave then walked back to the table, picking up the ball gag.

"You see sissy, I didn't want to use this ball gag on you, but you nearly got me into trouble with my neighbor. Sheila asked me this morning if everything was alright last night; she said she thought she heard screaming coming from my house. I told her it was just a movie, but that's much too close for comfort. Now, open your mouth."

I had never experienced a ball gag, but I opened my mouth. Dave put the ball against my mouth and then wrapped the straps to the back of my head. He pulled the straps very tight, making me open my mouth very wide. My jaw was stretched to the limit, and it hurt like hell.

"Look at yourself, sissy. Don't you look nice in handcuffs and a ball gag." Dave chuckled. I looked at the screen. My black mascara had run down my face, and my chin and neck were shiny with my own saliva. My eyes were wide in pain, but my pathetic tiny dicklett was rock hard.

"You like that, don't you sissy?"

"Yes, Master Dave," I attempted to say, but was completely muffled by the gag.

"What did you say sissy?"

I repeated myself, but my words seemed even more muffled than my first response.

Dave picked up his belt and smacked my ass hard. "I can't hear you sissy, speak up."

I tried again, but my words were completely garbled. Dave walloped me with his belt again and laughed.

"You stupid fucking sissy cumslut." He then walked back to the coffee table, picking up the lube.

"Please no, please please please don't fuck my virgin asspussy," I tried to yell. But Dave just looked at me and laughed.

"What sissy? I can't hear a word you're saying, you mumble quite badly." Dave laughed again.

Then he got behind me on his knees. I could see him on the screen. He roughly pushed me forward and my face hit the filthy mattress. My virgin asspussy was now high in the air. With his knees, he pushed my knees apart, spreading me.

In one movement, Dave ripped the glass tail butt plug from my tight hole, I screamed out in pain, but was shocked that I was barely audible. Then I shuddered as I felt several drops of cold lube hit my slightly gaping little fuckhole. Dave rammed two of his thick fingers into me, a big smile on his face. He finger fucked me hard, inserting a third finger as I moaned and writhed in shocking pain. My tight lil asspussy was so sore from the plug.

"Tonight, I'm gonna pop your cherry, your stupid little sissy cumslut," said Dave, as he pulled out his fingers.

On the screen, I saw him squirt some lube onto his rock hard man meat, then I felt his big swollen head resting on my tight lil puckered anus.

"Beg me to fuck you, sissy."

"Please fuck me Master Dave, please fill my tight asspussy with your big hard thick cock, please pop my cherry Master Dave" I said, but my words were completely muffled.

Dave laughed. And, then, with one quick hard push, his thick, rock hard dick pushed inside me. I screamed. Or at least, I tried to scream. The pain was immense, and all consuming, like a shard of razor sharp glass had split me open; my eyes rolled back in my head, the room starting to turn white.

Dave pushed down on my head, forcing my face into the mattress to muffle my screams. I could barely breath, as he pulled out slightly, and then rammed his massive cock back inside my tight virgin hole.

I screamed and cried out, thinking I would pass out from the pain. Dave held my face into the mattress as he started to pump me harder and harder, slapping his body into my ass, lifting me off my knees with each hard thrust.

I was crying, balling, the pain like nothing I had ever felt. Dave lifted his hand off my head, I turned my face and took deep breaths through my nostrils. The ball gag not allowing me to breathe through my mouth. But just as soon as I was catching my breath, Dave wrapped both of his big hands around my throat, squeezing hard as he pumped his rock hard manhood deep inside my fuckhole.

Dave kept fucking me like that, choking me, making me nearly pass out as he thrusted his manhood deep inside of me. And while I was in so much pain, and terrified, my lil sissy clit was rock hard.

At some point, as Dave kept pumping his man meat into my tight, virgin fuck hole, it started to feel good. Incredibly good. It was suddenly one of the best things I had ever felt, I started to move my body to keep up with his thrusts, pushing my ass back into him as he pumped my body with his big, hard thick cock.

But, then, he stopped. He pulled out his cock, and walked in front of me, showing me his big, thick, lube covered cock. He took off my ball gag and told me not to make a sound. He then grabbed my head and rammed his cock into my throat. I gagged and choked, almost puking as he viciously fucked my face harder than he ever had before.

He stopped, and then told me that if I was a good girl, he wouldn't put the ball gag back on me.

He walked behind me, got back on his knees, and rammed his massive cock back inside my lubed fuckhole. Somehow, it hurt even more than the first time. I cried out, and he spanked me ass hard. "Shut the fuck up you stupid slut."

I tried to muffle my own screams, as Dave pumped me harder and harder. He started to moan loudly and then I felt him shudder, his hot cum spurting into my tight lil asspussy. He held his cock inside me as spurt after spurt of his man juice filled me.

He finally pulled out of me, I could feel his hot cum dripping out of my hole, dripping down my inner thighs. He walked back in front of me.

"Beg me to clean off my cock, slave."

"Please Master Dave, please allow me to clean your big hard thick cock."

He grabbed me head and filled my mouth with his manhood, pushing into my throat. I tasted his cum mixed with the lube and my asspussy juices. I gagged and choked as he lodged himself deep in my throat.

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