tagGay MaleTamed by His Love

Tamed by His Love


Hi guys. This is my first story attempt. Be really gentle with my virgin self.

Thanks to homecomingqueen for helping me with my editing. You're an Angel and l love you.

All characters are over 18.



Derek Johnston slammed the door to his '96 chevy with more force than was absolutely necessary. It was barely eight in the morning and he was already pissed. He pulled the edges of his hoodie together, slung his backpack over his arm and marched with all the self-assurance that had earned him the name 'mad D' in the ring. He was fucking tired of everything - school, Maddie, the ring; heck, he was fucking tired of himself. This morning alone, he'd had to scrape his mother off the front porch where whatever scumbag she'd fucked the night before had dropped her, make her take a bath, find her food, and call in sick at the bar where she waited; all with maddie yapping on about how he didn't spend enough time with her. Fuck it, if he'd needed someone at his heels he would have gotten a dog.

The school building loomed in front of him like the jaws of hell. His own personal hell. Once he stepped in there he would become 'Derek "Mad D" Johnston', captain of the boxing team, ladies man, tormentor of the weak and all around jock. It had been his insulation against his messed up life, a never failing armor. But lately, the chill was getting to him and cracks were showing. What had once been enough was no longer worth it. Thank fuck he had one semester of this mess to go. He stalked to his locker as a short buxom girl walked up to him with a frown on her face. He'd cut it this close to avoid seeing anyone, just his luck that Maddie had decided to wait for him. He faced his locker squarely.

'Not now Mads, I'm having a really shitty morning and I'm late for class.'

She ignored him. 'Why haven't you picked up any of my calls? Asshole. You just abandoned me at Zeke's. Left me stranded. I had to bum a ride off a drunk Alec. Just who do you think you are to. . .'

The bell cut her off mid sentence. Saved by the bell. He dropped a reluctant kiss on her forehead and brushed past her, leaving her staring open-mouthed at him. There would be hell to pay for that but right now, nothing even mattered.

Maddie wasn't the first girl to call him names. Bastard. Cunt. Asshole.

He'd been called it all by a number of girls a number of times. Part of how fucked up his life had gotten. Girls were a means to an end. Fuck em, leave em and all that shit. Damn. And to top it off, he had Mr Cline for history first period and he hadn't done his homework. Again. For like the hundredth time. Fuck. He could see another pesky detention in his future and he was sure coach would not give him another free pass. Well here went fuck all. He hoped his bluster would carry him through as he walked into the classroom.

'Mr Johnston. How nice of you to join us. Everyone else's homework is on my table. Drop yours before you take your seat.'

Derek looked him square in the eyes. 'I haven't fucking done it.'

'Excuse me?'

'Beg your pardon. I haven't fucking done it, sir.'

Mr Cline's face turned red. Any other student and the whole class would have been tittering. But not 'Mad D', who was known to give people black eyes for looking at him funny. Mr Cline on the other hand looked like a time bomb.

'Principal's office. NOW! '

Derek turned towards the door. The elation he would have felt at one upping the teacher wasn't there. He just felt empty and so darn miserable.The corridor was familiar to him, as was the hard plastic bench outside the office, the tall hook-nosed secretary, the principal's litany. Shit. Detention. 5 hours stacking effing books in the library. He didn't believe that he could get out of this one. Coach had told him no more reprieves.

If he lost the opportunity to go to Ardenmore for that meet, he'd be messed up because that was a chance to escape and do the one thing that made any sense to him.

After a lot of talk, his detention was cut to two hours that week and the rest when he came back. He got to the library just in time. Trust them to send him to work with books rather than sports gear. He gave a wry laugh to himself. The library was empty save for a few geeks, the kind he would normally love to pick on for no other reason than to make himself happy. Somehow, his fist on their face and their pain had made his pain feel less. So fucked up. He didn't even have the strength for mischief.

