tagBDSMTaming the Burglar

Taming the Burglar


I was sitting up reading, with only a small lamp to give me light and the rest of the house dark when I heard noises coming from the bottom floor. Silently I slipped down the stairs and in the darkness of the living room I could make out a figure moving around. I had a burglar in my house!

In hindsight, maybe I should have called the police right away, but instead I snuck closer, hoping to catch the thief off guard. Just as I drew close, the thief noticed me and, panicking, lashed out with a crowbar at me. Instinctively I got my arm up to parry the blow and stepped in towards my assailant. I'm sure I'm exaggerating here, but the take-down was perfect. It was like I was in one of those kung-fu movies and I just parried the crowbar, stepped in and threw my opponent over my hip. Well, except the crowbar still hurt like fucking hell and I knocked over a vase going down. Still holding the would-be thief down, I managed to reach the light switch.

As the lights went on I could see, to my great surprise, that the person I was holding was a woman, and a rather pretty one at that. She was dressed all in black and even had one of those black knitted caps thieves wear in movies, though it had come off as we struggled, spilling her light brown hair out about her shoulders. I realize it might have been a bit excessive, but I once took this class in how the military apprehend people and I thought; what the hell, if I'm ever going to get to use that, it's now.

So I pull her up to a kneeling position and, holding her hands on the back of her head, I start patting her down. I should point out that there is little actual patting going on, if the suspect is actually carrying any sharp objects, knives, syringes or whatever, you don't want to slam your hand down on them, but rather use a stroking motion to feel for anything hidden under the clothes. I'll freely admit that I was pretty thorough. She sure wasn't hiding anything around her breasts, hips or ass. I didn't want to get into trouble though, so when I had removed what she was carrying; wallet, keys, flashlight and a small pocket knife and put it all in a pile beside her, I stopped and thought on what to do next. She didn't show any tendency to become violent (except for hitting me with a crowbar, which I thought was mostly her being shocked at finding me just behind her), but I couldn't really be sure. Then I realize that at the bottom of a closet almost within reach of where I was holding her I had a pair of handcuffs. It's a pink fluffy pair that some friends with a weird sense of humor gave me for my birthday a few years back, but I figured they would do. Still holding her, I manage to get them out and cuff her hands behind her back.

While I'm doing this she starts telling me this sob story of how she's a student and doesn't have the money to pay the rent and to please not call the cops or she'll get expelled and her parents will stop seeing her and whatever. I ignore her and start going for the phone but she went on pleading with me not to call the police and that she'd do anything if I didn't. Now there's something about a pretty woman telling me she'll do anything that gets my attention and I turned back to her.

"Anything?" I ask. I saw her hesitate as she realized what she had said and how I had interpreted it, but after a few moments thinking about the alternatives she nodded.

Squatting next to her I start pulling her sweater up just to make sure we were talking about the same thing. She didn't protest, only looked away and let me continue. With her sweater hiked up above her breasts I unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts. Stroking her breasts with my hand I stated my terms: If she would be as my slave for the rest of the weekend, I would forgive and forget everything. There was a long pause and I wasn't sure how this would go down, she was obviously just expecting to let me have my way with her now and then be on her way. For a long time she considered her options and then she nodded. As long as it was just the two of us and no one else knew or got involved, she agreed. Smiling, I pulled her to me, but then I thought better of it and, leaving her kneeling on the floor I went to get my video recorder. When I came back I was happy to see that she had not attempted to cover up, but still sat with her sweater bunched up above her breasts. She started protesting when she saw the camera, but I cut her off and, pulling her sweater back down and uncuffing, her I got her to make a confession on tape as to how she had broken into my house intending to commit burglary and how she had attacked me with a crowbar.

Then, reassuring her that no one but me would see it as long as she upheld her part, I changed memory card in the recorder and told her to undress. As she got naked I marveled at her body. Long legs, round hips, perky tits and all with just a bit of muscle tone. Not too much, but it was clear she works out. When she was fully naked I had her fold her clothes tidily and put them on a shelf and then kneel again in front of me.

