tagInterracial LoveTame the Untamable Ch. 05

Tame the Untamable Ch. 05


*Hey guys here's another update. Hope you like it, especially since THELOVELY1GLO helped me write it! Thank you so much for editing this story and for helping me out of my writer's block. Hope you guys like it and yes to all those who are wondering since I keep getting emails, I am working on Mine!, but it has a new twist to it that I hope everyone will like.

Ta ta for now,

Chyna Marie*

Loral glanced around the doctor's office with a since of terror shuddering through her body. After what happened last night with Cade, feeling nausea since the day she moved into her new home, she knew she had spewed lies to Jack, but in her defense the jerk deserved it.

Loral knew it the moment she woke up in Cade's arms this morning, the waves of nausea hitting her like a ton of bricks, that she had to be the one thing she dreaded the most-"Pregnant!" She was pregnant with Jack's baby, but how cliché. She finally get's the guy of her dreams, actually sort of gets the guy of her dreams, and now she's pregnant with that asshole of an ex of hers.

She defiantly does not believe in abortion and would never put a baby that she's been carrying for nine months, up for adoption. She would take care of this baby with the love and care her parents brought her up with. The guys in the family won't like the idea of Jack being the father, they would rather have Cade, shoot she wants it to be Cades', but what can you do about it? She was pregnant with Jack Spencer's baby, a man who only used her for her family's name.

Cade did something to him, she had no idea how she would notify him about the baby. He had a right to know, even under these circumstances. She knew she would have to ask Cade of Jack's whereabouts, but it would lead to a ton of questions, questions she could not see herself answering.

Cade was going to flip, especially knowing what the bastard who impregnated her did to 'his woman'. That conversation she was not looking forward to.

Loral took a deep breath as the off white door opened revealing the very doctor that told Lily she was pregnant. The short gray haired women closed the door with a smile as wide as Texas across her face. Loral groaned, burying her face in her hands.

"Aw, why so glum honey? You should be happy after the news I tell you." Doctor Josephine said. Loral shook her head, the tears already spilling from her eyes.

"Don't tell me," she sniffed, "I'm pregnant?" Doctor Josephine frowned looking at the distraught mother to be.

"Yes, dear you are pregnant. Cade's going to be so happy and I bet the rest of your family will be too." Loral kept shaking her head.

"It's not Cade's baby." She whispered. Doctor Josephine gasped.

"Then wh...it's that Jack boy's baby isn't it? The man who everyone in this town is looking for to kick the living crud out of him." She simply nodded, the look of defeat plastering her face.

"Yes, I'm carrying that asshole's baby, but I have to remember it's not the baby's fault doctor."

"You're right honey; it's not the baby's fault." She soothed as she wrapped her arms around her.

"How many months?"

"About three." Loral froze. So, she was pregnant in Boston. Stress wasn't the cause of it, the birth control was not helpful and that pregnancy test was false. God how was she going to break the news to her family? How was she going to break it to Cade?

A baby. Loral was just a baby herself.

Not even twenty five and she was pregnant. She found herself laughing at the crazy situation that was soon to unfold in one big mess. A surprise pregnancy was something unexpected of Loral. She had lied to Cade three months ago about all the guys. Yeah she dated them, but she did not let them touch her. She only had one goal and that goal was to make Cade jealous. Even though they had begged and pleaded she couldn't do it, it was with a sense of betrayal she felt every time she kissed one of them.

Holy shit, she thought as she pulled away from the doctor, I'm pregnant.


Loral found herself thinking of baby names as she pulled into the driveway of Lily's house. It was an unexpected visit, but they all knew she couldn't keep anything away from Lily and Scott.

Annabel Marie
Jessica Marie
Josie Marie
Claire Marie
Milione Marie
Chassy Marie

"And to what do we owe this surprise visit little sis?" Scott's voice broke her out of her thoughts, she gasped as she stood in front of him on the porch. She didn't even realize she had left the car. Loral cleared her throat as she walked past Scott in search for her sister.

"Wooh there Loral, what's goin' on?" Scott asked grabbing her hand, turning her around to face him. Tears began to pool again. Damn why am I so emotional? She thought as she rubbed her eyes with her free hand.

"I don't know how to say this," she whispered trying to avoid Scott's piercing blue eyes. God, how could she not blurt out the truth to her best friend? This has never happened between them before. There was always truth, no beating around the bush.

Scott looked down at Loral with concern and anger. Loral was hiding something, something he bet his life on she hadn't told Cade. Loral wasn't the type to cry and that's what made him angry. Something made his baby girl cry and he wanted to demand to know what, but he knew he had to take it slow.

"Just tell me baby girl? What happened today?" Loral shook her head as she heard the footsteps of her sister coming through the door with baby Luc giggling up a storm in her arms.

Just seeing that baby made Loral burst in tears as she imagined her daughter with the same light caramel completion, curly hair, but the sad thing was, she wouldn't see those McKay's blue eyes that ran through the family.

Loral absently put her hand on her stomach, Lily and Scott watching her as they stared at their son. Lily and Scott looked at each other before they looked back at Loral.

"Holy Crap!" Lily breathed before she went over to her baby sister, handing Luc over to Scott who seemed to still be processing the sudden information of Loral his baby sister having a baby herself.

Loral looked up at her sister's understanding face before she wrapped her arms around her, crying on her shoulder.

