byL.A. Wicker©

Walt has been a loner since he graduated from high school. He's not had any close friends, just a few people that he knows in town. It never really bothered him much at all. The only time it does, is when he needs female company. Then there are the local bars that Walt visits on the weekends, and most of the time he can find a woman to go home with.

He owns, and operates the only Gas Station and Garage in town. Walt had saved every penny he had ever earned as a teen. Working summer jobs and fixing old broke down cars for his friends. After high school he rented a vacant building, and started his business. Within two years he had the biggest garage in the county.

But, many nights he comes home from work, and thinks how nice it would be to have a nice dinner on the table. Also, a nice lady to clean, and take care of his home. Most of all, someone to talk to, and share each other's day. Walt was beginning to realise that he was a very lonely man, he needed to do something about it.

The next day while at the garage he got the idea of placing an add in the local paper. He would find a nice lady come in to cook and clean for him, in exchange for free room and board. That way he would have someone to talk with in the lonely evening hours.

Later that afternoon he drove the local newspaper office, as he walked through the door a very attractive woman said, "Walt Anderson, I haven't seen you in ages. How ya been?" Betty Smith asks with a big grin on her face. Walt had known Betty since high school, they dated for more than three years, and came close to getting married.

"Hi Betty. I'm fine. How have you been?" He replied with his very deep voice, and smile. Walt couldn't help looking at her light brown hair as it covered one of her deep, blue eyes. As he looked down her wonderful body, Walt could see from the sheer white blouse Betty was wearing, she still liked showing off her size 38-dd. breast.

As Betty stood up, Walt looked over her awesome hips, and sexy bottom. Betty was over 40 years old, and still had the looks of a woman of half her age. She gave Walt a warm, friendly hug, and she pushed into Walt's manhood, remembering all the times it had been inside her body, "I've been fine. Tom broke his leg last month and is just now getting back to work. But, other than that, we've been great." Tom was Betty's husband. She married Tom, when all of her hopes of marring Walt fell apart. "So, what brings you here today?" Betty asks.

Walt was kind of embarrassed about his add, "I Um… want to place this add." He handed the short, but to the point add to Betty.

She read it and a little smile came across her face, "So, is Walt Anderson getting lonely out on his big Ol' farm?" She patted him on his back, then sat down to her computer, and started typing in his add on her computer. All at once she jumped up with an excited look on her face, "I know somebody! She's an expectant mother. Her boy friend dumped her out on the street, and just left her, she needs help NOW!"

Betty went on talking, "The poor little thing is staying out with Pastor Terry and his wife. I'm sure they are driving her NUTS with all their preachin' and so on."

Walt scratched his head and asks, "Is she friendly?"

"I think she's one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met in my life. And, a pretty one, too!" Betty said with a big smile. Betty knew Walt needed someone to share his life with. He had been lonely to long. As far as she knew, she was the last woman he had dated, other than the cheep whores he picked up in bars. It just about killed Betty thinking of Walt with all those nasty women; he was to good for them.

"What's her name, and when can I meet her?" He asks. He felt like a little kid, meeting a new friend for the first time.

Betty was happy, she loved playing 'match maker' and this would be a perfect match, "Her name is Tammy, I'll call her and tell her to be ready, and I'll bring her out to your place tonight. How about… six tonight?"

"I'll see you two around six tonight then." Walt left the office and headed back to the garage. He was excited about having someone nice to help him around the house. And, most of all, someone to talk to.

Betty grabbed the phone, and dialled Pastor Terry's phone number as fast as she could, a sweet voice answered, "Hello."

"Hi Tammy. This is Betty, from church. You're just the person I wanted."

"Hi Betty. How ya doin'?" Tammy asks.

"I'm GREAT! And, you will be in a minute." Betty said. She couldn't wait to tell Tammy the good news. The only thing that bothered Betty was, she still loved Walt. And always would.

"What's got you so excited today?" Tammy asks.

Betty took a deep breath and said, "I found you a GREAT place to stay. All you got to do is clean, and cook. Can you cook a little?"

"YES!" Tammy relied. Thinking back to the many hours she had spent in her late Grandmothers kitchen. Tammy knew how to cook just about any meal you could ask for, from fried chicken to, a good thick meat loaf.

Betty was relieved; "Oh I'm so glad. OK, let me tell you. The mans name is Walt. He owns the only garage in town; he has a gorgeous home. His farm is the prettiest place I've ever seen. It's huge 4 bedroom, I think four bathrooms, and he has a swimming pool. And he wants someone to help him around the house, most of all, I think he's lonely."

