Talking with Debbie Ch. 06


Stefan showed remarkable restraint, I would have been pumping her for all I was worth, seeing her in a state of ecstasy like that. But instead he maintained a constant rhythm, giving her the full benefit of his extraordinary size with each stroke. Debbie emitted a guttural, animal sound deep in her throat that I had never heard from her before. She threw her head back at an acute angle and arched her back so her hard nipples pointed directly at the ceiling. Her whole body flushed deep crimson. She bared her teeth as if suppressing a howl, and then let out a cry, "Jesus! Fuck! Oh fuck, oh fuck! I'm coming, I'm really coming now."

She opened her eyes and looked into Stefan's face, as if challenging him. Then she looked down at him entering her, and panting she called out as if she wanted everyone to know, "there is so much cock in me!" She pushed her bum off the table, driving herself onto him and then wrapped her legs around him. Several convulsions went through her body as a unremitting orgasm washed up and down her body. At this point I too came, shooting my load onto the wall, and banging my leg against the desk. I ducked down quickly as Stefan looked over.

Remembering my presence for perhaps the first time in a while, Debbie diverted his attention by pulling him to her. I heard them kissing hungrily for a while. Stefan was obviously still hard inside her, as I heard her say, "no more, stop for a minute. I need to get my breath back." A messy, slurping sound informed me he had withdrawn from her.

"God that was good," she told him. "I wish we had done that earlier, you could have fucked me anytime you wanted with that thing. It seems a shame you're going tomorrow. Still I suppose I had best make the most of it tonight eh?"

I moved down to the end of the office and peeked over the bottom of the window at this stage. Stefan had his back to me, and Debbie was facing me. She was sitting on her desk, stroking his cock gently, which pointed up towards her breasts. She smiled weakly at him, obviously exhausted from her exertions, but I knew, equally determined to carry on. In the afterglow of my own ejaculation I felt sordid and jealous. I wanted this to stop. As if sensing this Debbie looked up from Stefan's prick and her gaze locked on mine. She gave me a warm, smile and mouthed 'I love you'. And with that any resentment I felt dissipated and I became the willing observer again.

Debbie slid herself off the desk, and once again I admired her body. Her thighs glistened with sweat and her own come. It seemed to me that seeing her like this was discovering a new view on someone I had known for years. It wasn't incompatible with the others though, just as the Debbie at work was different from the Debbie who entertained my parents, or the one who haggled out deals on the phone. They were all different perspectives on the same person, this was just one we hadn't found before. Feeling reassured by this reasoning I settled back to enjoy the rest of the performance.

She knelt in front of him and ran her tongue along the length of his member, which twitched violently at her attention. She licked the moist end, and took it in her mouth. She sucked quickly and rolled her tongue around it. Stefan moaned and flexed his fingers. She continued giving him oral pleasure alternating between stroking and licking the length and sucking on the cockhead. His balls swayed heavily between his legs, and Debbie cradled these in her hand. I knew he wouldn't last long with this type of stimulation. Sensing this Debbie stood up and said firmly, "I think I'm ready for another fuck now Doctor."

She bent over her desk and projected her perfect arse towards him. "Fuck me from behind," she said over her shoulder. "And tell me what a naughty boss I am." After the first fuck, which had been all lust, Debbie was now more playful and I felt this was partly for my benefit.

Stefan stood in-between her parted legs and once again manoeuvred his cock to the entrance to her pussy. She reached behind her and guided it in. "Ooh," she moaned, "the cock has landed."

Stefan sensed Debbie was enjoying herself now, and rather than the slow entry he had commenced with last time, he thrust himself into her. She squealed loudly. "My what a lot of cock you have Doctor," she laughed.

Stefan chuckled, "your lovely pussy seems to like taking all my cock now."

"Oooh yes, I think I could get used to having nice big cocks like this in me."

"I knew you would. Tony and I are always talking about what a hot, sexy boss we've got and how we'd like to fuck her. What a naughty boss you are, seducing the young man in your office, so you can have his big prick inside you."

Both of them were really enjoying themselves now, as was I. Stefan was pistoning in and out of Debbie, with long, firm strokes. Her buttocks jiggled each time he drove in to her and she lurched forward. Their speech was becoming increasingly breathless. Stefan continued, "I think you should fuck more people in your office. Now you have discovered how much you like fucking other men you should become the office slut."

