tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaming of Fear Pt. 06

Taming of Fear Pt. 06


This is a work of fiction. It's a multi-part story and is more for connoisseurs of erotic stories and not for those looking for quick and explicit sex. It's advisable to start with part 1.


After the exciting end to our day at the river, Jackie returned to the other flat to spend the night with Chris. She gave a quick call telling us that Chris was sleeping like a log and that they'd come around the next morning once they were awake.

Sylvie and I were also tired and went to bed after cleaning up. As we lay holding each other she said "Thinking about Jackie watching us is still making me so hot, if I wasn't so tired I'd be all over you!"

"I feel the same way."

"I think we should just let things happen naturally and not actually plan it. It's a fantasy and maybe we won't actually feel comfortable when it happens"

"Well the simplest solution is for us to agree that if we don't like the way something is going, we just say so and then stop."

"I like that idea." she kissed me and we both fell asleep only to once again be woken by the sound of my phone ringing.


I checked the time and was surprised to see it was only 7. The call was from Chris's number and I answered with "Hello".

"Are you lovebirds up?"

"We are now thanks!"

"Oh, so sorry to interrupt your much needed beauty sleep but Jackie and I are eager to hear the plans for today!"

"You sound very chipper - what's going on?"

"Not sure, but maybe waking up to my girl giving me head has something to do with it!"

I groaned and said "That's too much information, but I suppose we did send her home horny so you can thank us for that!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" asked Chris.

I ignored his question and said "Enough small talk, Sylvie suggested we try another spa today if you two are up for it."

"Will it be nudist again?"


"OK, hold on, I'll ask Jackie."

I could hear them chatting to each other in the background and then Chris came back on the line and said "We both think it's a great idea. When shall we get going?"

"Have you had breakfast already?"

"Nope, we're still lying in bed."

"Well, why don't you come here and eat with us. Bring your passports and your swimming gear then we can leave right after breakfast."

"Sounds like a plan. See you in a bit."

"Are they coming?" asked Sylvie.


She sprang out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I watched her sexy ass as it disappeared through the door and couldn't resist following her with my penis rapidly stiffening. She was in the perfect position, bent over looking for something under the sink and I let my tip prod at her parted lips. She turned around scowling and said "Paul! Not now, we have visitors coming."

Despite acting annoyed she didn't move away and actually pushed back a bit making my cock sink into her. It was warm and wet and I groaned. Sylvie wiggled her hips which was very pleasant but then pulled off me and said "We have to make breakfast!"

I reluctantly let her go and washed myself. I wanted to use the toilet but due to my persistent boner this wasn't an option so I concentrated on washing my face and brushing my teeth. None of this helped and I was still erect when the doorbell rang. "Can you get it?" called Sylvie.

I considered getting a towel before realizing that was pathetic. Both Chris and Jackie had already seen me erect so it was nothing new. I went to the door and after a quick check it was them, opened up.

Chris stepped in first and when he noticed my condition he said "Ah, you're so happy to see me!"

"Ha ha, very funny."

Sylvie came out of the kitchen to say hello to our friends. When she saw my erection she laughed and said "Paul really! That's no way to greet guests!"

I frowned at her and said "It's your fault, leaving me hanging like that!"

She gave them both a peck on the cheek then returned to the kitchen. Jackie was wearing a light summer dress and I could see she was braless. When I kissed her cheek in greeting I enjoyed the feeling of her hard nipples rub against my chest through the thin fabric. In the meantime, Chris's attention was focused on Sylvie and I felt my cock grow even harder as I watched him watch her. I knew he'd soon have a boner so I decided to put him on the spot. "Why don't you two strip off and sit outside, I'll help Sylvie with the breakfast."

Chris was about to object but then saw Jackie was already removing her clothes, so he shrugged and did the same. I watched him as he undressed. He was getting a great show as Sylvie bent over to remove plates from a cupboard and then stretched to get glasses down from a shelf. By the time his pants came off, he was erect and blushed slightly as he noticed me looking at him.

"What are you looking at?"

"Nothing, just wondering why you're so happy to see me!"

"Ha ha."

