tagNovels and NovellasTaming the Size Queen Ch. 01

Taming the Size Queen Ch. 01


Tiffany De Roode was a stacked cunt. She was mean, arrogant, and one of the most beautiful women who had ever walked into the tiny single's bar called Welling's. She would stride proudly into the bar each evening at about six thirty, huge breasts bouncing inside of a tube top or t-shirt, wide hips and round ass swaying, ripe with invitation, under a tight, short skirt, a haughty sneer on her plush, thick lips, and long, black hair cascading down over her soft shoulders. Every male eye in the bar was glued to her.

She rarely got more than five steps into the bar before at least three guys would be falling all over themselves trying to pick her up.

The bartender, Annie Wilson, stood at the far end of the bar watching the nightly comedy of errors. Sitting at the bar next where she stood was her older brother, Bill.

"It's the same every night," Annie said shaking her head in wonder, "They never learn."

"I doubt that any of them are thinking with their brains, at the moment," said Bill with a chuckle.

"Got that right," Annie said with a smile, "I'll be right back."

She walked down the bar to the customer waving his empty beer stein in the air.

Bill continued to watch the massive singles slaughter with rising amusement. A tall, gangly, carrot-topped guy was trying to get her attention by whispering something in her ear. She elbowed him sharply in the stomach and yelled at him to leave her alone.

The next one took a different approach. He looked at Tiffany sympathetically and said, "Can I be of help? Is this guy bothering you?"

"Yes," Tiffany said haughtily, "So are you. Fuck off, asshole!"

Young man after young man tried and was shot down. It was the same thing every night. Bill just sat back, sipping his beer and enjoying the show.

Annie had drifted back to join her brother.

"I don't get it," she said, "Why do they do this every night? Why do they put themselves through that?"

"False pride, arrogance, testosterone," said Bill flatly, "Take your pick."

"I guess," she said dubiously, "It seems kind of stupid, though."

"You won't hear an argument from me," Bill said with a grin.

"I mean, it's not like there aren't other good looking women in here," Annie continued, "and they're all in in here for the same reasons as the guys, to get drunk and get laid."

"People sometimes spend the most effort trying to get what they know they can't have," said Bill.

"I suppose that's true," said Annie.

It was the same scenario every night. Tiffany would bounce in and rudely shoot down every guy who approached her. After an hour or so she would pick out one guy in the bar to go home with. It was, usually, somebody who hadn't tried to pick her up.

She would jiggle over to her unsuspecting target and suddenly be all sweetness and light, flirting like hell. She would rub her tits up against their arms, laugh at their lame jokes, and fondle as many of their body parts as she could reach. The only times she lost was if the guy she had chosen was already there with his girlfriend. Even at that, she only ever lost about half of those battles.

Suddenly a tall, blond man walked up behind her, and reached around in front of her to squeeze her huge jugs.

"Hey, Sweetcheeks," he said "how about a repeat performance of last night?"

The buxom tease wriggled free of his grasp to turn around to slap his face hard enough to leave a hand-shaped red mark on it.

"I don't do repeat performances unless the guy is really, really good!" Tiffany shouted, "You weren't even close!"

The stunned young man retorted, "You weren't complaining last night."

"That's because I was too bored to be able to talk!" Tiffany shouted, "You may have a big dick, but you have no fucking clue what the fuck to do with it!"

Everyone in the bar was silently listening to the exchange with rapt attention. Everyone, but Bill that is. Bill threw back his head and laughed out loud.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?" the blond man asked angrily.

"You don't really want me to give you an honest answer to that. Do you?" Bill asked with a grin.

Tiffany grabbed a stir stick from the bar and, as she waved it in the young man's face, "This thing would be a better fuck than you were! That's what he's laughing at!"

At that everyone burst into mirthful hysterics.

A red-headed woman sitting next to Tiffany chimed in saying, "It looks like instead of fucking you fucked up."

That set off another round of guffaws and giggles.

The young man turned beet red and slumped out of the bar in humiliation.

Annie looked at her brother and said with a smirk, "You like living dangerously. Don't you?"

"What are you talking about?" Bill responded, feigning offense.

"Don't give me that," Annie said with exasperation, "You must have known that there was a good chance that the blond jerk could have come over here to punch your lights out."

"Okay," Bill said shrugging his shoulders, "But, he didn't. No harm. No foul."

Tiffany had not taken her eyes off Bill since he had laughed. She had never really noticed him before. She knew that he was always there. He sat on that same bar stool at the end of the bar, near the door, every night. He had never tried to pick her up or even talk to her.

