tagBDSMTali Ch. 09

Tali Ch. 09


Another short chapter for the readers. If you are new, please realize these are not standalone. This may be a long series to read without sex, but as another reminder - there is none.

Ideas, comments, criticism, anything is welcome! Apologies again for being a slow writer.

Hope you enjoy.


Miro held Tali in a warm embrace for a while. He waited until no more shudders came with her breaths, and she seemed to breathe evenly. When he was sure she was calm, he slowly let go, drawing her out to arm's length.

"Are you ready to keep going?" He asked with a smile.

She was still looking down, shy about her swollen eyes, but she nodded with a muted "yes master."

Tali waited for him to move forwards so she could follow him, but to her surprised, he didn't budge. Her master let a hand that was on her shoulder slowly drop, sliding his fingers down her arm, until his hand reached hers. He wiggled his fingers around hers until they found the proper gaps to clasp, and held her hand.

She was scared to close her hand around his. She never held someone's hand like this before. Would he feel she was being possessive if she held on tightly? Was he going to let go if she didn't? She didn't want him to let go.

"It's okay, Tali, do what feels natural."

She slowly tightened her grip. He dropped his other hand from her shoulder, turned to continue walking down the path, and looked at her.

This time, Tali looked back, knowing he was waiting. Her eyes told him she was really ready now, to continue with their little nature's walk. She smiled a real, shy, smile.

Now that Miro saw that smile, he thought HIS heart would melt. He was really unlocking her real emotions, and he couldn't wait to see more. He took a step forwards, making sure the message was clear that he wanted to walk with her, not ahead of her.

"Look around you," he said, "you used to like the nature."

She did. She took a deep breath, exhaling with an expression of bliss. Memories of the past fluttered around in her mind. Good memories, though confusing because... that was a time before she met him. Could memories be good if he was not a part of them?

"Thank you, master. This walk is lovely." Her voice was so light and soft, far different from the regular flat tone she would use.

"Maybe we could do this more often, then. Would you like that?"

"I... umm... do you like it too?" She didn't want them to commit to an activity where he didn't actually want to partake himself.

"Don't worry about what I think, Tali, just voice your own feelings."

"It... it's hard not to let what I think about you to affect my feelings, master." She spoke honestly.

"I know, take your time and try."

They continued walking in silence for a while, their feet crunching on dry sticks and leaves.

"I... I think... I would like to go on walks like this in the future, if I were the only person in the equation? But... I ... I would not want you to have to go too... if you don't like them," she paused, wondering if she should finish her true thought. What did she have to lose? "But then... if you weren't here, master, maybe I wouldn't be enjoying my time as much."

She looked down again, face flushing with embarrassment. She just poured out real thoughts! With real feelings! Did he even care that she enjoyed spending time with him? She braced herself for rejection, waiting to hear that he didn't share her sentiments.

"Tali, I enjoyed this walk -because- you were here. I wouldn't have otherwise. So let's just say we'll commit to doing something like this at least once a week, hm?"

She smiled to the ground, "that sounds lovely, master."

"Done," he stated with finality.

They continued walking until they reached a fork in the path. As if by silent decision, they decided that they should turn around instead of going forward, but stopped for a while.

Tali took the opportunity to really look around, appreciating the moment. Miro let go of her hand. She looked at him in worry at first, but he smiled at her to encourage her to enjoy her surroundings.

She listened to the sounds, listening the wind and the birds, now that their footsteps weren't disturbing the forest.

Miro watched her, remembering what her body language looked like when she was feeling her own happiness and peace.

He walked up to her after a little and held her hand again.

"Come on, my sweet, it's time for dinner."

"Yes, master."

He took note of her lifted voice, and the unconscious smile that crept onto her lips.

They reached the restaurant and were seated promptly. She didn't pick up her menu when one was placed in front of her.

"Pick a meal and a drink," he said, "and I mean a drink that's not water," he amended quickly, remembering the episode with Kien.

"Yes, master," she whispered, conscious now that there were people around them.

Tali was surprised to look at the menu and find that none of the items were listed with prices. She scanned all the footnotes, turned the pages around and around, flipped the sheets over.

Miro grinned at her, "I had a special menu ordered for you. Don't worry about the cost, just pick what you like."

"But master..." she trailed off under his stern look before she could go on about how she wasn't worth the money, "I mean... as you wish, master."

She ended up ordering herself a juice and steak. Miro realized then that she never had tried alcohol... he'd introduce her to wine at some point in time.

On top of what she ordered for herself, Miro also ordered some appetizers and soup.

"What do you think about the day so far?"

Such a simple question, but for Tali, the feelings were so complex. She instantly thought of her master. Even though she felt the day was nice... she worried about his happiness, and what he wanted.

"Master, I... I have enjoyed this day very much, but... I just want to make sure that you are happy too."

"What makes you think I haven't been happy?"

"Well, um... the things we've been doing... and the way I've been acting... they just... they aren't what you taught me to do for your happiness, master. I... I want to please you, still."

"Tali, don't worry so much. Remember, this evening is for you. From me, okay?"

She found it hard not to worry, but she responded with the requisite "yes master". Inside, the guilt started to seep into her thoughts.

The drinks arrived first. Tali looked at her juice skeptically, looking at her master as well, pondering for a moment if this whole thing was a set-up and she would get in trouble for drinking something that wasn't water.

He lifted his glass towards, her.


She witnessed enough social interactions to know what went after that.

Tali lifted her cup, lightly brought it towards her master's for the *clink*, then took a tentative sip.

The flavor was amazing! She hadn't had something like that in... so many years. But the guilt came back. This was too good for her. She put the cup down for now.

The appetizers and soup were set on the table next. The aroma made Tali's mouth water, but she knew she didn't order them. They weren't for her, they were her master's. She was accustomed to having to watch him eat much better than she did, as she was the one who prepared his meals.

"Eat," he said to her surprise, "these are for you to try, I've had them plenty before." He wanted to make sure she had a good dining experience, at least.

"Yes, master, thank you." She didn't even bother trying to push back on the point. Another inevitable situation, regardless of her own feelings for herself.

To Tali's delight, the food was amazing. She tried to remember how everything tasted, so she could try to recreate the dishes for her master.

Miro smiled as he watched her. Her face seemed to light up as she ate. He noticed, however, that after having one serving of each dish she stopped eating.

"Have more, girl, if you like."

"But... but you have not had any yet, master," she felt uncomfortable eating everything herself. He should be the one enjoying the food he would be paying for!

"I got it for you, Tali," he reminded her gently.

Years of training and learning told her that although he tried to hide it, her master was actually losing his patience.

"Yes, master," she said quickly. She speared some more food with her fork to eat. They were all delicious! She knew she'd be full quickly though, and thought to say as much.

"Master, the food is delicious, but I'm afraid if I keep eating, I won't have enough room to fit the main dish," she had thought about how to say that without making him angry. She hoped it worked.

Miro nodded in response. To himself, he thought, "good girl," for she really was learning how to figure out and diffuse situations herself.

When the entrees came, Tali dug into her steak. It was amazing! She wolfed the whole plate down before her stomach's fullness could catch up to her. Lost in the moment, she also finished the juice.

When her master asked for the bill, she was quickly sobered by the reminder of how much this meal must have cost.

"Ready to go?"

"Yes, master," she put on a smile.

On the way back, the two sat in silence, both suffering from food comas. He was enjoying the end of what he considered to be a great day... but he could never know the turmoil tearing his poor girl's mind apart in the darkness beside her.

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