Taming Lorna

byDonald Miller©

I rolled a coloured ball into a centre pocket. "Doesn't she think about ruining your weekend as well?" I asked. My next shot rattled in the jaws.

"She isn't going to spoil my weekend, mate," Scott replied, firing in a shot. "I'm on holiday and I'm going to enjoy myself."

I smiled. "Yes, expect you will."

* * * * * * * * *

It took until lunchtime but eventually I engineered a suitable meeting. In a seafront pub, three very pretty girls in their late teens were looking over at us -- well, at Scott, anyway -- while we enjoyed sandwiches and juice in the cool lounge bar. Pointing them out to my handsome young friend, I sat back and watched him begin his work, approaching their table with a confidence borne from years of success. Within minutes, Scott had effortlessly drawn one of the girls from her friends as naturally and deftly as a lion separating the most appetizing gazelle from its herd. She was already gazing up at him lingeringly.

"This is Wendi," Scott grinned as the pair sat down.

"Hi," I smiled, appraising her as we exchanged greetings. Wendi was eighteen or nineteen I guessed, small but beautifully proportioned and superbly fit, with thick, rich mahogany-coloured hair tumbling in lustrous curls over her slim shoulders. Her eyelashes were incredibly long, her make-up heavy but as immaculate as a cosmetics model's, and her breasts were high, full and quite huge for such a petite girl. She was wearing knee-length, skin-tight white Lycra leggings which showed off her pert buttocks, and a yellow, cut-off T-shirt which exposed the whole of her taut belly and barely covered those plump, bra-less breasts. I could see that Scott already wanted to fuck her, and sensed from her body language that it would not be long before Wendi became helplessly interested in letting him do so. Now it was just a question of gently pushing them together.

By the end of an afternoon spent touring arcades, beaches and ice-cream parlours, Scott and Wendi were beginning to touch openly, their fingers brushing with increasing regularity against each others' hands and arms and neck and buttocks as their eyes lingered invitingly on the other's face. I led the burgeoning couple into a quiet pub just before teatime, and after purchasing drinks I made sure that we retired to a quiet, un-overlooked corner of the empty private lounge before excusing myself to go to the men's room positioned opposite us. I stayed there for five minutes before easing the door silently ajar just enough to see if anything had begun to happen.

Through the tiny gap I could see Scott's hands gently squeezing Wendi's taut buttocks through the second skin of her clinging, white leggings. The petite girl was on tiptoe to reach him, her slim, scarlet-tipped fingers on his shoulders, her breasts flattened against his chest. Their mouths were working hard and hungry against each other, and as their lips briefly separated to change position I could see their tongues still slithering eagerly over each other before the couple glued themselves back together, a soft moan of appreciation coming from Wendi as one of Scott's hands moved upwards to stroke the bare skin of her narrow waist. His other hand clutched Wendi's firm buttock until the Lycra-clad lobe deformed elastically in his fingers, and then they briefly parted once more and Scott thrust his tongue deep into Wendi's soft, open mouth and pulled her curvy hips firmly against his erection as their lips crushed excitedly together.

I reached back into the toilet cubicle and flushed, then coughed loudly before exiting the washroom a few moments later. Scott and Wendi had separated during my noisy return, and I smiled at them as they stood before me like slightly guilty schoolchildren. Both of them were flushed with arousal and breathing quite quickly.

Wendi took a sip of her drink and handed it to Scott, their fingers sliding gently over each other's during the exchange. "My turn, I think," she smiled, and sauntered off to the ladies' room.

Scott immediately turned to me. "I simply have to fuck that girl tonight," he stated, almost panting with excitement. "Can you think of how I can sort it?"

"Hmmm..." I pretended to think -- although of course I had already worked out a suitable plan. Before the weekend even began, in fact. "Well... how about, you've met some friends you haven't seen for ages -- I don't know, old school-friends?" I sipped my orange juice. "You've stayed behind with them to catch up on what you've all been up to, and you'll return later -- say 8pm?"

Scott's brow wrinkled. "That's only three hours away, and we've got to get back to her guest- house yet."

"Well, how long do you want with her?" I asked. "All night?"

"If I can." Scott's eyes were dark with arousal.

I smiled inwardly. Of course you do, I thought. I didn't blame him, to be honest. Wendi was gorgeous and fit and sexy, and frankly I would have loved to bed her myself. I wasn't sure that I would have climbed over Lorna to get to her though -- but the plan was, I wouldn't have to.