"Oh, it sounds like a dream come true." Tammy moaned with pleasure. And most of all to just get away from the constant 'preaching' from Pastor Terry. He was driving her nuts with all his talk of 'sins'.

"I'm sure you two will get along real good." Betty said. She was hoping they got along good. She loved seeing two people fall for each other, especially when SHE got them together.

The two woman said their good byes, and Tammy rushed to get ready to meet her new friend. As she undressed in the small guest bathroom, her eyes looked into the large mirror that hung on the wall. She looked at her growing belly, 'Who would want a used woman, look at that fat belly. He's going to see it and change his mind about hiring me.' She thought.

Tammy stepped into the warm, shower water; it ran down her enlarged body. Across her swollen breast, teasing her milk filled breast into a state of excitement. She hadn't been in a passionate mood in a very long time, hell; she couldn't even remember the last time she had been HORNY.

The hot water found it's way between her slender, sexy legs. The only part of her body that hadn't changed yet. Her ONCE marvellous behind had grew twice its normal size, and she hated it. She missed wearing skin-tight jeans, and short mini skirts. Just a few short months ago, men would ogle at her wonderful bottom, and try anything to get her on a date, or in bed. Now, she looked like a COW!


As Betty drove up the long gravel driveway, Tammy got more excited about meeting Walt. Then, the large, ranch style house came into view. It had more windows, and skylights than Tammy had seen in her life. It was the biggest house she had ever seen it would kill her trying to clean something so big.

"What do you think? It's one of the prettiest places I've ever seen." Betty said as she looked over to Tammy.

Tammy replied with a little fear in her voice, "Am I going to clean this place? I'll be dead in two days, Betty!"

Betty patted her arm, "Don't worry, Walt was a clean guy when we dated in high school, and I'm sure he still is. And, to tell you the truth, I think he just wants someone around the house to talk to."

As they pulled up to the house, Walt walked out of the front door to greet the two women.

"Oh my!" Was the only thing Tammy could say. Her eyes roamed his 6'2, 210 pound body. His dark brown hair had streaks of white that ran from his temples back to just behind his ears. His dark brown eyes squinted to shield the setting sun. Tammy looked at his strong dominant face, with its few signs of ageing. Who would guess he was in his forties, other than the white hair at his temples.

Betty just smiled as she looked at Tammy, "He's a fuckin' good looker."

"OH YES!" Tammy sighed, as she continued looking at Walt. He had nice broad shoulders, and a thick masculine chest that looked like it was going to burst open the tight tee shirt.

Betty opened the car door, and walked up to Walt, hugging him as tight as she could, "Damn! How in the HELL did I ever let you slip away from me?" Betty had changed into a very, short, tight, mini skirt with black sheer stockings, and six-inch high heels. She knew what turned this man on, she dated him for three long years. As Betty held his wonderful body, she thought back to the first time he had ever seen her wear a short, mini skirt…

It was one of those beautiful spring days. The sun was shinning down, warming everything it touched. The trees, and spring flowers were beginning to bloom. Birds were singing their mating songs, love was in the air.

Betty walked around to the back of the high school, to the student smoking area. As she turned the corner, she saw Walt. He looked so handsome, so proud, and so sure of himself. She glided up to him, "Hay, big boy. Where's my mornin' hug?" And she made sure she pushed her 18-year-old hips into his. Her new mini skirt, just did conceal the tops of her creamy, stocking covered thighs.

Walt gasps for air when he saw what Betty was wearing. Her long, slender legs were in full view. He could see the tops of her black stockings, and a little glimpse of her white, silk panties. His young, 18-year-old manhood sprang into full arousal in a slit second. "WOW! Where did you get that?" Blood RUSHED to his erection as he looked at Betty.

"Do ya like it?" Betty asks, knowing darn well he did. She could feel his hardness pushing between her legs.

Walt was still in a state of shock, "No! I love it." His hands moved to her thin, sexy hips. He caressed her tight bottom with his hands, and pushed her into his hardness, "classes don't start for 30 minutes, lets go the locker room. PLEASE!"

Betty took him by the hand, and started to the locker room. She knew she would really get it good today. She loved it when Walt was like this, so horny for her, and only her.

Many students used the locker room to full fill their needs. The coach never made it to school until late in the morning. Making it the perfect place to 'make out.'

