tagBDSMTaming the Teach Ch. 03

Taming the Teach Ch. 03


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.


And suck them off the teacher did. Big cocks, small cocks, thick cocks and long cocks, she sucked them all tonight. She had long since lost count of all the cocks she had sucked. Barbara, didn't remember all of the finer points that happened after that. She did remember that she had been a whore and according to the girls, a good one. Then they had dropped the other two girls off.

After that, she had somehow ended up, not her house, but Tina's. Then she remembered the shower she took with the young girl and the way Tina had pampered her. "Just stand there and enjoy it, my precious. Let Miss Tina take care her sweet baby now," she said, while she washed the remnants of the party from the teacher's body.

The older woman reveled in the pampering. She soaked up the sights of the lean young body that casually rubbed against hers, while Tina lathered her with soap. Barbara was entranced by the her former student's body, her high set breasts, the smatterings of freckles, the contrast of her pink nipples to her pale skin, and the soft curve of her hips.

"Your face is positively glowing tonight," Tina said as she tilter her teacher's flushed face up, while exploring the soft folds of the older woman's sex with her other hand. "I'll see to it that you get plenty of your special cream to put on it from now on. You'd like that, wouldn't you precious," she said, as she plunged her index finger deep into her teacher's cunt.

Barbara's legs weakened, sending her to her knees in front of the precocious girl. She watched the water run in rivulets down the red-head's stomach into the bright red hair of her sex. 'Why am I so helpless with this girl? What is happening to me?' she thought, as she tried to stand back up.

However, Tina put a hand on Barbi's head, holding her down. "Just stay there baby, while I wash your hair," she said.

The teacher knelt before the girl then felt the cold liquid as it was poured onto her scalp. She loved the feel of Tina's gentle fingers, massaging the rich lather in her hair. Barbi stared at the young girl's sex, looking beneath the wet red pubes at the slightly parted lips of the sex beneath. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't resist the temptation and leaned forward to kiss the blossomed petals of her flower.

Tina pushed her head away. "Be patient baby, you can only look for now," she said, before parting the pink lips of her labia, drawing a gasp from her frustrated teacher. "There, now you can see what you will get, if you are a good girl." Tina said as she rinsed the older woman off.

Then the young girl turned off the water and dried Barbara and caressed her body with scented oils. Ms. Thompson tried to kiss her former student, but Tina pulled back. "Do you want to please me, my precious?" she asked.

"Yes," Barbara croaked.

"Then just look and no touch," the young girl admonished.

The young girl led the older woman into the bedroom. "Get up on the bed on your hands and knees. No, face away from me," she said.

'What a sight I must look like to her. A lecherous old lady on her hands and knees, showing her swollen bare cunt off to a teenager," she thought, blushing from her exhibitionism.

Tina walked to the head of the bed and then reached down and picked up a cord with a Velcro band attached to the end. The teacher stared with open mouthed curiosity, as the young girl pulled the Velcro apart with a rip.

"Put your wrist inside, precious," she said as she placed the open cuff near the teachers arm.

Barbara trembled as her mind tried to come to terms with her conflicting emotions. Part of her was scared and she had no idea what this precocious young girl had planned, but part of her only wanted the pleasure to continue. She looked in Tina's eyes and saw nothing but kindness, then looked back down at the cuff. A nursery rhyme started to go through her head. 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,' she thought, as she placed her wrist in the cuff then Tina sealed it around her wrist. Soon her limps were stretched out to the four corners of the bed.

The older woman was afraid, yet at the same time, very turned on by her helplessness. She could feel her juices cooling as they ran down her thighs. Suddenly, she realized she didn't know where Tina was. "Tina- Tina, don't leave me! I'm scared!" she cried, struggling against her bonds.

"Don't worry baby, I just had to get a few things," Tina soothed the frightened woman, as she came back to the bed and deposited several items on the nightstand. "You and I are going to have so much fun tonight."

Barbi stared at the items with apprehension. The purpose of some of the items could be discerned easily by their shape, while others could not. But it was clear these were forbidden things, things that perverted people used for sex -- things that were going to be used on her tonight.

'Humpty Dumpty had a great fall," she thought wryly.

Tina began playing with Barbara's breasts, pulling and teasing her large nipples until they grew plump and hard. "Oh my precious baby, did you know that when I first saw your big beautiful breasts, I knew at that very moment, they were destined for the clamp."

Tina picked up a weighted nipple clamp and showed its operation to the wide-eyes of her frightened teacher. "You've never worn one of these before, have you precious?" she asked.

The teacher shook her head no and blushed as she looked down.

