Taming the Duchess de Montfort Ch. 01


"Oh, no, now two of them are touching me with their cocks," thought the helpless, bound beauty. "What depravity will I suffer next?"

Jean-Pierre was now rubbing himself on her breasts, while the other man had moved his attention from her crotch and was dragging his cock along her side. Another replaced him at her spread pussy, and so they continued. All eight of them probed and rubbed her inflamed sex with their hard dicks, repeatedly bumping her twitching clit, picking up her fluids on their cocks and then using their hard flesh to paint the musky wetness over her oiled skin. Slowly she began to feel a blurring of the distinction between what was her pussy and what was the rest of her body. With no hair remaining to define the area, with her whole body as slick and oily as her pussy, with her female scent smeared over every inch of her aroused skin and with cocks touching her everywhere, she felt as though there was no boundary.

Three: The Duchess Tamed

Therese looked down at her bound body, saw her own shiny legs held high in the air, saw the chain connecting her clamped nipples and the men looming over her, their throbbing erections still resting on her skin. She could not look away, and she stared at the one closest to her face, fascinated by the details of his hard dick. She studied the thick dark veins along the shaft, the round purple head with the collar of foreskin around it, and the heavy sack of balls hanging below.

Philippe had been watching her stare at his cock, and he moved closer to give her a better look. Her heart leapt as he held the hard member inches from her face. She could smell the musky scent of his cock and balls, saw the tiny slit in the end where clear fluid collected. He moved closer still, until he held it over her lips. The accumulation of pre-cum grew until it was ready to drip from the end of his cock, and to the delight of the watching pirates she suddenly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to catch the shimmering droplet as it fell. It landed right in the middle of the sweet angel's little pink tongue, and her green eyes rolled up into her head as she nearly swooned from the masculine taste filling her mouth.

Philippe was still holding his erection near her face, and she stared at the throbbing head as she savored the taste of his pre-cum. She was salivating, craving the taste and feel of his hard cock in her mouth.

"Put it in your mouth, your Ladyship. Suck my cock good and maybe I'll put it in your pussy." he teased.

"Oh dear Blessed Virgin, please forgive me," she silently prayed. "I can't help myself!"

She opened her lips wide and he slowly slid the fat cockhead into the Duchess's drooling mouth. She moaned with pleasure at the feel of a hot, velvety cock sliding over her tongue for the first time in her sheltered life. She wished she could touch it with her hands, but bound as she was she could only tighten her lips and suck. The collar of his foreskin bumped past her full lips as he slid in, and she fluttered her tongue over the head as he began fucking her in the mouth. Pre-cum oozed from the end onto her tongue, and she swallowed eagerly. As he increased the pace of the mouth-fuck, saliva and cock juice dripped from her lips and ran down her cheeks. She was sucking hard, so that when Philippe pulled his dick out of her mouth the suction caused a loud slurping noise. She held her lips open and waggled her tongue, licking the air as she invited him to continue using her mouth.

"Look, the little harlot wants it in her mouth!"

"Philippe, don't torture the poor girl, give her what she wants."

The other seven men were still rubbing their cocks on her oily body, some of them pulling on her nipple chain and others rubbing the outside of her pussy. Now Jean-Pierre gently slipped an oily finger into her tight vagina and stirred it around inside her. He pressed it deep, hooking it behind her pubic bone and stroking the sensitive patch of nerves at the roof of her vagina. With her hands pulled straight above her head and her legs elevated in a wide 'V' her ability to move was severely limited, but the men could clearly see that her hips were starting to push back in response to the probing finger.

"Look, she likes your finger, Jean-Pierre," one of the men said.

"Maybe she'd like something bigger in there, eh?" Philippe laughed.

Hot juices drenched Jean-Pierre's hand as he finger-fucked her tight, innocent pussy, and liquid sluicing sounds rose from between her spread, chained legs.

He slid his finger from her steaming cunt and she moaned in protest.

"No, don't stop. I want it inside me!" she heard herself plead, shocked at her own sinful lust.

The pirate crew laughed at this further evidence of her surrender. She could not fight her feelings any longer, she only wanted to submit, to accept her fate at the hands these men.

"I told you she wants something bigger," mocked one of the men.

