tagNovels and NovellasTalking with Debbie Ch. 04

Talking with Debbie Ch. 04


It had been a week since the story in the pub, and Debbie and I had been very sexually active since, making love twice a day usually. Although she hadn't asked for any further stories, and so I hadn't ventured any, it was clear that they had had an effect. She now initiated sex more, was more vocal during sex, and more willing to try different positions. In short, she seemed to like sex a lot more. I certainly wasn't complaining, but what with this and still maintaining my fantasy, I was pretty much either thinking about Debbie and sex, or having sex with Debbie all the time. You might have thought that having more sex with Debbie would have seen the decline of the fantasy of her having sex with other men, but no, it seemed to intensify it if that was possible. I couldn’t focus at work because I was continually thinking of Debbie behaving like a slut.

On Saturday night we had a few drinks and I could tell Debbie was getting horny. She was sitting close to me, her thigh pressing against mine. Then she draped her legs across mine and her conversation became rather forced as her mind was on other things. I wasn’t going to resist, so I started stroking her arm lightly. She responded by rubbing my thigh. We both carried on talking about something else for a while. Then she put her drink down and slid across onto my lap. We kissed slowly and softly, I could taste the wine on her lips still. She looked good today, wearing some tight jeans that showed off her firm bum and a loose linen shirt. We had gone into town during the day where at various stages I had imagined her having sex with a tattooed biker, a large breasted teenage girl and three Italians. So, I was certainly in the mood for sex. I nibbled her bottom lip and she responded hungrily, pushing her tongue into my mouth. This wasn’t like Debbie at all and this new found sexual assertiveness turned me on.

She rubbed my chest forcefully, pulling at my shirt. She pulled it over my head and sucked my nipples. She was grinding against my lap and I thought if she continues like this I am going to come in my pants. I had never seen her so hot.

She worked her way up from my chest, kissing my neck and then licking my ear lobes, which always drives me crazy. I immediately reached for her breasts and rubbed them through her shirt.

She then whispered in my ear, “are you still having your fantasies about me?”

“Mhhmm” I mumbled as I unbuttoned her blouse.

“Guess what? I’ve started having them too.”

I pulled back to look at her at this point, startled by what she had said.

She put on a deliberately provocative, coy, look,her eyes downcast and chewing her lower lip. "You’re not angry are you?” she asked, blinking her big eyes. It was all an act, a parody of flirting, but even so it excited me tremendously.

“No, no, of course not. Just intrigued. What sort of fantasies?”

She blushed slightly, the conviction of her act leaving her momentarily. “Oh, you know.”

“Go on, tell me.”

To distract me she looked down and started unbuttoning her blouse, which she shrugged off. Then looking me in the eye she said firmly, "Fantasies about other men fucking me - about being a slut.”

This was undoubtedly the most arousing sentence I had ever heard and I almost shot my load just hearing it. To hear my beautiful, reserved, controlled Debbie say those words was the equivalent of fulfilling a whole fantasy. Debbie mistook my silence for disapproval however and quickly mumbled, “sorry, I… it’s just…”

“Shhh,” I said and pulled her to me, kissing her greedily.

She reciprocated, rubbing my very erect member through my trousers. “Oooh, somebody’s excited,” she said.

Grappling with her bra I whispered in her ear, “you have no idea.” I pulled off her bra and took one of her small breasts in my mouth. She has pert boobs, with a slight uplift. Her dark nipples occupy a third of the breast and contrast well with her olive skin. When the nipple becomes erect, it changes the shape of her whole breast, making them pointed and direct. Her nipple stiffened in my mouth as I rolled my tongue over it.

Stroking the back of my head as I slurped on her tits she asked, “does it turn you on? Me having fantasies like that?”

“Mmm” I assented as I transferred my attentions to the other breast.

“Good. I want you to tell me one now. Tell me one of your fantasies while we fuck each other.”

I kissed her some more and asked, “what story do you want? Any requests?”

She unzipped my trousers and with her hand around my prick she said, “one where I’m very slutty. And one with a big cock in it please.” This last bit surprised me, but then Debbie was surprising me a lot tonight. As she stroked my cock up and down she whispered, “you don’t mind do you? It’s just after that story you told me about Tim, I’ve kind of being thinking about a big one.”

My own cock is slightly bigger than average, about seven inches, so I didn’t really suffer from any inferiority there, but it still causes a brief flutter of unease when your wife says this. Still, given my fantasies, who was I to complain?

