tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTAM: Party Naked

TAM: Party Naked


After my divorce I decided to spend a lot more time nude like I did in my youth. My buddy and his wife moved in for a while to share the rent but that didn't stop me from spending most of my time naked at home. They also had trouble keeping clothes on most of the time too. They were newlyweds and must have been making up for years of celibacy in the first few months. We hung a sign on the door saying, "Naked people beyond this door, please be aware. Enter at your own risk and take off your clothes if you dare."

Now Dave is a good-looking guy that is fairly fit from his days in the service. Veronica is BBW all the way and was never considered to be shy. We spent a lot of time nude or semi-nude together, but it wasn't sexual. When I was home, they would go to their room to have sex, but when I wasn't they had sex all over the apartment.

Well, one night I had a party for a bunch of the people I worked with at one of my jobs. We all worked at a toy store and got done at nine O'clock. Dave and Veronica had the apartment ready for the party when I got home from work. It would only be a few minutes before people would start arriving. I took a quick shower and pulled on a skimpy pair of shorts. Now 'Skimpy' is probably the right word to describe them too, they were not long enough to cover my cock if it got hard (and my cock is only six inches long) and when I sat, my balls would escape through the leg holes.

Soon people were arriving with drinks and food. Some of the people commented about the 'Naked' sign as they entered, but none of them shed their clothes. (Even Dave and Veronica were actually dressed at this point.) The party went on for a while but I had not seen several of the people I had expected. It was almost 11:00 and already people were leaving the party and heading home.

Even though I was enjoying the party, I was beginning to think that the party was a bust. Then Russ, his girlfriend Renee and two other girls from work, Red and Denise, finally showed up. I opened the door and welcomed them in.

"Where are the naked people?" asked Denise as she came in.

"I was just waiting for people to get naked with me!" I exclaimed.

"Well, lets do it then," she replied. Denise and Red were removing clothes as they headed into the living room. Russ and Renee followed in behind them and sat on the couch. I grabbed some beers and headed after them. The girls had taken their tops and shoes off and were standing there in the living room. I walked up to them with my hands full of beer bottles. With out a word, the girls grabbed my shorts and dropped them to the floor. Then, taking a bottle from me, asked, "Who else is going to get naked?"

I stepped out of my shorts and threw them in the bedroom. Denise and Red took the rest of their clothes off. Ted and Sally were sitting in a chair in the corner and they were undressing each other a little while they played 'suck face.' Russ stripped to his shorts, but they could get him to go further and Renee stayed in her bra and panties. Dave and Veronica and another couple were semi-naked but spent the time playing cards in the kitchen. The rest of us hung out in the living room.

Denise loved to be naked almost as much as I did. We even made a game of flashing each other at work. She had dirty blonde hair and brown freckles that looked so cute on her. She had a very dark tan and looked as if she was still wearing her bra and panties because she was so white where she didn't tan. She wasn't the skinniest girl in the room, she is what I call pleasingly plump, and she had a rack that she was proud of. She stood about 5'-4" tall and her 38D-30-38 looked great to me.

Red, her real name was Laura but only her mom called her that, was exactly that. She was a natural one hundred percent full-bodied redhead. Her tits were 36D when I meet her in high school, and now they were a very full, 40E. Her areolas and nipples were even a reddish color. Her alabaster skin was spotted with red freckles and her ass looked so inviting.

Renee and Russ had been dating for about two months. Renee was a petite girl that had a small (34B) chest, skinny little ass and thin arms and legs. She had long brown hair that went most of the way down her back. Renee was much quieter than her two friends, so I was a little surprised when she asked me, "How long have you been shaving?"

I fondled my chin and answered, "Since I was 16 I think." I knew that was not what she asked about, but I couldn't resist.

"Not your face," she retorted, not amused by my joke.

"Well, I started shaving downstairs when I was twenty." I confessed to her.

"Why?" she continued.

"The first time was when I lost a bet," I told her. "Since then, I've found that I enjoy it that way."

Renee began asking Russ about shaving, and he was not going for it. The other girls and I changed the subject.

About two hours later, Ted and Sally decided it was time to leave. Sally wouldn't have sex with Ted in front of everyone else but I'm fairly sure that the wet stain on the front of his jeans was not beer, so she must have at least stroked him off through the jeans. I offered to let them use my bedroom, but they headed out anyway. I was told days later that they didn't make it to far before the found a place to pull over and fuck in the car.

