tagFetishTammy Is Exposed Again

Tammy Is Exposed Again


Tammy and Mark were married not long after our wonderful weekend together. And of course we still all went out together, but we did spend more time with them at their new house.

I noticed that Tammy seemed to be wearing less and less when we came over. Then one night she came to the door wearing only a very large men’s white dress shirt. She looked nice in it, but it seemed somewhat revealing…

“Tammy, are you wearing anything under that shirt?” I asked.

“No, Mark insists that I wear nothing at all under it.” She responded. “In fact I am not allowed to wear anything around the house unless we have company over.”

Later that night Tammy was sitting on Marks lap and I on Williams lap.

Mark said to Tammy that she should show us what she had done.

“Go ahead, show them.. they will love it..” he said.

Tammy looked bit timid, so Mark stood up which made Tammy land on the floor.

After she got up He pulled the white shirt open to expose Tammy’s nude body to both of us to see.

Tammy looked a little embarrassed, but she was beautiful, in fact she had the most perfect tits I have ever seen, her hips are perfectly proportioned to the rest if her, and her legs are wonderful, anyway.

William looked at Tammy carefully and said… “what have you done to make her look like that.?” As he pointed to Tammy vagina.

Mark said “I had all Tammy’s hair below her shoulders laser removed, so she is now completely bald everywhere but on her head.” “Underarms, legs, and pussy, all bald”

“May I touch you?” Will asked Tammy.

Tammy blushed, but Mark said “Sure go ahead.”

He touched Tammy’s vagina and it smoothness.

“She is beautiful,” Will said.

Mark didn’t give Tammy back the shirt all night so she was made to remain nude while the rest of us were clothed.

A few weeks later it looked like the same thing was up since we ended up at their house again.

As before Tammy wore only the white shirt, but the shirt was smaller and therefore covered less of her. Will and I could see her naked body under the shirt, and were curious.

“Mark, what’s with Tammy’s clothes? Will asked.

“Well, I decided that Tammy does not really need to wear a lot while we are in the house, and that holds for when our closest friends are here too.” He said.

I have something new to show you, “Tammy come here.” He said.

Tammy walked up to him , and Mark again pulled the shirt open to expose Tammy to both of us, “Look what I had done.” And Mark pointed to Tammy’s vagina.

Mark had Tammy’s clitoris pierced. A small dumbbell was apparent though Tammy.

“Tammy, did that hurt?“ I asked.

“Well it wasn’t terrible, and now that it is healed, only Mark knows its there and can manipulate it.” She said.

“What do you mean manipulate it?” I asked.

Well everyday Mark pulls on the dumbbell for about an hour. He is trying to get my clitoris to grow in length. The Gyno said that yes it would stretch a little, but that we should be happy with my body the way it is.” Tammy said. “But Mark wants me to have a larger clit, so I let him do what ever he wants.”

Mark grasped the small dumbbell and pulled it, showing that he could stretch her clitoris about a half an inch. Tammy very quickly pushed her hips to Mark.

“Watch what I can do.” Mark said.

“Oh no you don’t” Tammy said, and she started to walk away from him.

Mark picked up a very small metal vibrator off the tabletop and walked towards Tammy.

“What are you doing” she said.

Mark reached between Tammy legs and pulled the small dumbbell, that seemed to be Tammy’s sign to shut up and do what Mark wanted. Mark turned on the small vibrator and touched it to Tammy’s piercing.

She stuttered a bit and immediately began pushing her hips to Mark.

“I can make her cum in less than a minute, and can keep her there for an hour. I have made her pee, cum, and ejaculate all in one sitting.” Mark said.

Tammy was now bright red with embarrassment. But was pushing her hips to her husband as he talked to us. In seconds I heard Tammy whimpering, “Please master… please may I cum”

Mark looked into Tammy’s eyes, and said “Tammy I think you should ask our guests.”

It was clear that she was about to cum right in front of us, and that was what Mark wanted.

“Tammy. Do you want to wet for us too? “ Will asked her.

“Please Mark I’m begging you, don’t make me pee in front of everyone.” Tammy cried out.

“Then you can just wait for your orgasm..” Will said to her.