“Let me give you some inspiration,” she said. Then she slipped off my lap and knelt on the floor. She quickly undid my trousers and pulled them down with my pants. As she grabbed my tool and brought her face to it she looked up at me with her warm eyes, just like they do in porno films. This was part of the act too, and I wondered where she had learnt it from, I wasn’t aware that she had seen any porno. She licked the helmet playfully like an ice-cream cone, leaving a trail of spittle on it. “Is this the sort of thing I do in your fantasies?" she asked and then took my cock in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down as she sucked on it.

Debbie had only given me head in the early years of our relationship and I knew it wasn’t something she particularly liked (does any woman really?). As she sucked away she continued to have her eyes cast upwards, looking directly at me. It was almost more than I could stand.

“Jesus,” I moaned and pulled her off before I came.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like it?”

“Debbie, you’re joking. You are turning me on so much I’m going to come any minute.”

“Oh,” she blushed. She stood up and stepped out of her trousers. She sat back on my lap and said, “we don’t want that just yet. In that case you had better concentrate on making me happy.” She took my hand and placed it on her bush. I slipped a finger into her and she was already very moist. “Mmm,” she moaned, rocking forwards on my hand. “Now get on with that story before I come.”

“Ok. It starts tomorrow morning. You wake up, roll over and take my cock in your hand.”

“Like this?” she whispered, grabbing the base of my cock in the palm of her hand and gently stroking it.

“Mmm, yes, just like that. Then you nibble my ear and say, ‘I’m feeling very slutty today Dave. Feel how wet I am.’ You take my hand and place it on your pussy. I slide a finger in and feel how wet you are.”

“Like I am now?” she says, rubbing my hand as I slide another finger into her and stroke them in and out.

“Yes, just like your pussy is now. Then you say to me, ‘I need to do something naughty today.’ I am aroused, but still cautious.

“’Are you sure?’ I ask.

“’Yes, very sure, but we need to get started soon.’

“’What sort of naughty do you want to do?’ I enquire.

“’I want to dress sluttily. I want to flash my pussy to someone. I don’t want to fuck anyone yet, but I want someone to know I am a slut. Can we do that?’

“’Oh yes,’ I say, ‘we can definitely do that. Let’s get you dressed.’ I jump out of bed and quickly pull on some jeans and a t-shirt. When I come back in from the shower room you are lying on the bed, your legs apart, writhing gently as you stroke your clitoris.”

Debbie moans at this and pushes forward on my hand. She moves her hand to her clit and starts to rub it with her forefinger. “Like this?” she asks, closing her eyes. She has never done anything like that in front of me before and once again it is almost more than I can stand, so I remove her other hand from my cock to stop me coming prematurely.

“I watch this for a while and then you open your eyes and say, ‘sorry, got a bit distracted there.’ You get up and rummage through your drawers for some clothes. I look at your firm, hot bum and I want to go over there and take you from behind, but I know that would spoil it. I absent-mindedly rub my crotch as I look at your smooth, shapely legs and those well toned buttocks. I think that other people should see these, they are so fucking sexy, it seems a shame not to let others enjoy them. You pull out some items and turn around to see me rubbing myself. ‘I see it’s working on you already,’ you smile. ‘Let’s hope you’re not the only one to get turned on by me today.’

“You lay out your clothes on the bed - a mid-thigh length pleated skirt, a halter top and bra and knickers. ‘What are those?’ I ask pointing to the underwear. ‘Sluts don’t wear panties or bra,’ I tell you. The realisation of what you are about to do hits you then and you start to protest, but I hold up my hand and you shrug, accepting the decision. You pull on the skirt and top. ‘Very nice,’ I tell you. The halter top ties around the back and shows a few centimetres of your flat tummy. ‘Turn around and bend over,’ I say.

“You do as I ask. The skirt rides up, revealing your lovely thighs but not quite your naked arse or pussy. ‘That’s fine, not too obvious, but with enough of a suggestion.’

“’Let’s go then,’ you say, looking excited. ‘I hope it’s not too windy otherwise everyone will see my pussy.’

“’We wouldn’t want that now, would we?’ I laugh.”

Debbie emitted a long moan at this stage. She pulled my fingers out of her vagina and positioned it along the slit. She then slid herself up and down the length of my finger, rubbing her clit and outer lips along my finger. “Ooooh, that’s it. I like this story Dave, carry on. Do you really find my arse that sexy?”

I reached around to grab it and squeezed the two buttocks together, “God, yes.”

“I never knew. You should have told me. Now I’ll definitely flash it for you. Anyway, carry on with the story.”

