tagNovels and NovellasTalking with Debbie Ch. 05

Talking with Debbie Ch. 05


Well, I thought that was the end of it, but recently there have been some new developments. About three months after that final session I thought it had settled in to a fairly normal pattern. It became an occasional part of our lovemaking, but by no means the dominant aspect. I was somewhat thankful it had subsided, as I was becoming concerned that it would be a fantasy I would need to see fulfilled, and the sensible, rational part of me knew that I probably didn't want Debbie to fuck someone else. I know there are always messy, complicated feelings when a relationship goes this way, and I actually love Debbie first and fancy her second, so I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardise our relationship. But notice that I said I probably didn't want her to fuck someone else. There was still a part of me that would wake me up in the morning with a raging hard-on thinking about it.

Anyway, as I mentioned, there have been some developments. Surprisingly these were not initiated by me, but by my sweet wife. As usual it started after we had drunk some wine and were relaxing at home. Debbie was laying across me, her loose work blouse untucked from her formal trousers. I must admit, the sight of Debbie in her work outfits is a real turn-on for me, it is almost all I can do not to pounce on her sometimes when she is leaving in the morning, dressed in one of her smart suits. So it seemed natural that I should slide my hand under the bottom of her blouse and gently stroke her flat tummy.

"Mmmm," she murmured, slightly drunk and sleepy. "That's nice."

I continued to lightly caress her stomach, and brushed my fingertips across her pelvic bones. "Don't stop," she mumbled, so I slid my hand inside her trousers. She lifted herself up to give me better access and I moved my hand inside her panties. "Oooh, that's it," she whispered. I slowly moved my hand over her mound, and traced a finger along her slit. To my surprise it was already moist. She acknowledged this by saying, "I'm a little horny already Dave, as you've probably noticed."

"Yes, what's got you this way?" I asked as I pushed the tip of my middle finger into her pussy.

Ooooh, that is very nice darling." She pushed her groin up to meet my finger and I ran it along inside her. "If I tell you something, do you promise not to get cross?"

Intrigued I answered by simply unzipping her trousers and rolling my finger across her clitoris. Debbie has a very sensitive clit and will often climax at the merest touch to it. She shuddered as I gently caressed it.

"The truth is, I've been horny all day," she continued. "I've been thinking a lot recently about those stories you kept telling me and that fantasy of yours. Do you still have it by the way?"

"Sometimes, not as much as before."

She looked disappointed, "oh, shame. I think we must have crossed paths then, because I have it a lot now." She looked sheepish as she admitted this. I hadn't realised this and looked at her with surprise. Just what had my Debbie been thinking about these past few months I wondered. My dick stirred in my trousers as the possibilities raced through my mind.

"Go on," I croaked, not wishing to appear too eager.

"Well, it's not that I want to, you know..."

"No, what?" I teased her.

"Oh, you know, you just want me to say it," she slapped my arm playfully.

"Well, if you're going to tell me just why you're so horny you are going to have to say it." I glided my finger deep into her and she moaned softly.

"You like me saying it don't you? You're a naughty, dirty little man sometimes Dave."

"I'm just saying, if you want to tell me about the fantasies you've been having, there's no sense in being coy."

"Okay, okay. Oooh, don't stop," she said in response to my rubbing her clit with the ball of my thumb. "It's not that I really want to fuck someone else - there I said it, happy?"

"Very," I replied, kissing her forehead.

"You've got to understand that before I start. You do believe that don't you? Just like you didn't really want me to fuck someone. It's just about playing isn't it?"

"Yes, of course darling," I assured her, although I wasn't entirely convinced myself.

"Well, as long as you know that. Okay then, over the past few weeks I have been having lots of erotic fantasies, where I generally act like the slut-Debbie you created, and fuck lots of men. I feel quite ashamed about it sometimes, but I can't help myself. I just keep imagining all sorts of scenarios where I fuck strange men, or not always strangers. Is there something wrong with me Dave?"

"Not at all my darling. It's normal to have fantasies, they go through cycles I find, yours will probably subside after a while."

"I hope so, because at the moment I'm thinking like a nymphomaniac. Only today I had to go to the ladies three times and frig myself off."

