Taming Lorna

byDonald Miller©

"Right then," I murmured, and began to unbutton my shirt.

* * * * * * * * *

I stripped quickly, right in front of Lorna, her pretty, almost-closed eyes flickering nervously as my huge, heavy cock sprang eagerly forwards from my trousers and stood upright and pulsing gently just a few inches from her beautiful face.

"Wh... wha...? Her sensuous lips struggled to frame the question.

"Shush," I chided her softly. "Just relax." I stood over Lorna, completely naked now. Her gorgeous eyes struggled to focus as she looked up at me, her pupils drifting uselessly towards each other and then straightening for a second before sliding inwards once more.

"Turn onto your back," I ordered, my voice shaking with arousal.

I let out a sigh of delight as Lorna dreamily rolled over onto her slim back, her unfocussed eyes still approximately on me. The sedative had squashed Lorna's resistance completely, rendering her helplessly suggestible.

She let out a tiny gasp as I slid one hand over her slim ankle, the tiny silver chain there tinkling at my touch, and began to trail my fingers slowly upwards over her long, shapely calf. God, her skin was so smooth, I marvelled. I imagined Lorna smoothing depilatory cream carefully over those fabulous legs as she showered earlier that evening, just minutes before meeting me in the hotel lounge. A tiny noise escaped Lorna's throat as my fingers ran over her knee and up onto her sculpted, tan thigh, her skin becoming even warmer and silkier, then the texture changed as my hand rode up onto the taut hem of her turquoise stretch-dress.

Very slowly I traced the curves of Lorna's luxuriant hip and narrow waist, then my knuckles grazed the swell of one plump, firm breast before her bare skin was under my fingertips once more. Lorna's sensuous, waxed lips were slightly parted now, but she remained passive as my fingers stroked up over her slim shoulder and down her slender upper arm. My eyes crawled over Lorna's fabulous, unresisting body, my breaths heavy with excitement. I couldn't hold back any more.

Lorna murmured in weak protest as I lowered my head onto my beautiful captive and opened my mouth against the soft hollows of her perfumed neck. I began sucking at her smooth skin as I ran my lips along the length of Lorna's slender neck and up behind one jewelled ear. Her slim hands moved lazily across the duvet in response. "Relax," I whispered, gently nibbling Lorna's scented earlobe before sliding my tongue into her ear. "Relax... relax." God, she tasted good. My mouth swept unhurriedly along Lorna's delicate jaw line until my lips were covering the point of her chin. Then I released her, my eyes drinking in every pore of her immaculate face.

"Let me kiss you," I instructed huskily.

My upper body was half over Lorna's now, and I felt her slender arms moving feebly beneath me. "Nnng," she murmured. "Nnn... nn-no..."

"Yes. Let me kiss you." I closed in on her, my pulsing erection resting lightly on her curvy thigh, and then I sighed with pleasure as I gently slipped my tongue between Lorna's full, painted lips.

Lorna murmured plaintively again but allowed me to lever her sharp, white teeth apart with my tongue until her sensuous mouth lay open and inviting below me. I lowered myself onto Lorna's pretty face, my lips nestling joyously against hers and my tongue easing between her teeth. Oh yes oh yes. She felt, and tasted, glorious.

Lorna's slim, manicured hand lifted from the duvet and weakly clasped my shoulder as I sucked the breath from her, those immaculately smooth cheeks suddenly pinching inwards as I vacuumed her over my tongue. My hand stroked the inner flank of Lorna's slim upper arm as my long, probing tongue wormed deeper into her mouth, sweeping over her soft palate before slithering eagerly over her own tongue, exploring its texture and flavour. My breath was quick and heavy against the girl's smooth cheek as I kissed her firm and deep.

Lorna's lightly painted eyelids fluttered as I lifted her tongue with mine and thrust forwards until I filled the void there completely, causing a sudden sprinkle of saliva to fountain from the basin of Lorna's soft mouth and soak my exploring tongue with a sweet, warm wetness. Her pencil-slim fingers were still on my shoulder as we kissed, but Lorna was too weak and pliant to actually attempt to push me away. I thrust my tongue between Lorna's sensuous lips again and again, finding and tasting every contour of her mouth with long, probing sweeps, my breaths quivering with the excitement of finally kissing her.

Presently I pulled my tongue from Lorna's small, wet mouth with a soft pop, and my trembling fingers ran over her bare arm and shoulder to rest on the tiny pull of that long, narrow zip which ran down the front of Lorna's skin-tight dress from breast to pubis. I could wait no longer -- it was time to unwrap her.