As they held each other and cried, it began to dawn on Lily that they suspected this to happen between she and Cade eventually' so if they were finally having a baby together, then that means that they have settled their differences and Cade no longer views her as a little girl and that she is now his woman.

If that were the case, then why is Loral crying as if the world is about to end, when in reality to Loral that is exactly what she thinks is happening to her world, that it's ending with Cade before it can even began!

Oh, how life sucks when you finally allow yourself to the one that you love freely with no strings attached and to receive that same love in return. Now this, Loral wanted to scream, but was pouring all of her soul and emotions into her soul wrenching tears that sounded as if she was dying on the inside. If they could go back in time and allow themselves the enjoyment that they have with each other, then she would not be in this predicament at all-Damn you Cade for ignoring me all of these years, now to come around when I was in a healthy relationship-what I thought was healthy! Thought Loral, as she cried out of her soul and spirit for all that she was worth onto her sisters shoulders of strength for her in her time of trouble.

Loral finally began to calm down enough to answer any and all unspoken questions that her sister and husband had for her. Taking a deep soul reviving breath she straightened her back and resolve to get it out and to make the next step that will have this set in motion to do right by her baby and its' horrible father.

Lily released her from her tight hug and allowed her to step back away from her and to regroup and tell them the truth of the matter at hand. Loral began to speak before they knew it," First off, let me tell you guys to not ask any questions until I am through please?" Lily and Scott looked at each other before conceding to her small request.

Loral began to speak in a small but very determined voice about what was going on in her life at the moment," Yes, I am pregnant-about three months from what the doctor has told me today, which we all know rules out Cade and means that the jackass that I have dated for the last eight months is the father of my baby. But the kicker is that he was cheating on me with some woman Carol and was only with me because of our family's' name and connections that we have, having been against blacks before even setting his eye on me. His exact words to her being:

"I've invested too much into this relationship and I will not let my family down by letting you run out of my life."

"What are you talking about?" she coughed out before she placed her throbbing face into her hands. Tears poured down her swelling face and all she could think about was when Cade and Brody would get here. It had to be more than five minutes, it just had to be. Loral knew she was that weak, she could have fought back, but with him slowly tracing her gun, she thought differently.

"You're a Hunt, Loral. Your family is worth a lot in the political and ranching world. Did you think I started dating you because of your looks? Ha! I've never dated blacks. I find them distasteful and a waste of space, but not you. You're the special one that got me to change my mind." Loral felt sick to her stomach. He was using her. All of this time, he was using her. Eight months of her life down the drain.

"You make me sick!" Loral spat brokenly as she stood up on shaking legs. "You will never be a part of my family or get any of my money." He chuckled.

"Are you so sure about that?" Loral crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes.

"I'm positive. Do you think my sister's, brother, brother-in-law and friends, will allow this between us to continue?" He shrugged.

"Not anyone's choice, but mine. You're carrying my baby anyway, so I'm going to be a part of its life." Loral let out a laugh, but quickly regretting it as she winced at the pain.

"I'm not pregnant, you idiot." At this she watched him roll his eyes.

"Really? You've missed your period this month and you were throwing up everywhere before you left two weeks ago." Loral groaned remembering how much of a mess she was last month. Finals week was hell on her and her body. She was so stressed that she missed her period and everything she ate went right back up. She could see why he thought she was pregnant, but she was on birth control and made sure he used a condom every time. Plus, she got a pregnancy test last week to make sure. She defiantly wasn't pregnant by this repulsive man.

"I'm not pregnant, Jack. I took a test last week and have the results in my purse if you want them and even if I was I wouldn't allow you to come anywhere near it, but who cares now. There's nothing you can blackmail me with or my family. Now, please, before Cade and Brody see my face, leave before there's bloodshed. I just got my floors done and really don't want to have your blood staining it." She said a little too cocky as she heard car doors slamming outside."

As she attempted to pull any emotions away from the retelling of the last time that she had talked to and even seen Jack, she was able to tell it with just a few loose tears escaping to run unchecked down her cheeks in the same route that the previous tears had gone. She took a deep breath and once again connected with her sister and her husband eye to eye and to her it felt like soul to soul with the depth of love that came from them towards her and the situation.

All that Loral could do was tell herself to stay calm and breathe slowly and to be rational about everything that was about to be said to her.

Lily was the first of them to speak, "Well sweetie, you know that we will be here for you no matter what you decide to do and we will always have your back no matter what-for that is what we do have each other."

Looking over to Scott, who immediately spoke up, "Well there is no chance in hell that it's my brothers. So what are you going to do about telling him and when you do I will be there as moral support for ya baby girl. Damn, after he finally admits that he loves ya and wants to be with baby girl, this stick in the mud comes up. Well he will just have to deal with it, 'cause it's his fault for letting you get away from 'im and runnin' off to school for another man to try and claim you. I am going to love to see him try to chew and swallow this bit of straw." He began to chuckle within himself.

As Scott laughed at the situation that Cade was about to find himself in, Lily and Loral just looked at him trying to see the humor of the situation at hand, not really seeing it but allowing him to have his laugh about Scott and his reaction to the situation.

They were all so engrossed with themselves and trying to listen to Loral explain her tears and why she was so distraught, that all of them missed the sound of tires coming to a stop and the crunch of gravel and the ground under boots, but none of them would ever be able to miss the menacing sound of Cade's voice booming out at them as he swung open the door, "What's so damn funny you idiot and why are you crying baby?"

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