Talking with Debbie Ch. 06


"Thanks," Debbie chuckled. He was hitting on her, maybe there was some hope for the evening, she thought and then remembered she had decided not to go through with it. "Mind you, I don't really stand up against those two. Or even Megan when she dresses like that."

Stefan looked at her seriously and said, "oh no, you are much classier than they are. They are nice, but sometimes they are a bit too obvious, too much on display."

'My God, he really is trying to chat me up,' Debbie thought and became flustered. "If I was their ages and had figures like them, I'd put it on display too," she said, trying to laugh it off.

"But you do have a good figure. Especially your legs. I wish you would have worn skirts like that to work more often."

"Careful Stefan, I'm a married woman," Debbie warned him with a smile. And then, involuntarily her gaze dropped to his crotch. She could see a faint bulge, but nothing to indicate he was large or aroused yet. She suddenly looked up and Stefan was smiling knowingly at her. She blushed quickly and said, "err, I think we'd best get these back to the girls."

For the next hour or so, they all stayed in a group and Debbie talked with the girls about work. Then they decided to go onto somewhere a bit livelier that served cocktails. It was busier in here and they all drank quickly. Everyone was getting merry, but Louise in particular seemed to be getting louder. Stefan went to the bar and as he did so he brushed behind Debbie. If it hadn't been for the earlier conversation and her own intentions that night she might have dismissed it, but she was sure he rubbed his hand along her bum as he did so. It was only a brief touch, and not too firm, but she was sure it was there.

Two drinks later and Stefan became bolder. This time when he went to the bar he placed the full palm of his hand on Debbie's bum and rubbed it along. The drink must have had an effect on Debbie too, because before she could think, she pushed her bum back on to his hand. He left it there for a second and then gave her arse a firm squeeze, which she wriggled against. Debbie was feeling confused now. Her earlier resolve to call off the evening began to waiver. Now she was thinking that Stefan was good looking, and besides, she was only going to do it for Dave's sake. It would be a shame to let him down.

They found some seats, and as Debbie sat down on a low sofa, she forgot she was without knickers and wondered whether she had briefly flashed her pussy at Tony, or Megan. She tried to lean forward and crossed her legs, which caused the slit on the side of her skirt to open up, revealing most of her thigh. She decided to leave it exposed and carried on sipping her drink. When Louise joined them she bent over and everyone noticed that her dress was undone by another button or two so that her huge tits swung outwards. One nipple was half exposed.

"Jesus Louise, you're coming out of that thing," Cathy commented.

Louise tutted and pulled the top closed again. "It was that bloke up at the bar, I had a dance with him and he must have undone a button or two when he was having a fondle."

"You let him fondle your tits on the dancefloor?" Megan asked.

Louise shrugged, "why not? He seems like a nice guy. When you've got tits like these you either go with it or spend your life getting uptight about it."

Tony was staring drunkenly at Louise's breasts now. She had pulled the top part closed, but not done any buttons back up again. With his view from the side, Tony could now see most of Louise's nipples as the dress flopped open again. He was obviously enjoying the view. Debbie checked Stefan, who was being more discrete than Tony, but was still sneaking occasional looks. She then checked his groin and was rewarded with the sight of a small tent that had begun to develop there.

As more drink flowed, Louise became increasingly brash. At one point she accidentally tipped back in her seat and treated everyone to the site of her naked pussy.

"Put it away Louise!" Cathy joked.

Louise bawled with laughter, "sorry everyone. Still, don't tell me you're wearing knickers under those tight shorts Cathy."

"Well, maybe I'm not, but at least I'm not flashing it everywhere."

"They don't mind, do you boys?" Tony and Stefan shook their heads dumbly. Debbie was pleased to note that Stefan's tent had grown considerably bigger. Louise continued, "anyone else not wearing knickers?" she asked, looking directly at Debbie.

How did she know? Debbie wondered. Had she flashed earlier? Was it obvious? She wasn't going to admit it though. And then, of its own volition she found her hand going up in response to the question. Everyone looked at her and she tried not to blush.

"Debbie!" Cathy said.

Both Tony and Stefan were now staring at Debbie's skirt as if hoping to see through it.

