tagMatureTalk and Action Ch. 02

Talk and Action Ch. 02


"What was the message you left me on Skype?" he asked Nalini when they met next.

"Oh, that! I masturbated him," she said matter of factly, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Sunil's cock leaped at the sexually explicit opening. In past conversations it took him some twenty minutes of idle chatter to get to this point. This was new and held promise. If this was start where could be reach twenty minutes later?

"It works!" she exclaimed with obvious delight.

"Of course it does! Did you think I was fibbing?" he asked.

"No. But there is so much I don't know!" Nalini exclaimed to Sunil over the conversation. She was leaning forward and Sunil could look deep into her cleavage. Her large breasts hung and weighed open the fabric of her blouse. It often occurred to Sunil that Nalini probably did not know how much of her body was on display over Skype.

"Like what?" asked Sunil leading her on. This was his habit. It was always his game to lead her on to discussing her sex life openly. She asked innocent questions. He indulged in descriptions of sex and sexuality. It turned him on and he usually fucked his wife with a special vigor. Or masturbated. What was going to be the direction of today's discussion.

"What is titty-fucking?" she asked. She held her forefinger between her teeth and gave a mischievous smile with a twinkle. She was really her attractive best when she mixed her innocence with her inherent sexuality.

"Where did you hear that?" he asked, genuinely shocked. "You are a professor's wife. Surely this is not in his math book?" he asked laughingly.

"No, just. On the net," she replied defensively.

"And what madam, do you look up on the net?" he asked, laughingly.

"No I didn't use to look up such topics. But masturbation surprised me. It surprised him, too!" she laughed mischievously.

"Did it?" asked Sunil, egging her on.

"Yes," she replied.

"When did you do it, in bed at night?" asked Sunil.

"No, I could not have waited that long. I was eager to find out so I ambushed him in the shower. And I could not have looked him eye to eye doing something so bold. So I caught him from behind," she explained, her face all innocence as she seemed to be relating bland facts.

Sunil could imagine her pressed against him.

"Didn't you get wet?" he asked.

"Yes, but I took my clothes off, na!" she explained. As if on cue she leaned forward and gave him a good look at the deep valley between her breasts. Sunil felt he could not manage his erection any further. Adjusting the camera a bit he pressed his cockhead for some relief.

"Tell me, na?" she implored. He loved it when she pleaded in that loaded tone.

And here a strange feature of their conversation intervened. She would never describe any sexual organs. Any words she used were innocent questions that she put to her friend.

On the other hand all his replies were guarded in the use of descriptions and phrases. He cautiously started with terms that Nalini found acceptable and slowly, as she got involved and turned on, used words that she might have found less acceptable in the initial phases.

"It involves doing what a man does to a woman, but between her breasts," explained Sunil.

"You mean kissing?" asked Nalini.

"You know it means something else," he replied.

"What?" asked Nalini.

"Like making love," he explained.

"You mean - fucking? Fucking the breasts? How does that work?" she asked.

"The same way your fingers worked on the professor's cock," he said.

"But I was able to grip him in my fist. How does this work, titty-fucking?" she asked.

Sunil's thoughts went to the mental image of the lucky professor. He, Sunil worked the wife up and there the professor benefited. Not fair. He decided to bring himself into the conversation more clearly.

"If you were to hold your breasts together, and I were to place myself between them and fuck... then that would be titty-fucking," said Sunil, feeling his cock harden ever more.

"You were to place yourself? Tell me in detail, na?" she begged him.,

"Well, if my cock was nestling between your breasts. And I was fucking you," he said, shifting in his seat as his cock got uncomfortably hard.

"Are you squirming?" she asked.

"And you?" He replied evasively.

"I don't even understand what you are saying. How will doing 'that' between my breasts do anything for either of us?" she asked. The emphasis on the word 'that' was typical of Nalini when she wanted to avoid using a sexually explicit word.

"It can be warm and massages the cock well. Enough of sliding in and out ... and it mimics fucking enough to make the man cum" he told her. This was the conversation he always aimed to have with her. Suggestive, erotic, explicit.

"But where does all that cum go?" she asked, her curiosity quite genuine.

