tagNovels and NovellasTammy Joins the Mob

Tammy Joins the Mob



After the gang fucking in New York, Zeke and I spent the next few days enjoying the countryside of New England. I reward Zeke for taking me there many times over. Then Zeke finally made a request, "Tammy could you please do me a favor?"

"What is it Zeke?" I said answering his question with a question.

"We need to stop in Pennsylvania on the way back, and it would be better if you dyed your hair blonde and shaved your money-maker."

I reached out and slapped Zeke in the face. I wagged my finger at him, "Don't you ever call it my money maker. I'm not a whore!" I shouted. There are a few things which grind my gears. My boyfriend thinking of me as a whore is one of them. Now I don't mind acting the whore, or being the whore. It is when he expects me to behave that way, that is totally different.

Zeke immediately fell back into a groveling position. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again. But if you do this for me we will have the chance for a big score. You see I know this guy..."

Zeke went on to explain that he knows a bar owner in Pennsylvania who would give us an ounce of coke to cut up an sell if we swapped wives (or husbands as the case may be) for the evening. He prefers well groomed blondes, of which I am neither, but would soon become.

I got over my snit. The thought of more coke, money, and strange dick was appealing. I bought what I needed. I dyed my hair blonde with a reverse "Bride of Frankenstein" streak. I had one dark streak of hair in a field of blonde. It looked kind of sexy.

After I completed my dye job I opened the bathroom door at the Vermont motel and asked Zeke, "How's this?"

"I like it. That streak looks wicked. Now how about the bush?" he queried.

I unwrapped the towel I had around me and exposed my naked body to him. "Haven't done that yet. I thought you could help, " I responded.

Zeke reached out and twirled the hair on my pussy and smiled. He placed his arms around me and kissed me. I dropped the towel as I swallowed his tongue. His finger was busy playing with my pussy. I grabbed his cock through his pants.

I picked up the towel and walked Zeke over to the bed, leading him by his dick the whole way. I placed the towel on top of the bed and sat on it spread-legged. "Want to help shave me? Then we can play."

Zeke gathered up a basin of warm water, a razor, scissors, and some shaving cream. I sat there with my legs wide apart as Zeke trimmed the fur with the scissors. This way you wouldn't ruin the razor blade as fast.

Zeke took the scissors and cut my pussy hair as close to the skin as possible. When he was through, my beautiful bush looked like it had mange. I didn't realize how sparse the hair was in certain places.

Zeke then took the lather in his hand and rubbed it over my pussy. With his fingers covered with shaving cream, he then dotted both my nipples. He then grabbed the razor, and made a short careful slide across my Venus mound. My God! This skin was really lily white!

After a short stroke, Zeke swirled the razor in the warm basin of water and then took off a little more. After the mound was bare, he then gently shaved the sides, leaving a small strip. He then handed me the razor and said, "I am afraid I might cut you . I'll let you finish the rest."

I took the razor from Zeke and carefully removed the remaining pussy hairs from the landing strip. I wiped the shaving cream off. I was now ready for inspection as I raised my butt and thrust my bare pussy to Zeke and said, "How does it look? Did I miss any spots?"

Zeke carefully ran is hand over the finished product, carefully inspecting for any stubbles. His finger probed inside my pussy.

"Let's hope you don't find any hair there." I giggled.

Zeke looked me in the eye, "I do a thorough inspection." His free hand roamed over my tits, pinching my nipples, causing my arousal.

I reached for his pants and hastily undid them. I took out his half-rigid cock and licked it while Zeke was attempting to kick off his shoes and pants. I used my hands to help him undress, while keeping his cock in my mouth. We moved around and eventually went into our usual 69 position.

Zeke went down on my shaved pussy like it was a new treat. The excitement overcame both of us. I quickly came in his face as his cum gushed into my mouth. It was a very intense orgasm. We decided to take a shower and try the love making again, only this time a little more slowly. After the shower and some slow and easy passion we headed toward Hazelton, Pa.

In Hazelton, we went down a street in an older part of town. I saw a string of row homes that were connected. I couldn't imagine sharing a wall with another family, and I couldn't imagine anyone living in one of these homes giving us an ounce of coke to swap partners, unless he looked like Frankenstein. I started to get a bit nervous when Zeke pulled up in front of a place that was missing a few shingles and the crab grassed needed to be mowed.