"Well, well, well," Louise mocked. "And you a married woman Debbie. Now, I know why I don't wear knickers, but why would you come out in a little skirt without any knickers on?"

"It was, just, oh, I don't know," Debbie slapped Louise's hand playfully. "Anyway, I'm going to get a drink." When she stood up her crotch was at eye level with the two men and she was aware at how intently they were looking at it. The atmosphere had developed a much stronger sexual charge and she know that both of them were fighting the temptation to pull the skirt up and have a look.

She was leaning at the bar, taking deep breaths and trying to sober up. Then she felt a hand on her bum, it moved down, inside the slit and rested on her naked buttock. Stefan was standing beside her. "So, it's true," he said.

Debbie didn't move or react, she just ordered the drinks, while Stefan kept his hand on her naked arse. She wondered if the others could see. "So, what would your answer to Louise's question be?" Stefan persisted. "Why would you wear a nice short skirt, with a sexy slit up the side and not put any knickers on underneath?"

"Because I felt like it," Debbie responded brusquely.

Stefan took his hand away and pressed in close to Debbie. She took a quick breath when she felt his erection press against her thigh. She knew then there was no way she was not going to fuck this man tonight, even if it meant doing it right there in the club. Just then Louise tapped her on the shoulder, '"Tony and I are gonna have a dance," she slurred.

Stefan pushed his hard prick against her again. She shivered at the touch of it. Her voice shaking she suggested they follow Louise and have a dance. It was a small dance floor, flooded with dry ice smoke. They were playing a slow song, so Stefan immediately pulled Debbie in close to him. His hands were on her arse again, though not underneath her skirt this time. He pushed his groin into her again and she felt his thick member pressing against her stomach. He then began grinding her buttocks, rubbing her against his erection. She began to feel dizzy as he manipulated here against his rod. It seemed to her that there was nowhere she could move that wasn't dominated by the lump in his trousers.

"Just how big is that thing?" she found herself asking.

He smirked in satisfaction. "Big," he said. "Would you like to see it?"

"Yes," she said before she could think.

"Are you going to let me fuck you with my big cock Debbie?"

She nodded, biting her lip. His hands were up inside her skirt again now, kneading her buttocks. She could feel herself getting moist. He brushed a finger along her slit and she quivered at the touch. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Louise and Tony were over in the corner. She was leaning on Tony drunkenly, and in the smoke Debbie could just make out that Tony had one of her breasts out and was groping with her nipple. The sight of it only served to excite Debbie more.

With a gulp she managed some self-control and whispered to Stefan, "not here. I am going to leave now. Wait fifteen minutes and then follow me to work, I'll let you in. We can do it in my office."

He smiled again and nodded. Debbie quickly said goodbye to Cathy and Megan saying she had to go home. Outside she called me on her mobile and told me to meet her outside her work in ten minutes. I could tell from her rather breathless tone that she was in a state of high excitement, but then so was I, having spent an interminable time writing up various stories while trying not to come. I drove as fast as I could and got there just as Debbie jogged up.

She gave me a long, sensual kiss. "It's all on. God Dave, he pushed it up against me in the pub, it feels massive." Then, as an afterthought she checked, "do you still want to go through with this?"

By way of answer I placed her hand on my own erection and kissed her again. "That's a relief," she said, fumbling with the keys to let us in, "I don't think I could have stopped now, even if you'd wanted me to."

We went through to her office, she turned on the lights and let me into the adjacent office. "You'll be able to see and hear fine there," she was all efficiency and organisation. "Remember darling, I love you and I'm giving you a performance. I hope you enjoy it." With another kiss she left me and went back into her office.

About five minutes later Stefan entered. Debbie was sitting on her desk. She smiled awkwardly and for a moment I thought she wouldn't be able to go through with the final step. But then I saw her gaze fix on his crotch and a flush of excitement went through her. She shifted her position on the desk to accommodate her anticipation. Stefan also seemed slightly unsure about how to proceed, he was framed in the doorway, unmoving. I wanted to scream at them to get on with it. After what seemed an embarrassingly long pause, Stefan stepped forward. This was the signal for action. Debbie pounced off the desk and was suddenly on him, kissing him deeply and rubbing her leg up and down his thigh. I was surprised by the passion of her advance and a pang of jealousy hit me. But then I acknowledged the throb of my erect penis and knew that I was enjoying this spectacle also. Stefan was now kissing Debbie's neck, which has always been a sensitive area for her. She moaned softly, rubbing her hands through his hair. They were both too aroused for there to be much foreplay and he was already groping her breasts through her top. Her hand reached down and rubbed frenetically at the ominous bulge in the front of his trousers.