Philippe moved between her legs and slid his cockhead up and down her open pussy lips and over her clit several times. Therese was breathing hard, panting for him to put his evil pirate cock inside her tight French pussy. He placed the head at her nearly virgin hole and pressed against the tiny orifice. She lifted her head from between her chained arms and tried to look down between her legs, wanting to watch him enter her. At first her noble cunt resisted the barbarous intrusion, but soon, like the Duchess herself, it yielded, and his thick cock slid in a couple of inches as her head dropped back to the table and she closed her eyes. She let out a high-pitched sigh as she felt him enter her body, then held her breath as he pulled back slightly and slid back in deeper. He slowly moved in and out, going deeper each time, his cock coated with her slippery lust. His thrusts stretched and expanded her snug channel, and she made a little panting squeal with each stroke. He held onto her chained ankles as he pounded into her hot passage.

"Our noble Lady seems to enjoy a good fucking," Jacques commented.

"Eh, Philippe, how is she, mon ami?" another one asked.

"Magnifique!" he grunted. "Her pussy is squeezing me like a fist!"

"Well don't wear her out, she must entertain us all," Jean-Pierre laughed.

Their vulgar comments increased her feeling of subjugation and only excited her more. She was being brutally fucked in front of them, her arms chained over her head and her legs in the air. They were savage and rough, the exact opposite of the effete, powdered men she had known all her life. She wanted to be used by these ruffians, to surrender to them and have them force her body to experience pleasures she only dared imagine in her most secret dreams.

She tried to push back, working her pelvis and moaning,

"Ah, oui! Comme ca, oui, oui!"

Rough hands reached out to slide along her oily belly and squeeze her bouncing breasts. Jean-Pierre grabbed her nipple chain and tugged on the clamps, and the jolt to her nipples caused her to open her eyes suddenly. The cruel buccaneers were standing around the table, looking down at her naked spread body. She looked at their hard cocks, so close to her now, and she could not stop herself from opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, inviting them to use her mouth.

"Please, let me suck you. Put it in my mouth, I want to taste you!" she pleaded.

"I cannot refuse an order from nobility, can I?" said Jacques as he placed his cockhead on her lips. She opened wide and he plunged into her mouth, feeling the heat and suction as she nearly swallowed him whole.

Now she was filled at each end with rogue cock, and she was delirious with lust. Philippe's rock-hard cock shaft was rubbing against her screaming clit with each stroke, and Jacques was fucking her mouth like it was a second pussy, his fat dick bumping at the back of her throat. While the pirates fucked the darling young woman senseless, Jean-Pierre released the chains securing her arms above her head and unwrapped them from her wrists. Without a second's hesitation she wrapped her slender fingers around the wet shaft of Jacques's cock as it plunged into her mouth, stroking and pumping the rod as she sucked furiously. Her other hand cupped his balls, fondling and squeezing the heavy sack as she devoured hard pirate dick. Philippe stopped pumping and slid his cock from her squeezing passage to watch her oral performance. He held his cock at the base and slapped it against her open pussy flesh and on her clit. The cock-spanking caused her inner labia and clit to become even more engorged and the pace of her sucking became more frantic.

Her enthusiastic cock-feast soon brought the inevitable result as Jacques's member suddenly swelled in her mouth and a hot geyser of cum spurted onto her wiggling tongue. Even with her limited experience she should have known what could happen, but the sudden flood still took her by surprise. Her mouth filled as the musky man-juice shot to the back of her throat and in a moment of panic she dimly wondered, "Oh God, what do I do now?" But before she had a chance to think, her reflexes took over and she swallowed the pungent pirate jizz in a great gulp. Thrilled by the scent and taste, the innocent princess continued to swallow greedily as fast as she could, but the sticky fluid filled her mouth even faster, and it spilled from her lips and ran down her chin.

When Jacques pulled out of her mouth she held her lips open and stuck her tongue out as a far as she could to urge him back into her mouth, not wanting to lose any of his slippery cum. But instead of putting it back in her mouth he grabbed his own cock and aimed it directly at her open lips. Another bolt of cum shot from the end across her lips and onto her tongue. Some of it landed in her mouth, but more of it splattered across her lovely face in great white streamers. Streaks of vile pirate seed flew onto Therese's cheeks, across her noble forehead and landed in her hair. She used her fingers to rub the cum over her face, reveling in the face bath he was giving her.

