tagBDSMTaming Alexis

Taming Alexis


You wake up from your nap, shaking your head, your curly red hair in your eyes. You feel slightly woozy, almost as if the room is spinning. You try to hold your head but your hand stops short, a clanking sound meeting your ears.

You're chained to the bed. You remember now. Master pleasured himself with you earlier and left your hands cuffed to the headboard. You look over at the night table and there's a folded piece of paper there next to the alarm clock, which reads eight thirty. You shift your arms in the manacles and grab the piece of paper, unfolding it.

'kitten. Be ready for guests at ten p.m.'

That's all it says. No warnings or other information. Just guests. More than one. You lie back down and wait to here footsteps coming to your room.

They come soon, your Master coming down to make sure you are ready. "Good, kitten. Are you ready for company?" He asks you this casually as he uncuffs your arms and attaching a leash to the black leather collar around your neck.

"Master," you say, getting his attention. "What is kitten doing for company?"

"You, kitten," he answers, "are going to help me show the company how a good slave acts and is trained. Understood?"

"Yes, Master," you say, lowering your head as he runs his hand through your hair.

He beckons you to follow him down to the basement, holding your leash. You look at him as he turns to go. He's fairly tall, somewhere just shy of six feet. His hair is brown and his shirt and pants are both black. You've only looked into his eyes once. You think they are blue. He also has a brown goatee.

He is your Master. You don't remember his real name. He's never told you what it was. At least, not that you remember. Your own name is...is...it's hard to remember. He calls you 'kitten,' so that must be your name.

He says nothing to you as you are led downstairs. He has you kneel on the floor by a metal plate that is bolted to the floor with four u-bolts attached at the corners. You do so obediently. He produces four sets of chains and manacles, locking the manacles around your wrists and ankles, and then snapping the chains around the u-bolts, holding you secure. You lay down on the floor, your head curled up on your arm as Master smiles down at you. He turns and walks away, heading upstairs to wait for the others.

Your reverie is broken by the sounds of footsteps on the stairs. Many of them. You had expected three, maybe four. A dozen men appear, thirteen counting Master. You suddenly feel very exposed and vulnerable, dressed only in your collar and a black thong. They spread out, making a ring around you, Master standing by your head. You kneel next to him, your head leaning against his leg.

"Welcome, gentlemen. You all know who I am. This," he says, indicating you, "Is kitten. That is not her real name, obviously. Her real name is Alexis, but she doesn't respond to that anymore, do you, kitten?" You shake your head no. "She is my slave and has been for some time. kitten, say hello to everyone."

You keep your eyes on the floor but wave your hand at everyone. Master pets you, your back arching slightly, almost mewing as you react to his stroking. Suddenly, the petting stop and Master moves away, almost overbalancing you.

"Any questions before we start, gentlemen?" Master is walking around in your a small circle, staking his claim as your Owner. One of the visitors raises his hand.

"Sir, why did you name her 'kitten?'"

"That's a good question. When I pet her like this," Master says, returning his hand to your head, you reflexively moving your head against his hand, almost purring. "See how she reacts? Just like a cat. Hence, kitten." Master smiles down at you and you briefly smile back up at him then quickly lower your face to the ground.

Another man raises his hand. "Do you keep her down here all the time? Does she sleep down here?"

"No. She has her own bed upstairs. Usually I keep her handcuffed to it, but when she's been particularly good, she sleeps in my bed."

"And when she's been bad?"

Instead of answering, Master points to a space behind the men, who all turn and look. Back there, there is a small space, barely big enough for you to fit in. Inside the space, there is a doggy bed that Master bought for when you need to be punished. Thankfully, you don't get punished much. You're a good kitten.

"Very well," Master says. "Time to begin. Gentlemen, the first thing you need to know is that your slave has to respect your authority. kitten here respects me completely, don't you, kitten?"

You feel your cheeks start to turn slightly red, being shown off to these men. You quietly answer, "Yes, Master."

"See? Master. She doesn't call me by name, she calls me Master. Good, kitten." He strokes your head again briefly, making you smile under your mop of hair. The men nod, showing their understanding while also admiring your mostly naked form.

"Now, as her Master, kitten will do anything I tell her too, right, kitten?" You simply nod, your face burning red. "Open your mouth, kitten." You do so, hearing him unzip his pants, your mouth starting to water as you think about his of so tasty cock in your mouth. You don't have to think long before his salty, velvety dick is buried in your mouth.

Without even being told, you start bobbing your head back and forth, taking as much of his cock as you can, wanting nothing more than to please Master. He groans softly and starts fucking your mouth as you bob. Your tongue works the underside of his shaft, your lips forming a seal around his cock. It isn't long before Master grunts and fills your mouth with his warm seed. You know not to swallow until he tells you to, so you sit there, your mouth full of cum, waiting for his order.

Master puts his lovely cock back in his pants and zips his pants. "See, gentlemen? She still has my cum in her mouth. She is waiting for my order to swallow, aren't you, kitten?" You try to nod, not wanting to anger Master by letting some of his precious fluid slide down your throat too early.

Master looks at you for a full half-minute before telling you to swallow. You gulp loudly, taking all of his load down your throat in one swallow, licking your lips to get any residue, then lowering your head, your whole body blushing as you remember the men standing their watching, some of them adjusting the crotches of their pants.

Master makes a point of walking around you, touching your head the whole time. Your back arches and you mew, just like the kitten you are. A couple of chuckles are heard as you do and you lower your head, embarrassed by everyone watching you.

