tagNovels and NovellasTalking with Debbie Ch. 06

Talking with Debbie Ch. 06


It had been a week since Debbie had told me her story and I had spent that time trying to notice any discernable change in her that might indicate whether it was true or not. She acted just as normal, we had even had a normal lovemaking session since. She was maybe a bit more confident, a slight arrogant bounce in her step, but nothing you could really say was different. She dressed the same, talked about the same things and responded to me in the same way. I was beginning to think maybe it had all been a one off and that I was foolish to read so much into it. She had just felt like having a bit of fun and, being better able to control these things than I am, that had been sufficient for her.

We were eating dinner one night, she had just opened the wine, so unlike on many previous occasions it wasn't the consumption of a few bottles that lowered her inhibitions.

In a very businesslike tone she asked, "Dave, you remember the other night? When I told you that story?"

I stopped, my fork halfway to my mouth "Yes," I replied, dubiously. I wondered whether she was now going to berate me for my response when she had told me it was true.

"Well when I told you it was true and you believed that it was, you didn't seem too bothered. In fact you seemed to rather like it."

I coughed, "we were both rather excited at the time Debbie, I didn't mean.."

She held up her hand, "it's okay, I'm not cross, no need to be defensive. I just wanted to ask if you meant it, and if so, why it wouldn't bother you. Be honest."

I chewed my food while I contemplated my response. "If I'm honest then no, it didn't bother me. And that was a surprise to me. I was relieved when you told me it wasn't true, but at the time it didn't bother me, and as you say, it excited me. As for why - I guess it's in the nature of the act. If you had told me you had been having an affair for six months I would have been devastated. But that didn't seem like a betrayal. It's about your intentions I suppose. I feel that you were having fun but it wasn't to hurt me or because you didn't think of me. In some ways it was partly for me I suppose. It made me feel closer to you if anything." I shrugged, unable to explain it further.

She smiled and squeezed my hand across the table. "I've been thinking about it a lot. And that's pretty much what I'd concluded too. All those stories you told me, even if they were only fantasy, still informed me how you felt about me, how sexy and desirable you found me. The key to all those stories was that other people got to see, and experience me in that way, but you were part of it."

"I suppose so. They just turn me on."

She took a big gulp of her wine, "that got me to thinking. Those stories obviously turn both of us on, admittedly when you first told me I was a little shocked and appalled, but when I thought about it I could see your point of view and then I began to get aroused by them. It was a tremendous confidence boost to me to know that you saw me like that. So I was thinking if those stories get us that aroused and make us feel that close to each other, how much more powerful might the real thing be?"

My mouth dropped open at this point in a comic-book depiction of shock. "What are you saying Debbie?"

She blushed at my reaction and hesitated before deciding to surge on. "Look, I'm just going to say this. If we decide it's a bad idea, that's fine, but I think it's worth discussing.

"I think there may be an opportunity for us to move these fantasies on. To make them reality in a way that doesn't compromise us and lets us decide whether we prefer them as fantasy or reality."

I continued to stare at her. She put her glass down firmly. "oh come on Dave! Don't look at me like I'm saying this out of the blue. You must have asked yourself whether you wanted it to become reality."

She had me there, as she so often did in argument. "Okay, maybe I have," I admitted.

"Good, that's all I'm saying. So, I think there is an opportunity for us to live out those fantasies."

"How?" I asked, against my better judgement.

"Well, Stefan at work is leaving on Friday. He is off around the world and then settling in the states where he has family. He will never come back again. Now I know he fancies me, I've caught him staring at me, particularly my legs, often enough. And if we're being honest I have flirted with him a little bit, nothing obvious, just enough to know that he flirted back and was interested."

"I see, and how do you feel about him?" I said, a series of small contractions starting in my stomach. I wasn't sure whether they signified anger, jealousy or excitement at this stage.

"He's okay," she shrugged. "Obviously younger than me, okay looking, but nothing to write home about. There is one thing though – I think he might be a well endowed young man."

I swallowed and tried to look calm, but the contractions were now a churning mass. "Oh," was all I could manage.