She was licking her hand, sucking the cum from her fingers while she looked at his softening cock, cum covering the head, hanging off in long strings, and collecting around the foreskin. Her eyes moved up to look into his face, and back to his cock, then back to his eyes again. She held her mouth open but didn't speak, silently imploring him to put his dripping rod back in her mouth. But he didn't, he just looked at her beautiful angelic wet face, her lips and chin streaked with his fresh cum, and stood there. Finally, desperate, she looked into his eyes and whispered,

"Please?" and held her mouth open.

"Please, what, your Ladyship?"

"Don't make me beg," she pleaded.

"But you must. You said you would never consent, now you must beg for it," he tormented.

She hesitated, licking her lips and rolling the slippery man-juice around on her tongue, so excited by the taste but still too proud to beg. When she saw that he was not going to relent, there was only one way left for her.

"Oh, God forgive me! Put it in my mouth, please. Let me lick it clean. I want your cock in my mouth. I am begging, let me have it!" she sobbed.

Without answering he pushed his cum-covered cock into her lips and she eagerly took it in her wet fingers, licking it all over, using her tongue to collect the jizz from around the head and under the collar of his foreskin. She used the very tip of her tongue to probe the little cock-slit in the end, hoping to coax out more liquid treasure. They saw her throat bob as she swallowed whatever she found. When she had cleaned every morsel of jizz from his member, he pulled away.

"Merci," she said softly.

Now Philippe slid back into her dripping vagina and started to move in and out again. She tried to fuck back, but the chains restrained her range of motion. Jean-Pierre grabbed the control chain and lowered the shackles that held her feet in the air, uncoiling them from around her ankles. She instantly wrapped her long, oily legs around Philippe's hips and dug her heels into his buttocks. Using her feet for leverage she shoved her pelvis up to meet his thrusts, moaning as he fucked the full length of her starved pussy. Her juices ran from her stuffed hole and trickled down her ass, and she cupped her own swollen breasts, sliding her oiled fingers over the tips of her sensitive, clamped nipples.

Looking to her sides she saw the raging hard-ons surrounding her, and she reached out eagerly to take a big, hot pirate dick in her hand. Her slippery fingers explored the full length of it, rubbing her thumb over the head and stroking the shaft. Her other hand slid down to the base and cupped and squeezed his heavy scrotal sack. She explored his balls, feeling each one gently, then pulled him to her and licked down the underside to the root until her eager pink tongue found his musky sack and licked it lovingly. The lust-crazed princess covered his scrotum with her sweet spit, even sucking his balls into her mouth one at a time and gently nursing on them. She wanted all their cocks, wanted them squirting their hot male seed all over her heated body, and she turned to the other side to shove another dripping penis into her mouth and suck on the head. She went back and forth, sucking any cock that came within her reach, swallowing the pre-cum that dripped onto her tongue and ran to the back of her throat.

All the while, Philippe was fucking her tight pussy with hard, deep thrusts. His big cock stretched her shaved, glistening lips so that they pulled on her clit with each forward shove, and his swinging balls slapped against her juice-covered asshole. The other sweating, tattooed buccaneers took turns using the sweet young aristocrat's eager mouth as their crewmate fucked her mercilessly.

"Ah, oui! C'est si bon! So good inside me. Fuck me...don't stop...fuck me!" she chanted in total surrender.

The Duchess de Montfort had never experienced an orgasm before, but she knew that something wonderful was starting to happen to her body. A delicious tension was building between her thighs, making her feel like she was about to explode. Her toes curled and her legs shook as her climax broke over her like a tidal wave, sending electric shocks from her jerking clit to the back of her stuffed pussy. Spasms gripped her belly, her pussy contracted around his cock and even her tight anal muscle convulsed rhythmically. She held onto a cock in each hand and rubbed the heads on her face as the orgasm seized her.

"Aahh!...aahh...oh, no...mon Dieu...mon Dieu!" she panted as she came so hard she thought she might die.

Philippe continued to pump her cunt as she came, his hard cock drawing out her pleasure and pummeling the walls of her clenching tunnel. He did not allow himself to come, and the continued fucking pulled on her swollen clit and brought her straight to a second unbelievable orgasm before she had finished the first.

"Look, the harlot is coming again!" one of them exclaimed.

"This one is made for fucking, no?" another said.