The interruption of Ted and Sally leaving was enough that the couple playing cards with my apartment mates left too. Dave and Veronica headed into their room and soon we could hear them gong at it over the music. That left just five of us in the living room. Russ was very tanked by now and seemed to becoming part of the living room floor. So I was left to entertain the girls. All night our conversations had been full of sexual stories and teasing and with the backdrop of Dave and Veronica going at it, the conversation heated up too.

Eventually, Red started talking about the first time that she saw a guy masturbate. She was going into quite a bit of detail of what she saw. Well, this topic surprised Renee and she blushed and sheepishly asked, "You really saw a guy do that?"

'Yes, I've seen several guys do that," said Red. "The first guy didn't know I saw him." She continued.

"I've never seen that," interrupted Renee again.

"I've never seen it either," admitted Denise.

"I hadn't even thought about it." Renee confessed.

"Really!" Red gasped, pretended to be surprised. "I just love watching that, especially if it because of me!" Her nipples were standing out like pencil erasers as she talked.

My cock had grown quite hard thinking about the subject. I have always enjoyed jacking off while being watched. That's when Red turned to me and asked, "Why don't you show them?

I was caught a bit off guard, but knew I would love too. "Do you want to watch?" I asked looking at Renee and Denise.

"Yes," they were both nodding and answering.

I stood up and my erection bounced in front of me. I moved the coffee table out of the way and stood before the girls as they sat on the couch.

"Okay," I said. "But first, I will need one thing."

"What?" they asked.

"Renee, needs to get naked like the rest of us," I told them.

She hesitated for a minute, but the other girls started to pull off her bra, so she relented and stood up to remove her bra and panties. Once again, Renee surprised me. She always seemed so shy and reserved but as her nakedness came into view she had no tan lines what so ever and her pussy was completely shaved.

"How long have you been shaving?" asked remembering her quizzing me.

She sat back down on the couch saying, "Since I started growing hair, I never liked it."

"Cool, It looks nice too," I told her.

"Okay," Denise interrupted. "She's naked. Your turn now!"

I took a hold of my cock with just my fingertips and started stroking up and down my shaft. They moved forward to the edge of the couch trying to get a closer look. Their eyes were glued to my hand working my member as my eyes bounced around taking in the view of the naked females on display before me.

The more I pumped the more excited they got. Their chests heaved more as their breath became heavier. Red's hand moved to her crotch and she started casually playing with her pussy. I was the only one to notice since Denise and Renee were busy watching me. Pre-cum started leaking from my cock and Denise and Renee struggled to get a better view.

I was in heaven as the three girls sat on the edge of the couch watching me as I stroked my cock for them. With the excitement of the scene, I knew that I would not be able to hold out long. My cock head was swelling with my impending orgasm as they stared. My leg muscles tightened and my hand started stroking faster and faster.

"Here I cum," I announced just before the first string of thick cum shot out. It hit Denise, who was seated in front of me, right between her 38Ds. I turned to my right and the second shot was directed at Renee. Since she was leaning in the furthest to get a good view, it hit her cheek, neck and hair. My third shot landed between the girls as I turned back toward Red. I shot my last major stream at Red. She was now leaning back and had spread her legs wide as she openly fingered her clit. My cum landed on her thigh and I continued to stroke as the remaining fluid from my cock oozed out

As I continued to watch Red play with her own pussy, Denise leaned forward and took my cock head into her mouth to clean up the oozing remnants of my climax. Her tongue and mouth felt fabulous as they danced on my cock head. She finished cleaning my cock and leaned back. With her fingers she scooped up the cum I had shot between her breasts. She licked her fingers clean and was still licking her lips to see if there was anymore cum to be had.

I glanced over at Renee and she was just staring at the sight of Red finger fucking herself in front of everyone. Denise noticed that my cum was still on Renee and moved forward. Renee's stare was broken as Denise's tongue licked my deposit from her cheek. Denise continued to clean Renee's neck as well causing a slight moan to escape from Renee.

Denise leaned back again quite pleased with herself and spread her own legs and joined in the mutual masturbation session. Renee could not believe her eyes as Red and Denise worked on their own pleasure buttons. I saw that Renee was squirming, as she too needed satisfaction as well. Falling prey to the horny atmosphere of the self-satisfaction fest, her thighs were tightening and relaxing.

I leaned over to Renee. "Go ahead, it's okay. You're among friends," I whispered to her. She closed her eyes, leaned back into the couch and spread her thighs just enough to allow her fingers to slide into her needy pussy.