We stowed our gear on the bike, and I hesitantly walked with Zeke toward the green door. "Are you sure this is the right place?" I asked hoping Zeke had the address wrong, like Second Street, instead of Second Avenue.

"Nope. This is it," Zeke replied. "That is the same lawn jockey they had before. I can't imagine Desi moving and leaving it."

Desi. So that was the guy's name that lived in this run down neighborhood. I just can't wait to meet this winner. Yeech!

The walkway was cracked with grass shooting up from the openings. It looked like a movie set, you know the one where the city is destroyed and people visit it a thousand years later. Insects scurried about as our bodies touched the blades reaching for the heavens. I made a half gesture to turn around. Zeke grabbed me by the arm and laughed. "The inside is a lot nicer. Just wait."

I saw the curtains move. The ghouls who lived inside had seen us. Zeke lead me forward. It was our last chance to turn around, and then the door burst open.

"Zeke!" The man shouted out as he spread his arms wide open and embraced by boyfriend.

Zeke then introduced me to Desi, who shook my hand and eyed me up as a piece of meat. Desi was about mid-forties and had short greasy hair. He had a pot gut which looked larger by the fact that he was wearing a white thin strapped wife beater style t-shirt with tomato paste stains. His baggy pants completed the ensemble. He was a man looking to get the death penalty from the fashion police.

When we entered the house I did a 360 turn. The place was enormous. Desi had bought all the row homes and gutted them out. We were in a great room with a large crystal chandelier overhead. Desi and Zeke laughed at my apparent astonishment. I stood there with my mouth agape.

It seems Desi had inherited the family business and not all of his income was "taxable" so to speak. In order to "shelter" his money he opted to live in a row home or homes as it were in a low tax neighborhood.

The guest bedroom was exceptionally lovely with its own bathroom. As we toured the incredible house we finally ran into Desi's wife Marie. Marie was wearing a summer dress. She had short straight black hair and was a full figured woman, similar to myself, but with slightly smaller breasts, maybe just a D cup instead of DDD.

Marie spent no time in asking me to the kitchen to help her prepare some lunch for the "men folk" as they went to the game room to play some pool

"This is a very nice place you have here Marie," I said for a lack of anything else to say.

"Thank you," Marie responded. "I apologize for the outside, but Desi insists on keeping it looking like a ghetto. He says it keeps away burglars and Mormons."

This lead to a general discussion about men and their sloppy habits. We then fixed salami sandwiches on white bread with the crusts cut off and placed them on a silver tray. Marie talked while she worked. I just followed instructions on proper olive, pickle, and pretzel arrangements.

Then out of the blue, Marie says to me as she touched my hair, "You know Desi really loves blondes."

"I'm not really a blonde, " I whispered. "Zeke asked me to dye it."

"Well, that will be our little secret, " Marie replied. "Desi doesn't need to know, and he will never figure out it is not your natural color. "

There was a long pause, then Marie spoke again. "Did Zeke by any chance tell you about our arrangement?"

I hesitated at this point. He had told me about an arrangement. I didn't know if she knew there was a drug deal also. I had to be careful at this point. "Zeke told me a lot of stuff. I believe he might of mentioned it, which is why I am blonde." I thought that would speak to what I thought we were talking about without spilling any beans.

"So you know Desi and I are swingers, then?" Marie asked.

"Yes, Zeke made me very aware of it. So you have swung with Zeke before?" I asked as a way to discover his past girlfriends,

"Well no, " Marie replied. "Zeke has never shown up with a girl before. But he knows what Desi likes and is willing to do."

I decided to let things go at that.

Marie continued talking, "So you would be okay with that tonight?"

"Sure, I guess," I responded not exactly sure what I was committing myself too, other than swapping sexual partners. You never can tell with bikers and their buddies, as I have found out. We entered the pool room where the guys were having a ball. We sat around and talked about trip. Zeke mentioned about the gangbang I had up in New York. Desi was interested in all the details down to the last drop.

With the topic of sex being broached, the discussion turned to tonight's swapping activities when Desi remarked," I have to go into work tonight. "

Through the ensuing conversation I learned that Desi owned a strip club called "The Molly McGuire's" nearby. A compromise was reached as I agreed to accompany Desi to the club and have sex with him in his office while Zeke and Marie stayed here. It didn't seem quite fair, but I didn't want to screw up Zeke's coke deal either. I wanted to get laid in the big house too!