"Stop it boys!" said Jackie, taking Chris's hand and pulling him towards the balcony. I watched them go and then joined Jackie in the kitchen. We quickly had bread, butter, cheese and jam ready and I asked our guests if they'd like coffee or tea as I delivered the first tray of food outside.

"Everyone will have orange juice and coffee" I called to Sylvie as I sat down.

"So what's this place you're planning to take us today and why do we need passports?" said Chris.

"I'll let Sylvie give you the details, I've never been myself. All I know is that it's about a two and a half hour drive and is actually in Germany so we shouldn't linger too long over breakfast."

Sylvie came out with the drinks and once everyone had theirs she sat down. "Chris just asked about the spa."

"It's a lovely place. I've only been once with my parents when I was younger. It's on the German side of lake Constance."

She took a sip of juice and then continued "There are lots of saunas and a pool and you can swim in the lake."

"That sounds great" said Jackie.

Chris nodded and asked "Are the saunas nudist?"

"Not just the saunas, the whole place, so we don't have to bring any swimwear, just our towels!"

"You mean the pool and the lake are also clothes free?"

"Yes, everything."

Jackie beamed and said "I can't wait. Let's hurry and eat so we can get going."

Chris looked slightly less enthusiastic and I knew he was worried about getting aroused in this kind of setting. It was on my mind as well as it would be different to our previous experiences at the waterpark and on the river. I doubted we could walk around with erections.

Before I had a chance to speak, Chris placed the question that was at the top of both our minds. "Um, what if we get excited?"

Jackie and Sylvie both rolled their eyes. Sylvie answered "All you guys ever think about is having an erection! It's just like at the sauna, you should try to control things but if it happens it happens. Things outside at the pool and especially in the lake are a bit more relaxed. I can remember my brother getting excited when he watched a group of pretty German girls playing volleyball. He couldn't keep his penis down despite my mother and father sending him into the water numerous times to cool down. I remember teasing him endlessly when he came out after ten minutes with no change!"

We all laughed and Chris said "I still can't imagine being naked with my family, especially if something like that happens!"

Sylvie described the facilities we were all keen to get going. Since Jackie and Chris were leaving the in evening the next day, the plan was to return home tonight so they'd have the morning to recover and prepare for the trip back home.

The conversation then switched to the events of the previous night and Chris asked what he'd missed. I was relieved when Jackie took the lead and told him everything that happened. It was exciting to hear her describe the events from her perspective and I couldn't help but get hard again. Chris didn't seem upset and when we stood to clear the table it was obvious that he'd become equally aroused at hearing the story. When Sylvie noticed our erections she said "We can't leave them like that, Jackie!"

Chris and I froze and looked at each other. What was Sylvie suggesting? My question was answered soon enough as Jackie and Sylvie whispered to each other and then took each of our cocks into their hands and went onto their knees before us. I could barely contain my excitement. Sylvie and I had our eyes on our friends and the same was true for them. I felt my balls tighten in expectation and I knew it wouldn't take much for me to come.

Jackie began to stroke Chris's cock and I felt Sylvie do the same to me. Chris and I both moaned in pleasure. It was one of the most erotic moments I'd ever experienced. Chris must have felt the same as I heard him say "Oh god, I can't hold it!"

Sylvie's hand froze on my cock as we both focused on our friends. Jackie sped up her motions and within seconds Chris gasped and his cock began to spurt. Sylvie's tightened her grip on my cock and I only just held back my own orgasm. After the first spurt, which hit Jackie on the nose she opened her mouth and placed the tip of Chris's cock into her open mouth. His second and third spurt oozed onto her tongue before she closed her mouth and sucked. All the tension left Chris's body and he almost sagged to the ground.

I felt Sylvie's hand start to move and gasped as she rapidly stroked my sensitive organ. Chris and Jackie were watching intently as I approached my peak. "Soon!" I said to warn Sylvie. She smiled and then opened her mouth in preparation. Seeing her do this was all that was needed and I felt my cock swell and then pulse as semen was ejected. I gasped loudly as the first spurt hit her mouth and chin. Number two and three followed rapidly with about the same volume. Two more slightly weaker spurts followed with the last one hitting Sylvie on her chest.