"Right then," I continued. "So at 8 or 8.30 you call Lorna and say that one of your friends has been... maybe, knocked down by a car or something while you were on your way to the bus stop. Nothing life-threatening, but you and the rest of your gang are accompanying him to the hospital in the ambulance and you don't know how long you'll be."

Scott was digesting the story as we spoke. "Okay..."

"Then at, say, midnight or so, call again and if Lorna's phone is still on, tell her you're staying at your friends' rooms for the night as it's so late, buses have stopped running, taxis all busy, etcetera." From the corner of my eye I could see Wendi returning from the ladies, her heavy lipstick returned now to glossy perfection following her long, vacuuming kiss with Scott. I leaned closer to him. "Now... do you think you'll be able to stop screwing Wendi's fabulous, wriggling little body for long enough to make those couple of calls?"

In all honesty it wasn't the cleverest of plans, but I was relying on Scott to be thinking good thoughts with his penis instead of seeing problems with his head. And, fortunately, I seemed to be right.

"Yeah... yeah, that might work," he mused, motioning to Wendi to fetch some more drinks. I shook my head and held up my half-full glass as she looked inquiringly towards me, and the both of us admired the curves of Wendi's white-sheathed bottom as she turned and strolled towards the bar, her thick, mahogany hair shimmering in the late afternoon light. She really was extremely beautiful, and my penis stirred lazily at the thought of taking her back to her guest-house room and slowly undressing her... but I had other arrangements to make.

Scott took a deep breath. "Okay," he decided. "I'll call Lorna and tell her I've met these blokes from school, then."

"No, don't do that," I cautioned quickly. If Scott made that call, Lorna would probably stay in her room all night sulking, and I needed access to her for the next stage of my plan.

"Don't worry," I assured him, "I'll tell her when I get back." A sudden thought struck me. "And turn your phone off, so Lorna can't call and interrupt you just as you're shooting your load into Wendi's luscious mouth. Just remember to call her at eight and twelve. Okay?"

Scott nodded, grinning. "Thanks mate."

I smiled. "My pleasure."

* * * * * * * * *

In actual fact, I told Lorna that the three of us would be going out to an expensive dinner when Scott returned at eight, and that he had left word to meet us in the hotel bar. I knew that the beautiful young blonde would want to dress her absolute best for a high-class evening out, and I wanted her to be as perfectly presented as possible for me, so that I could drool over her for a while before making my move. So, by seven-thirty I was sitting in a secluded corner of the hotel lounge in my smart jacket, fresh shirt and crisp black trousers, looking every bit like someone about to go out on the town for the evening. That there was no underwear beneath those trousers was a fact known only to me.

Lorna came down at seven-fifty, and every male eye in the room followed her greedily as she walked to my table. Her slim shoulders and arms were bare and flawless, her long, smooth legs tipped with tall, polished turquoise stilettos, and every curve of her gorgeous young body not already exposed to everyone's delectation was clearly revealed by the clinging Lycra of what was probably the tightest dress I had ever seen on a woman. A strapless turquoise cocktail dress with an almost invisibly narrow front zip-line, it began just above her nipples and ended well above the mid-point of those wonderful, silken thighs, which were so tautly encased by the tiny skirt that even the super-stretchy material only permitted Lorna to walk with small, hobbled steps. Her beautiful face was carefully made up, with a hint of eyeliner and a rich, salmon-pink lipstick edged with a precision border of darker lip-liner. She looked absolutely stunning, and as she perched daintily on the sofa opposite me I realised that my mouth was hanging open with admiration.

I recovered my composure with some effort. "Hi Lorna. You look great."

The girl smiled briefly. "Thanks."

"Have you spoken to Scott yet?" I tried to keep my voice casual.

Lorna's smooth forehead wrinkled as she placed her tiny, leather designer handbag between those sexy, sharply pointed shoes. "His mobile's off, actually. Maybe he's on his way back. I bloody hope so."

So far, so good. "Let me get you a drink while we wait then," I offered.

"Mmm... G and T would be nice," Lorna suggested, with a much prettier smile this time but no hint of thanks.

I went to the bar to get Lorna's drink, plus an apple juice for me. It was not all that busy at the counter, and after paying the barman it was quite easy to remain unobserved as I retrieved one of the several miniature bottles from my left jacket pocket, unscrew the cap, and pour the tiny quantity of powder into Lorna's cocktail. Thoughtfully, the hotel bar provided a plastic stirrer with each drink, and as I placed the now empty bottle in my right pocket I briskly mixed Lorna's gin and tonic until the powder had completely dissolved.

