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Taming the Teaser


Catherine was an exotically pretty girl. The once awkward looking pre-teen with the gangly arms and legs and wide mouth had developed over the years into the type of girl any man would desire. She was tall, standing 5'9", and always wore shoes that added at least another inch or two to her height. She had long, dark brown hair that hung to the middle of her back. Her face was different from most girls, but that only made her stand out more. She still had a wide 'Julia Roberts' style mouth, with a thin nose and slightly downward-turned eyes. But it was a look that drove the boys wild. She had a long neck, to match her long, tanned arms and legs. Her 32-C cup tits looked larger because of her thin body. While she had a nice shape and was tall, Catherine still only weighed 105 lbs. Her ass was tiny, but perfectly rounded to complete the sexy package.

Catherine had learned how to dress to show off her body. She almost always wore tight pants that showed off her ass. And always had on a tight shirt that clung to her perky breast. She also favored low necklines.

The only bad thing about the pretty 19-year old was that she was a total cock-tease. She had lost her virginity at 17 to a boy her dumped her after taking her cherry. And from that moment on she had decided to make men earn any chance to get close to her. Most of the time she enjoyed leading men on with hints or actions that would indicate that she was willing to satisfy their urges, only to turn them away at the last minute. Always enjoying the hurt in their eyes and the obvious, unsatisfied, bulge in their pants.

No one was left out of her merciless games. Even guys who knew that they never stood a chance with her were often led on to believe that Catherine was going to give in to them. She felt no shame in humiliating them just for mistakenly thinking that they had a chance with such a beautiful girl.

One such person was Mick, one of the boys she had grown up with. Catherine was a year older than Mick. She knew that he had had a crush on her since he started high school. And even though he was one of the nicest boys you could find, Mick was a tall, homely boy who was not only unattractive, but was just as awkward as she had been as a pre-teen. Catherine didn't need anyone around her to remind her of how bad she felt about herself in those days. But she did take advantage of Mick often. She talked him into giving her rides when she didn't have a car of her own. She would get him to do her homework or help her with other things. Always acting friendly when she needed him. And even sometimes implying that she was growing interested in him. Only to pull away and break his heart at the last minute. But still, Mick kept coming back for more punishment. Catherine guessed that he was still a virgin.

Now that she was out of high school Catherine had moved on to a local College, and a whole new set of young men to tease. She dated several times, but never found a man that she was willing to have sex with. Leaving several guys hard and lonely that the end of many nights. Then, as the first year was coming to a close, Catherine found a great prospect to work her charms on.

She was having trouble in one of her classes. The teacher had instructed her to ask his aide for help. Tommy was a 21-year old Senior who served as an assistant to Professor Johnson. He was delighted when Catherine came to ask for help. With her low cut blouse he was often treated with pleasurable views of her cleavage, although she always made sure to wear a bra to make sure that nothing else was visible. It wasn't long before Catherine began working her charms on Tommy, eventually convincing him to show her copies of Mr. Johnson's tests in advance to help her study. She loved getting close to Tommy, allowing him to rub his bar arm against her firm bosom. Or leaning close and speaking softly in his ear. Tommy was rapidly falling for Catherine and wanted nothing more than to get the opportunity to make love to the beautiful freshman. But in their weeks together she never allowed him anything more than a couple feels of her boobs outside of her shirt. Now Catherine had raised her grade to where she would pass Johnson's class with ease. All thanks to Tommy's efforts and his willingness to help her cheat on exams. Once assured of her grade Catherine ended all contact with Tommy. When he tried contacting her she bluntly told him to leave her alone or else she would inform Mr. Johnson that he had shown her the exams, which would cause him to be expelled for violating the school's honor code, with only a month to go before graduation!

Tommy had decided that someone needed to teach Catherine a lesson. He talked to his friend, John, who knew Catherine's reputation well. He had a couple other friends who knew her. He told Tommy that his friend Kevin went to high school with Catherine and had been teased by her several times. And then there was his other friend, Joe, who had been dealt the same teasing blows earlier in the year. After the four of them got together they learned of two other men who had run-ins with Catherine. There was Robert, who worked in the movie-theatre. He was a married 22-year old who had found himself the object of Catherine's desires once she learned that he could get in into movies for free. She teased him for much of the last year whenever she had wanted to catch a film. He was introduced to them by Leon, a student who worked with Robert at the theatre and was friends with Joe and had watched helpless as Joe was led on by the tease.