She continued, quite unabashed as if she were telling me of a holiday we might go on. "You know I've become a bit fascinated by, you know, big cocks. I blame you – I had never really thought about it until you told me that story about Tim. You described it so well, it made me think about what it would feel like, whether it would be painful, or enjoyable. In your stories you always have it that I surrender to my lusts completely and act like some craven cock-slut. I've never really felt like that, but you made it sound exciting, so I wondered whether being fucked by really big prick would be qualitatively different, whether it would make me act like you depicted." She was a clever one, Debbie. She had managed to both pay me a compliment by claiming it was the power of my stories that made her feel this way and also passed some of the blame on to me.

She continued, "I kept thinking about those stories and before I knew it I was walking around checking out men's groins to see if I could spot a bigger than average packet. It became quite a pastime for me. I had never really thought about it before, but over the past few weeks I have been trying to determine a guy's size from his build and the way he adjusts himself, and any noticeable lumps. It isn't very easy, I couldn't tell you if most men were big, medium or average. What with loose trousers, pants and the naturally flaccid state men are in most of the time, it is usually just an indiscriminate lump. I did get a few good sightings though. The first one was on the bus, it was a chap in his mid-fifties, very respectable looking, like a professor. It was crowded and he was standing up next to where I was seated. Maybe it was the rocking motion of the bus, but it was probably the presence of a hot young girl next to him who seemed to be wearing little more than her underwear. I was half asleep and was just staring into space when I noticed a movement in his corduroy trousers. It was down to the right, a movement of about an inch as his penis slowly stiffened and extended down his trouser leg. I immediately fixed on it and waited. He seemed oblivious to it at the moment. Sure enough as the bus rocked and the teenager bumped into his arm, it moved again. This time I could see the outline of the end bit, it moved upwards like the hand on a clock. It must have been uncomfortable for him, but being restrained meant that the motion of the bus was effectively rubbing it against his pants, causing him to become more excited. The lump became more distinct. He reached down to adjust it as discretely as possible, and I quickly looked away. When I looked back, he had positioned it so it was no free to point upright. Although this must have reduced some of the discomfort, it meant it was more apparent. It was pushing against his fly and reached up to his waist band. I was staring at his trousers now, imagining how it would look, how heavy it would feel. I suddenly realised that he was looking down at me. He knew I was staring at it! When I caught his gaze he looked away, embarrassed. He tried to turn away, but that would have meant turning into the girl and she would have felt this thing pressing into her bum, and would probably have screamed. So, he was trapped. I continued to look at it, and he tried to ignore me. But the fact that I was so obviously interested in it was having an effect. It twitched in his trousers as if it were trying to escape. I wondered how big it was, and I really wanted to see it. Not to have sex, but just to see it. I continued to stare at it, and it seemed to keep swelling, straining against his trousers. I felt that it was almost a separate entity to its owner. He got off at the next stop, this very prominent bulge pointing the way as he walked off the bus.

"I knew at that point I wanted to move beyond just fantasy, to really experience it. Then a few days later I was at work and Louise was wearing one of her revealing tops. That was one part I didn't lie about the other night - she has the most enormous tits and wears these sexy outfits all the time. This day she had a trouser suit on, which would have been fine, but she didn't have a top on underneath, so the jacket did up to the apex of her breasts. She had a push up bra on, so a huge cleavage was on show, and when she bent over you had a good view of her full tits in her black bra. I had found it quite difficult to hold a conversation with her, so I don't know how the men managed. She had been talking to Stefan for a while, leaning over his desk, so he had a good view of her chest. Then I called him in and as he approached I noticed him walking awkwardly. I then looked at his groin area and saw a huge bulge straining against his rather tight trousers. I thought 'why haven't I seen that before?' but it was because I hadn't really been looking up until now. Amazing what passes unnoticed if you aren't attuned to it. This made me think what else I might be missing right in front of my eyes.