She reddened at this confession, and I didn't help by blurting out "really?!" I had never known Debbie to masturbate much, and certainly not to talk about it. I was amazed, and a little shocked that I hadn't noticed this change in her. I was worried that she felt she had revealed too much already and eager, no, desperate for her to continue, I quickly added, "sounds like you are having a lot of fun without me. You should have told me sooner."

"You don't think less of me do you?"

"Not at all. If anything it makes me love you, and fancy you, even more."

She smiled and gave me a kiss. "You're special Dave. Shall I continue?" She squeezed me erect cock through my trousers, "I'm guessing this is a yes?"

I nodded and she continued, "I've got to be honest, a lot of them centre around work. I don't know why, I think there is an undercurrent of sexual tension in the workplace, combined with spending a lot of time with these people and it creates this erotic charge I feel. Do you think so?"

"Well, not in my workplace which is full of old men, but if you worked there in those sexy suits of yours then, yes, I'd be sexually charged all the time."

"As you know, at my office there are lots of temps, so we have all these young men and women who are always flirting with each other, so I think that adds to it. You should see some of the girls I have working in my office and some of the clothes they wear! There is this one girl, Louise, who has got enormous knockers and sometimes she comes in without a bra. I don't know where to look, there's these tits bouncing everywhere with nipples pointing out. Of course all the lads are round her all the time."

"Sounds like my kind of girl."

She nudged me with her elbow, "you're too old for her grandad. But anyway with girls like that and young blokes who are obviously thinking about fucking her, it creates this sexual atmosphere. Sometimes I think I can almost taste it. When it's been hot like last week and all the girls are wearing skimpy dresses I sometimes wonder that the day doesn't end in a huge orgy, the sexual excitement is so palpable.

"So, I guess it's no surprise that a lot of my fantasies centre around this environment. Although, if I'm honest I have been having fantasies about all sorts of situations. Dave, some of the things I've imagined myself saying and doing! It makes me feel ashamed."

My head was swirling, I wanted to hear all those things she had imagined herself doing, but I didn't think I could bear the wait, I wanted all of the knowledge immediately. "I think you'd best tell me all about it, my sexy, horny little wife." I undid her blouse and slid my hand across her petite boobs.

"Okay, as long as you promise to still love me?"

"Debbie, I'll always love you. I just might want to fuck you more though."

"Mmm, that sounds like a good deal. Okay, here goes," she took a deep breath. This was obviously something she had wanted to do for a while and had been building up to. I vowed to give her every encouragement. "It is a hot day, like we have had this past week. I wake up in the morning and I have been having sexy dreams for I feel very horny and in need of a fuck. However, you have had to leave early for work, so I am left feeling frustrated. I go to put on one of my trouser suits but I have found them quite warm in this weather so I decide on a dress instead. I choose a floral summer dress with a flared skirt that is shorter than I usually wear. I bought this dress for that holiday in Italy, but I didn't wear it as I thought it was a bit revealing. I pretend that my selection has nothing to do with my state of sexual arousal and is based purely on the temperature.

"When I get into work I initially feel uncomfortable in the dress and contemplate going home and getting changed. When I walk the skirts swishes and exposes quite a bit of thigh. I am worried that it will undermine my position at work, that people will not take me seriously. However it is a Friday and work is not busy. And I am also a little aroused by the thought of wearing a skimpy dress in the work place. I noticed a man staring at my legs when I walked in and feel flattered by the attention. When I get into my office my fears of being the centre of attention are alleviated because Louise has surely taken that role. She is wearing a tight top with a zip down the front. This is unzipped halfway down so her enormous breasts bulge out like two footballs. The top has vertical stripes which bend around her curves, exaggerating them even more, as if they needed it. The zip stops before the bottom of the top, so her belly is exposed. With her breasts she isn't exactly slim, I guess I have a flatter stomach, but she certainly isn't overweight. At her age she can have these big boobs and still a reasonably small waist. She is wearing a tight pair of jeans and her bum, is wonderfully curved too. It is larger than mine, but sexy, I can imagine men want to give it a playful spank. She is standing at her table and gives me a big smile, her gaze quickly taking in my dress. It is impossible to look at her, with all her bulging flesh and sumptuous curves, and not think of sex.