Tammy resigned herself to the situation, and I saw pee start spraying from her.. and she pushed her hips to Marks hand and had her orgasm. We watched as Tammy pee’ed on the floor and pushed and pushed for her orgasm. Tammy loved to cum, but preferred the privacy of their bedroom, or anywhere she and Mark were alone. But she seemed be OK with William and I watching her, in her most intimate moments.

When Tammy had stopped convulsing she slowly walked to the kitchen and brought back a washcloth and a bowl of water. She handed the bowl and cloth to Mark who positioned Tammy directly in front of him. We could see how gently he wiped her vagina both inside and out, Tammy parted her legs for him as he washed the insides of her legs too. Mark then reached though Tammy’s parted legs to wipe her anus. We watched how lovingly he cleaned her. Mark then laid the cloth open on the floor for us to see. We could clearly see the soiled cloth and its discoloration. This seemed to be Tammy’s badge of courage.

Tammy walked into their bedroom and brought back a 3-ringed binder, which she opened up and handed to William. The binder contained about 100 pages of females standing,

squatting, pee’ing, menstruating, many on gyno tables in stirrups and spread wide, a few in bathing suits, but all seemed to be showing off that they had what appeared to be a larger than expected clitoris.

Tammy said “look at page 11, that is what Mark wants my clit to look like when he is done with it.”

William quickly turned to page 11, and we stared at a female who appeared to be about 20 years old, shaved completely bald between her legs, and a male grasping her clit with his thumb and index finger and was pulling on it. The clitoris had a piercing that appeared to have a diamond stone on each end of the shaft. It was pulled out about 2 inches from her! The next series of pictures were of the guy in the earlier picture stroking the girl’s clitoris and anus, and the girl clearly becoming excited. The pictures showed what could only be described as a small penis becoming erect between her vaginal lips. The next pictures showed the female pushing her hips towards her guy’s hand, and then you could see fluid squirting from her vagina.

“Isn’t she beautiful” Tammy said. The next photos showed various females with their clitoris extended, some had a small leash around it and they were being lead around by it. Still others showed males sucking on the erect clitoris and the females pushing their hips into their faces to cum. The photos I thought were the most interesting were of women wearing very skimpy bikini’s like the ones you see on bikini web sites. There were numerous shots as they pulled up the bottoms to cover the little they did cover up. But they had to tuck the extended clitoris between their lips that left a very curious sight. A female with a small bulge between her legs. The suits clearly revealed that they were female, but each had a budge, it was very erotic.

Their were interviews with women that had been pierced, all showed clear color pictures of the piercing and its position, and many of them showed their clitoris as the women would be both excited and at rest. Some said just bending over could excite them, or jogging, or simply walking, others said that when they kissed their lovers that they could feel the wetness between there legs and then they would cum. Most said that they wore some kind of thin pad all the time now, since they usually had at least one orgasm a day just walking and even more with their lovers. That made for a bit of a messy time for them, but all said they would have it no other way.

Will and I looked through the rest of the binder and stopped at one more series of pictures. A young Asian looking woman with beautiful black hair was shown spread wide on a gyno table in a pair of birthing stirrups. The series started with pictures of her going through a very detailed vaginal exam. Detailed pictures of her cervix and vagina were enlarged so you could see every detail of this woman’s sexual organs. The next series of pictures showed a gloved hand spreading her clitoral hood, and exposing her clitoris for the camera. She was shaved so nothing was left to your imagination. The next pictures should the gloved hand pulling on her clitoris and a shinny device that looked like a pair of pliers was on either side of it. The next picture showed her clitoris being pulled very hard and she was pushing her hips forward. The next shot was of the pliers being clinched around her clitoris. A little bit of blood spurts out of the extended clitoris and a metal shaft is pushed through the base of her clitoris. Next we could see small ends being screwed onto the shaft through her clitoris. The next few pictures seemed almost painful to look at. It was clear that these next pictures were taken many days after the original ones. The clitoris with the metal shaft was still extended. You could see that she could no longer allow her clitoris to retract into the relative safety of the hood, but had to stay exposed all the time. The metal shaft kept her clitoris extended permanently. William and I could see in the next photo that the small flaps of skin that made up her hood and been removed, as had some of the labia major. When we looked at the next page of pictures, I looked at William and was shocked at what I saw. They showed her being carefully but completely cleaned, then we saw a suture hook pierce her vaginal lips and five stitches were put in her vagina completely closing the top half of it. Her clitoris now sticks out of her with the metal shaft holding it out and extended, but straight out from her. The next pages showed the girl standing in front of the camera pee’ing. Urine was running out of her vagina, and down her legs.