I smiled with delight as I drew the zip with exquisite slowness down the front of Lorna's fabulous body. The stretchy material of her turquoise mini-dress was so tight that it sprang several inches apart as soon as it was unzipped, exposing Lorna's flawless tan cleavage, her smooth ribcage, the tiny jewel in the centre of her flat belly.

"Please..." Lorna breathed softly, her voice barely audible above the smooth whisper of her zip as I drew it past her belly-button. "Please... don't..." Her carefully manicured hands lay upturned and useless on the duvet each side of her luxuriant hips, her pencil-slim fingers curling feebly in protest. "Please..."

"Yes," I murmured. The zip purred to a stop just above the bulge of Lorna's pubis, and as I released the tiny zip-pull I reached up, took hold of the wings of the tight, stretchy dress beneath Lorna's smoothly shaven armpits, and began to peel the turquoise Lycra away from her fabulous body. "Yes, Lorna," I whispered, gasping in joy as I pulled the dress slowly downwards and her superb, plump breasts suddenly tumbled from the taut Lycra, trembling elastically for a moment. "Yes, Lorna. Lay back and let this happen."

Lorna's sensuous lips parted in a soft moan as she felt her mini-dress gradually drawn away from her full breasts, her hourglass waist, the flare of her curvy hips, now inching down over the lobes of her buttocks. "Nnn-no... please..." she breathed. Lorna knew exactly what was happening to her, but was utterly unable to marshal any resistance to it. Her beautiful eyes were fluttering slits, her unfocussed gaze drifting lazily away from me and wandering across the ceiling as she was stripped.

My erection throbbed hard as I drew Lorna's tight dress down over her supple thighs, exposing her tiny black thong for the first time. The lacy, semi-transparent strip of silk between her legs was less than two inches wide, and cut so low it must have barely reached high enough on her body to cover the hood of her clitoris. The plump, smooth bulge of her shaven pubis was clearly exposed above the sheer, black silk. Quickly now, panting with desire for her, I pulled Lorna's tiny dress down over her long, silken legs and discarded it on the floor.

Gasping with arousal, I ran my fingertips gently up along the whole length of Lorna's superb, bare legs, fetching a small noise from deep in her throat that I was not convinced was purely of protest as I reached the warm silkiness of her supple inner thighs. I kept going up until I was lightly squeezing those glorious, pneumatic buttocks for the first time, my head dropping down onto Lorna so that my tongue burrowed into her shallow belly-button, tasting her sultry musk and the metallic tang of the complicated jewel embedded there. Her belly was firm and flat beneath my lips as I ran my mouth down towards Lorna's crotch, my fingers stroking her luxuriant, tanned hips and easing beneath the tight, black string of her tiny panties.

Lorna whimpered futilely as, very carefully, I drew the elastic strings over the gorgeous blonde's curvy hips, slowly peeling her panties away from her. Oh God yes. Lorna was shaven so smooth she must surely have depilated herself just that evening. I bent low and opened my lips wide over the curve of her pubic mound, sucking hungrily at the flawless, silken bulge of her, a tiny shudder rippling through Lorna's curvy hips as I vacuumed the soft, smooth skin of her pubis into my mouth. I allowed my lips to slide downwards as I drew Lorna's panties down her long, sculpted thighs until I was kissing her just a half-inch above the soft, pink flower of her vulva. From the corner of my eye I could see Lorna's sensuous, painted lips moving in slow rhythm, but I couldn't hear her words -- or if, indeed, there were any words at all.

I needed Lorna, right now, but I held off for a few more moments, easing my hands between those magnificent thighs until they parted enough to expose the length of her shaven cleft. Lorna was murmuring something now as I pushed my head between her legs, her pencil-slim fingers slipping passively onto my shoulders, but I knew the girl was utterly unable to stop me now. Feeling light-headed with excitement, I leaned forward and eased my tongue gently between the delicate petals of Lorna's vulva.

Panting with arousal, I relished the taste of her as I licked smoothly upwards over Lorna's hidden clitoral hood, my tongue probing gently back into her vulva, then sweeping out and up across her soft hood, then sliding all the way into her again, feeding off of her in a steady rhythm. Presently, Lorna's manicured fingers faltered and fell away from me, and I felt the pink bulb of her clitoris slowly slither from its protective hood and onto my waiting tongue. With my fingers I gently pulled the petals of Lorna's labia open, the delicate lips of her parting with a wet click, and continued to work at the soft, open flower of her with my questing tongue until her G-spot was a swollen bump at the tip of my tongue each time I slipped it all the way into her, and her clit was a bloated bulb that had begun to turn crimson with excitement at my skilful teasing. Lorna was whispering soft incoherencies above me, her breaths involuntarily quickening into a soft panting at my ministrations, and now I really couldn't wait.

