Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 07


He looked around the chamber worriedly. Didn't anyone else notice that this girl had breasts Were they all so grown up and thoroughly modified that they couldn't see the difference between half an upgrade and none at all

What in the nine hells had gone on here

Zoe was pressing the chalice into his hands.

"You okay" she asked

"Yeah, yeah," he assured her.

She raised a quizzical eyebrow at him, amused at what she took for nervousness on his part. As the Sorceress at his back had done, she coated her round, gentle face with the clear syrup, following that up with a thorough soaking for her short, dark hair.

"Ready for you," she said, and took him in hand.

The women had changed their song. Zhair'lo hadn't noticed when. They had chosen something much more upbeat. There was a chorus of six deep voices singing a heartening refrain of a few words, over and over again. Laid on that were three more voices, higher pitched, and if they were singing words, Zhair'lo didn't recognize even the syllables. It was a song of joy, of breaking free, of blue skies and running through the forest. It was exhilarating and as refreshing as diving into a cold river on a steaming hot day. He felt his body surge in response.

"Oh!" Zoe admired the stiffening twitch of his erection. "You're ready, too."

"All yours," he told her.

"Good. Let's get this done."

Everything else was put out of his mind. Zoe needed his help and, whatever his quarrel with the Temple, he had no trouble recognizing his obligation to the girl in front of him. Her hands, coated with Synergist, easily slid over his glistened shaft. One made quick, light motions over the widest part of his swollen tip. The other slid down under his testicles.

Orgasm came when two fingers pushed resolutely at the hardened flesh down at the base of his erection. Zoe had already closed her eyes in preparation. He watched his first volley splash wetly across the bridge of her nose, from eye to eye.

She knew the drill, certainly. In a flash, she had switched to grip him midway along his length, leaving one hand free to smear semen and syrup together over her face. She ducked her head to let him spray a shot into her short, brown hair. Lathering her scalp as if the combination of fluids were a kind of liquid soap, she turned her chin back to the sky.

If she was surprised by the way he kept ejaculating over her upturned face, she gave no sign of it. It made a kind of sense, really. If she was the first in line to be upgraded by Zhair'lo, she was probably the one who'd been waiting the longest. Had she been waiting as long as Nadine had Could this be her fourth or even fifth attempt at having her seal broken If so, then no wonder the advent of semen spraying into her face had become second nature.

When he'd run dry, the syrup in her face and hair had mixed thoroughly into a translucent, pearl coloured paste which had begun to glow from the inside.

"Hah!", she whispered, spitting a bit to clear to her mouth. "Working."

Zhair'lo took a deep breath to calm his heart.

Of course it was working. It always worked. Maybe she didn't know that.

"Probably a double," she said with a wince and a bow of her head.

He bit his lip, watching the pain of the heat in her skin contort her face. It would pass, wouldn't it

"You all right"

"Peaking now," she replied, eyes still closed.

He waited.

Relief began to cross her features and she took a breath.

"There," she said, regaining her composure. "It's okay, now. It's done."

Indeed, the blue glow had vanished. The magic had finished its work.

She reached out blindly with her right hand and was quickly handed a wet towel by a waiting attendant.

He lost sight of her face as she cleaned herself up with the over sized towel. He did likewise for his genitals, removing sweat, Synergist and the traces of semen that had clung clung tothe end of his now dwindling erection.

When Zoe handed the towel off, she looked up at him. He stared in shock. He could barely recognize her. Her dirty brown hair was streaked with vibrant red. Her cheekbones and her chin had sharpened, taking away the round face and replacing it with something far more triangular. And her eyes -- her eyes swirled with blues and greys -- the magic had not finished its work. Not yet.

She seemed to be flashing her suddenly lengthened eyelashes at him, but he realized that she was blinking because her eyes were having trouble focusing.

"That was a double," she said, looking around with a gaze strangely confident and narrow given that she also seemed to be half blind. "Definitely."

"That's my thing, apparently," he told her.

Zoe nodded and stood up while torches were lit around the Chamber. Nonchalantly, she took her top from another attendant and replaced it over her breasts. She squinted in his general direction.

"I'll see you soon," she promised before being led away by someone with better vision.

With her departure, the increasing torchlight had darkened the place considerably as he was reminded once more that he was still in the Division of Form with its rigidity and Discipline.

There was no marble here, not in the floors, the stairs up into the stands nor on the dais. He walked upon large pieces of amorphous grey stone tiles, fitted precisely together with a minimum of mortar. And everything other than the floor and the dais Everything else was that detestable wood with its heavy grain, carrying the scent of that dark oily paint that reminded him of terrible times.

He suppressed a shudder as he put his robe back on and allowed himself to be led away.


"How was that" Zo'kar asked.

They were standing outside Form's small gate, having just been dumped off by a guard.

"Good, I guess," Zhair'lo answered. "Yours work"

"Naturally," Zo'kar replied in mock offence. "Not that I get a big kick out of Iron upgrades. What did you get"


"Lucky bastard. Coming on a chick's stomach is kinda boring."

Zhair'lo could only nod agreement.

"The Iron girls are pretty solid in bed, though."

"Assuming she comes to me," Zo'kar pointed out.

"Zoe said she would."

"Zoe" Zo'kar asked. "You got her name"

A lengthy discussion ensued. Zo'kar's experience had not been Zhair'lo's. Iron, it turned out, did its upgrades by the book. No talking; no fuss. You rub, you come, you get out. Had there been singing No. Drums, even No. Zo'kar didn't even know the name of the recipient of his efforts.


"Eh, it wasn't that bad," Zo'kar said. "She does get completely naked after all, and rubs it all over ..."

He trailed off.

"Though I guess I can't wait to do a Facial," he admitted after a moment.

"Seem to be two different worlds, don't they"

"Yeah," Zo'kar agreed.

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