My name is Frank and I am about to share one of the most exciting, incredible experience that I have ever had in my life. Considering I am a middle age, overweight, slightly balding and gray haired man.

This is my story, believe it or not. One weekend, I was at home mowing the yard and daydreaming of how lonely this particular weekend will be with my wife out of town.

When I was almost finished with my front yard, I noticed that the eldest daughter of my neighbor across the street was washing her car. Ordinarily, this would not have caught my attention, but this lovely young girl, (29 years old) was not only very attractive, but she was in her skimpiest outfit that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing her wear.

This outfit consisted of a tight little T-shirt that was cut just below her cute little breasts. She had what appeared to be cute pear shaped breasts and they were almost exposed. In fact, her T-shirt was so tight and clingy, that I could see her nipples as plain as if she had not top on at all. My gosh was she a sight for a horny guy like me. Her name is Tammy and I just wanted to yell out Tammy, you are torturing me sweetheart! But all I could do was stare.

I kept thinking, what a fantastic body for a mother of three! She certainly kept herself in good shape. I mean she had long, firm and beautifully tanned legs and a fantastic butt also. This I know, because whether she is wearing her famous teeny tiny shorts or extremely tight jeans her legs and ass make men like myself just go totally crazy for her with lust. However, my particular favorite is when Tammy wears her sinfully short skirts. Oh my,

She does have a very hot body and she is not afraid to flaunt it.

As I mentioned, she was the mother of three, including a teenage daughter and by looking at her body, you would never guess her age.

And her teenage daughter was definitely going to follow in her mother’s footsteps (that is another story).

Needless to say, Tammy was extremely active as a pre-teen, and even more so as a teenager. The fact alone that she has been married and divorced three times pretty much speaks for itself. She basically is a nice woman; she just had trouble with personal relationships. And I always felt sorry for her situation at home.


I always enjoyed talking to Tammy and today, especially was no exception. I could hardly concentrate; I just kept staring at her sweet little ass in those tiny white shorts. I f she only realized what she was doing to me, it was almost maddening. I acknowledged her by waving and saying hello and she smiled that gorgeous million-dollar smile and waved back.

I could not help but think that Tammy had the entire package, at least as far as physical beauty goes, she was definitely a hottie and she surely knew it.

We have always been cordial to each other, even though my wife resented how she flaunted herself in public. However, somehow today I just got a vibe that something was different about her demeanor, in a strange but wonderful way.

First of all, it seemed to me that whenever I glanced her way, she just happened to be bending over just a little farther than she really needed to in order to wash her car and of course, my eyes were riveted to her lovely figure.

I was certain that she caught me gawking (well, drooling) at her on several occasions, because she just smiled and tossed her long beautiful blond hair.

Tammy’s hair was not naturally blond, but it was very long and straight and it complemented her physique.

After about thirty minutes of her teasing, I could no longer just stand across the street and admire her from afar. So I walked across the street to strike up a neighborly conversation and admire her sweet body up close.

However, being the concerned neighbor that I am I took an ice-cold bottle of water for each of us and Tammy gratefully accepted. As we talked about how hot and dry the weather was, I could no help but notice the plunging neckline of her very cute T-shirt and even though her breasts were not that big, she still offered a wonderful view of her cleavage.

I felt slightly embarrassed that I would go to these lengths just admire Tammy’s sexiness up close. In fact, as I admired her more closely, I swear that I could see that she definitely was not wearing any panties under those shorty shorts. In fact, not only could I see the outline of her vagina almost perfectly, she appeared to be totally hairless as well, because her lips were pressing against the fabric of her shorts. At this point, I was almost delirious with lust for her and I was certain that her crotch even appeared to be very wet. I imagined, that she was excited from having such an enormous effect on me, or at least that is what I had hoped.


Tammy just leisurely drank her water as if nothing was wrong and she had no impact on my libido. I am certain that she noticed me gawking at her luscious body. If she noticed, she was very cool and did not let on.