After a couple weeks of talking the six men decided that they needed to find a way to teach Catherine the ultimate lesson. While thoughts of public humiliation were always present, it came down to the one desire they all had: That they each wanted to fuck her senseless. Planning began on how to best achieve their goal. And finally they came to a mutual decision and set the wheels in motion.

The following Friday there was a concert downtown. The band was one that Catherine absolutely loved. Kevin knew this from his previous days with her in college. So that afternoon as class was ending Tommy approached her and told her that he had a ticket to the show. He explained that he wasn't able to go and wanted to know if she would like to have his ticket. Not being one to pass up a free gift Catherine accepted. She was a bit put off when Tommy told her that he didn't have it with him. But that if she stopped by his place on her way she could pick up the ticket then. When she said that she would be there by 6:30 Tommy informed the other guys and they went to his apartment to prepare.

Tommy lived in efficiency on the side of the apartment complex. All of the other apartments were on the front and back of each building. Each unit had one efficiency that went quickly to college students. They were small one-room apartments with a tiny kitchen and a bathroom. But were pretty cheap and far enough away from the other apartments to not be worried about getting complaints for noise. Which the guys thought might be beneficial for their plans.

Joe was keeping watch for Catherine as the guys made their last minute preparations. He came inside excited. "Boy, she sure if fucking hot tonight!" He exclaimed.

They peeked out the window and saw Catherine coming down the walk. She was wearing a skirt, which was unusual for her. It was very short and still showed off her ass. Her tight shirt had a V-neck cut that plunged into her cleavage. And it was obvious by her bounce that Catherine had decided not to wear a bra to the concert.

Catherine knocked on the door. Tommy answered and invited her inside while he got the ticket. When she stepped inside she was surprised to see who his guest were. She recognized Kevin, Robert and Joe at once. And she thought that the other two men looked familiar as well.

"What's going on here?" She asked.

"We're having a little party." Kevin replied as he closed the door and latched the deadbolt. "And you're the guest of honor."

"Wh-what?" Catherine asked, stepping back against the door.

"We're having a Tease-Taming party, Catherine."

Catherine turned around to open the door but Tommy grabbed her and shoved her towards the bed. Joe and Robert caught her and shoved her roughly onto the mattress. As she fell her skirt hiked up revealing her red-lace thong panties. She screamed but someone shoved a rag into her mouth and held his hand over her face while the others began undressing her. The skirt and panties came off easily. But Catherine put up quite a struggle as they tried lifting her up long enough to pull her shirt off. But after a couple minutes that had the cock tease naked and pinned on the bed.

Then came the handcuffs and ropes. As the girl fought back in a losing effort she soon found herself bound with her arms outstretched and secured to the bedpost and her legs spread eagle and tied to the bottom of the bed. Then the camera came out.

Catherine screamed against the gag as Kevin took pictures of her naked and fully exposed. While he snapped pictures Robert pulled out a camcorder and filmed her in her helpless state.

After a short time of this the two men put down their cameras and everyone got on the bed and began molesting Catherine. Hands squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples until they were rock hard. Fingers began probing the inside of her pussy, or tweaking her clit until it swelled up. Catherine jerked against her bonds but was unable to free herself. Then the men backed away and began undressing.

Since it was Tommy's place he had the option of going first. Catherine renewed her efforts to break free as she saw Tommy getting on the bed, totally naked and with his cock fully erect.

"I've been waiting for this for a long time." He said as he got between her legs and began licking her pussy. Catherine squirmed as his tongue began running up and down the full length of her pussy, then began flicking across her clit. She worked the rag out of her mouth and began protesting but no one listened. They just watched as Tommy ate her pussy. Then Robert grabbed the video camera and began filming her.

"Please don't film me!" She begged. But Robert refused to put the camera down.