As Betty lead them through the locker room door, she spotted the trainers table. It was waist high to Walt, he could lay her across the table, and really put it to her. She turned to Walt, grinding her hips against his. "I bet you're going to FUCK my brains out today. You're goin' to cum in me so hard, it comes out of my mouth."

Walt pushed her against the table, pushing his hardness into her, "You better shut your mouth, and stop that dirty talk. I'm already so horny I could blow up."

"Oh really? You gonna blow up, or is your hard cock gonna blow in my pussy?" Betty whispered in his ear, as her hands pulled down his jeans, and underwear. "Oh Walt, I love it when you're this hard for me." She sank to her knees, and took Walt's hard 10-inch cock into her wet mouth. She sucked his ample cock head, making sure she teased it softly with her tongue.

"OH BABY! I LOVE YOU." Walt moaned loudly as Betty worked his swollen cock. Her mouth took him deep, and she sucked harder bringing him close to exploding. Her tongue licked every inch of his thick shaft.

Betty pulled from him, panting for air, "I'm ready! Do me, PLEASE!" She begged desperately, and pulled up her short skirt. Today, Betty needed her man from behind. She lay face down on the table, giving herself to Walt. "Do it. Take me HARD Walt." She pulled her silk panties over, giving Walt the final 'GO AHEAD' to use her.

Walt stood behind Betty, and he looked down at her tender body, gently caressed her, "I love you Baby Girl." And he slid his thick, 10-inch cock deep inside of Betty's fiery pussy.

Betty screamed, with delight as Walt sank deeper into her body, "OH Walt! OH YES! OH MY GOD." Her hips pushed back into his swollen cock. She needed him deep in her as she could get him. She was a woman, it was springtime, and she wanted to be his MATE. She needed to breed, and breed NOW! "GO WALT. DO IT HARD, BABY. I NEED IT HARD TODAY!"

Walt held her thin hips then he started moving in, and out of her ignited body. Her 'love' muscles squeezed his pumping cock like never before. He thought Betty had an extra hand inside her pussy, squeezing him. "Oh Betty. I love your pussy. It's always so hot, and wet for me." He used her faster, and deeper. Their flesh slapped together, as he drove into her body.

Betty was getting closer to her release, "WALT… YES. YES. GO, GO. FUCK ME!!!!!" Her pussy grabbed his cock, she held him in place. Her body came so hard on Walt's cock, he thought she had pissed on him. "OH, YOU MOTHER FUCKER…. GOD, I LOVE YOU." She thrust her hips into his cock.

Walt slapped Betty's tight ass, "Oh, you're a nasty mouth 'BITCH' today. Do you need some hard, thick, cock?"

Betty screamed her reply, "YES! FUCK ME. FUCK ME HARD!"

Young Walt had never seen her this horny before, but he loved it. "You like my cock?"

"OH, YES." Betty screamed, as she pushed back into his hardness. She needed it bad. "HARDER! FUCK ME!"

He slapped her sexy ass again, "You my little 'sex bitch'?"

She moaned as Walt's cock continued to use her body, "YES. ALWAYS!"

Walt was ready, "OH, BETTY! I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING." He reached to her thin, but sexy hips, pulling her closer to him. He began to release his massive load of cum deep inside young Betty. "OH, GOD! OH BETTY, I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU." His hard cock thrust in, and out of her like a Jackhammer.

"FILL ME UP WALT. OH YES! OH YES!" Betty screamed, as she took Walt's hot cum DEEP in her belly.

Walt whispered in Betty's ear, "Oh, you still feel so good." His thick manhood grew into her hips, remembering the many times he was inside Betty's wonderful body.

Betty broke their hug, and shook her head. Clearing away the beautiful thoughts of the past, "Um… Walt, this is Tammy. Tammy this is Walt."

Walt held out his big, strong hand to Tammy, "Nice to meet you." He said, as he looked at her pretty green eyes. The setting sun made her eyes sparkle. Tammy had worn her auburn hair in a loose pony tail style, letting it lay across her small shoulders.

Tammy took his hand, "And, it's nice to meet you. Betty told me a lot about you." As she held his big hand, her body began to tingle. She could also, feel a warmth between her legs. She had never felt this way before, no man had ever made her get excited this fast.

"I hope it was all good." He laughed, Knowing Betty, it was all-good. She still loved Walt. And, always would. "Well, lets go inside, and I'll show you around."

He walked the two beautiful women through the house. And Betty had been right, Walt had kept the house very clean. "You can pick any one of the rooms you like. I think the best one is over here." He pointed to the last bedroom at the end of the hall. "From this room you have a great view of the pool, and sliding doors to go outside."