Debbie was obviously 'in character', or else just given over to lust, I could no longer tell what was pretend or real, but she whispered hoarsely, "I need to see it Stefan. Show me that great big cock of yours." Just hearing my wife say this to another man was enough to make me come. I stopped rubbing my own cock and realised I would have to pace myself if I was to last the entire show.

They had parted now and Debbie was back against her desk, staring hungrily at Stefan's crotch. He didn't advance towards her, instead he rubbed his groin and said, "first lift up your skirt and show me that pussy you have been flashing around all night."

Debbie didn't hesitate, she peeled up her skirt to reveal her neat pussy, which even from my position I could see was moist and engorged. "Do you like it Stefan? Do you want to put your big prick inside it?" Debbie teased him, running a finger along her slit. "Now show me it."

"Play with your pussy," Stefan requested and Debbie obliged, sliding a finger into herself and gently stroking it in and out. "Take your top off," he said, this time more forcefully. Again Debbie quickly assented, dropping her top to the floor. Her firm boobs were pointing directly at Stefan, her nipples more enlarged than I had ever seen them. Even if Debbie had tried to convince me that she was just acting, her body was telling me the truth about how excited she was.

"Now, hurry up and show me that cock Stefan, before I come," she pleaded, working a second finger into herself.

Slowly, teasingly, Stefan unzipped his trousers. He let them fall down and stepped out of them, coming nearer to Debbie. His briefs strained to hold their contents, a huge mass writhed and pushed beneath their confines. I noticed the waistband had pulled away from his stomach with the pressure. He hooked a thumb inside this and pulled them down and then stood upright. His cock sprung up, at a forty five degree angle. It swayed and bobbed around, like a blind animal sniffing for Debbie's pussy. It must have been about ten inches and I wasn't sure it was fully erect yet. Standing out from his body it pointed up at Debbie, almost halving the distance between them.

Debbie gasped when she saw it. "Oh my God Stefan, it's massive. It's beautiful." She was frigging herself more frantically now and I thought she was going to come just looking at it. Then she stopped and got off the desk, never taking her eyes off it. "I don't know if I can take that thing," she said nervously.

Stefan grunted, "oh, you will. They all say that, but they always do."

Debbie managed to take her eyes off it for a while and looked Stefan in the face, smirking, "oh, they do, do they? And who is they? Anyone I know?"

Without flinching Stefan said, matter of factly, "yes, Louise and Megan."

Debbie was shocked, "Megan? I can understand Louise, but Megan's married."

"I know. I fucked her tonight before we met you. She had guessed about Louise and me, and said she was jealous as her husband didn't make love to her anymore, so I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her."

"Just like that?"

"Yes. We fucked in the car outside her house. She enjoyed it."

Debbie was now looking at his prick again, "I bet she did. And Louise?"

"I have been fucking her for a few months now. We often fuck in the stock room at lunchtimes. She really likes my cock."

"Yes, I can see how she would. I like it too. I just wish I had known earlier that all this was going on."

"Would you have joined in Debbie?" Stefan was now running a hand up the length of his shaft. Debbie watched transfixed as he played with himself. "I would have like to have fucked you and Louise together. I wish I could have fucked you earlier, as I am going away tomorrow. We could have fucked every day. Would you have liked that?"

"Mmm," Debbie purred, stepping closer. His prick was almost touching her now. Even from this angle it reached up to her belly button almost and I too wondered how she would accommodate him. "Can I touch it?"

He took his hand away and Debbie placed her own on his cock-head. Her hand looked so small on this mammoth cock. She ran her hand down it length. "God, it's so long, and hard," she commented. She wrapped her fingers around it and they did not close together, "I can't get my hand around it," she giggled. "It feels so heavy."

