tagLoving WivesTAM: My Wife's First Lap Dance

TAM: My Wife's First Lap Dance


The Adventures of Maxx – My Wife's First Lap Dance

My wife and I have been enjoying trips to the local tittie clubs. My wife enjoys watching the females as much as I do but we typically like different girls. She enjoys the skinnier, smaller-titted, school girl types, while I tend to enjoy the older, large-chested, girls with a little meat on them.

We entered our favorite club around 9:00 and found that the place was quite empty for a Friday night. We figured we were running a little early for the crowds and took a seat at the corner table. The waitress immediately took our drink orders and I enjoyed instantly checking her out. She was about 5'-6" and had a very nice 36DD rack and as she walked away, I noticed her awesomely defined booty. Soon she was back with our drinks. I put her tip in my hand and reached into her top to fondle her massive orbs as I deposited the tip. Her tits were real and felt wonderful.

The girl that was on stage when we got in was now done and Shea was now onstage to start her set. My wife watched her intently as she danced. Shea was about 5'-4" with mocha colored skin and a 34C chest. Her petite frame was exactly what my wife enjoyed. Soon, they were both locked in eye-contact as Shea began to perform as if only for my wife. She would glance at me only to get occasional approval, which I happily gave.

The waitress, Angela, came back and sat down next to me and began small talk. It was not long before I had a look at her magnificent chest and got to feel both tits in my hands. Shea was down to her string thong as her last song started and her and my wife were still locked into each other. My wife went up to give her dancer a dollar and as I watched, I saw Shea lift the string of her thong to accept it. As she did so, she was showing my wife quite a bit of her koochie and I could tell that she was completely shaved. My wife returned to her seat next to me and as she watched, Shea put her fingers in a "V" and licked the apex seductively with her long tongue. My wife leaned over and asked what that meant. I let her know that Shea was letting her know that she love to eat her and she turned a few shades of red at proposition from Shea.

When Shea's set was finished, she pulled on her outfit and came straight to our table. She sat next to my wife and leaned in and gave her a quick hug. The waitress went to get more drinks and was quickly back. This time, I held her tip between my teeth and she pulled down her top and used her boobs to take it from me. My wife was asking Shea all kinds of questions and feeling her titties. Shea was also interested in feeling my wife, and she asked me if it would be okay. I said, "yes" and enjoyed watching my wife get felt up by her stripper.

Over the next few hours the girls would come to ask for dollars for the jukebox and I would take pleasure in feeling them up to slid a dollar into their tops. My wife was only interested in her girl and our waitress and I found more ways for me to enjoy her tits each time she brought us drinks. Angela was not a stripper at the club anymore, but had been in the past. Shea would leave only to do her next set and then return to her spot with my wife. I spent my time watching the various girls dance and my wife and Shea play with each other.

I asked my wife if she wanted a lap dance. She looked at me a moment then at Shea and asked Shea what a lap dance cost. Shea explained the lap dance prices and policies to my wife. My wife asked if we wanted a lap dance for both of us. I told her that Shea is more her style, I would actually love a lap dance from the waitress. Well, my wife began negotiations with the two women and the club. After a short bit, she returned to the table and told me that since Shea really wanted to dance with her anyway and that the waitress was so flattered that I wanted her, that we were able to get a great deal on a double lap dance.

We were escorted to a special section of the club and took our spots on the bench seats opposite each other. Our respective girls then began our lap dances as the next song began. So there we were, with everyone able to watch and me watching my wife get her first lap dance. Angela was quickly topless and allowed me to pull down her shorts revealing only her little thong. Shea and my wife had their hands all over each other and my wife was enjoying Shea's tits in her face.

Angela was grinding into my now hard cock as she feed me her nipples. I had worn my basketball pants (and no underwear) and as she breathed into my crotch I could feel the heat of her breath on my manhood. My erection was obvious and she grabbed onto it and pulled it to her crotch as she rubbed my head up and down her lips through the thin materials between us. My hands continued a nearly never-ending exploration of her tits.

I looked over to my wife and saw that her top was pulled down and Shea was sucking on my wife's tits. I then took a quick look around the club to see that they had more watchers that the girl on the stage. Seeing the two of them topless and sucking each other in the strip club was so hot that I knew I could not take much more.

Angela then pulled my cock out the top of my waistband and put her ass right on my bare cock. She then began sliding her ass up and down my shaft as she leaned back to let my fondle her tits. I told her that I was going to cum and she speed up her pace a little for me. I lifted the front of my shirt and let my load go. Angela continued to grind against me until I my erection began to subside. Then she handed me a few napkins and I cleaned up a little before pulling my shirt back down. She tucked my now flaccid prick back into my pants then stood on the bench seat and straddled my face. I began licking and sucking her pussy through the thin material of her thong.

By now, the last song had started and Shea was standing on the bench in front of my wife facing toward Angela and I. Her pussy was dancing in my wife's face and I saw my wife's hand moving up and down Shea's legs and ass. Anglea pulled the thong to the side and I immediately sucked her clit onto my mouth. Soon she was enjoying an orgasm as a room full of onlookers watched. The song ended and we began to compose ourselves to applause from the club.

We got back to our table and another round of drinks was waiting for us. My wife had just had her first lap dance and I asked her if she enjoyed it. She said that it was wonderful as her face beamed with pleasure. She grabbed my crotch and gave it a squeeze and said, "I noticed that you enjoyed it too!"

We stayed and watched Shea's next set. My wife then kissed her goodbye for the now crowded club to see and turned quite red at all the hoots and whistles they got.

Once in the car, my wife told me about her lap dance with Shea and what it was like and how much she enjoyed it. I was soon hard again as she recounted the story, so we pulled over into the park near the river. We were soon in the back seat her jeans in a ball on the floor and top around her waist. I went to work licking her pussy and with in moments, she was yelling as her first orgasm swept over her.

Once she released my head from her thighs, I pushed my cock into her soaked pussy and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. After feeling her second orgasm, I could not hold back any longer and filled her pussy with my cream.

We gathered our clothes and headed home talking about actually inviting Shea home with us one night.

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