I quickly finished pulling Lorna's panties off of her, and stood above her for a few seconds, ogling her fabulous body, her immaculate face, and cornsilk hair as I squeezed a little lubricating oil onto my throbbing, purple penis. Lorna lay sprawled before me, completely naked apart from her stilettos and body jewellery, and she was absolutely, stunningly, flawless. Her labia had begun to retract just a little, but as I slipped an oiled finger between her smooth legs and caressed Lorna's pink clitoral hood, she quickly grew into a pouting flower once more, her sensuous lips opening involuntarily at my touch. Panting with excitement, I knelt between Lorna's long, smooth legs and lowered my body slowly over hers, gasping with delight at the first, delicious sensation of body skin on body skin.

Lorna's hooded eyes struggled to focus on me as I settled astride the gorgeous young blonde, my knees easing her thighs wider apart.

"No... please, no..." she implored feebly.

"Yes, Lorna," I insisted, kissing her jewelled ear as I whispered to her, my heavy erection in one hand. She was attempting to lift her pretty head, her magnificent legs moving lazily across the duvet. I felt the tip of my penis nose delightfully into the delicate flower of her labia. "Yes, Lorna. Let it happen."

"Please, no... don't..." she whispered, her beautiful, glazed eyes struggling halfway open to gaze imploringly into mine as she felt my dome nestle between the lips of her vulva. Then her lightly painted eyelids fluttered shut and her sensuous lips parted with a soft whimper as I opened her vulva wide with my blunt, purple dome. I leaned forward, on both elbows now, and moaned with joy as I began to sink my heavy, oiled erection slowly into Lorna's fabulous body, drawing the breath from her in a shivering gasp as my heavy girth stretched her tautly around me.

The gorgeous blonde opened her sensuous mouth wider as I entered her smoothly, a tiny, plaintive noise escaping Lorna at the sensation of my bloated glans finally nosing against her cervix, my balls resting on her shaven perineum. Eyelids flickering lazily, Lorna involuntarily opened her long, silken legs a little wider at the size of me.

"Yes, Lorna, that's good," I panted shakily. "Let this happen..." Oh God oh God, it felt so good to finally, finally be inside her. She was so snug. So hot. My penis felt like it was wrapped in heated silk.

I slowly withdrew from Lorna until I felt the ridge of my glans slip out into the entrance to her vulva, then slid effortlessly forwards until I filled her completely again and her sensuous lips quivered at the sensation. I withdrew, and slid smooth and deep into Lorna, withdrew and slid deep, ogling her beautiful face as I began to glide in and out of her in sweet, unhurried strokes. I was really, actually, fucking Lorna, I marvelled as I slid gloriously all the way into her once more, actually fucking that fabulous body that had tantalised me beyond control so many times over the past few months. I looked down at her plump, tanned breasts flattened beneath my chest, then as I accelerated my smooth rhythm just a little and her pretty head rolled lazily to one side with a murmur at the effort of absorbing me, I took Lorna's head between my hands and turned her face back upwards toward me so I could study her immaculate features as I sank into her helpless body, again and again.

"Yes," I panted as a thrust into her and into her. My face was three inches from hers, my breaths riffling her silken blonde hair. "Yes, yes. Let it happen."

I felt Lorna's pencil-slim fingers sliding haltingly onto my shoulders as I plunged forward once more, her breaths quickening now into a soft, rhythmic panting. Her pretty eyes were closed, but each time my long, contoured penis thrust all the way into Lorna, her lightly painted eyelids fluttered helplessly, and every so often she gave a soft, keening whimper as I slid deep inside her, my crested dome slithering beneath the textured bump of her G-spot.

"Yes, yes," I gasped as I plunged sweetly into Lorna. I had no idea if her noises and hand movements were in protest or enjoyment and it didn't matter. The sedative had sapped both her will and her strength, so that she was utterly under my control. I allowed Lorna's pretty head to sag to one side and thrust my tongue into her jewelled ear as I plunged deep into her fabulous, helpless young body, again, again. "Yes, Lorna, let it happen. Let it happen. Enjoy."