"Anything, gentlemen. kitten here will do anything I tell her. Anything. kitten?" You look up from the floor slightly, indicating your attention. "Play with yourself. Let these men see you."

You nod and slip a hand into your thong and start to move your fingers around your wetness. "kitten. I said let them see you." You nod again and slide your already wet thong down your legs to your knees. You rub your pussy lips, the men rearranging themselves to see you as you finger yourself.

"Put them in, kitten." You close your eyes, feeling so exposed, pushing to fingers into your pussy, rubbing your clit with your thumb. You moans are audible to the whole room as you pleasure yourself for their enjoyment. You can't see them, but you can hear quiet talking from the men watching you, most of them getting hard now. You can almost smell it.

"kitten, stop playing." You make a small whining noise as you remove your fingers, not daring to say anything with other people present. Master moves behind you and kneels, pushing your face to the floor, the metal plate cool against your warm face. You hear a zipper being pulled down and Master's hot cock slammed into your pussy, driving you forward, the chains pulling against your skin.

Master slams your ass from behind with his hips, rubbing a thumb over your tight asshole, making your groan louder. You can feel the sawing in and out of Master's prick driving you toward the edge, you innate submissiveness not letting you cum until you have permission.

"See, boys? Right now, I can feel that she needs to cum but she won't until I tell her to." The men raise their eyebrows, wondering how you do that.

"Please, Master. May kitten cum?"

You can almost hear Master smile. "Yes, kitten. You may cum."

As soon as he says yes, you break down and cry out, your muscles clenching him tightly and your face burning bright red from pleasure and embarrassment, the men watching you, adjusting themselves again. You're almost afraid, coupled with hope, that Master will fuck your ass in front of everyone.

Master stands up instead, you whimpering as you feel yourself empty of his lovely cock. He smiles down at you and tells you to kneel. You do so and lean your head against his leg, closing your eyes as his fingers brush your face.

"Gentlemen, the purpose for bringing you here was to train you to be Masters. This is just he beginning. Once you have finished your learning, you will be able to have a slavegirl, or boy, depending on preference, of your own. However, since kitten is the only slave here, we'll let you experiment with the humiliation factor. I want all of you to come over in front of kitten and masturbate, cumming all over her body."

You whimper softly, enjoying cumshots, but never haven taken so many. You look up at Master, daring to raise your eyes to him. "Master? kitten's eyes?"

"Yes, kitten. That's right. Gentlemen, one caveat. Do not cum in kitten's eyes. If you do, there will be repercussions. Understood?" Everyone nodded and you smiled up at Master as he smiled down at you. He then stepped away as the men tried to crowd around you.

Three men made it to the front of the pack, each one pulling out his cock and starting to stroke it. You've never seen three cocks at once, let alone all of them being pointed at your face and body. You feel your heart beat even fast as you try to watch all three men at the same time, feeling rather than seeing more move to your sides. You turn your head and see a large cock on one side and a nice thick one on the other, both being stroked at a fast pace, as are the three in front of you.

"Shoulder's back, kitten. Let them cum on your tits." You do, pushing your shoulders back, taking a load of cum on them as soon as you do, the man in front of you and to the left blowing his wad all over your large breasts. The man who is center right follows suit, adding to the large white blobs on your breasts.

Soon, other men are taking their places and your chin and cheeks are covered by jism. Your face is covered in cum from your forehead down, everyone avoiding your eyes. Your breasts are coated from the top to the nipples, dripping onto the floor. One man moved forward and shoved his cock into your mouth and began fucking it, not minding all of the cum.

He grabbed the back of your head and pumping hard and fast into your mouth, making you moan, since you love a good mouth fucking. He came quickly, dumping what felt like a gallon of cum into your mouth. You look up at him and he nods, so you swallow quickly, taking two gulps to get it all down. He pulls out and steps back.

Two more men step forward and jerk madly, both cumming on your slick tits. You lose track of how many loads you've taken on your body, feeling slutty and dirty but wanted at the same time. Master is standing at the back of the pack, his beautiful cock in his hand.

Finally, all of them men have finished, everyone stepping back to look at your cum-covered body. Master then steps forward, his cockhead turning purple in his grip. He nods down at you and you open your mouth, wanting his yummy, gooey cum again.

He stops about a foot away from you, squeezing the head hard, barely pulling on his shaft. You keep your eyes on the hole of his cock, waiting for your treat. Finally, it explodes, easily traveling the distance between you, splashing on your lips and fountaining. He steps forward and you move your mouth as another blast comes out, landing in your mouth, coating your tongue.

He moves to your mouth, letting the rest of his load fill you to overflowing. You struggle to keep it all in, not wanting to disappoint Master, since you have pleased him so far. He smiled down at you and nods and you swallow quickly, savoring the taste of his cum.

"Thank you for coming, gentlemen. The next training session will be held at the house of..." You miss the rest of Master's statement, reveling in all of the cum that covers your body, slowly drying.

Master takes everyone upstairs and you remain kneeling there, a small smile on your face. Master comes back down, a broad smile on his face.

"You have pleased me today, kitten. Tonight, you sleep in my bed." You smile up at Master and then lower your face to the floor. "But first, let's get you cleaned up."

Master unhooks you from the metal plate and unlocks the manacles from your wrists and ankle, replacing the leash on your collar and leading you upstairs to a shower, where he lovingly cleans you up, washing your body. He places a soft kiss on your forehead.

Master carries you from the bathroom to his luxurious bed and tucks you in with another kiss. "Good night, kitten. You are a good pet." You can hear the smile in his voice.

"Thank you, Master. Good night." And you drift off to a blissful sleep.

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