As I regained my composure, I noticed that Tammy’s gaze was now distracted. I noticed that she was staring at my crotch and what was my unmistaken bulge.

At this point, I felt flushed and certain that my face was beet red and Tammy just giggled like a young schoolgirl and just patted my shoulder gently and said sorry. As she touched me, I felt a spark between us and she just stared into my eyes momentarily and moved closer to me with her hips, as if to brush her tiny waist against me. I just knew that she saw the lust in my eyes.

As we looked at one another, I studied her beautiful eyes and admired the tiny crow’s feet beginning to form around her eyes and thought to myself

How those just added to her mature sexiness. I was momentarily intoxicated

By her wonderful scent of sweat, perfume, and makeup. I had the almost irresistible impulse to grab her by the waist and kiss her.

All of these wonderful thoughts had my head just spinning, when Tammy broke my trance and asked me what I was going to do this weekend.

I simply replied that I had planned on just relaxing, especially since my wife was out of town.

I told Tammy that it was so hot, I just had planned on sitting on the porch and enjoying the view of my neighbors and having a few beers or drinks to relax. To my surprise, or should I say to my delight, Tammy suggested that if I did not mind, she would join me for a few beers and we can both relax and just chat. I instantly agreed that this would be a wonderful opportunity for us to catch up on neighborhood gossip and perhaps she would bring over a few CD’s and we could listen to some music as well.

Of course I agreed, I told her that was a wonderful idea and I would anxiously look forward to it. I briefly glanced up and down her sweet body and thought to myself that this could be a very good day. Tammy smiled coyly and said, “I will be over soon”. All I could manage to say was “great”.

I was a giddy as a teenage boy, but I did not want to let on how happy I was. I went home and finished mowing and trimming my yard and all I could think about was how youthful Tammy made me feel.


When I finally finished my yard, I went inside and showered and had a cold beer to relax. As I was sitting at my dining room table anticipating the arrival of my lovely neighbor, the doorbell rang and when I answered the door Tammy’s younger sister Beth greeted me. Beth was about 21 or 22 years of age and definitely a cutie in her own right.

Beth was a relatively shy girl and did not have the outgoing vivacious

Personality of her sister, but she definitely had a sexy body. The difference between Beth & Tammy is that Beth was a very demure girl and was not really aware of her sexuality. I always liked Beth because she was so sweet and sincere. I actually felt so sorry for her because her family really took advantage of her kindness and she seemed to be the Cinderella of the family.

I invited Beth inside and she said that her sister Tammy had sent her over to inform me that she would be over soon, she just had to shower and fix herself up a bit after being outside in the heat for so long. I asked Beth if she would like a cold drink and she blushed and said she really shouldn’t.

I told her that she deserved a break from her family for a few moments after all, she worked so hard. Reluctantly she agreed to stay for a few minutes and we talked about the weather and her job and how everyone in her family was so dependent upon her for babysitting, doing laundry, etc.

As Beth loosened up and became more relaxed talking to me, I noticed that she was smiling more frequently. I just adored her smile, she had stunning teeth, just like Tammy and her hair was a more natural dark blonde that was almost shoulder length. I could not help but admire her calm beauty.

I asked Beth why such a beautiful young girl like her did not have a regular boyfriend. Surely she had guys beating down her door for a date. She smiled that innocent smile again and actually managed to inch closer to me on the sofa as she explained that she felt too obligated to her family to make time for herself. Beth put her hand on my arm and thanked me for the kind compliments though. I put my hand on her shoulder and looked into her sexy green eyes and said, honey I mean every word.

There was an awkward silence for a moment and Beth told me that she always thought I was so nice and she has secretly had a crush on me for a long time. Then, without warning Beth gave me a huge hug and I returned her embrace and as I patted her back, I felt her warm body through her cute little tank top. I just wanted so badly to take her in my arms and shower her with kisses from head to toe and prove to her what power she could have over men.