As I returned to our table I watched Lorna casually cross her long, smooth legs and tilt her pretty head back, flicking it once from side to side and causing her white-blonde hair to ripple at her slender shoulders before falling in a perfect, silken flow down her narrow, Lycra-clad back. My penis stirred against the thin material of my trousers and suddenly began to swell into a burgeoning erection at the sight of her. I handed Lorna her spiked cocktail, smiling down at her beautiful face.

"Enjoy," I said.

* * * * * * * * *

Lorna was sipping her second drink, and another tiny, empty sedative bottle had joined the first in my right-hand pocket, when a soft tune sounded from inside her tiny leather handbag. I watched carefully as Lorna unzipped her bag, her slim, manicured fingers fumbling slightly with the phone's small buttons.

"Shit. Ah, got it. Hello?" I wasn't completely certain, but I felt fairly sure that Lorna's lightly painted eyelids were beginning to open just a little more slowly after each blink. I took the opportunity to fetch Lorna another cocktail, mixing it carefully until the cloudiness caused by the powder I added was gone.

When I returned I sat beside Lorna on the sofa instead of opposite her. The girl didn't notice until she had returned her phone to the tiny handbag, and as she turned to me in mild surprise I slipped the full glass into Lorna's pencil-slim fingers.

"When's Scott arriving?" I asked.

Lorna swallowed a mouthful of drink and rolled her pretty, green eyes. "Heaven knows," she sighed. "One of these long-lost friends has had some sort of accident, and they're taking him to the hostipal. Scott's called from the alumbance. Damn it!" she finished petulantly.

I gazed into Lorna's immaculate face carefully, seeing no sign of realisation there at her two mispronunciations. My heart was beating faster. "Well, we'll just have to wait then," I replied with a smile, imagining Scott clicking his phone off and turning back to Wendi's gorgeous, naked body, their arms and legs entwining luxuriantly as his tongue slithered easily into Wendi's open, smiling mouth. He had, most likely, already fountained hard into the teenaged brunette at least once, groaning with blissful relief as he slumped onto Wendi and filled her with long, fast squirts.

"Don't fret, Lorna," I reassured the beautiful young blonde. "He might not be long."

* * * * * * * * *

I had to mildly persuade Lorna to take on a fourth drink, but fortunately the sedative was beginning to make the girl quite suggestible now, and she acquiesced with a soft giggle. "I'll be too drunk to go to the ress... ress...raunt at this rate," Lorna murmured, her fabulous green eyes drifting in and out of focus as she looked at me.

"Don't worry," I replied with a friendly smile. "You'll be fine." Lorna's carefully outlined eyes slid shut with pleasure as she began to draw the spirit into her sensuous mouth, drinking quite quickly now. I watched her carefully, enjoying her.

"Thish ish very nn... naughty... of me..." Lorna purred softly as I slipped the fifth glass into her pencil-slim fingers, her lightly painted eyelids drooping tiredly. Lorna's pretty eyes were completely unfocussed now, and as she smiled at me over the rim of her glass I noticed they had become slightly crossed with intoxication. I was no longer spiking Lorna's drinks -- the alcohol alone now would react with the powerful tranquilliser I had already fed her, rendering the girl increasingly powerless to rebuff me.

Lorna said nothing at all when I handed her a sixth drink, simply brought the glass waveringly to her sensuous lips and began to filter the liquid into her mouth in small, automatic sips. "That's a good girl," I purred. "Drink... drink."

As I returned with her seventh cocktail I took the empty glass from Lorna's slack fingers, slipped one arm around her slim shoulders to support her, and gently slipped the rim of the full glass between Lorna's painted lips.

"No..." The girl's voice was a slurred whisper, her eyelids fluttering with fatigue. "Nnn... no more..."

Lorna weakly tried to turn her head away from the glass, but I smoothly slid my free hand up into the rich silk of her white-blonde hair, holding Lorna's pretty head captive in my palm. Her hair felt fabulous woven between my fingers.

"Yes, Lorna," I whispered, beginning to tilt the full glass between her lips. "Drink."

"N-nno..." Lorna breathed. "Please..."

"Drink," I urged.

"Please..." Lorna implored softly, her slim fingers fluttering in feeble protest at her sides, but already her pretty head was tipping back into my hand in response to my command, her sensuous lips parting a little further around the rim of the glass to allow me to feed her tiny sips of the wine. She was splendidly obedient now.