I momentarily pondered the ambiguity in her statement. Did she mean she would flash it to me, and me alone, or flash it for me, in public? I decided now was not the time to demand clarification, so I continued with the story. “We walk down the road. At first you are nervous, but gain in confidence as we walk. You begin to bounce as you walk, your skirt swishing provocatively from side to side. We don’t see anyone for a few minutes, although some cars pass. Then a young man is walking towards us. I look to see how you will react. There is an initial falter in your step and then obviously deciding to play it out you continue, wiggling your arse as you walk. The man notices you from a distance and looks down. Then as we pass he looks up and very obviously checks you out, staring at your tits and your legs. As we go past I catch him turning around to stare at your arse. You smirk with pleasure and confidence.

“We pass a middle-aged couple. The man discretely looks at you and the wife pretends not to notice. Then I become aware that there is a man pproaching us from behind. He is walking faster than us and will soon overtake us. ‘I think you need to do your shoe-lace up,’ I tell you.

“You look momentarily confused, as your shoelace isn’t undone and then smile knowingly. ‘Oh yes, must do that shoelace up. I have a feeling it might become untied quite a few times today.’ You bend over, sticking your arse in the air. The skirt rides up, showing your thighs and just a hint of your naked buttocks. It isn’t definite that you are without knickers, but there is the suggestion.

The man slows his stride, transfixed by the sight. You hold your position as he walks past, his gaze never leaving your bum, not bothered that I am standing next to you. When he has passed, you stand up, flicking your hair. Your face is flushed from bending over, but also the excitement.

“You grin mischeviously, ‘do you think he liked what he saw?’

“’Definitely,’ I say. ‘I bet he would have liked it a whole lot more if your skirt had ridden up some more.’

“With mock innocence you say, ‘but then he would have seen I haven’t got any knickers on. What would he have thought of me then? He might think I’m just a little slut then mightn’t he?’ Even though we are in the middle of the road you rub my cock through my trousers. It is erect and twitches at your touch.

‘Enjoying yourself?’ you ask.

“’You bet,’ I reply. ‘And you?’

“’I am feeling bloody horny,’ you giggle.

“We continue to the park. You are enjoying yourself now and attracting a lot of glances, some more obvious than others. I pat your bum and say, ‘I think it’s time that cute little arse of yours got an airing don’t you?’

“You say, ‘ok,’ meekly, a little unsure. You look around and see an elderly man walking his dog. ‘Him?’ you suggest.

“’Do your shoelace up again,’ I instruct you as he approaches, calling to his dog. You bend over as before. When the man is looking the other way I pull your skirt up by the waist, so it rides up about four inches. The bottom half of your bum is visible and it is obvious you are not wearing knickers. The way your leg is in front of the other, there is also just a glimpse of your slit showing. This is the sight that greets the man as he turns back to us. He stops walking and his eyes widen dramatically. He coughs in surprise. You stand up at this and turn to face him. He is still staring at where your arse had been.

“’That’s a nice dog,’ I say to him.

“’Yes, very nice,’ he says, clearly not talking about the dog.

“You lean into me and I slide my hand onto your naked bum. You freeze as I give it a little squeeze.

“’I’ve always liked stroking dogs,’ I say playfully and you nudge me with you elbow. I stroke your arse softly.

“’Yes, me too.” He is looking at my arm as it goes behind you and he is aware of what I am doing. “Patting them too,” he adds.

“Oh yes,” I say, giving your bum a firm pat.

“The man actually licks his lips at this. ‘Although sometimes they do need a spank,’ he suggests thoughtfully.

“’A spank?’ I say. ‘Yes I suppose so.’ You give me a quick look as if to say, ‘don’t you dare’, but with a swift motion I pull my hand back about a foot and give your arse a slap. There is a loud, sharp noise as skin makes contact with skin and you jump forward with a yelp.

“The man cackles and rubbing your bum you say, ‘I think we’d best be going darling.’

“He looks disappointed, but I agree and we say goodbye and walk off. As we do so, I lift the back of your skirt and place my hand on your red buttocks. The old man stands transfixed, watching your naked arse swish away from him.”

I interrupted my story because Debbie had been increasing her rhythm on my hand as I told the story. Now she lurched forward, burying her head into my shoulder. “God,” she said through gritted teeth, “I’m coming.” She grabbed my hand and pushed it into her vagina. I quickly pumped her with three fingers and she gripped the sofa cushion. She pushed her hips forward and I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers as she climaxed. She grunted into my shoulder, “that’s it, that’s it.”