Tommy masterfully worked his tongue on her cunt. Catherine felt her juices begin to flow freely as he worked a finger into her and began banging her with it while continuing to lick her. Catherine fought against the desires that were growing between her legs. It had been a long time since she had been fucked. And a longer time since she had gotten off to anything other than her own fingers. She couldn't believe that this was happening to her. Especially not at the hands of these men; some of whom had been victims of her teasing efforts. Now they were taking their revenge on her.

Catherine begged Tommy to stop while secretly hoping that he wouldn't. She knew that he was going to make her climax. She only hoped that they wouldn't have the guts to go any farther than this.

Catherine began squirming more as Tommy's tongue brought her closer to the edge. The camcorder was capturing every moment as her orgasm began. Catherine couldn't help but moan as she had an orgasm. She blushed with shame as the men cheered her on, knowing that she was climaxing and capturing it on tape.

When her orgasm ended Tommy climbed up and over her. "Please don't" She begged as he pressed his dick against her wet pussy. Tommy didn't saw a word, he just continued rubbing his cock up and down her lips. Then he thrust forward, burying his pecker inside her. Catherine gasped loudly and cried out in protest once more as Tommy began pounding her cunt. Flashes popped around her as someone began taking pictures again. And she knew that the camcorder was still rolling.

Tommy was lost in lust as he slammed his cock into her over and over again. He lowered his head and took her left nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it as he fucked her. Catherine was whimpering as he banged her. She had been fucked a few times, but never has hard or rough as Tommy was doing now. She was both disgusted and humiliated at how she was being abused by him. She glanced around the room and saw that everyone else was naked as well. She saw five hard cocks waiting their turn and that's when panic hit her. Catherine knew that she was going to be gang-raped and there was nothing she could do about it.

Tommy was moaning as his pace quickened. Catherine knew he was about to cum. She began begging him to pull out of her. Other than her first time, Catherine had always insisted that the other four men who she had slept with use condoms. Now she was about to have someone she had never intended to sleep with shot his sperm inside of her. She continued begging him to stop, but this only excited Tommy more. He slammed his hips into hers. "Oh shit, I'm cuming!" He cried out. Catherine felt his semen begin to coat her insides. She prayed that he wouldn't impregnate her as he finished cuming inside her.

Tommy hoped off and Kevin took his turn. Catherine was mortified by her old high school classmate mounting her. He took his time fondling her and sucking each nipple before licking his way down to her belly button then back up to her neck. Then Kevin pushed his cock into her pussy and she found herself being fucked for the second time as more pictures and video were taken of her ordeal.

Kevin lay his weight on her, using his hands to continue fondling her breast as he fucked her. The thought of how many times she had made him rush home to jack off in high school made this moment even more satisfying to him. Catherine lay still, just waiting for this to be over with. Fortunately for her Kevin did not have the staying power of Tommy and he soon shot his load into her and got up.

Robert got on her next. His cock was a little larger than the others were. Catherine noticed that it was easily the biggest she had experienced at 8-inches. Robert wasted no time in mounting her and ramming his cock into her. His cock filled her like none had before. But she still detested every inch of it. Unfortunately, her body now had a mind of its own. After being stimulated to one orgasm already, and fucked by two other dicks, her pussy was once again alive and stirring and Robert's cock was threatening to bring her to another orgasm. She tried to resist the temptation to give in. She did not want to give any of these bastards the pleasure of making her cum on their cocks. But Robert was taking his time, fucking her with masterful strokes. He was enjoying taking Catherine, but he could feel her responding and wanted to make her climax. The thought of forcing her to orgasm beneath him was a real turn on, so Robert paced himself, wanting to hold back his own orgasm until after he made her climax.

Catherine caught herself fucking back twice. Both times she stopped immediately, blushing with shame at the thought of enjoying what was happening to her. She wanted Robert to blow his load and get off of her long enough for her to calm down. She knew that there were three more men waiting to fuck her and had to try to hold off having an orgasm as long as possible or else face cuming with each of them.

Robert's balls were tightening up. He could feel his cum rising but worked to hold back. Catherine was now raising her hips to meet his thrust, not in a desire for more pleasure, but in hopes of getting him off quicker. Then she lost her battle. Her head flew back and her eyes rolled upward. She groaned with uncontrolled delight as an orgasm washed throughout her. She could see the camcorder capturing her moment of ecstasy and regretted her actions, but they were beyond her control. As Catherine's orgasm subsided Robert's began. He pumped his jism into her pussy while Catherine panted and moaned beneath him.