Then I made a new recording of her confession, but this time with her agreeing to serve me for the remainder of the weekend. When she was done, I told her to suck me. She hesitated so I unbuttoned my pants and beckoned her closer. Still she hesitated but I had decided not to fuck her but rather to make her fuck me, so I took her hand and guided it up to my fly. She slowly came out of her state of shock and started unzipping my pants. I was already erect and sprang free of my pants with little help from her. She tentatively licked the tip of my cock and, as I encouraged her, she put it into her mouth. She only ever took the tip, often taking it out of her mouth and just licking my cock. As I neared orgasm, I instructed her to swallow everything. She obediently did as she was told and I had her lick me clean.

I considered going further, but this was rather late Friday evening so I opted to save the rest for tomorrow. I brought a spare mattress and a blanket into my bedroom and, cuffing one of her hands to the radiator, (I didn't want her to get any stupid ideas during the night) I went to bed, leaving her on the mattress on the floor. A hundred thoughts were spinning through my head, but I think she had a far harder time finding sleep than I did.

I woke the following morning, half believing that it was all a dream, but there she was, sleeping on the mattress beside my bed. I considered waking her, but instead I just lay looking at her and thinking about how to lay out the day ahead. I was longing to fuck her but I realized I still had two days ahead and I couldn't fuck her for two days straight, I'd wear out. Besides, in a way it was an opportunity for a really interesting experiment to see how I would affect her. I had read about the Stockholm syndrome, and wouldn't it be wonderful if I could get a bit of that to work for me. I would probably have to go easy. Even if she had seemed compliant yesterday, I couldn't be sure she wouldn't see things differently in the light of day.

Finally I couldn't lie still anymore and got out of bed and over to where she was lying. She was lying with her back towards me and the blanket down by her hips. I got down and ran my hand over her breast and down her side to push the blanket clean off her. It was a marvelous thing to see how she slowly awoke under my caresses and then suddenly realized where she was and came fully awake with a jolt, her facial expression going from sleepy pleasure through surprise to defeat in a heartbeat.

I uncuffed her from the radiator and led her into the bathroom. Neither of us spoke as I started taking of my pajamas. I could see she was tense, just waiting for me to fuck her. I did not, however, but turned on the shower, gave her a bar of soap and got her to wash me. I had to tell her specifically to wash my dick as well or she would have skipped it, but overall she performed well.

With her soapy hand still on my cock I took the soap from her and started washing her. I was far more thorough than she had been, running my hands all over her body and face, painstakingly washing each finger and cleaning under her nails. I washed around her pussy, even sticking a few soapy fingers inside her and rubbing her clean. I turned her around and did the same on her back. She protested a bit when I stuck a soapy finger into her ass, but I shushed her and kept rubbing.

When I had gone over her from the top of her head down to her toes I reached out for my toothbrush and brushed first my teeth and then hers. I'll tell you, brushing someone else's teeth isn't as easy as you might think, but I did as best I could. I could see her face as I did it and I think that might have been what hit her the worst, being treated as an object to the extent that someone brushed her teeth.

When I was done I got out of the shower and dried first myself and then her and then led her back into the bedroom. I had already told her yesterday that I intended for her to be naked for the entire time, and to further emphasise her nakedness I decided to wear a suit. I made her help me get dressed. She had no idea how to tie a tie and I had to walk her through it. When she finally managed to get it right I took her downstairs and made french toast for breakfast.

I had to go get my car from the mechanic and I didn't want to leave her with nothing to do so I set her to baking cookies. That might keep her from thinking too hard on her predicament and in addition, having her working naked in the kitchen was pretty hot. I considered giving her an apron, it would probably have been even hotter, but I decided to stick to my original plan of keeping her completely naked. Besides, I don't really own any sexy aprons.