"As he stood in front pf me and I asked him to do a few things I couldn't help it, I kept thinking, 'just have one more glance and then no more'. I thought I had got away with a couple of discrete observations, but on the third one I looked up and he followed my gaze and then shifted awkwardly. There was no doubt though, he had a monster cock in there. I couldn't really make out its shape, it was still curled around inside his pants, but it was pushing so hard against his trousers that they had risen up, accentuating his balls. No wonder Louise was always flashing her tits at him I thought. She will undoubtedly have spotted it too. It made me wish I had a chest like hers to display or that I was wearing something less conservative so I could flash a bit of leg at him.

"When he left I went straight to the toilet and masturbated, imagining unzipping his fly and hauling out his big member and feeling its firmness and heaviness in my hands. It was that night I told you that story. I wanted to see what you felt about my living out your fantasies. And you told me you would like it. So now I'm making you this proposal - on Friday we are all going out. I will join them but leave early, and I'll bring him back to the office. There he can fuck me with that hopefully big dick of his. But the key thing is - you will be able to watch darling. I'll let you into the office next to mine, so with the lights off you'll be able to see the whole thing. Think of it! Think how exciting it will be for me knowing you are there and for you knowing that I am performing for you. What do you say darling?"

I was unable to speak. I couldn't believe what she had said and what she was proposing. It seemed as though I was viewing her from a distance and she was speaking as if in a dream where you can't make out what someone is saying. Then the swirling nauseous feeling in my stomach ceased and I realised I had a raging hard-on. The feeling had decided what it wanted to be. "Yes," I said flatly.

Her eyes widened. "Really? God I feel sick now. I wanted you to say yes, but I think I would have been relieved if you had said no. My God, are we really going to do this Dave?"

I nodded assertively, "yes, let's do it."

She finished her wine and said, "okay, but remember always that it's you I love, and that means more to me than anything."

******************* This is what happened that Friday then, some it I got from Debbie afterwards, but I'll tell it chronologically here.

We were up in our bedroom, Debbie had come home from work before going back out to meet the others. I was laying on the bed watching her dry herself after a shower. She looked lovely, a combination of sex appeal and classiness. I couldn't believe that another man would be seeing her naked tonight, but at the same time I really wanted her to be appreciated by someone else.

"What do you think I should wear?" she asked.

"Something that shows off those lovely legs of yours. What about that green skirt with the slit up the side?"

"Yes, good idea. Knickers?"

"I wouldn't bother, you're only going to be taking them off again later."

"Well, hopefully," she said. Both of us were trying to outdo the other in seeming relaxed and nonchalant, although I was in a state of anxiety and anticipation. I could only imagine how Debbie must have been feeling. She talked quickly and flitted between subjects, hoping to divert her mind. It was the same way she acted when she got nervous about something. Debbie didn't get nervous very often, and was usually very controlled. The last time I had seen her like this was when she went for a job interview. This evening had the same element of anticipation and needing to perform well. I occasionally forgot what the actual event at the end of the evening was, and then it would hit me anew, and I would experience a tumult of emotions that combined fear, anxiety, excitement and lust. I could almost make myself come by just saying to myself 'tonight my lovely wife is going to get fucked by a stranger with a huge cock, while I watch.'

I was full of desire for her as she pulled on a tight top, which showed the shape of her petite boobs and a bit of her smooth stomach. I reached up and rubbed my hand up her thigh. She shivered, and I continued upwards, feeling her firm, naked buttocks under her skirt. She looked down at me and smiled. Indicating the bulge in my trousers she said, "you're really turned on by this aren't you?"

I mumbled my affirmation as I moved my hand around and slid a finger along her slit, which was damp. She pulled my hand away and turned her back on me, and then bent over, pushing her arse towards me. "Can you see my pussy when I bend over like this?" she asked.

"No, not quite, although I think someone who was looking would guess that maybe you didn't have any knickers on."

"Good," she said, and then lifted one leg on to the bed. "What about now?"

I shifted up the bed, "oh, yes, now I can see that lovely wet pussy of yours."

"Good," she said again. "If Stefan isn't interested I may have to revert to plan B."

This was the first I had heard of a plan B. "Oh?"