All this attention to Tammy and the photos and assays made William horny, and I could feel his erection through his jeans. I was also getting wet, from all the excitement. I did feel a bit sorry for Tammy being exposed again to all of us, but she clearly didn’t complain.

Later that night as I was falling asleep in Wills arms he asked me “Lisa, would you let me have that laser hair thing done to you?”

“Well, “ I stuttered. “Well, if that is what you want me to look like, but I do keep myself shaved, and you seemed to like watching me.” I said, hoping that would change his mind.

“I think we need to have that done to you too, I’ll call Mark tomorrow and find out where he had Tammy done.” He said,

“Well OK.” I sighed and fell asleep.

We didn’t see Tammy and Mark for a couple of weeks, then Mark and Will arranged for another weekend outing. But during those weeks, every afternoon William took me by the hand and led me to a doctor’s office where I would strip down to nothing, put on a paper robe and sit with William in the exam room. The doctor would come in and ask how I was feeling. Although it never got any easier, I always answered that I was just fine. Everyday the doctor asked the same humiliating question just before Will helped me up onto the exam table.

“Lisa, has your period started?” the doctor would ask.

“No doctor, it shouldn’t start for another week or so.” I would answer.

“Make sure you let me know when it starts because we have to do a few different things when it does.” He said.

Will helped me up and then the doctor would pull out the stirrups, and place my legs in them. Even if he was going to have hair removal under my arms, I still lay with my legs in the stirrups. These were the kind I have seen that girl’s delivery their babies in. I think they are called birthing stirrups. My butt is moved forward to the very edge of the table, and my legs are lifted and supported from my thighs to my knees, then my knees were bent and supported. The stirrups were padded, and almost comfortable, but humiliating as I sat exposed to the doctor and William. The doctor would control the width my legs were spread based on a hinge attached to the table. While He worked on my underarms he left my legs closed to a comfortable level, and then would spread me open when he worked down below.

The doctor generally would open my paper robe to expose my underarms, where he would start. Each individual hair had to be exposed to the laser light and “plucked” out. He would pluck about 15 or so from each side, each day. This was to reduce the level of inflammation that occurred each night from the hair removal. The doctor wore a magnifying glass that was held on with a strap around his head. He was very professional, and at no time did I feel uncomfortable with him. He would apply a topical local anesthetic to deaden the brief pain as the hair(s) were plucked out. It took about a half hour to work on both underarms and then a half hour on my pussy and legs. Since my legs had much less feeling I usually didn’t need the local anesthetic, but when he worked on my vagina… I tried it once without the local and screamed when he did it. That was the last one he pulled without it. The local was applied from a clear bottle that was labeled and had a stopper in the top. Everyday after my underarms were done he would pull out the clear bottle and look into my eyes.

“Lisa, ready for this?” he would ask gently. He knew this whole thing was not my idea, and that William was the only reason I would put up with the pain and humiliation.

“Yes doctor, I guess so.” I answered.

“Have you had enough for one day, we can always start up again tomorrow.” He said.

That would only prolong the time I had to endure this, “No lets keep going.” I said.

He moved a small stool between my legs and with a switch started to spread my legs. William always walked to where he could see what the doctor was doing. This, of course gave my William a perfect view of my pussy. I always blushed a bit when it started. The doctor would start by taking a clean warm cloth and wipe both inside my vagina and the outsides and the insides of my legs. He would take the clear anesthetic and poor some in a small curved dish. Then take a cotton ball, dip it in the liquid, and start applying it to my pubic area. The liquid was always cool, and I could feel it beginning to deaden the area. After I lay there for about 5 minutes, I could hear the doctor switch the laser back on, and the sounds of the laser light as it hit each hair. Then he would move to another hair. After the individual ones had been hit with the light, he would go back and pluck each individual hair. I could feel the pulling but there was little pain if any. Each day he seemed to use a bit more anesthetic so by about a weeks worth I could not longer feel anything when he pulled the hairs out.