She pressed up against him and his cock lifted her skirt as she did so. It squashed up against her stomach and she pushed herself against it. It seemed like a third party in their tryst, coming in between their writhing naked bodies. I realised that I was operating in a different mode, I was viewing this like a porn film or a sex show, with me as an interested, but objective party. With a sudden wave of excitement and revulsion I suddenly saw her as Debbie again. I wanted to stand up and break up the scene, to take her back home and just get back to how we used to be. I felt sure nothing could be the same again. And yet... and yet. I was stroking my cock hard, and now that I saw her as Debbie again, I saw her afresh and appreciated how beautiful she was. You become so accustomed to your partner's face and body, that it takes something like this to make you see them as others see them. When I had been viewing her as a porn star I realised I had found her incredibly sexy, and that arousal was increased when I thought of her as my wife. Her head was thrown back in pleasure as Stefan played with her breasts, the breasts I had kissed and sucked so often. How I wanted to caress them now, and I knew far from my resenting her after this, I would appreciate her more. He hungrily moulded them in his hand and she squirmed around against him, her limbs, head, neck, body all moving and flowing in excitement. His prick rubbed against her and she wrapped her hand around it, pulling it down to her pussy. "Fuck me Stefan, fuck me with that great big cock of yours," she croaked.

"I will," he whispered, his hand reached down and he pushed a finger inside her. She shuddered, "you feel wet enough. It will hurt first of all, but just keep with it and you will come like you have never come before Debbie."

"Mmm," she groaned and then laid back on her desk, looking up at him with eyes that blazed with lust. "Fuck me on my desk Stefan. I bet you've thought of doing that, now stick that thing in me."

He whipped off her skirt and then positioned himself between her legs. He pushed his cock down from its upright position to touch her pussy entrance. She shuddered at the brief contact. Once again I was made aware of the size of his manhood by the distance he had to stand back. With his cock just touching her pushing, his arse was back behind her knees, and there was this long bridge of cock meat between them. Holding the thick head of it he stroked it up and down along her pussy lips, teasing her. She shivered in anticipation. He moved his cock head so it rubbed against her clit and he smeared it across this, also using his fingers to stimulate her. She began to writhe her bum across her desk, the desk where she had read so many reports and which was now her fuck table.

"Please," she whimpered, "just fuck me. I really need that great big fucking cock of yours inside my tight pussy Stefan. Do it now, fuck me!"

He did as she demanded and moved his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Using his fingers he guided the cock head in. Her pussy was stretched wide, so it seemed that the cock was coming out of her, rather than going in. Debbie let out a long groan at this first penetration. "Ooooh, that's it." She propped herself up on her elbows, keen to see herself being fucked. "Slowly now Stefan, ease it in slowly."

He pushed in about three quarters of his length with Debbie watching enthusiastically as she absorbed his length. Then she winced, "ouch, that's getting right up there now. I'm not sure I can take much more Stefan."

He smiled at her, a mixture of kindness and wickedness. "Of course you can Debbie. That's why you wanted me wasn't it? To feel all of this cock inside you? Wasn't it?"

Biting her lip she nodded. Resolving herself to see it through she laid back on the desk and told him, "I want to take it all Stefan, put all of it in me."

He obliged by pushing in the remaining length until only and inch remained. Debbie chewed her lip and stayed silent. "Ready for the last bit Debbie?" he enquired. She just nodded, clenching her fists. He drove the last inch of his cock hard and she gasped. "Well done Debbie, it's all in," he panted, leaning over her. "How does it feel?"

She opened her eyes and looked up at him tenderly, "it feels like it's up in my lungs, filling me up, like cock is everywhere inside me."

He grinned and then began the slow extraction of his cock. This seemed to go on for ages, as if it had got longer inside her. Debbie moaned pleasantly as he did so. Once it was almost out he slid it back in again, slowly at first and then with more speed. He continued like this for a couple of minutes, and with each of his unnaturally long strokes Debbie's groans became louder and she gripped the desk tighter. I realised that even though he hadn't really started fucking her with any speed yet, she was close to coming.

"God Stefan, that feels so fucking good. Just keep doing that, I'm going to come." I knew that despite what she might say later, she had forgotten I was watching at this stage. This was no performance for my sake. And that aroused me further. I wasn't sure I could last much longer and decided to coincide my ejaculation with Debbie's orgasm.

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