Just as she was beginning to consider checking him out the red-headed woman who had chimed in during the blond guy's humiliation got up and went over to sit by Bill.

"I want to buy a beer for the only man in the room with a backbone and balls!" the red-headed woman said to Annie.

Annie rolled her eyes while Bill chuckled.

"Thanks, Mandy," Bill said to the red-head, "How are you?"

"You know," she said narrowing her almond-shaped, hazel eyes, "if any other guy called me that I'd slap him silly. I prefer to be called Amanda."

"And me?" Bill asked, smiling.

"You make me dripping wet every time I hear it." Amanda said, her wide, full-lipped mouth lifting into a grin.

Annie rolled her eyes again as she asked, "Do you want another beer, too, Amanda?"

Amanda nodded still grinning.

As Annie walked off to get the beers Amanda said, "Tiffany has been watching you since you laughed. You know that. Don't you."

"It's hard to miss," Bill said, "She's not particularly subtle."

"So what are you going to do about it?" she asked.

"Exactly what I'm doing now," he answered, "nothing."

Amanda looked at him quizzically. It took her a bit longer that it otherwise might have to put two and two together. Thinking through a haze of intoxication and horniness is never easy. Then it slowly dawned on her what was happening.

"Are you up to what I think you're up to?" she asked with a smirk.

"That depends on what you think I'm up to," said Bill.

Amanda reached down to stroke Bill's thigh, pressing her prodigious breasts against his arm, as she said, "I think you're going to try to take her down a peg."

"Really?" Bill asked with mock incredulity.

"Yes," Amanda hissed as she squeezed his hardening cock, "and you've got just the right peg to do it with."

"Apart from your infatuation with my dick, what makes you think that I could or would pull a stunt like that?" Bill asked.

"Like I said, you're the only man in here with a backbone and balls," she said as she leaned up to lick his ear, then added, "big, cum-filled balls that I hope to get to nuzzle and suck later on."

"I think that can be arranged," said Bill as he lazily fondled one of her big tits through her blouse and bra.

She shuddered at his touch. She loved having his large hands on her body almost as much as she loved having his long, thick pussy pleaser inside of her.

Just as she was about to suggest that they go back to her apartment, Annie arrived with their drinks.

"$6.50," said Annie flatly.

Amanda reluctantly moved away from Bill, paid for the beer, and stood up.

"I should probably go freshen up a bit," Amanda said.

Bill looked at her raising one eyebrow.

Amanda understood the gesture and said, "You'll see. I'm just going to help a bit."

With that she turned and left. Annie watched her walk away. As Amanda passed Tiffany, the latter woman stopped staring at Bill to follow her friend.

"Why do I feel that I've just walked into the middle of a conspiracy?" Annie asked her brother suspiciously.

"Probably because you have," Bill answered.

"What are you two plotting?" Annie asked apprehensively.

"Nothing huge," Bill said smiling, "but, Mandy seems bent on staging a minor coup."

His sister looked behind her to the other end of the bar. She just managed to catch Tiffany closing the ladies' room door behind her.

"Tiffany?" Annie asked with an almost sinister smirk.

Bill nodded. His sister began laughing.

Meanwhile, in the ladies' room, Tiffany said, "That's her brother? I thought that was her boyfriend. I mean, she's always over there talking to him."

"Don't you ever talk to your brother?" Amanda asked.

"That twerp?" Tiffany said angrily, "Hell no!"

"Oh, right," said Amanda with an indulgent sigh, "I forgot. You're older than he is. Besides, you don't talk to any man that you don't plan to fuck. Well, Bill is Annie's big brother." Then she winked and added "Accent on big!"

"How big?" Tiffany asked.

"You couldn't handle it," said Amanda sharply, "so, don't worry about it."

"Bullshit!" Tiffany shouted, "There's no such thing as a dick I can't handle! No man is that big, and no man is that good!"

"Bill is," Amanda snarked, as she stared into the mirror to fix her makeup, "on both counts."

Tiffany gazed in disbelief at her friend.

"Fine," said Tiffany with irritation as she began to brush her long, black hair, "Have it your way. Answer the question. How big is he?"

"Eleven inches, and thick as my wrist," the red-head answered.

Tiffany stopped brushing in mid stroke and exclaimed skeptically, "You're making that up!"

Amanda shook her head, smiling smugly. She watched her friend closely, gauging her reaction. She could almost hear the gears turning in the other woman's head.