"Yes - fuck anyone. I haven't gone to all the trouble of getting your agreement and getting myself all wound up only to be let down. If Stefan doesn't bite I'll chat someone up, flash my pussy around and bring them back to the office for a fuck. It won't make any difference to you, will it?"

I gulped, shocked at how matter of fact she was about it, but also partly relieved that this demonstrated she wasn't really interested in Stefan, just the encounter. I felt much less threatened by this, not to mention aroused.

"I'd best go," she checked her watch. I rubbed her thigh again, trying to pull her down onto the bed. She wagged her finger at me, jokingly. "Not now hot boy. I want to be fresh for Stefan - or whoever. And the same goes for you, no wanking while I'm out. I'll call you when I'm on my way to the office and will meet you outside." With a long, loving kiss she left, and that was it. I had to sit and wait for a few hours, thinking of nothing else but what my wife would be doing.

This was the worst period, when I began to have doubts and was troubled by jealousy. To get over it I sat down I opened some beer and started writing the stories about Debbie, to get me into the frame of mind. This worked very well, until I was desperate to get out and see the fantasies become reality.

Debbie met Louise and Cathy in a pub. Seeing these two she immediately doubted the success of her plan. Cathy was wearing tight, PVC hot pants and clumpy trainers that showed off her long shapely legs. With her slim figure and Mediterranean good looks, she smouldered with sexuality. Louise was even more blatant. She wore a very tight dress, which was unbuttoned to the apex of her considerable boobs. These threatened to explode from the tight confines of the dress every time she moved or laughed. She jumped up in excitement when Debbie entered and her tits bounced up and down like basketballs, telling Debbie she wasn't wearing a bra. The dress had a short flared skirt and she wore knee length boots also, if you could tear your gaze away from her chest. Debbie felt dowdy next to these two, and thought that there would be no way Stefan would even notice her next to these young sexy girls.

Tony joined them soon afterwards and stopped dead in the door, not knowing where to look. His look first lingered on Cathy's long legs and bum, then he focused on Debbie's exposed stomach, before finally settling on Louise's deep cleavage. The two girls giggled at his awkwardness, his staring at them was obviously something of a standing joke. Debbie felt flattered, and emboldened though that he had been equally flustered and interested in her. Maybe there was hope for her plan yet, she thought as she bought some drinks.

Megan arrived soon after, with Stefan, having picked him up on the way. Debbie noticed that Megan, who was in her fifties, and had always dressed conservatively, was now dressing more daringly. She was wearing a black dress tonight, which was low-cut at the front. She also had on a push up bra, so although not in Louise's league, she was sporting a good deal of breast on display. She had obviously spent time and effort on her hair and make-up. Debbie thought how well she looked for her age, and complimented her. She blushed somewhat.

Louise was more forthright and bustled up to her, pointing at Megan's chest, joking loudly, "hey, are you trying to steal the attention from me?"

"Somehow Louise, I don't think that will happen," Debbie said, as Megan blushed deeper.

Debbie had not managed to look at Stefan since he entered. She felt like a schoolgirl who has a crush on a boy and so avoids contact with him. She was worried that any attention she gave him would immediately betray her thoughts and intentions. Stefan was talking with Tony, and soon Louise and Cathy joined him. Debbie continued talking with Megan, but she was distracted by the laughter coming from the other group, and the continual thought that she was standing here without any knickers on underneath her short skirt. She knew she would have to join in with the other group soon, or the whole evening would slip away from her. She swallowed her drink, took a deep breath and went over to the others, asking them what they wanted to drink.

When she finally looked at Stefan she was struck by how young he seemed, and also disappointed that he wasn't as good looking as she had been building him up to be in her imagination. She thought to herself, 'what am I thinking? I don't want to have sex with this man. I'll ring Dave and tell him to come and get me. It was all a silly game that got out of hand.'

With this thought she relaxed and went to the bar. Soon Stefan was standing beside her. "I'll give you a hand with the drinks," he said.

"Okay," Debbie smiled.

"You look nice tonight," he complimented her.

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