As we awkwardly embraced, I could not help but explore the rest of her cute body, her skin was so soft and very pale and so delicate. Her smelled like sweet perfume and her lips had just a shimmer of glossy pink lipstick left on them. Beth was tall and very trim with abnormally wide hips for such a petite girl. She definitely was very sexy in a quiet, country girl sort of manner. Beth was wearing pink shorts that were not really tight, but fit her beautiful legs well and I could barely see a glimpse of what appeared to be light red panties underneath.

Here I was with this young virgin and all I could think of was how I could seduce her and make passionate love to her like she had never before experienced. I was feeling a bit ashamed; after all I was twice her age.

I could sense that she enjoyed being held tightly and cuddled, because she seemed so relaxed and made no effort to pull away. I finally had to ease away before my horniness took over completely.

As I pulled away, my hand fell into her lap and brushed against the crotch of her shorts and she gasped. To my surprise, she had a huge wet spot almost to her waist. I pretended not to notice, but she was breathing a bit labored and looked at me with a sultry grin and said look what you did

And I laughed and said it was all her fault. Beth said that if I wasn’t married, that she would gladly have me as her boyfriend. I was shocked and very pleased to hear that. I told her that she was being naughty and she said that she meant it.

On that note, she said that she had to go and I told her that she was so very sexy and I would definitely keep her offer in mind if I suddenly found myself single. Beth turned and threw her skinny little arms around my neck and gave me the biggest, wettest kiss that I have ever had. Not only did she

Let her tongue probe my mouth briefly, she rubbed her hips into mine and sort of ground her pelvis on my crotch. When she pulled away, she grabbed my throbbing member through my pants and said that was just a sample of what I could experience.

I exclaimed Beth, look what you did, referring to the major bulge in my pants. I said that had no idea that she was capable of that type of behavior. Beth replied that she might be a virgin, but she had learned plenty from her older sister Tammy. Beth waved goodbye and giggled as she left and I stood there helpless.


I almost forgot about her sister Tammy coming over and I rushed to freshen up again and change into some other pants. As I was hurriedly showering again, I heard the doorbell ring and I threw on some clothes and Tammy was waiting at the front door. I almost fainted; she was looking unbelievably sexy in a white lacy halter-top and the shortest jean skirt that I had ever seen. Suddenly I felt my groin aching with growing frustration over these two lovely young women.

However, I was totally smitten by Tammy and this sexy young woman knew it. She came up to me and put her hand on my arm and said Hey, how about that cold drink you promised me? I was momentarily stunned and all I could think of was that tiny little halter-top. I did manage to weakly reply that the drinks were coming right up. Needless to say, that wasn’t the only thing coming right up.

When I returned with the drinks, Tammy had started playing one of the CD’s that she had brought with her. And she had already made herself comfortable on the sofa. Tammy was sitting in a position that allowed me a

Wonderful view of her upper thighs and I could tell that she had panties on.

I was certain that she saw me gawking, but she just smiled and encouraged me to sit next to her. As if I needed any encouragement to be with this sensuous young babe, I was in a state of total euphoria.

As I sat down next to her, Tammy had slightly parted her legs and turned towards me and I was able to clearly see that she was wearing tiger print panties. I was almost drooling at the thought of removing her skimpy skirt and just admiring her from the hips down. I sat next to her and I could feel the tightness in my pants. I was hoping that she did not notice, for I was already embarrassed just thinking erotic thoughts of her.

Thankfully, Tammy initiated a conversation, starting with what my wife would think about her being over at the house while she was away. I replied that she would probably go crazy, but then I added that we argue most of the time anyway. Typical old married couple stuff and Tammy said she understood, being a divorcee herself. Then Tammy asked me if I had ever considered having an affair with another woman. I replied that I did not think that I really had anything to offer another woman at my age.


Tammy kindly replied that 49 is not old, in fact some younger women prefer older men because of their maturity and experience. And to my delight, Tammy positioned herself even closer to me as she continued extolling the virtues of older men. I felt like an old pervert, because the entire time she was telling me about how patient older men were and how

Generous they were with their compliments, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to undress her and completely ravish her.