Tina pinched the end of Barbara's nipple and pulled it way from her chest, "Don't be frightened baby, you were made for this," she said, as she attached the clip to the breast and let it go. The teacher gasped loudly as the weight bounced below. Tina played with the weight, watching her teacher grow aroused from the stimulation. "Ask your Mistress, if she will clamp the other breast because it is lonely."

'Mistress? Dear God, what have I gotten myself into and why do I feel the need to have the same pleasure and pain from my other nipple?' Barbara thought, before blushing and asking the young girl, "Please Mistress Tina, my other nipple is lonely. Please clamp it."

Tina brought the other clamp to her teacher lips. "Kiss it," she said. Barbara gave a light peck to the weight and then Tina clamped it on her other breast.

Tina climbed on the bed and facing the wall, she grabbed the headboard and turned her ass up so that her sex was exposed to her teacher. "It's time for you to please me, Barbi," she said.

Barbara was in heaven. She finally had a chance to touch and to taste this young girl, who she had somehow come to fall in love with, in only one night. The teacher began to give soft pecks of affection on the cheeks of her bottom and the inside of her thighs.

"I don't want that mushy prim and proper stuff Barbi, I want it with feeling," Tina said, as she stood up.

'Oh no! What's going on?' she thought, as Tina got down off the bed. "Wait, please - don't go! Please, whatever I did wrong, I'm sorry. Just don't go!" she begged the young girl as tears fell down her frightened cheeks. She struggled uselessly at her bonds. "Just one more chance, you won't be sorry. Please," she whined.

Tina stroked the distraught woman's wet hair, to sooth her. She picked up a small paddle and held it to the teacher's lips. Barbi eagerly rained kisses on the paddle, 'Anything, just don't leave,' she thought.

The young girl began to spank the older woman's ass to a bright shade of pink. Tina watched her teacher with delight, as the woman struggled to be quite and still, while the weights swung wildly on her nipples and her ass rippled under the blows of the paddle.

Barbi tried to be good, she tried to take the blows like a woman, but soon the pain grew too much. She began to cry and to bawl, begging her mistress to stop, just as she had begged her mother when she was a child.

Tina stopped paddling the teacher and softly caressed the hot cheeks of her bottom, until the older woman's sniveling slowed. Then she picked up the paddle again and began to lightly tap her upturned cheeks with rapid blows. Not enough to hurt yet, but soon the soft blows would build up to a fevered pitch. "Precious, I know you love me, but that's not why you are here. I want you to think of the naughty little girl-whore that sucked on all those cocks tonight with such eager abandon, spitting, swallowing, drinking every last one of them, and loving every minute of it. *That* is who I want to be with tonight, not the frigid fraud of a teacher, I put up with for a year."

The strength and the tempo of the paddle picked up. The helpless teacher tried to move her ass so that the blows wouldn't fall on the same spot, but it soon became unbearable on any part of her bottom.

"So what are you precious? Hmmm? Are you my teacher or my whore?" Tina demanded.

"are you a TEACHER!" she said, slamming the paddle down with a force.

"or are you my w-h-o-r-e . . ." she breathed, as she teased Barbara's pussy with the edge of the paddle.

Barbara had spent her whole life trying hard not to be the very thing Tina wanted her to be, yet in just one night and by just one girl, Barbara knew her destiny. "I'm your whore! Please let me eat your pussy! Let me taste your cunt! Please Mistress!" cried the teacher.

Tina put down the paddle and straddled the bed in front of the older woman again. Barbi didn't even wait for the girl to get into position, before she began kissing and sucking the young girl's feet, thighs, or whatever else was convenient.

The teacher's tongue was a blur as it explored every inch of her Mistress's sex. She stuck her tongue out and began to piston her head, so that she fucked the young girl with her tongue. Barbara even spat in the red-head's crack and proceeded to kiss her tiny puckered ring, before sticking her tongue in her little brownie.

"Ahhh . . ." Tina moaned loudly. "You're a nasty little girl, aren't you precious?" she asked, as she forced her ass back into her teacher's face. "Mmmmm . . . stick that sweet tongue in my ass baby!"

Barbara tongued the young girl's nether region and then she began to flick her tongue over her clit, while she sucked at her pussy with her nose. She could feel the red-head begin to twitch and spasm as her orgasm approached.

"Oh! You fucking slut, you're gonna make me cum! Oh! Eat my pussy bitch! Oh, oh, fuck me bitch! I'm cumming!" the young girl cried.

Barbara, continued to gently lick the girl until she was sated. Then, Tina got up off the bed and began to attach a strap on dildo to her crotch. "Oh precious, you are going to love this. I know you aren't a virgin anymore," she said, as she poked a pinky finger into her teacher's little brownie. "Well, you may be in some places, but you are going to feel like my little virgie tonight. This plow doesn't get soft, it doesn't prematurely ejaculate, and it doesn't yield. I'm going to fuck you into submission, precious," she said as she got on the bed, facing her teacher.