A chair scrape caught his attention and he looked up. A nerdy guy, short and dark haired, was getting up. Derek looked around. The library had emptied out, except for a curly haired blond, lean and about 5ft 8 inches. Still nerd material to him but he had the bluest eyes Derek had ever seen. He was lounging lazily and this for no reason irritated Derek. Or maybe it was the fact that blood was rushing south in a way he hadn't expected. Shit. Maybe he could convince the guy to blow him in an alley or in his truck. Wouldn't be the first time. If girls were a means to an end, boys were an end. Nerdy boys generally loved his cock. Or maybe it was the thought of his fist on their face. It didn't matter and he didn't care. He checked his watch. Perfect timing. He adjusted his trousers and went towards the door. As he passed the boy, the boy stood up.

'Yo, Derek. Wait up.'

Derek turned. Maybe this would be much easier than he thought . He looked intently at the guy with a hint of lasciviousness.

'You here to suck my dick?' Derek asked.

The guy laughed wryly and answered without meeting Derek's eyes, 'You're kidding right? You must be. Do you just go around asking guys you don't remember to suck your Dick?'

Derek raised his eyebrows as the guy stared at him incredulously, muttered something under his breath, then spoke:

'Never mind that. I'm Ansel. We've been in a lot of the same classes. I'm here about our History project. You missed some classes, thought you'd have talked about the project by now but you're "busy".'

At that Ansel smiled bitterly. 'Time's running out, when're we meeting up?'

Derek looked at this Ansel guy. He had a lot of guts. Fuck. No one spoke to him like that. Yet the guy looked brittle and Derek was fucking tired.

'I don't do projects. Do whatever the fuck you want and put my name on it. If there's cash split it.'

He turned towards the direction of his car. Ansel stretched out his hand.

'Where do you get off talking to people like that?'

Derek turned and snapped, 'Look, I'm in no mood for all that.'

'We do the project together or not at all.'

'Whatever man. You're so lucky. You should thank me. . . Or at least my dick, because if I didn't want you sucking it, I'd be putting my fist to your face for talking to me like that.' Derek watched Ansel as he said that. He'd noticed a tensing the last time he'd said 'dick', and now he saw it again. He watched as Ansel's mouth moved as if he wanted to say something, but nothing came out. Instead, he turned and strode away. Who did he think he was? Who did they think they were? Derek fumed angrily to himself. First Maddie, now this fucklet. He really needed to blow off steam. He'd call Maddie, apologize, get in a good, hard apology fuck, and then head to anywhere there was weed.


Ansel mason stalked towards his car. That fucking wanker; who the fuck was he? Mr Mad Dog fucktard. He just wanted to go home and forget the one stupid mistake he'd made and, judging by the bulge in his pants, was still making. He'd avoided talking to Derek for a long time. He should have listened to his guts and stayed the fuck away, then he wouldn't be sitting in his car with his hands down the front of his trousers watching Derek drive away. When the car had pulled away, he exhaled and got to work. His dick was already hard as stone from watching Derek stack those books. He pulled out all six and half inches from his pants and stroked it slowly running his hand from the tip to the base. Damn, it had been so long since someone had touched his dick. He imagined he was on his knees with Derek's cock stuffed down his throat, choking on it but still wanting a lot more. Shit. He tugged on his balls. God, if only he had lips around his cock. Gorgeous pink lips and stormy gray eyes staring at him. He let his imagination run wild as he moved between gagging on Derek's cock and having Derek's slobber on his. He could feel his balls drawing up, fire licking up his spine and then his cum exploded all over his hand. Shame exploded all over him. He'd just jerked off to the thought of someone who'd. . . No, he wouldn't think of that.He'd just drive away from here. He had a freaking solo project to attend to.


Derek slammed repeatedly into the round ass in front of him while listening to Maddie squeal. Shit. He had been hard for a long time. And while Maddie might enjoy it, he was mighty tired. He just needed to cum. And Maddie wasn't doing it for him. As she climaxed again, he pulled out of her. No point going on. She looked spaced out and lost, a satisfied smile on her face. At least he wouldn't have to deal with any bitchy behavior; because the way he was feeling, he wasn't above doing things even his lowlife mother would be ashamed of. He went into the bathroom to clean up. Robbie, one of his teammates, was having a party. More like a high. Now, he just had to tell Maddie that he wasn't going with her. Might undo all that lovely fucking he gave her but anything was worth him having his uninterrupted high.