After a long silence Tiffany asked, "And he's that good with it?"

"Let me put it this way," Amanda said, satisfied that she had baited her friend firmly, "he makes me beg for it."

The raven-haired size queen's eyes went wide with astonishment.

Then she exclaimed skeptically, "You've never begged anyone in your life!"

"I beg him," said the redhead, "He won't fuck me until I'm so far past ready that I can't think straight. He won't let me cum until then either."

"How the hell can he control that?" Tiffany asked incredulously.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Amanda answered with smug satisfaction.

"Well, then I'll just have to find out for myself," Tiffany said firmly as she furiously resumed brushing her hair.

"Not tonight," Amanda said with a grin as she put her lipstick back in her purse, "Tonight that big cock is all mine!" Then she left.

"We'll see about that," Tiffany muttered.

When Tiffany had finished primping she emerged from the restroom. She bounced over to her bar stool determined to gain Bill Wilson's attention. However, when she looked over to where she thought he was, he was gone. She looked frantically around the room trying to catch some glimpse of either him or Amanda. She found neither.

"Lose something, Tiffany?" Annie asked knowingly.

Seeming a bit startled Tiffany said, "No."

She looked back over at the place where Bill had been sitting.

"My brother and Amanda left almost as soon as she came out of the restroom," said, Annie, "They seemed to be in a hurry to get out of here."

Tiffany scowled then turned to the young man sitting next to her. She grabbed his head to pull him in for a deep, searing kiss.

A full two minutes later, when Tiffany decided they could come up for air, Tiffany whispered harshly into his ear, "You're going to take me home and fuck me!"

The bewildered young man opened his mouth to say something, but she cut him off.

"Don't say anything," she barked, "Don't say one stupid word. I don't want you to talk. I just want you to fuck!"

With that she jumped off the stool, grabbed the young man's wrist, and dragged him out of the bar.

Since Tiffany had long since ceased to be the center of attention, everyone looked at Annie questioningly when she burst into gales of laughter.

The guy that Tiffany took home turned out to be completely worthless. He was so shocked at the sudden, terse come on, and frightened by her obvious anger that, no matter what Tiffany tried to do, he couldn't get an erection. The livid size queen sucked, teased, and fondled him for nearly half an hour with no result. He stayed soft and intimidated through it all. She finally kicked him out in disgust.

She flopped down on her bed angry and horny.

"Shit!" she shouted, "That bitch! I'll get her for this!"

Thoughts of Amanda and that guy Bill invaded her head. Was it possible that his cock was really that big? What would it feel like in her hand or in her mouth? What would it feel like ramming in and out of her needy pussy.

She had fantasized for years about a cock that big. This time was different, though. This time she had a face to attach to the body. She could picture him sucking on her big tits while he fucked her. Her nipples hardened into little pebbles. A low moan escaped her lips as she squeezed one of her monstrous melons at the thought.

The raven-haired beauty reached down with her other hand to stroke her clit. It was the first time she had ever wished that she owned a dildo. She had never bought one because she had never needed one. She could always get any man she wanted. This was the first night she hadn't had some sort of sexual partner for nearly two years.

As she became hotter she considered going back to the bar to find someone to fuck. She thought better of it. Going back would be tantamount to admitting that she'd lost out to Amanda. She couldn't bear the humiliation.

She bucked her hips against her hand as she slid two fingers into her dripping gash. The motion made her massive breasts shake like giant gelatin molds.

She pictured Bill's face between the firm columns of her thighs licking and sucking in her clit. Her fingers made slurping sounds as she plunged them into her wet pussy. Then she imagined Bill's eleven inch cock instead of her dainty fingers ramming her cunt. She whimpered with the effort it was taking to get herself off.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me," she moaned as she jilled herself.

She was so close to orgasm that it almost hurt. Her huge tits heaved with her ragged, labored breathing. So close, but her wrist was getting tired. She was nearly there. Her fingers just weren't big enough to fill her dripping, desperate pussy. She needed a big, thick cock. She needed Bill Wilson's big, thick cock.

Finally her wrist began to hurt so much that she couldn't go on. She couldn't finish. She screamed in frustration and rage.

She pulled the bed clothes up over her curvy body as she rolled herself into a fetal ball of thwarted sexual heat.

"I'll get that bitch," she thought angrily, "I'll get that cock, too. I'll own it! Nobody will get to fuck it but me!"

Then she cried herself to sleep.

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