I rushed down and got my car and stopped by to get some birth control pills and other stuff I thought I might need and then I rushed back home. The house was full of the smells of baking and she was just finishing up when I got home. I wiped some flour off her breast and told her to get a sponge and bucket and go wash my car. She refused to at first, claiming that being naked outside was not part of our deal, but I explained that since my driveway goes up around the back and the garden is surrounded by hedges, the risk of her being seen was really minimal.

I had to threaten her with going to the police to get her to submit, but she did. I grabbed a lawn chair and sat down with the paper and some freshly baked cookies and relaxed, watching her bending over my car. She was really thorough, probably thinking that as long as I had her working I wasn't doing anything else to her. After a while I could take it no longer, declared that the car was clean enough, waved her over and told her to fuck me. She hesitated for a while and then started unzipping my pants. Since I was sitting down and not giving her any help it was a bit clumsy, but she eventually got my cock out and straddled me, sinking down on my erection. Slowly she started rocking back and forth, building speed as she went on. I came inside her and then had her get up and lick my cock clean.

I had her doing some more chores around the garden and in the house and once more I brought her over to fuck me and then lick me clean. I could have gone on like that forever, but I was getting hungry and it was time to think about dinner. We talked a bit while I made dinner and she set the table. I already knew that her name was Cady and that she was a student at the local university. Now she told me that she was on her second year of her MBA and that she had flunked several courses. This had led to her losing her study grant and she couldn't keep paying her rent and that was why she had tried turning to crime.

My Saturday dinners are often some nuked leftovers from the week before, but since I had company, I decided to go all out with a three course dinner with wine, candles and everything. I must say I'm surprised at how quickly she seemed to get used to being naked and being treated like a sex slave. She didn't try to cover up or flinch when I touched her.

After she had done the dishes we drank some more wine and I questioned her on her sexual history. She told me she had only gone all the way with one boyfriend, and they hadn't been very adventurous. On hearing that she had never had anal sex I ordered her to bend over the table while I went for some lubricant. She pleaded with with me not to do it but I ignored her. I don't really have any kind of anal fetish, and I would actually have preferred to fuck her pussy instead, but it was a dominance thing. I had to make her submit in every way I could think of.

So I made sure she stayed bent over the table, hands gripping the opposite edge and started lubing up her ass and my cock. I had originally planned not to use a condom during this weekend, but to keep things simpler I decided to make an exception now. She was pretty tight and whimpered a bit when I pushed the head of my cock into her. I don't think she was in any pain, but she wasn't enjoying it either. It did however seem to break down some of her defenses, now I had taken her in her mouth, her pussy and her ass and there was nothing more for her to fear (Or maybe it was just the wine she had drunk). I slowly fucked her ass, keeping my thrusts shallow with little more then the head of my cock inside her, until I came. I stayed inside her for a little while and then pulled out, took of the condom and had her lick my cock clean of my cum and put it back in my pants.

When we had recovered I took out a movie and we sat down to watch it. I don't know how much either of us saw as for large parts of the movie I either had her stretched out on her stomach beside me on the couch, slowly sucking my cock, or I was absentmindedly playing with her body. I told her that the idea was not to make me cum but only keep me aroused. I did cum a few times anyway. Once she was just rolling my balls around with her fingers, and I had to pull her head down to catch my cum in her mouth rather than having it splatter on my pants and on the sofa.

It wasn't all that late, but we had both had a rather tiring day so I decided to call it an early night. I took her up to the bathroom and repeated the shower ritual from the morning and then went to bed, cuffing her to the radiator again.

The following morning I awoke before her again and lay watching her breasts slowly rise and fall with her breathing. Just as I was starting to think about waking her she awoke on her own and looked over at me. Her first reaction was to cover up with her blanket, but it only took one disapproving look from me for her to lower it again. I tossed her the keys to the handcuffs and told her to use those beautiful breasts to bring me off. I sat on the edge of the bed and she knelt on the floor putting her smooth, soft breasts around my cock and slowly stroked me until I came on her chest. To my surprise and delight, I did not have to tell her to lick the cum off my cock, but I did have to direct her to lick her own breasts clean as well. The cum that she could not reach with her tongue I wiped off and had her lick from my fingers.