She was still sleeping when he came in. Thank fuck. All he had to do was write a little note and then get the hell away.

Robbie's house already had a lot of people. Most of them with girls. Derek headed for a side porch he knew very well, one place he knew he would smoke the joints he had grabbed from the parlor in peace. Just one problem. Someone was there. Derek felt his anger rising. He pushed open the transparent door forcefully. Startled blue eyes looked up at him. Fuck. It was the guy from the library. Mr I'm too good to suck your Dick.

'Get the fuck out of here,' Derek ground out.

Ansel recognized the voice as soon as he spoke and tried to stop the lust that traced a fiery path down his back. Fuck. Zero run-ins and now two in two hours? The universe must be mad at him or just trying to pull one over him. He pulled himself together, schooled his features into nonchalance and refused to say a word to Derek. He felt Derek behind his chair, felt the heat coming off him in waves and refused to turn. Suddenly he was flying through the air and slamming into the wall.

'I said you should get the fuck out!'

Derek didn't know what had gotten into him. Maybe it was the fact that he really wanted that sweet mouth around his aching cock or maybe it was a whole lot of fucking with no cumming. All he knew was that he wanted to punch him or kiss him. Punching him wouldn't get that mouth around his cock. But kissing him? Derek leaned in and covered Ansel's mouth with his.

Ansel was exploding. Derek's lips were on his. God, his hands were in his hair and everywhere at the same time. The rational part of him told him to get the hell away from there, that this was all a game, an answer to what he'd said in the afternoon, but the other part was screaming in glee and straining painfully against his zipper. He could feel the same hard bulge through Derek's pants and he ached to be down on his knees. Fuck. He tugged roughly on Derek's tee, pulling it up and over his head. The shirt landed somewhere on the chair; then he attacked his nipple ferociously. Derek groaned and tightened his fists in his hair, holding him tight there while pressing his head down. Ansel kissed a trail down the flat, rock-hard abs and unbuckled the belt to reveal pre cum stained boxers. His mouth watered as he pulled down the shorts to behold the angry red head and all ten glorious inches of Derek's beautiful cock. Derek pushed his head and he leaned down, wrapped his lips around it, and allowed Derek to slide in.

Home. That's what it felt like. Warm, wet, and so damn inviting. Damn. He was going to blow, and so fucking quickly. Ansel's mouth was everywhere. His slit, his head, his balls. Fuck, the boy was slobbering over his meat like he was enjoying it. Derek watched the blond head bob up and down, then felt his dick slide into Ansel's warm, wet throat. His legs quivered. God, he'd never had it so good.

'Suck my dick. Suck it deep baby, long and strong. Slurp on it. Take me all the way, baby, all the way.'

Ansel felt his cock dribble pre cum. Fuck, Derek's words were turning him on so bad. He bobbed up and down on the angry red meat, opening his throat more. He felt Derek's cock draw up and reached round to massage his ass cheeks.

'I'm gonna come baby. Swallow me.'

Fuck. Ansel pushed his hand down his own trousers and pulled out his dick. It was weeping profusely. He didn't need much. Just a few tugs and he could feel the cum churning in his balls . Ansel groaned as Derek slammed his dick down his throat and hot cum spewed into him. His own cum coated his fingers as he let himself go.

Derek watched Ansel's blond head through hooded eyes. He had come so hard he'd had to hold unto Ansel's head to keep from falling. Fuck. Who the hell was this guy? And what had he done to him. He was loosing control. No. He couldn't. And "baby"? When the hell had he ever called anyone that. Shit. The guy was looking up at him with those blue eyes. This was not him. Fuck. He watched as Ansel reached in, tidied himself and prepared to stand. Panic rose in him. What the fuck would they say to each other? Derek pushed past Ansel and walked out the door.


That's all for the first chapter. Please leave your comments and critiques. I'm really interested in knowing what you guys think. And don't forget to rate too.

Thanks mucho-Andracarlez

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