I slid my lips in behind Lorna's ear, drinking in the scent of her expensive perfume as my huge penis thrust sweetly into her once more, then I began to hoover my open mouth over the contours of her smooth neck, my erection thrusting and thrusting inside her. Lorna gave a soft, whimpering moan as my rhythm accelerated slightly, and this time I knew it was of pleasure, not protest. The girl's manicured hands were weakly gripping my upper arms as I necked her firmly, my thrusts long and sweet in the hot tautness of her fabulous young body. I had never been so completely aroused before, my eyes bulging with excitement as I ogled Lorna's beautiful face and she gave a soft whimper of enjoyment, and another, and another. I groaned with delight as Lorna began to whimper with each of my smooth, sweet thrusts, the gorgeous teenaged blonde finally surrendering to me completely.

I panted heard into Lorna's immaculate face as I fucked her, my breaths riffling her flaxen hair and my hands closing over her slender shoulders as my rhythm became a little faster inside her. I wanted to do this to her all night, to lie poised above Lorna's magnificent, naked body and slide sweetly in and out of her until the morning sun began to peep through the heavy curtains - but I knew I couldn't last much more than another minute. Lorna's pretty head sagged to one side, her sensuous lips open at the sensation of my sweet, repetitive thrusts, her soft whimpers gradually becoming higher and higher pitched as her enjoyment mounted. I drank in the sight of Lorna's beautiful face as I plunged back and forth inside her, groaning with excitement as I watched her expression slowly grow rapt with pleasure, her whimpers filling with joy and her long, polished fingernails digging weakly into my shoulders.

"Yes, Lorna, yes," I panted, almost out of control now. "Enjoy. Enjoy..."

Lorna's sensuous, painted lips opened wider and she let out a soft, quivering moan of pleasure, an unmistakeable smile on her beautiful face as a faint, pre-orgasmic shudder rippled through her fabulous body.

"Yes, Lorna!" I gasped, plunging into the trembling girl again, again. "Yes... let go now. Let go." God, I could hardly wait. I clenched my cock muscles hard, trying to stave off the delicious pangs of approaching orgasm. "Let go, Lorna, let go," I quavered.

I felt Lorna's belly press against mine as her back arched feebly beneath me, her pretty face rapt with joy, her whimpers a breathless treble now. Lorna shivered again as I plunged hard into her, moaning softly this time, her smile widening and her pretty head tilting back into the pillow. Lorna was still barely semi-conscious from the sedative, but the whole of her limited awareness was now swamped with exquisite pleasure. Then Lorna shivered again, and again, my rhythm relentless inside her, and then Lorna's sensuous mouth opened wide and she gave a helpless bleat of ecstasy as orgasm finally overwhelmed her.

I felt Lorna wriggle gently beneath me as she climaxed, her vulva suddenly growing slack and very wet, and then she began to grip my plunging penis in fast, rhythmic contractions as her orgasm swept through her. Lorna whimpered with ecstasy, her fabulous body squirming sinuously underneath me, and as she squirmed and whimpered and clamped down gently on my plunging shaft I felt myself pass beyond the point of no return, and my mouth opened helplessly as I felt my orgasm rushing up towards me.

My eyes bulged as I thrust into Lorna several more times during that delicious few seconds of balance just before orgasm hit, and then I shuddered to a halt all the way inside Lorna's fabulous body and cried out in relief as the ecstasy engulfed me. I cried out again, my brain exploding in colours, and this time as I did so the tiny eyelet at the tip of my penis opened and a long, heavy jet of semen spouted from me deep into Lorna's vagina.

Lorna was still whimpering softly as I began squirting my seed into her in powerful, rhythmic jets, groaning with delight at the glorious release of it. I was shuddering joyously as I quickly filled Lorna's vulva with sperm, my penis slithering unhurriedly back and forth inside her as it flung long jets of semen into her, my body sagging on pleasure-weakened arms until I was resting gratefully on top of the gorgeous, taut blonde still trembling gently underneath me. I panted with satisfaction as my orgasm deepened, my penis presently pulsing emptily inside Lorna as it drew the last drops of sperm from my drained balls, and I buried my face deep in Lorna's rich, silken hair, drinking in the clean smell of her shampoo as I shivered through the last tremors of my fabulous orgasm. Oh God, this was heaven.

I lay straddled above Lorna for a minute or so after I had finally stopped quivering, and our breaths began to return to normal. Eventually I hauled my head away from where it lay buried in Lorna's thick, flaxen hair, and studied her pretty face.

The girl's sensuous, waxed lips were still parted, her face smooth and unafraid, and as I watched her, Lorna's beautiful eyes fluttered open, her pupils drifting lazily towards me. Her full lips quivered, as if she were trying to form words, her vacant eyes vainly trying to focus on my face. I raised my hand and slid one finger across Lorna's sensuous lips.

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