"Her presence and attire seems to have created something of an arms race in the office, for the normally demure, but very pretty, Cathy is wearing a tight vest top and a micro-skirt. Cathy is very slim, so doesn't have Louise's figure, but she has long, well shaped legs and is quite beautiful with dark, Italian looks and piercing blue eyes. Even Megan, the fifty year old receptionist is wearing her blouse unbuttoned somewhat and showing a good deal of cleavage. Far from feeling exposed, I feel positively staid in my outfit.

"I go into my office and start answering emails. I hear the two lads, Tony and Stefan, come in and talk to the girls. I look up and see Stefan standing over Louise's desk. She is leaning forward, which pushes her boobs together. The cleavage seems to go on forever, and I wonder if they will pop out of her tight top. Poor Stefan isn't even making an attempt to look anywhere else, except the deep valley between her tits. He says something and she rocks back in her chair, laughing. Her boobs bounce as she does so, and I realise that Louise doesn't do anything by accident. She knows exactly the effect she is having on Stefan and enjoying every minute of it. I smile to myself.

"Stefan then comes in to see me, to pick up some work. I hand him this and we chat for a while, then I become aware that as he is standing in front of me, I am staring at his crotch, which is at eye level. He has a very obvious bulge in his trousers. I realise that he is staring at me too, and become aware that my skirt has risen up while I have been sitting in the chair. I am so unused to wearing short skirts that I have crossed my legs as I would do in trousers, revealing most of my right thigh. Stefan is looking at it intently. It is obvious he likes what he sees, and I think to myself, 'I could just reach out now and stroke his cock. I could really do it, he obviously fancies me. I'm sitting here, staring at his cock with moist knickers and I could do it.' The thought scares me and I quickly dismiss him. Between Louise's breasts and my legs he has developed a prominent hard on, which is even more visible when he turns around and I see it in profile. It is almost all I can do not to call him back and just take it out. I suddenly want to see it, to feel its warmth and firmness in my hand.

"I decide I have to go to the toilet and relieve myself, I am frightened by what is happening to me. I feel I am losing my sense of judgement. I go into a cubicle and put my fingers inside my knickers. Quite recklessly I rub my clit and then put two fingers in my wet pussy, frigging myself quickly. All the time I am imagining unzipping Stefan's trousers and taking out his cock and letting him fuck me over my desk, where everyone can see. I come very quickly, biting my lip. Then I realise that in my haste I didn't pull my knickers down and they are soaked in my juices. I can't put them back on as they are, they will smell, and you know how sensitive I am about that. I come out of the cubicle and give them a quick rinse under the tap, figuring I can dry them under the hot air blower. Just then the outer door opens and someone is coming in. With my knickers still in my hand I panic and chuck them in the bin. Then Louise is behind me, saying hello. I am flustered and push past her to get out.

"I walk back very mutedly, making sure there are no big movements that might cause my skirt to move and expose my knickerless state. I sit down at my desk, tugging down on my dress. I hope my wank in the toilet will have relieved me of my sexual arousal, but as I sit there, thinking about my short dress and how near I am to flashing my pussy and arse, I get more and more turned on. I think of all those stories you told me and how you would love to know that your wife was sitting at her desk with no knickers on. I feel like I really need a fuck, probably more than I ever have before. I try calling you to see if we can meet at home, but you are out of the office. I feel frustrated, and I want to touch myself to get some relief. In order to distract myself I decide to play a game - I will not adjust my skirt down for the next hour, no matter who comes in. I will just pretend I am wearing trousers and carry on as normal.

"With this resolution made I can take my mind off it and I start to do some work. I do actually forget about it as I have to deal with an urgent query. Having resolved it I call Tony in to take the print-out upstairs. Only as he comes in do I think about my clothes. I make to pull my dress down but remember my promise so place my hands on my desk. The dress has conspired against me somewhat, as it seems to cling when I move, so as I have been moving around in my seat, it has risen up somewhat. Too late I realise I can't look down and check, as Tony is in my office now and to do so would make it apparent that I know what I am doing. I have to just pretend everything is normal, but I have no idea how much or little I am exposing.