Tammy loved the large bedroom. It was the biggest room she had ever seen, it had a big skylight, walk in closet, and a bathroom. "My last apartment wasn't this big. I love it!" She looked around the room like a little girl at Christmas time.

"Well, I'm glad you like it." Walt was so happy she liked the room, he watched her pretty young face, as she looked around. "Lets get a drink, I'm thirsty has heck."

Betty replied, "Do you need two cooks, or just one? I'd love to have a room like that. It's bigger than half my house!"

Walt laughed, "I don't think Tom would be very happy."

"Shit! The only time he would miss me would be IF, he could get his little pecker hard. And, that doesn't happen very often." Betty said with a smirk.

"BETTY!" Walt was shocked that she would say something like that. "I thought you, and Tom did good together?"

She replied, "He just gets on my nerves. He has a limp dick, and won't go to the doctor for help."

As they walked into the kitchen Walt ask, "What would you ladies like to drink?" Walt named off about five different kinds of drinks. Each of them picked a drink that suited them. "Let's sit out at the pool, it's my favourite place to sit on these hot summer nights."

Tammy gasp, as they walked outside. The pool looked like a natural lagoon. Plants floating on the water, and at the far end, a water fall gently ran into the pool. "OH, this is so nice. I hope you don't mind, but I think I'll be out here a lot myself."

Walt just looked at her, and smiled. That's what he wanted, someone to share his nights with, "Sometimes I sit out here until 2 or 3 in the morning. There's been a few times, I've even slept out here all night."

"I hate to, but I guess I should be going home." Betty said, as she stood up making sure she gave Walt a good look between her legs. "Walt, can you walk me out, I need to talk to you?"

"Sure thing. Tammy, you make yourself at home. I'll be back in a few minutes." Walt said.

He followed Betty out to her car. He watched her sexy ass wiggle under the mini skirt. He grew harder with each sexy step she took. This woman knew what turned him on.

Betty leaned against her car, "Walt, you'll never know how sorry I still am about us breaking up." Tears formed in her eyes. "Every time I get excited I think of you, using me like you did in school." She hugged him, and went on. "Tom is a good man, but he could never, ever match you making love."

Walt wiped the tears from her face. He held her trembling body tight. "I'm sorry to hear that, a woman as sexy as you should have a man that could wear her out anytime she needed it." His cock grew harder, pushing between her long, lean legs.

She felt his hardness, she pushed into him, hard. "Walt. Take me, like the old days. PLEASE!" She begged as her hips pushed into his large cock.

Walt moaned as she moved into him. "OH NO! You blew it 20 years ago."

"PLEASE!" Betty begged as she tried pulling down his jeans.

"NO! Stop it Betty. I like you, and Tom. I can't do this." Walt said, pushing Betty away from him. He wanted her just as bad, but he could never forget what she had done.

Tears ran down her pretty face, "I still love you." She hugged him so tight. It hurt Walt that this sexy woman wasn't happy. They most likely would still be together, if it hadn't been for that party after their graduation. "I better go." Betty got in her car, and drove away.


Walt made his way back to Tammy, she had moved to the pool, letting her feet soak in the water. "Is it warm tonight?" Walt ask as he sat down next to Tammy.

"Oh! It feels so good, I wish I had something to wear." Tammy replied, splashing her feet in the warm water.

"You don't have anything? A long tee shirt? Shorts?" Walt ask.

Tammy just sighed, "No, nothing at all."

Walt tried to think of something for her to wear. He wanted to swim, but it would be rude if his new roommate couldn't get in too. "OK. I have a bunch of long shirts. What if… you wore one of them with Um… Um… your panties. I promise I won't look." Walt's face turned a very nice shade of pink.

Tammy just smiled at Walt. She thought it was funny that he got embarrassed. "You promise you won't look at my fat, pregnant body?" She teased him.

Walt raised his hand, "I swear." He stood up, offering his hand to help Tammy up. "Lets go find a shirt you like. I'm dying for a nice, cool swim." His strong arms pulled her up, and into his arms. They both froze for few seconds. Walt loved the feel of her swollen body in his arms. He held her gently, as he enjoyed the warmth of her, "MMMMM sorry." Was all he could say, as he could feel his thick cock coming to life against her.

She just smiled as the heat ran through her body, and said, "Lets find me a shirt, so we can hurry, and get in."

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