After each day he would give me the same orders, “Now this evening I want you to wash yourself carefully but thoroughly. I don’t want any infections, so again wash well, and put all of this on the exposed areas.“ He handed me a small tube of antiseptic cream. “If you have any pain I want you to call my office, they will contact me and I will meet you in the emergency room.” He said.

“Thank you doctor” both William and I responded. Will helped me down from the table and waited as I pulled on my skirt. I learned after the first day that panties were not going to work at all on the way home. Nothing was going to touch my pussy until the next day.

Each night Will would gently but completely wash me. Underarms, legs and vagina. I could feel that Will really did love me, and was taking care of me. Even if this whole thing was his idea, I wanted to please him.

Each day both of us could see a distinct difference in how I looked down below. Each day less and less hair was visible, it almost seemed that I was growing younger.

As I expected one evening while Mark was lovingly washing me after that days work.. I felt that twinge in my tummy… Oh, oh my period was starting.

“William, my period is starting, darling,” I said.

“Will you help me please.” I whispered.

Will usually had me lay on my back on the bed. He would put two towels under my butt, and using warm water and soap, wash my vagina and underarms. Then he would rinse me and dry me completely. Since I was sore every night he would help me into bed so I could go to sleep. This night would be similar except Mark now had to deal with my period. Mark had stopped at a pharmacy and picked up a couple of things he thought would help me through this period. He had a small syringe with a bulb on the end, he filled it with warm water and spread my legs. He inserted the syringe into me and squeezed it. A warm spray of water hit my cervix, then he bent it around inside of me and washed me. He did this about 5 times until the water was running clear from me. It really did feel good to be cleaned. He dried me carefully and inserted a tampon into me. He petted my pussy that was slick from the ointment we were given. Mark really liked taking care of me like this.

The next day was our 8th of 10 appointments with the doctor, by now I had to be expose to him,, well now. We went into our room and as usual I stripped down, and put on the paper robe. Will was sitting where he always did, but to day he pulled me so I was standing directly in front of him. He pulled the paper robe open so he could look at me.

“I love how this is making you look,” he said, then he reached between my legs and spread my vaginal cheeks a little, he wanted to see if you needed to be changed yet. He decided that I was OK for now.

The doctor came in as always.. “Lisa how are you today?” he asked

“Just fine doctor, we are almost done aren’t we..” I said.

“Almost done Lisa, almost done,“ he responded.

I knew the question was coming, and as Mark helped me up on the table, the doctor asked. “Lisa, has your period started?”

“Well, yes doctor it started last night, Mark has a tampon in me now and he has washed me a coupe of times already today.” I responded

“Lisa, up on the table please.” He said.

Mark almost lifted me this time, I now sat with my legs over the edge.

“Lisa… please lay back for me. We have finished with your underarms, I just need to inspect them to make sure I didn’t miss a single hair. Then we have to finish you down below and your legs.” He said comfortably.

I laid back and was ready for the most humiliating thing I ever had to do. I sat with my legs together and my feet on the table.

The doctor slowly walked to the end of the table and took my leg and lifted it into the birthing stirrup. Then he did something I didn’t expect. He picked up a blue paper cover with a large slit in it, and laid it over me from my waist down. Then lifted my other leg and placed it in the other stirrup. The paper cover with the slit was placed so it was over my vagina. This helped reduce my humiliation since I was now mostly covered, and the doctor had to reach in through the cover to touch me. He opened the cover enough to wash me, and then looked at me and said.

“Lisa, I need to take out your tampon so I can clean you, will that be OK with you?”

“Doctor, would you mind if I asked William to clean me, he is my William and he knows how to do it. “ I asked.

“Sure, in fact I’ll watch him and if I can help him I will.” He said.

Well that was the best it was going to get, My Will cleaning me, and the doctor watching him.

Will so gently pulled the tampon from within my vagina, and put it in the waste can. Then he took warm water and completely cleaned me. After he dried me, the doctor took over and completed the hair removal around my vagina. I was now completely hairless between my legs. The last thing the doctor did was had me roll over and kneel on all fours so he could inspect me from behind. I felt him with his laser light touch the only two hairs he could see and pull them out. I was done… Yes!!!!

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