Philippe pulled his hard cock from her well-fucked pussy, still not having come himself. When Therese slowly came down from her double orgasm, she knew that she had sinned horribly by giving her consent for these filthy degenerates to have their way with her body. She was ashamed of her weakness, and yet was aroused by her complete submission and the feeling that Captain Renoir and his men owned her soul. The lovely princess was still terribly aroused and she desired to be used by them in any way they wanted, as if her total degradation could help to atone for her sin of lust. She dimly realized that in any case she would certainly have to go to confession as soon as possible.

Four: The Stocks

Therese was vibrating with sexual energy as they removed the clamps from her abused nipples. As the circulation rushed back into the ends of her breasts the compressed tit-flesh swelled and tingled, becoming excruciatingly sensitive.

They were lifting her from the narrow table and carrying her over to another device. What were they going to do to her? She didn't want to be hurt, but she was also excited by the prospect of some new use they might have for her quivering body. They brought her to the kneeling stocks, a device designed to punish and humiliate wrongdoers. It consisted of a round platform, about two feet off the ground with a low, leather-padded open retangular frame attached to the center and wooden stocks at one end. They placed her on her knees over the frame, then placed her head and wrists in the bottom half of the stocks and closed the top to secure her in place, fastening a catch to hold it closed. When they had adjusted her properly she could rest her weight on the frame and was supported from her belly to her shoulders, but her tender breasts hung down freely. Her feet were just off the edge of the platform and her head was above the opposite edge. They then spread her ankles and fastened a leather strap over each calf to hold her legs open.

She was firmly bound on her knees, her middle somewhat lower than her ass so that her round firm behind was high in the air. Her legs were spread so that her soaking shaved slit was open wide. The men could see that her pussy hole was staying slightly open, still stretched from the recent intrusion. In her intense arousal the sweet girl had produced so much juice that little rivulets had trickled down the insides of her thighs and her tightly puckered virgin asshole glistened with the cream. Trembling with anticipation she awaited her fate.

Renoir picked up something from a table near the fireplace and stepped forward with the object in his hand, which he held in front of her face so she could see the details. It appeared to be a small ivory statuette about eight inches tall, of a uniform cylindrical shape. The patina of age suggested that it was quite old, almost as if it had been rubbed smooth from handling. Looking closer, Therese realized the surface was lightly carved in the form of a young woman with her hands clasped in prayer. She had a cowl over her head, in the manner of a nun, so that the top end was slightly wider than the rest of the statue. With a sudden shock of recognition, the innocent girl realized that what she thought was a religious artifact was actually intended to resemble a man's erect organ! Renoir smiled as her eyes widened in surprise, and he said,

"I found this fascinating objet in a chest of jewels and other treasures from a ship we recently captured. It appears to be of Arabian origin, from a sultan's harem. The women used it when they were, shall we say, lonely for male companionship."

She could not imagine that a woman would be so wanton as to put such an object inside herself. And the fact that it had the form of a woman at prayer, maybe even a nun, was a sacrilege and a grievous sin!

"What are you going to do, sir?" she inquired with trepidation.

But the diabolical buccaneer did not answer her, he just walked around to her luscious, spread behind. Taking up the flagon of oil, he poured some on the end of the statuette and spread it over the burnished surface. Then placing one hand between her thighs he cupped her hairless mound with his palm while pressing his thumb against her tiny clit. He rolled the bundle of nerves around gently, quickly bringing moans from the captive angel.

When he touched the warm ivory to the back of her upper thigh she gasped, as much from the surprising heat it held from being near the fire as from the touch itself. He stroked it over her silky skin and along her oily pussy crack, lingering a bit when attending to her swollen clit. She clenched her muscles rhythmically as he massaged her slit, and with her ass spread wide they could see her puckered little asshole pulsating. Renoir allowed the ivory dildo to run around the ring of muscle that constricted the opening to her sensitive virgin rectum, and she produced a deep lusty moan from the forbidden feeling. Then he returned to her hungry pussy hole and pressed the slippery rod inside her inflamed cunt, the heat of the ivory matched by the temperature of her steaming channel. With each inward thrust she would moan and squeeze her pussy muscles tightly around the wonderful statue, increasing the friction as he pulled outward. When he withdrew the dildo completely, they could see that it had picked up a thick coating of her fragrant cream.

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