When it was time to leave, Desi walked me out the back to his garage. There were a number of garages behind the row homes. I assumed they all belonged to Desi. Our ride was to be an old gold Lincoln Continental. Desi was proud of the car. He claimed he "stole it", and I wasn't sure it he was speaking literally or metaphorically. He demonstrated the odd feature of the "suicide doors" which were hinged on the wrong side.

Desi opened the door for me and ran around to the his side of the auto like an eager school boy knowing he was going to "get some." He pulled out of the garage and we headed down the street toward the Interstate.

There were some odd silent moments. We chatted a little about Zeke, but in all honesty, neither one of us knew him that well and I was living with him! Desi pointed to all the new construction and told me how he remembered how this was all woods. After a continued long pointing at a shopping mall, Desi's hand rested on my leg just above the knee. He was testing the waters to see what I would do. I imagined Zeke was fucking Marie in one hole and out the other— the slut. I felt like I was in competition and had to make up for lost time, but I didn't want to appear over eager either. I decided to let Desi be the man and make his moves.

With Desi's hand firmly in place, he gave my knee a gentle squeeze, and then a tickle squeeze. I instinctively moved to the tickle and removed his hand. I said, "If you want to feel my leg, feel my leg, but no tickling."

Desi apologized and placed both hands on the steering wheel. I saw where I would now have to take charge. I inched over toward him on the seat. With this gesture, Desi placed his hand back on my leg. After a moment he started to rub his hand up and down my leg. He would get almost to the crotch area, then stop and then back down to the knee. He did this a few times and ventured higher each time. He touched my pocket then the bottom of tank top. I slid down on the seat to flatten out my lap and make my body more readily available. I feigned some heavy breathing with his touches to let him know it was okay and to go further.

Desi moved his hand up and lightly grazed over my breasts. When I offered him no resistance and some heavy breaths of encouragement, he gave them a heavy squeeze while truckers on the Interstate looked on.

Desi squeezed one breast and then the other. He then moved his hand down to the crotch of my pants and felt my pussy through the denim. He tried to slip his hand down inside my pants, but they were too tight. "Here, let me help you," I said as I undid the snap and the zipper.

Desi's hand went to my pussy. He raised his eyebrows. "You're shaved!" he exclaimed. "I like it. There might be a bonus in this for you and Zeke, if you play your cards right."

I eased my pants down to my knees to Desi could get a real good feel and "look see." His free hand roamed from my pussy and then up to my tits, and back down to finger my clit. I leaned back and closed my eyes, not wanting to know how many truckers were getting a free show. I wasn't sure what the "bonus" would be, but I sure did like the "bone" part.

As my pussy was warming up to Desi's touch, I reached over and grabbed Desi's crotch. He was as hard as a rock. Desi was nice enough to ease up on his gropes to allow me to unzip his pants and spring his cock free. I licked my hand and stroked his cock.

Desi continued to feel me up as we cruised down the road. I continued to lick my palm and stroke Desi's cock. I felt Desi grabbed a hold of my tits as his cock spurted in my hand. I stroked him to make sure I got it all. I liked the cum off my hand as Desi watched. "I like the taste of cum, I said. I held my hand to his face and laughed, "Want to try some?

Desi got a sour look on his face. I bent over under Desi and licked the drops of cum that splattered on his pants. I grabbed hold of his cock one more time, sucked the tip clean and gently stowed his snake back in his pants.

I straightened up my clothes. "How's that!" I said.

Desi said, "I must admit that was the most intense orgasm I ever had from a hand job. Are you sure you don't do this for a living?"

I chuckled. "Are you kidding? I didn't know there was a large calling for hand jobs."

Desi smiled. "If you change your mind, let me know."

I thought about the idea. How would that go? Could I line up a dozen guys, have them drop their pants and then whack off their wee-wees? Or would this be a more intimate one on one deal? Would I have to be filmed to make money? Could I opt to suck a cock off from time to time? I would need a good fucking too from being around all those dicks. Hmmm...