I changed from exhibitionist to voyeur as I surveyed the girls on the couch. My cock, revived by the scene, now stood at attention again and I stroked it slowly. Red was moaning quite loudly and then she announced that she was cumming. I watched her shake and twitch on the couch next to Denise as her orgasm swept over her.

Red's ass was hanging over the edge of the couch as she began to relax again so I moved in front of her and spread her thighs. Her glistening pussy lips still pulsed from her orgasm as I slid my cock inside her. Her silky cream oozed out over my cock as I sunk into her hot hole. Denise was moaning as she watched us fuck, her finger covered in her own juices. I reached of and slid my thumb into Denise's pussy as she manipulated her clit. I sucked one of Red's nipples into my mouth and she moaned under me.

I continued pumping into Red as I switched to suck her other nipple into my hungry mouth. I felt her body tighten again and a wave of hot fluid engulfed my cock. Her pussy squeezed around my cock and I knew it was time for another load to escape from my sack. To Denise's disappointment I had to remove my thumb from her as I pulled my cock out of Red's pussy. I stood up, grabbed my cock and stroked my load onto both of them.

Quite a bit landed on Denise's pelvis and hand. Red seized on the opportunity and knelt between Denise's thighs. She grabbed Denise's hand and quickly lapped up my sperm from it. Then Red moved her hand out of the way and sucked up the rest from Denise's pelvis. Denise sank back into the couch and let Red replace her hand with Red's tongue on her clit. Her hands grabbed the back of the couch as Red went to work on her.

I regained my breath and moved over to Renee. Her eyes were still closed and as far as I know she had missed quite a bit of hot action. I kissed my way up the inside of her thighs heading toward her shaved pussy. Her eyes popped open as she felt my face moving between her thighs. She then pulled her hands away and allowed me to move into my target. Her cream was spread nicely around her labia as I surveyed the bald terrain. Her clit stood quite tall from the hood of her pussy and I licked my way up to it as I drank in the sweet taste of her flower.

Denise was moaning and I could see that she was pulling Red's head tightly to her pussy as she started to climax. I could feel Renee already trembling as I worked on her clitty between my lips. Her thighs then tightened around my head drowning out the sounds of Denise's orgasm. A flood of pussy cream spilled from Renee and coated my chin as it ran down my neck. My head was jerked back and forth by Renee's thighs as she thrashed around with her orgasm.

As Renee's thighs loosened their grip on my head, I dropped onto my back on the floor. I looked up to see Russ had returned to the land of the living. He was now naked and his eight-inch fat cock was standing straight out as he stood over me. I rolled over out of the way and without much warning he plunged his cock hard into Renee's soaked pussy. Renee let out a scream as he entered her but soon she was moaning with pleasure as he pumped every inch in and out of her hot tunnel.

I turned around on the floor and seeing Red's luscious bottom above me I moved under her and started licking her from her puckered ass hole to her glistening clit. She lowered herself onto my face so that I could easily work on her. Her knees were on either side of my head and as I ate her sweet muff, I could look right up at her huge melons that she was playing with. She pulled on her nipples as I licked away at her stiff little soldier.

Denise had come down from the orgasm that she had for Red's tongue and I felt her mouth cover my stiffening cock. Denise really loved to suck cock and she could do it well, but she wanted more than that at the moment. I worked diligently to please Red's need and when Denise removed her mouth, I was a little disappointed. My disappointment turned to joy as I felt her straddle me. She took my cock in her hand as she lowered her soaked pussy down to meet my cock.

I raised my hips off of the floor as Denise lowered herself to slip me in. Soon Denise was bouncing up and down my shaft as she found a rhythm that would satisfy her. Red was wiggling all over my face trying to smoother me with her pelvis. Soon I was rewarded with gush after gush of pussy juice as Red's slippery pussy spasmed for me. When she had been sated, she dropped to the floor next to me.

I was now able to focus solely on my cock and Denise's pussy pumping up and down it. She was slamming hard onto my cock and moaning with the rhythm of her pumping. She began screaming her orgasm out as my member felt her sheath tighten and twitch around it. I held back my orgasm as she humped madly above me. Denise's screams became more of a whimper as she slowed her pumping ands her orgasm subsided.

"I need to cum," I announced to her and Denise hopped off my cock. Quickly she sucked it back into her mouth. I only needed seconds before I shot my load into her expert mouth. She sucked me completely dry before releasing my softening member and collapsing onto the floor.

Looking around I saw Russ and Renee where now also piled on the floor with the rest of us and we fell asleep right there.

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