Debbie grunted as she built towards another climax. "Yes, I'd like that. Our weekly meetings should always end with me being fucked over the desk while everyone watches." Turning around she peeled her damp hair away from her face, "God Stefan, I think I'm coming again. Are you going to come? I want you to, please come inside me."

"Yes," he said through tight lips, "soon."

"Hurry up, I can't hold on much longer."

"Tell me, tell me how much you like being fucked."

Stefan was now pounding in and out of her at a frantic pace. Debbie had her face down on the desk and was shunted along with each thrust. She scrunched up her hair in handfuls as the orgasm continued to grow in her. I don't think she wanted to speak then, but she knew it would help Stefan come. Every word was punctuated by one of this thrusts. "I love - being - urgh - fucked - by -your - massive- cock - Stefan. Now come, shoot your fucking load deep inside my pussy Stefan. Fill me up with all that come. Oh Jesus, I can't hold on any more, I'm coming, I'm coming."

So was Stefan finally. He reached a frenetic pace and gripped Debbie's shoulders tightly. She bucked and writhed beneath him, a long wail coming from her mouth as multiple orgasms ripped through her. With one last surge Stefan drove up deep inside her and he shouted out as he emptied himself inside my wife, his buttocks twitching wildly as he carried on coming. "Jesus Christ!" he yelled, and then collapsed on top of her. I too had ejaculated again, this time into a handkerchief. For a while the only sound was deep breathing as all of us struggled to recover. Eventually Debbie arched over her shoulder and kissed Stefan. He peeled himself off her back, both of them were dripping with sweat.

Standing up he pulled his diminishing cock from her. It hung down his leg, covered in both of their juices. Debbie moaned as it left her pussy, as if she was already missing its presence. Dragging herself from the desk she stood in front of him and kissed him tenderly for a few seconds. "Thank you," she said earnestly. "That was fantastic."

He smiled, almost sheepishly. Suddenly they both seemed awkward in front of each other. Debbie picked up her skirt and pulled it on. She stood topless in front of him for a while and seeing that he was not moving she took control of the situation. "I'd best tidy up here and get myself cleaned up. I need to get back home. I'll lock up, so if you want to go first."

He seemed a little hurt to be dismissed so hastily, which I must confess made me feel quite good. Debbie had left him with no illusions about his place in this story, he was there for the fuck and that was all. Despite all his bravado there was still something of the little boy in him who wanted more. He didn't complain though and meekly put on his clothes. He hesitated by the door and I thought Debbie was going to let him leave without saying anything, but she relented. She kissed him on the cheek and said, "have a good trip and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun. Think of this as a farewell present."

With that he was gone, and I was straight into the office. Debbie still hadn't put her top on, and was still dishevelled and sweaty. She smiled nervously when I entered, trying to gauge my reaction. I had brought us two bottles of beer, which I opened and gave one to her. "I thought you might need this," I said.

She drank it thirstily, "thanks." Then looking at me she enquired, "well, how do you feel?"

I loved that her first concern was about me. I grinned broadly. "Debbie, I have to say, I wasn't sure before hand and at times it felt bad, but that was by far the sexiest thing I have ever experienced. You are just so gorgeous I can't get over it." This wasn't a lie, I really felt a new connection with her. I think her easy dismissal of Stefan had been a masterstroke on her part at the end. "And what about you? I won't ask whether you enjoyed it at the time, that much was obvious. But what about now? How do you feel?"

She giggled, "knackered! I feel the same as you. I wasn't sure about it and wanted to back out. But when it got going it felt amazing. And not just his size, but the whole situation. I have never felt that sexy or that charged before. That's what made those orgasms so strong, it was the whole experience, I felt like every part of me was engaging in sex."

"We'd best get home. We can talk about it another time. But just for now - do you think you'd do it again?"

Debbie pleased me by saying without hesitation, "yes. Not all the time, it would become functional or boring. But I reckon we could do that type of thing once a month or so, don't you?"

"Oh yes," I replied enthusiastically, putting her top back on her. "I love you."

"And me you. More than ever darling."

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