Desi pulled off the Interstate and soon we were in the parking lot of Molly's. There only a few cars there as I accompanied Desi inside. The place was still setting up for the night as Maria, the bartender was slicing up lemons and limes. I eventually found out that Maria was filling in for the regular bartender, Mary. She had worked for Desi before and had quit the job when she got married, but was willing to help out in a pinch.


Desi went over to the stage area and tested the lights. When he turned on the black light, stains showed up on his pants. He quickly turned the light back off.

Desi went over and spoke to Marie at length and then the two of us went back into his private office for a closed session. The office was rather small. He had a desk with papers and candy on it. There were two photos on the wall. One photo was one of him and some guy named "Joey Bishop." It was autographed. Then there was a photo of Frank Sinatra. It wasn't signed.

Once inside the office, Desi said, "I want a rematch, "as he put his arms around me and kissed me. His breath stank badly. I pulled away from him and rubbed his trousers.

I got down on my knees in front of Desi and unzipped his pants. I placed my fingers inside the opening and gently massaged his cock to hardness. Desi undid his pants and dropped them to the floor, leaving a pair of green and red underwear. I rubbed the length of his cock through the cloth of his briefs and spoke to him like a porn star.

"I'm going to suck you cock all the way down to your balls. Then I am going to suck your balls," I whispered to him. I playfully "bit" his cock while still in his briefs, and looked Desi in the eye and continued, "Then you're going to fuck me, and fuck me hard. Do you think you can handle it?"

"Oh Sweet Jesus," Desi said with glee, "Bring it on."

I pulled down Desi's underwear. His cock looked bigger in the car. I licked the tip of his dick and then slid my tongue down the shaft and back up again. He had a little pre-cum. I took my finger and rubbed the pre-cum around the tip of his cock. I licked his shaft some more and then held it up with my hand as I nuzzled my face into his hairy balls and sucked on them. I put his dick back in my mouth and sucked on it some more. I was putting a spit polish on his knob when I saw the Pop Rocks. I wonder....

I grabbed the Pop Rocks candy and put some in my mouth along with Desi's dick. Desi enjoyed the snap crackle and pop of the candy on his dick. "Sweet Jesus, "he said as he grabbed a hold of my head. He was getting ready to cum, so I pulled him out of my mouth.

Desi was breathing heavy. He paused to catch his breath. I never had a man die on me yet, I wasn't going to start tonight.

As he paused he reached out and grabbed a hand full of tit through my tank top. "Let me see those babies," he said as he squeezed them.

I stood up and lift my tank top over my head. I stood there in my bra for a second and posed with my hands on my hips before undoing the hook in front. My breasts fell forward, as Newton would have predicted when I removed the bra. Desi weighed my breasts and played with them while I held on to his dick.

"The pants" were Desi's next words.

"Here, you do it, " I said as took a step toward him.

Desi let my breast fall back into place as he undid the snap on my jeans. He then pulled down the zipper and yanked them to the floor. He then placed his fingers the elastic of my panties and circled his digits around my body. When he got a finger on each side he then pulled down my panties to reveal a clean shaved beaver ready to go.

"Sweet Jesus, " Desi said again as I felt he was going to have a religious experience with my naked body. Desi touched my pussy as I wanked on his dick. We were like two school kids. Finally Desi ran his finger up inside my slopping wet pussy. He grabbed me by the hips picked me up and placed me on top of his desk without looking where I landed.

Desi was getting ready to mount me when I held up a finger and said, "Wait a minute" as I shifted my weight and pulled a Snicker's Bar out of my ass.

"Not going anywhere..." I said. Desi chuckled then stuck his cock in me and plowed me on his desk. Desi fucked me hard and fast. He grabbed some tit from time to time, but then became serious. He pulled me a bit forward on the desk and then clutched my ass and drove his cock so hard into me I believed they could hear his balls slap in noisy bar.

Desi's squirted his warm cum into my bald pussy. Thankfully it wasn't much of a load as he had very little in the way of tissues to clean up with. We got dressed and went out to the bar.


By this time the dancer had arrived. She was likewise a dyed blonde. She used her first name, Ashley, as her stage name. In conversation I would find out her real name was Ashley Marie. We chatted a little between her sets. I watched her dance as she worked the small audience. Guys would come to the stage with dollars. If the dollar was in his mouth she would use her breasts to take the dollar from him and give him a little titty whip. If they held the dollar in their hand they got to dip it into her g-string and I suppose got a little pussy feel.

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