"Where did it go when you masturbated?" he replied with a question of his own. He refused to use the term 'him' to end the sentence. It had to always be Sunil, he had made up his mind.

"At that time some of it shot and hit the wall. Most of it flowed over my hands. Like lava," she said thoughtfully. "Here there is nothing gripping... him." She still hesitated to use the anatomical reference, though she had moved to using the "f" word. There was no other way to communicate she felt.

"It would spurt over you," he said.

"Over me? Where?" she asked, concerned.

"Over your chest. Your breasts. And if it was me breast fucking you, I would shoot high. Because you are so sexy. You turn me on big time," he said, leaning forward for emphasis.

"Oh my god. What a waste of all that good stuff," she said with a laugh. "You seem to speak with a lot of experience!"

"But her breasts were not as luscious as yours," said Sunil "yours are more voluminous and will feel awesome around my cock," he completed, boldly.

"You!" she exclaimed blushing furiously. Her hand covered the camera. For several seconds it stayed that way. Forgetting that it was only he who could not see her, Sunil stroked his raging erection frantically.

He heard her giggle. "I can see you," she whispered.

It was his turn to blush furiously. "then you know I am not joking," he countered.

"Ok. So you cum. What about the woman, what does she get out of it?" asked the novice, Nalini.

"Making love is the sharing of pleasure, my dear Nalini," said the tutor Sunil. "First you pleasure me, then I pleasure you."

"But how can you pleasure me when you have finished cumming?" she asked.

"We will have to meet for that," he said mysteriously.

"None of that happens here, you know," said Nalini with a pout. "Tell me, na? How will you pleasure me after you have ... Chee!" she said and covered her face.

"That I will tell you only when we meet," he insisted and was firm on that. He had to build up the anticipation and expectation in her. The way he was building up the conversations, clearly he could look forward to a rendezvous.

"Meanwhile?" she asked impishly.

"Meanwhile nothing," he said. "Just that my housemaid will wonder about the mess she finds in my underwear."

"What!" exclaimed Nalini.

"That's what happens every time you talk to me," Sunil said. "My undergarments get... messed up." He chose the words with care. He wanted to tell her that he came. He wanted to describe to her the way he masturbated. But he did not think they had progressed to that point. One day he would get to that. He would tell her. He would make her be suggestive with him while he masturbated. Today, only so much.

"What do you mean by messed up?" she asked.

"My underwear is soaked with my precum," he said.

"How? How is that possible?" she asked.

"Another thing to show you when we meet," said Sunil.

"I still don't understand what it can do for the woman," said Nalini. "Anyway, I need to cook. Professor will be home for lunch."

"Does he come home for lunch every day or is today something special?" asked Sunil.

"Oh, every day," she said.

"That means, every day... he gets to fuck you in the afternoon?" he asked. He constantly showed a voyeuristic interest in her sex life. That was the main agenda for his conversations.

"No, baba! We are not like that!" she replied. "I have to go now," she said. She got up and left.

But she left the webcam on. Perhaps she forgot. But she did not end the conversation as she normally did with a goodbye. So Sunil did not sign off, waiting for her final bye.

Nalini normally insisted on romantic good byes. There was something alluring about the mix of innocence regarding sex and the charm of her romantic overtures.

Sunil felt time and again, that if he got together with Nalini he would have a chance to show her his prowess at pleasuring a woman.

She seemed to so much of a novice, responding only to whatever her husband did. He would love to show her how much pleasure a man could actually deliver.

While waiting for Nalini to reappear on the screen for the final goodbye, Sunil imagined him with her in various ways. And he was jolted out of this reverie by the Nalini's voice: "So, how often do you masturbate thinking of me?" he heard her voice demanding.

He thought she was asking him. But she was not. He could not see any one on screen.

"Come here, come here!" he heard her commanding someone. He could not see either of them.

She shuffled into the room, with a young man following.

"You are sir's research student and you lech his wife?" she asked severely.

The student stammered, "No, ma'am!"

Research student meant he must be around twenty years of age, thought Sunil.

Nalini's breasts, filling her blouse to the maximum, nipples pushing through the fabric were clearly visible to Sunil. He thought he saw her adjust her saree to show more of her breast to the young man. He could see her nipple clearly pushing out. What was Nalini doing? He wanted to warn her that she was possibly visible to the student.