"Tony is a nice guy, quiet and hardworking. I think he is shy around women, although I have seen him staring at both Louise and Cathy a lot, when they are not aware of it. They tease him a bit, but he takes it in good spirit. I try to be very businesslike and hand him the printout. I know I must be exposing a bit of myself as he is looking directly at my crotch.

"'Is there a problem Tony?' I ask, and then, I know I shouldn't do it, but I figure Tony won't say anything, I cross my legs. Even without looking down I know that all of my legs are now on display, but I don't know what else. Tony doesn't say anything, he simply gulps and continues to stare. "Tony? Okay?" I enquire.

"He snaps out of it, 'what? Oh yes,' he mumbles and rather reluctantly leaves my office. When he has gone I look down to see what his view was. The skirt has risen up to the top of my thighs and stops just below my pussy. I am both relieved and disappointed that I didn't flash him. Then I think that given his vantage point of standing over me he would have had a different angle. Being careful not to adjust my position I hold a mirror up to where Tony would have been. And there it is, I can see the bottom of my bush just poking out of my skirt! He will have had no doubt that I wasn't wearing knickers and would have seen the bottom of my pussy. I shudder with excitement at what I have just done. I feel incredibly excited, and a flush runs through me. I want to ring you and tell you about it, about how I flashed my pussy to my work colleague. I imagine how turned on you would be.

"I take some deep breaths and calm down. I adjust my skirt to a more respectable level and try to concentrate on work again. But my mind keeps coming back to what I have just done. And then another plan begins to emerge. I am overcome by the desire to flash my arse to someone. I think of all those stories you have told me where I have done this and how you always say what a hot little bum I have. This becomes my new obsession - I have to flash my bum! I think of how to achieve it and consider going out into the main office and getting something from a bottom drawer so I can flash Tony or Stefan. I dismiss though as the girls are out there and I don't want to be that obvious in front of everyone. I decide to go for a walk around the building and see if any opportunities present themselves. Initially I am disappointed. I can't find anywhere to do it that would make it seem like an accident. A man I don't recognise is walking behind me up the corridor and I think 'I am going to bend over to do my shoelace, just like in that story Dave told me.' I brace myself to do it, and then he turns off and is gone. My courage begins to fade and I think I will return to the office. Just then I go past one of the little kitchens on the fifth floor. There is a middle-aged man sitting in there, drinking a cup of tea. He his wearing a delivery uniform, so must have just dropped a parcel off. I turn back and pull my dress up around the waist a little, so the skirt ends just at the bottom of my buttocks. Then I stride in confidently to the kitchen.

"'Morning,' I say chirpily.

"'Hi,' he says, taking in my legs.

"'Just dropped off a parcel?' I ask him.

"'Yes, they said have a quick cuppa before you go.'

"'Yes, think I'll join you,' I say. I then pretend to look through a few cupboards, saying aloud, 'I was sure I had some peppermint tea here somewhere.' Continuing my search I reach up to the top shelf. I have to stretch a lot to do this and I feel my skirt rise up as I do so. It is now halfway up my bum, so my delivery friend, who is sitting beside me, has a clear view of my naked arse. I move along the top cupboards, stretching sideways so the skirt rises up even more on my left side, exhibiting my whole buttock. The delivery man doesn't say anything, but I can feel him staring intently at the show I am putting on for him. Eventually I say, 'oh, I'll just have some juice then. I open the fridge and make sure I bend down very low to pick out some orange juice. This pushes my bum towards him, and again the skirt rises up. I wonder if he can see my pussy between my legs. My heart is racing and I feel quite dizzy. I pour some orange juice and drink it quickly. I then turn to the delivery man and give him a smile.

"He smiles back and wiping his lips says, 'hmmm, I enjoyed that.' He places the empty cup on the side and I leave before him, swishing my skirt and walking with that bouncing step like a common tart."

At this point Debbie stopped and pulled my hand away from her pussy. "That's nice, but I don't want to come yet. There's quite a bit of the story to go yet. How am I doing by the way?"

"Just perfect," I said. "You've certainly been thinking about it a lot."

She unzipped my trousers and peeled my hard cock out of my fly. Holding its base she licked the knob-end and said, "You've got a lovely cock Dave, did I ever tell you that?"

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