I tried to listen to her intently, but I could not concentrate, she had the most sensuous perfume or body spray on and her makeup was flawless. Even her lips were painted a deep cherry red and as she talked, I was totally mesmerized. By the time she had finished talking, I had a full blown hard on. I noticed that she had become distracted too and quite fidgety. In fact, she was finishing her first beer and casually moved her legs right next to mine and her skirt had ridden way up on her thighs, affording me a fantastic view of her lovely panties.

Tammy asked if I could get her another beer and I awkwardly managed to walk to the kitchen and back without my hard on being totally obvious.

When I returned with two more cold beers, she took a very long drink of hers and when she sat the bottle down, she lifted her bottom up and I could clearly see that she was aroused as well. Tammy’s panties had soaked through to her skirt and I could even see her lovely inner thighs glistening slightly.

I had already made up my mind now, there was no turning back, so as Tammy repositioned herself on the sofa, I sat down as close as I could to her and she smiled sweetly and I casually put my arm around her as if this were our first date and I was trying to sneak a feel of her breast. Obviously she did not mind, because she leaned closer into me and said this was so peaceful. Just listening to music and relaxing with a few cold beers.

As Tammy and I started talking about music and the old songs, we discovered that we had music in common despite our age difference.

After about 5 more beers, we both were getting a buzz and Tammy really loosened up. She excused herself for a moment to use the bathroom and when she returned, she said she had something for me and winked.

I asked her what she meant and she pulled her hand up from her side and she was holding her sexy little bikini panties.


Tammy told me that she noticed me admiring them earlier and she was glad, because she purposely wore them for me. She confided that she knew for along time that I admired her body, especially her ass. I confessed that I could not stop fantasizing about her fantastic body. She giggled and held her panties to my nose and asked in a husky voice is this what you fantasized about? I immediately replied yea, among other scenarios.

I could not believe what this little vixen was doing to me, my head was swirling and I was horny as hell. Tammy said that those panties were for me to keep. I thanked her and put them in my pocket after holding them to my face again to inhale her sweet fragrance. I will never forget the expression on her face as I was kissing her panties. She looked as if I was bestowing the greatest praise upon her.

I could tell that this little production really turned her on, she stood in front of me and asked me what else could she do to make my fantasies come true? I was in her spell now, I replied that I had so many fantasies of her that I did not know where to begin. I did not want to lose the moment, so I reached out and pulled her to me and began kissing her face and neck

With such ferocity, I took her breath away. She pulled away momentarily and asked me to sit on the floor with her and as I sat down, she wrapped her legs round my waist and glued her lips to mine and practically sucked my lips into her sweet little mouth. I moaned oh baby you are so hot and that just made her all that more determined to make this a kiss that t I could never forget. Believe me, I have never forgotten

As soon as I could catch my breath, I explored under her tiny ass and managed to get my hands under her skirt and toy with her ass. I managed to grab each of her cheeks in either hand and spread her ass so that she almost impaled herself on my cock through my pants. Tammy realized what I was doing and just squealed with delight. She broke our passionate embrace, and stood up and wiggled her short little skirt down to her ankles.

I begged her to please allow me to finish removing her skirt for her, she said sure. As she lifted her feet out of the skirt, I held her foot and admired her finely manicured feet and kissed her toes one at a time. All Tammy could do was moan how wonderful that felt. I encouraged her to lie down and I massagd her feet and kissed her arches and lingered again on her toes. She practically had an orgasm right then.


While Tammy was still in a blissful state, I got up on my knees and started gently kissing her ankles and working my way up her thighs. I lingered right at her pubic mound and toyed with her pussy for a few moments before I began gently nibbling at her labia. She shrieked how exquisite that felt. I told her that she was a beautiful woman and that is how such women need to be treated.

The harder I tugged at her labia, the juicier her pussy became. My face was soaked in no time. I just sloppily lapped at her pussy and she squealed with wild abandon, humping my face and swaying her gorgeous little ass violently from side to side as if she were possessed.

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