But what she did next stunned him. She reached out and touched the front of the student's jeans.

"Lying!" she pronounced. "This," she said, stroking the area, "is a dead giveaway, young man," she said.

"No!" said the young man and stepped back, outside the frame of Sunil's view. She held on by the buckle of his belt and pulled him back in.

In one deft move she slipped her other hand through the top and felt within. Her first and middle finger snared the cock trapped within the underwear. She felt the slimey precum in there.

She pulled her hand out and rubbed her fingers together. "This," she said accusingly, "You cannot deny."

"I am sorry, ma'am!" the student stammered. "Please don't tell sir! I will lose my research fellowship."

"First tell me, what makes this happen?" she asked. "Is it my breasts? Do you watch my breasts?" she asked.

He shook his head in the negative.

"Are you saying my breasts are not sexy or attractive to you," she asked.

Sunil felt his cock harden nicely. Nalini's voice was seductive in its tone.

The student shook his head in the negative.

"No they are not, or no they are?" she asked unrelenting. She leaned over him and let her breasts hang over his face., confined as they were in her blouse. The young man licked his lips. He was nervous and he was hungry for the professor's sexy wife. And she was making an exhibit of herself.

He did not know how to reply.

"No woman likes to be told she is unattractive, understand?" said Nalini sternly.

He nodded.

"Let me tell you a few more things about a woman, young man!" she said firmly. She pushed him back on the bed. The camera was directly behind the youngster and Nalini was facing Sunil on the camera.

She let her pallo drop and her breasts were bulging through the inadequate blouse. It was in the direction of Sunil and the student at the same time. Just that the student was nearer and in front of her, and Sunil was just behind and in the virtual world.

Both Sunil and the student could see the breasts rising and falling. The nipples were jutting and poking through the fabric.

"Oh, hello," she said, a severe look on her face. "These," she gently held up the melon like breasts upward, as if offering them to the student, "are part of a woman's womanhood. She likes to be told they are lovely. She likes guys to watch them. And if you have a hard on because of these, that is okay. Understood?"

The young man nodded, unsure of what to say next.

"But, you cannot go around with a hard on for every nice pair of tits you see on the street. Do you know why that happens?" she asked.

The student shook his head in the negative.

"A woman is a mystery to you guys. If all your life you go behind your professor, you will turn out to be good at nothing else, for nothing else," she said.

"I won't," stammered the student, eyes on the luscious breasts within his kissing distance. His throat felt dry and he felt thirsty as if those breasts were to feed him.

"You won't what?" asked Nalini.

"I won't go around like this," he said lamely.

"Like this?" she asked, reaching within and pressing his even messier underwear inside the trouser. "Look at the mess you have made of yourself," she said severely. "How will you concentrate on your work like this?"

The boy convulsed as the woman pressed the hard penis in its trappings but did nothing else and nothing further.

"Useless fellows," she pronounced. "Get over this and focus on your work," she said.

"Here," she said and to the shock of both the student and Sunil, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. The blouse popped open. Large brown breasts plopped out, relieved to be released from their confines. Nipples stood up and out like little penises. They were large.

She reached for his hands and brought them to her breasts.

"It is not enough to want them. You should know how to make a woman feel good!" she said. The boy held the breasts and felt their weight. Instinctively, his thumbs reached for the nipples and he toggled them.

"Good!" she said encouragingly. "Feel them nicely. Then alone will you stop fantasizing about these with every woman you see on the street!"

The student pressed the professor's wife's large breasts. They were warm, inviting and instinctively he leaned forward and kissed the nipple, taking it into his mouth.

She moaned and put her hand behind his head to encourage him. She held him firmly but gently, and with her other hand fed him her breast. She rocked gently, her nipple and breast pressing in and out so that she mimicked the act of lactating and feeding him.

The boy sucked with a fervor that pleased Nalini. "Yes!" she hissed. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back. It was impossible for Sunil to know if she was aware of the camera being on or not. But he knew that the woman chatting with him till a few moments ago was not likely to be the woman he was seeing now.