After having showered and had her dress me I made breakfast and we ate and then just sat around for a while talking about macroeconomics (not very erotic, I know, but quite interesting). Usually I go to work out on Sundays and I decided to hold a workout session this Sunday as well. I changed into shorts and t-shirt and we went out in the backyard. I don't own much in the way of training equipment so I used her naked body as a weight for most of the exercises. She's in good shape, but more used to running and training focused on condition rather than the burst strength exercises I was making her do. I worked us both pretty hard and she was shaking with exhaustion before I was done.

When I figured we both had had enough I took of my clothes and lay back on the grass, telling her to fuck me. I didn't know how she would do, seeing how tired she was, but it turned out to be great. She didn't have the strength left to be tense and slid her sweaty body around on top of mine. As she slowly gave me what amounted to a whole body massage with her entire body, I steadily built up to an orgasm. I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure she came as well, just after me. When I had finished shooting into her, she obediently and without having to be told slid down and licked the cum off my cock. She was getting used to being used the way she was.

We lay there in the grass for a long while, both of us too tired to get up. I played with her body and after me placing her hand on my cock, she did the same to me. Finally we got up and showered and I got dressed again. We had lunch and sat around with her cuddled up against me with one hand in my pants. There was a large difference in her demeanor compared to the day before. She sat up straighter and was let reluctant to pleasure me. I'm not sure what, but something had changed in her during these two days.

Then I had an idea: I told her to lie down on the floor and masturbate and to tell me out loud what she was thinking while she did it. This made her really embarrassed, but she didn't protest. Lying on her back with the fingers of one hand inside her pussy and the other massaging her breasts and stomach, she started telling me a story of how she was taken backstage by this rock star and fucked in his van. She was very self-conscious in the beginning, stammering out her tale and mechanically massaging herself, but after a while she actually started getting aroused, and I had problems hearing what she was saying towards the end because she took her hand off her breasts and started sucking her fingers. I'm not sure if this is a sign of some oral fantasy on her part, but it was all very hot. When she had calmed down, I just had to have her suck me off as well and had her lie beside me on the couch so I could play with her pussy as she sucked me.

By now it was getting to be early evening and even though we had not in fact decided on any specific time, I figured it was soon time for me to give her up. I brought out my camera and took several sets of pictures to remember her by; with her fucking me in every way I could think of or just lying around the house. I took her for one last shower, cleaning her up inside and out and then I gave her her clothes back. I didn't let her put them back on until she got out the door though, and when she was dressed in her black burglar's outfit once more I had her get down on her knees on the porch and suck my cock one last time. Then she left.

I was certain that was the last time I saw her but then about a week later there was a knock on my door and when I opened, there she was.

When the subject of her being thrown out of her apartment had come up, I had jokingly said that as long as she didn't mind being a sex slave, she could always stay here. Now her landlord had canceled her contract and she was taking me up on my words. I was dumbfounded and said something along the lines "Just like that?". She must have heard it it as "Dressed like that?" or something like that and after hesitating for a short second started undressing there on my porch and when she was completely naked she knelt in front of me looking up at me with pleading eyes. By now I had had some time to react and pulled down my fly. She didn't have to be told but reached into my pants and pulled out my cock. As she started sucking me off I stated my terms. I was still in a state of shock and made my terms rather harsh hoping to get some more time to think as we negotiated, but she only nodded on my cock, accepting my terms without reservations.

There was no contract or handshake, I just came in her mouth to seal the deal. Now she's living with me. She is to be naked whenever she is at home, or actually, I don't care what she wears when I'm not at home, but when I get home I expect her to be naked and kneeling by the door. Jewelry is exempted from the rule, she is allowed to, and even encouraged to wear jewelry. I get to decide what she wears when she goes out and she is on a semi-strict curfew, with a large part of her time set aside for studies. I'm not having her flunking again. Of course, she is to obey me in everything at home and do part of the house work.

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