"This bitch is all ours now." He said as he climbed off of her.

Tommy unfastened Catherine's hands and feet and they pulled her up onto her knees where Joe got behind her and started fucking her doggie-style. Tommy got on the bed before her and grabbed her head, pulling her face down into his crotch. "Suck my dick." He demanded.

Catherine was being pounded from behind while Tommy was thrusting his cock into her face. Catherine had never sucked cock before. And she didn't want her first time to be a video taped experience, but she had no choice in the matter. Tommy pinched her nose until she opened her mouth for air. When she did so he shoved his cock into her mouth and held her head tight. He used his hands to guide her head back and forth on his shaft. She began working her head on her own while Joe slammed her pussy from behind. Then he blew his load into her.

Catherine continued sucking Tommy's cock while Leon entered her pussy. As soon as he began fucking her she began to climax again. Her head was bobbing up and down on Tommy's dick as she came from Leon's fucking. She imagined the sight she was making for the cameras as she was being plugged from both ends while orgasming. Tommy's hips bucked and she felt the first blast of his cum hit the back of her throat. She could taste the saltiness of it and forced herself to swallow and more and more began pumping into her mouth.

Tommy pulled out of her mouth and Kevin grabbed her head, guiding it to his cock. And she began sucking him off while Leon continued pumping her pussy from behind.

"Oh yeah!" Leon yelled as he began filling her hole with his seed. Catherine continued sucking Kevin's prick, waiting to see if her cunt was going to get filled again. She felt someone get behind her on the bed. She couldn't sense who it was, but when his cock entered her hole she knew that it was Robert. Just then Kevin cried out as he began filling her mouth with his cum.

Robert pulled out of her pussy and pressed his cock against her asshole. Catherine jerked her head away from Kevin's softening pecker, "No, for god's sake not there!"

She tried to pull away but Kevin and Tommy held her tight while Robert began working his cock into her tight, virgin asshole. Catherine screamed as he began breaking through. He worked his way half way into her ass then began slowly sliding back and forth, loosening her spincther. Then with one savage thrust he slammed his shaft all the way inside her until his belly was firmly against her ass. Catherine screamed again as his pole impaled her. Robert held his position for a few moments then began fucking her ass while Catherine cried and whimpered from his assault. Her body shook as he pounded her tiny hole. After several minutes the pain subsided somewhat. Robert continued banging her asshole for several more minutes until he blasted his load up her chute.

Robert pulled out in one motion, which caused Catherine to gasp loudly as the vacuum of pressure nearly caused her to crap all over the bed. She was quickly grabbed and forced to straddle over John's cock and made to sit on his shaft. She welcomed him into her pussy after what had just happened. Then Tommy got behind her. She realized that he had every intent on taking her asshole while she was made to fuck John. Robert plugged her butt with his cock. Now Catherine was filled in both holes by two rods that began pistoning inside her. While this was happening, Leon jumped on the bed and stood beside her, forcing her to begin sucking his cock. Catherine took him into her mouth and began sucking while riding the two cocks in her cunt and ass. She could feel her body beginning to respond again. Where at first she was struggling, minutes later she was doing her best to accommodate all three dicks that had her filled airtight. Her body was on the verge of orgasm once more as she was being fucked by three dicks. She cried out as she began to climax, but her voice was muffled by the cock in her mouth. She orgasmed a second time before feeling John unleash his semen into her pussy. Tommy pulled her back against him, falling on the bed so that she was now riding the cock in her asshole. Leon came around the edge of the bed so she could resume sucking his dick. Then Joe climbed over her and sank his cock into her well-used pussy. Once more she was completely filled. Leon blasted her mouth with his cum and she swallowed it all. As he pulled free she shouted out her enjoyment as she began to cum on the two cocks that remained inside her. She had completely given in to lust and desire as she continued to welcome the two pricks. Tommy's cock exploded in her ass as Catherine began having yet another orgasm. She cried out in frenzied delight as each thrust of Joe's cock brought her more pleasure. Then Joe blasted her insides with his cum as he orgasm subsided.

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