"Yes, suck them like you are feeding on me," she urged him. He put his arms around her to draw her closer. She climbed on the bed her knees on either side of him. She slapped his face with her breasts now. "Treat them good," she implored him.

She need not have. He was not about to let go of her. He had never been with a woman and here was his professor's wife asking to be fondled. He sucked and tugged with a gusto. In fact, he felt that perhaps some fluid had escaped those loaded nipples but he could not be sure.

Sunil could not resist pulling his own cock out of his pants as it at had become impossibly painful in the constrained space. He stroked himself as his eyes stayed fixed on Nalini's large breasts.

She forced the student to turn his attention to her other breast. And fed him from that nipple too. Then back and forth to make sure both were fully attended.

Then she pushed him back on the bed. She leaned forward and her breasts were hanging over the prone young man.

"Breasts," she said breathlessly, "can do more than feed, you know!" she said. She slid down the bed and undid the jeans. She pulled it down. She noticed his soppy wet underwear and gently pulled it to let out his erect cock without hurting him.

The cock bobbed up. Rearing up to its full splendor. The student felt his cock buzzing with energy and arousal. He tried to reach for but she slapped his hands back.

She kissed the bulging cockhead and it leaped upward. She laughed and pulled back. She allowed saliva to fill her mouth and slid her mouth down the cock. The cock was now smeared fully with her saliva.

The boy groaned loudly clutching the sheets. Sunil stroked his cock furiously imagining Nalini's lips were on him.

"Now watch," she said looking up at the boy. Sunil thought she made eye contact with the camera but he could not be sure. Surely Nalini knew the camera was on? Or did she not?

She moved her body forward and her breasts toyed with the cock, nudging and prodding it.

She rolled over and invited the boy to straddle her. Holding her breasts together she trapped his cock between her breasts. His cock felt enveloped by the wet warmth between those luscious mounds. Till now he hand only felt his own hand. It now felt inadequate in comparison to the rich feel of her breasts. The student groaned in pleasure and bucked once but did not know more.

"Fuck my breasts," she hissed. His eyes widened in shock as he heard his professor's wife say the "f" word.

She slid her chest up and down to create that friction around his thick and turgid shaft. He groaned as he realized the purpose of her saliva on his cock. It was to lubricate the grinding of his cock against her breasts. With a few strokes his cock generated cum of his own and soon her breasts were a slick mess.

She held the mounds together, watching with beady, slutty eyes as the cock head reared up when he thrust.

"Yes, like that," she encouraged him. Sunil's hands flew over his cock as he watched the student's cock bulge as it protruded over the mounds of flesh towards Nalini's face.

She leaned forward a bit to kiss the head. "Go, go!" she urged him.

The young man concentrated on the vision of his cock between the mounds of warm slick flesh. He pumped his cock and watched it redden. He took in the sight of this mature lovely woman kissing his cock time and again. He felt the urge to release - it felt different from all the times he had masturbated.

"Ma'am, ma'am!" he stammered nervously. Nalini knew instinctively what that was about.

"Mmm, mmm," she encouraged him, urging him on. And in case he had any doubts or any difficulties she formed a "o" with her mouth. Leaning forward, she allowed his thrusting cock to cannon into her mouth. The head of his cock thrust through and her lips gave him the extra pleasure he needed to cum.

"Come on," she whispered huskily between thrusts. "Come, come, come!" she urged him.

She knew that the critical area of the cock that needed to be stimulated to release lay around the head. She did not bother with throating him. She held breasts together and exerted herself in stretching and bending to mouth his cockhead.

The wild thrusting told her it was coming. She urged him on with throaty "mmm"s. Sunil felt himself losing it at the sight of this woman giving the lucky young student the first sexual experience of his life.

Both he and the student came together. His hands flooded over with his own cum as he saw the student squirt gobs of semen over Nalini. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes. The boy spattered on her chest and on her chin. She moved her face to one side to avoid being plastered by him. He thrust and flailed as he took his pleasure from the channel between her breasts.

As he lurched again and again, she placed her hand at the top of her cleavage and captured the lurching cock in her fist. She then fisted him to a finish... the boy gagged and thrashed around as he felt her hand gripping him tightly and milk him dry.

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