Ms. Thompson immediately opened her mouth and began to suck on the flesh colored cock that poked obscenely from the young girl's hips. Even though she knew Tina couldn't feel her lips and tongue, she wanted the young girl to know that she was getting a better blow job than any of the college boys did that night. Barbara choked slightly when she felt it slip into her throat, but eventually she felt her lips press against the base of the dildo.

"Oh baby, do you know how jealous I was tonight, watching you suck all those big hard cocks? God, you were so fucking sexy, you almost made me cream in my panties," she said as she began to thrust the dildo in and out her teacher's mouth, while the poor woman wheezed for air. "I knew right then, that I had to get my precious home for her to suck *my* cock!"

Tina pulled the cock out of the teacher's mouth and got off the bed. She walked to the door of the bedroom, with the cock bobbing with every step. She stood at the door, before turning back to ask, "Are you sure you want it precious? Maybe we should just finish this later . . . hmmm?"

"Mistress Tina, please-please fuck me! Fuck my hot pussy, fuck it as hard as you can!" the teacher begged.

Tina walked behind her teacher, just out of sight, stroking the dildo jutting from her crotch, admiring the view. 'I don't know what it is about her that makes her so attractive. She's got a nice plump bottom and large full breasts, but she's starting to sag a bit and she has a few rolls where there shouldn't be any. Physically, Tammy or Tamika are more attractive than she is. Still, there is something about her though. Maybe it's her eagerness to please and vulnerability that makes her so damned attractive,' Tina thought, as she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself behind her former teacher.

"Do you want it baby? Do you want my hard cock?" Tina asked, running the large flesh-colored cock around the opening of her teacher's sex.

"Yes Mistress . . . please . . . fuck me, fill me!" cried the teacher, pushing back her hips, trying to capture the dildo.

The young red head continued to tease the teacher, by rubbing the cock up and down her dripping slit. "The fire doesn't command the tender to feed it the log. It is the duty of the fire to dance and burn, to entice the tender to stoke and stir the flames." She watched with delight as her former teacher groaned in frustration and her bound limbs strained helplessly against her chains, but in the midst of all this . . . the older woman began to dance.

The pure sexual intensity of the pleasure and frustration had overwhelmed poor Barbara's mind. She gave up her humanity to become something much more elemental. Mere chains couldn't hold fire and neither could they control her passion. Barbi's mouth opened and kissed a lover that wasn't there. Her toes curled as her legs spread incredibly wide for thighs that were not between them. Her hips rolled and her back arched marching with the thrusts of an unseen lover. "Oh Mistress, that feels so good. Oh Fuck - Oh Fuck! Fuck my cunt harder. Ugh - Bite my tits! Make your whore scream Mistress!" the older woman cried as the weights swung wildly on her breasts.

It was Tina's turn to stare in shock. Ms. Thompson looked like she was getting ready to cum and Tina wasn't even touching her. It would be interesting to see if Barbi could cum without being touched, but there was no way Tina was going to be left out and she drove the strap-on into her teacher in one stroke.

Poor Barbara felt as if she were losing her virginity again. It had been years since her velvet glove had last held a cock and never one as big as this. Her couplings in the past had never prepared her for this - for fucking.

Tina was giving her the fucking of her life. She pulled her cock all the way out of the teacher's cunt, before lining it up and thrusting it back into her with one smooth long stroke. In and out she fucked her, drawing a moan as she drove it in and a pitiful whine each time it was removed. Tina stood up on her feet, yet squatted down, placing her body over-top of her former teacher's, yet the cock remaining firmly inside. "I'm going to take an orgasm out of your cunt," Tina told Barbara, as she placed her hands on her shoulders and forced her upper body down, with her ass remaining raised in the air. "Is that what you want whore?"

"Oh yes, Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me cum!" Barbara moaned into the pillow.

Tina pushed down harder on Barbara's shoulders and began to pummel her from above, banging the head of the dildo against the teacher's cervix. It wasn't making love, instead Tina was taking ownership of the older woman's cunt.

"Give it to me! Give it up to me!" Tina demanded, pulling her teacher's head back by her hair.

With her arms and legs tied to the corners of the bed, her ass held high in the air, her torso pushed down, her head pulled back, and a cock thrusting into her cunt, Barbara understood submission. The very arrangement of her body demanded it. She realized that Tina owned her body and she demanded an orgasm from her cunt. She wasn't surprised when she felt her cunt obey the young girl's commands.

Tears flowed freely from Barbara's eyes as she felt her body begin to warm pleasure. The warm glow deepened and flowed to her cunt and then with a spasm she began to cum. "I-love-you-mistress," she grunted with every thrust, as her cunt swelled in orgasm and then gave itself to Tina.


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