She relaxed her grip and I extracted my hand. “Mmm,” she said. Then she climbed up further onto my lap and positioned herself over my erect penis.
“Don’t stop, keep talking. I want to come again.” This was very unlike Debbie, usually she had one orgasm, if that, and was then finished. But now she took my cock head and guided it to the edge of her well lubricated pussy. It slid in with little resistance and she slowly rocked backwards and forwards on it. “Come on, keep talking before I change my mind,” she demanded.

“Okay, so after we have left the man with the dog behind, I take my hand off your bum and your skirt falls down again, covering your arse. You say ‘that was naughty, spanking my bum like that. It hurt!’

“I give you a quick kiss, ‘sorry darling, but it was fun to see his face.’

“’What now?’ you ask.

“’You still enjoying yourself?’ I check.

“’God yes,’ you blurt. ‘I haven’t had this much fun in ages. And I’m getting hornier by the minute. It’s just about all I can do not to drag you into the bushes and fuck your brains out.’

“My cock stiffens further at the thought and I consider it. I feel the same. ‘Shall we then?’ I suggest.

“Once again you rub my cock through my trousers. ‘I would love to have this inside me darling, but then that would be the end to it and I want to carry on a bit longer. But I promise you will get to do it today, so don’t worry.’

“’Okay, well, we’ve shown your hot little arse off to someone, so I guess it is your sweet little pussy next.’

“You look uncertain. You knew this was coming, but now it is here you are unsure if you can go through with it. ‘I don’t know,’ you mumble.

“We stop and I take your hands in mine. ‘Come on Debbie, you have such a lovely little bush, at the top of the sexiest thighs I have ever seen. I only
have to look at you getting dressed and I’m almost coming in my pants. I would like someone else to see it too. And you know that is what you want, isn’t it?’

“You nod and say ‘yes’ quietly.

“We are now in a busy part of the park, so we need to find somewhere quieter. We walk for a while and as we go around a bend, the path leads between some trees. You stop suddenly and hiss, “that’s him.” You nod towards the bench, where a scruffy old man sits. He is wearing a black overcoat, even though it is quite warm. He has two days stubble and his thick black hair sprouts in unruly curls from his head.

“’Who?’ I ask stupidly.

“’That dirty old man I told you about. The one who said I had a nice arse and that he could always spot my sort.’

“I remember the story you told me now about your encounter with him when you were jogging once. I also remember that you said you went back after he had said this to see if he was still there, which had always intrigued me. ‘Perfect,’ I say. ‘I think we’ve just found the victim of your pussy flash.’

“’Him?’ you say aghast. ‘No, I can’t.’

“’Of course you can. Go over there and put your right leg up on the bench to do your shoelace up.’

“You take a deep breathe and smiling, say, ‘those shoelaces certainly are being troublesome today aren’t they?’

“We walk further. He has been looking the other way, but as he turns to us I think I notice a flash of recognition when he sees you. He stares blatantly at you, admiring your legs and skimpy top. A slight smirk comes on his face and I feel that he already knows what is going to happen. As we approach you say loudly, ‘I just need to tie up my laces darling.’ You skip over to the bench, your skirt bouncing so I think he may already guess that you are without knickers. I stand back slightly, but within earshot.

“You put your right leg up on the bench, so your skirt forms an arc from your thigh. He is closest to your left leg so he has a good view across and can see your exposed pussy. He looks directly at it, smiles and emits a knowing chuckle.

‘Very nice,’ he says in a croaky voice.

“You turn to him, still with your leg up. The skirt goes down a little so he can just see the bottom of your bush. ‘What’s that?’ you ask firmly.

“He is unabashed. ‘Your pussy. Very nice. I knew you had a nice arse that time you were jogging. Now I know you have a nice pussy too.’

“You are dumbfounded by his directness. ‘Oh,’ you say. You look at me and I shrug. You take your leg off the bench.

“He continues, ‘lift up your skirt. Let me have another look.’ His forwardness has rather nonplussed both of us, and so he seems to be in control. Not knowing what else to do, you follow his instructions and lift up the front of your skirt. I am on the outer part of the bend, so I have a good view either way and no-one is around. You are looking up at the sky as he gazes into your bush. ‘Come closer,’ he says. You hesitate momentarily and then, still holding up your skirt you stand in front of him. ‘Mmmmm,’ he murmurs appreciatively leaning forward, so his face is only six inches from your pussy. ‘I can see you’re already a bit excited.’ He is referring to the glistening and slightly swollen lips that are apparent after our games. You blush at this and drop your skirt.

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