I felt weak and was panting when Jackie said "Oh my god! I've never seen so much cum before."

"Jesus man! When was the last time you unloaded?" asked Chris.

I mumbled "Um, last night when Jackie was here."

The two girls laughed and stood up, leaving two small puddles where they'd been kneeling. Jackie was staring at my cock as it lost its stiffness and began to droop. She licked her lips and seeing her do this almost made me hard again. Chris was equally fascinated with Sylvie. He watched her as she licked around her mouth and then used her fingers to wipe my ejaculate from her chin before licking them clean. I couldn't resist bending forwards helping her by licking her chest and breasts clean.

When we were done the four of us stood looking at each other in wonder. Everyone said "Wow!" at the same time and we all started laughing. Our first sexual act together had gone well and I knew it was just the beginning.

Sylvie was the first to recover and said "Come on, let's get a move on."

We threw on our clothes, packed our gear and were down in the car and on the move within ten minutes.


The drive was uneventful. Sylvie was at the wheel and Jackie next to her. I sat in the back with Chris. When the conversation up front switched to fashion, Chris and I tuned out. I was enjoying the scenery when he said "Bloody hell, that was amazing!"

I knew what he was talking about and said "Yup!"

"I've never experienced anything like that before!" he said and then added "It's so different seeing it for real."

"Well, it was a first for us!"

"Jackie watched you two at it last night so technically it's your second."

"I meant watching someone else and Jackie couldn't see much. But I can tell you it was hot as hell knowing she was watching us."

We sat in silence for a moment and then I decided to tell him what Sylvie and I had discussed. Chris gulped and licked his lips. "When you say join in, do you mean what I think you mean?"

"Well, we were talking about the four of us having sex in the same room and watching each other."

He nodded and I continued, "we decided we'd just let things happen naturally and not make a plan, so basically anything could happen."

I could see he was quite shocked. "Look, there's no pressure, it's just a fantasy. We're not really sure how we'll feel if it happens for real so we agreed that if anyone is uncomfortable we would stop."

He nodded and I said "and of course it all depends on you and Jackie feeling the same way."

He turned and looked out of the window in silence for a while and I didn't push him for an answer. It was quite some time before he said "You know Paul, this trip has already changed my life and my relationship with Jackie has never been better. Speaking for myself, I can tell you that I can't think of anything I'd rather do than take things further with you and Sylvie. Judging by Jackie's reaction to what happened last night and how things went this morning I'm pretty sure she's thinking along the same lines but I'll have to talk to her to make sure."

I nodded and we sat in silence for the rest of the trip.


After crossing the border without being stopped, we arrived at the spa at around 11 o'clock. It was another beautiful day and the temperature was already high. The parking lot was quite full so we were expecting the place to be busy.

We exited the car and stretched before unloading our gear. It was strange to be going to a spa without having any swimwear and all we had were towels. At the entrance we joined a short queue and soon had our wrist straps on and were heading to the changing rooms

I noticed numerous signs saying "FKK zone" and asked Sylvie what it meant. She explained that FKK was the acronym for "Frei Körper Kultur" which meant as much as "Free Body Culture" and was used in Germany to depict nudist areas. The changing rooms' or rather changing area was very different to the one at the waterpark near our home. Here there were no cubicles at all, just rows of lockers with benches between them. We were confronted by numerous men and women of all ages in various stages of undress.

Sylvie entered without hesitation and I followed her with Jackie and Chris bringing up the rear. We moved through the people and I couldn't help but looking. We had to pass three rows of lockers before Sylvie found a bench with space for the four of us. She immediately stripped off her clothes and was naked within a matter of seconds. She was already hanging her clothes in a locker when I followed her example. While I was removing my clothes I took a look around.

I could see a group of young naked guys eying Sylvie. They were openly staring at her spectacular ass and laughing and nudging each other as they looked. I felt my penis lengthen slightly as I imagined what they were saying. Sylvie turned to face me, waiting for my clothes. I quickly finished undressing and handed her my clothing. She smiled at me and after a glance at my crotch said "I can see you're already enjoying yourself!"