Presently I drained the last of the drink into Lorna's small mouth, watching her Adam's apple bob reflexively one more time as she swallowed the final sip. Her pretty head remained helplessly tilted back and cradled in my hand as I pulled the empty glass from between Lorna's sensuous lips, her pretty eyes half-closed and already rolled partway back into her head so that only thin, green crescents showed between her long, carefully painted lashes. I replaced the glass on the table and turned back to her. Lorna half-lay across the sofa, her slim hands upturned and motionless each side of her smooth, bare thighs. She was barely conscious now. My penis was a long, pulsing shaft of desire for her.

"Well, young lady," I murmured, my voice trembling with excitement. "I think we should get you upstairs."

"Hnng..." Lorna's assent was a low hum, the gorgeous blonde's focusless eyes drifting lazily in my direction at the sound of my voice. "Tide."

My eyes were six inches from Lorna's beautiful face, drinking her in.

"Yes, I know you're tired," I whispered soothingly. "Come on... I'll help you back to your room."

"Hhh... kay" she breathed. "Have... help me..."

"Of course." I stood, quickly pushing Lorna's tiny handbag into my jacket pocket. Leaning forwards, I gently picked up Lorna's slim hands -- relishing the feel of her baby-soft skin for the first time -- and carefully pulled the girl to her feet. Lorna wobbled unsteadily on her tall stilettos, and I quickly slid one arm around her hourglass waist, drawing the semi-conscious girl tightly against me, my erection iron-hard at the feel of Lorna's gorgeous, Lycra-clad body sinking helplessly into my arms. Her beautiful head sagged onto my shoulder, her long, white-blonde hair billowing across my chest.

"Come with me," I whispered shakily. "The lift is only a few yards away."

"Mmm... kay..." Lorna's slim, bare arm crept weakly around my waist for support, and her pretty, green eyes fluttered lazily as I steered the barely conscious teenaged beauty towards the elevator doors, Lorna staggering in her constricting stretch-dress and spike-heeled shoes. Presently we shuffled into the elevator, and Lorna's beautiful head nestled sleepily into my shoulder as the silver doors rolled silently shut behind us. I punched the 'up' button and the ogled Lorna's gorgeous face and fabulous body in the elevator's mirrored walls, watching the defocused slits of her eyes slowly slide shut for a few seconds as we ascended smoothly to our floor.

Removing Lorna's tiny handbag from my pocket I hooked the thin leather strap over my shoulder to allow me to rifle the bag's contents with my one free hand. Searching through the assorted cosmetics, I withdrew a hotel room key card and slipped it into my pocket, before lifting out Lorna's mobile phone. The slim, silver device emitted a soft beep as I switched it off and returned it to Lorna's handbag. I smiled.

As the lift doors slid open at our floor, my arm cinched tight around Lorna's narrow waist gently urged her forwards. "Walk," I whispered, guiding Lorna's unresisting body into the corridor, her pretty head nestled against my chest, her pretty eyes fluttering weakly open into glazed slits as we shuffled along the passageway. Retrieving the key card from my pocket, I opened the door to Lorna's hotel room.

"We're here," I murmured to her. "Just a few more steps, and you can rest." My erection was thumping with excitement.

"Hhhn..." Her response was a soft breath against my chest.

I eased Lorna forwards into the room, flicked on the light, and allowed myself a smile of triumph as the door clicked discreetly shut behind us. Finally, I was alone in absolute privacy with this gorgeous sexpot of a girl.

I lowered Lorna into a sitting position on the bed and, reluctantly, let go of her. "You should lie down," I advised her, my breath shaky with excitement as I slipped my hands around Lorna's perfectly turned calves and slowly drew her magnificent, silken legs up onto the duvet. Lorna half-fell sideways onto the bed, her long, flaxen hair spilling over the soft pillow as she curled into a loose foetal position.

"Better?" I asked the beautiful, recumbent girl before me.

"Mmmm..." Lorna nodded her pretty head almost imperceptibly, her nearly closed eyes drifting lazily towards me.

"Good." I took a tube of lubricant from my pocket and set it onto the bedside table, just out of Lorna's eye-line, then slipped off my jacket and hung it over a chair. I went to the bathroom for a leak and a drink of water, then came back out and adjusted the dimmer-switch until the room's lights bathed the bed -- and its gorgeous, semi-conscious occupant -- in a warm, muted glow. Then I walked to the bed and stood over Lorna, drinking in the sight of her fabulous, Lycra-sheathed body for a few seconds. She looked sensational.

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