She knew me so well! My penis was just a bit elongated but she could tell I was aroused. I smiled and said "Well, you've got a group of admirers watching your every move and you know I love that!"

She smiled and purposely dropped my shorts before bending over slowly to pick them up. The group of guys behind her stopped laughing and silently stared at what she was showing. When she straightened I could see her nipples had grown significantly. I glanced over her shoulder and could see all four of the boys showing a reaction and trying to cover their crotches with their hands. Jackie had noticed what was going on and decided to join in the fun. She slipped her summer dress over her head and was naked in an instant.

The guys watched as she bent over to untie her shoes giving them a similarly spectacular view. Chris was the only one still dressed and he was moving slowly as he took in the sights. He was oblivious to Sylvie's and Jackie's actions as he was too busy trying not to be caught as he looked at the other female flesh around us. Seeing he was particularly interested in someone behind me, I turned to take a look.

I instantly knew what attracted him as apart from a couple of men and an elderly couple there was a stunning blond women getting undressed. She was down to her underwear and just as I turned she unclipped and removed her bra. She had a spectacular set of breasts but to me they looked somewhat artificial and were capped by rather small nipples. I turned back and said "Come on Chris, get on with it."

Jackie and Sylvie laughed and I said "What's so funny?"

"Take a look at our fan club!"

I glanced at the group and saw they were being berated by a naked old woman. She was talking to them sharply and wagging her finger. The guys were all pink with embarrassment and still had their hands covering their crotches, but I could see all of them had erections. I smiled at Sylvie and Jackie and said "You two are evil!"

Chris was down to just his underpants but was hesitating. We could all see the obvious bulge and I said "You better calm down or that old lady will all over you next!"

He gave me a confused look and I said "There's a group of guys behind you that enjoyed watching our girls getting undressed and now they're paying the price!"

Chris turned just caught the end of the rant. The old lady glared at us and I thought for a moment she was going to come over and give us a similar lecture. I concluded that she may have seen Sylvie and Jackie's part in the drama. Chris quickly turned back and pulled down his boxers. His cock was still slightly swollen but he seemed to have things under control. We quickly put the rest of our stuff in the locker with only our towels followed the signs to the sauna.

Sylvie again led the way, this time with Jackie by her side. Both of them looked spectacular and drew a lot of attention. Once we reached a less crowded area Sylvie asked "So, what do you want to try first?"

"How about we try that Japanese style pool you mentioned and then hit some saunas before swimming." I said.

Everyone agreed and we followed the signs to our chosen destination. As we walked through the large complex I noticed that, in contrast to the saunas we usually frequented, people here were even more relaxed about being nude. Virtually everyone was walking about naked with only a tiny minority covering themselves with their towels. I mentioned this to Sylvie and she explained that at our sauna you're encouraged to wear a towel when not in the saunas but here it was a totally nudist place.

The Japanese pool wasn't very busy and after hanging our towels on the provided hooks we entered the shallow and very warm water. It barely covered our knees and we waded in before settling down in the water. "Phew, this is hot!" said Chris, stating the obvious.

"The water is around 40c" said Sylvie "You shouldn't move much, just lie back and relax."

We did as she suggested and I really enjoyed the sensation, it was like being in a water sauna. Sylvie was lying next to me and I felt her body touching mine. I took her hand and we smiled at each other. As we lay soaking I watched as a young Asian couple, probably Japanese or Chinese approached the pool. They looked about nervously before entering the water. To my surprise they didn't remove their towels. I looked as Sylvie questioningly and she whispered "In Japan most onsens are not mixed and when they are I think people often keep their towels on in the water."

It wasn't long before a member of staff appeared and, in my opinion, somewhat rudely shouted at the couple in German. The two of them look embarrassed and bewildered and obviously didn't understand what they were being told. The staff member shouted again and this time Sylvie intervened. She stood up and walked to the couple. "Do you understand English?" she asked.

The man was staring at Sylvie in shocked silence but the woman nodded and hesitantly said "I speak some English."

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