tagRomanceTammy Meets Her Lover

Tammy Meets Her Lover


John had been waiting for this day for months......and the day had finally come. The day Tammy had promised to meet him at his hotel room at the edge of town. He had played the scenario over and over in his mind several times, and each time the fantasy became more detailed, more elaborate-----more naughty------until it had gotten to the point where her name couldn't pop up on the Messenger or John couldn't look at her photo without feeling an involuntary spasm in his jeans. It was torture, and the waiting for her to arrive was even more so.

He was already in the room, and the door was unlocked----and although Tammy wasn't due to arrive for another thirty minutes, John's mind was racing. All the teasing, all the chatting-----what was to come had his nerves on fire. He felt like a man of 20 again, and he couldn't wait to show it to her.

Out of boredom and nervousness, John peeled his clothes off and made a quick jump into the shower. He wanted everything to be perfect, and besides----the rush of a cool shower should help to cool him off. He lathered his body----soap suds cascading down his chest and waist-----trying not to think of Tammy's sexy figure------when an unexpected noise could be heard over the hiss of the shower. The second noise was much more easily identified---the unmistakable impact of clothes hitting the floor. He could hardly turn around, even as the shower curtain slid open. Delicate footsteps touched the floor of the tub, and gentle fingertips touched his shoulderblades.

"Would you like some help with that," whispered a voice, gently and passionately.

John's dropped his washcloth, and it fell with a wet splat across her feet. She laughed at his nervousness, and John could only reply with a shy smile----but the shyness quickly evaporated as he took in her beauty......standing there is a long t-shirt that covered her to just below the pubic area, but quickly becoming transparent with hot water that revealed her swelling nipples. John inhaled sharply....he was already her slave.

A few seconds of electric silence passed, and then John leaned in to kiss her. His lips were hungry and devouring, as if he hadn't been fed in years. He squeezed her tight, and she noted with a quiet satisfaction that sheer weight and power of his completely erect cock pressed tightly against her stomach. It was the one physical reaction that was very tough to fake.

They kissed some more, hot water splashing between them, and Tammy's hands were unexpectedly gripping tight around John's cock. His head reeled back at the touch, his eyes slammed shut, and he moaned happily ....no one had touched him like this in so long, and he had dreamed about her hands and body for so many weeks.....the more he groaned, the more he kept one hand balanced against the side of the shower for balance....the more she seemed intent on making this evening a night to remember.

After a few moments of her attentions, his cock began to swell and pulse......she knew that he was close, and she seemed focused on treating him---because she knew that he would be more than happy to return the favor as he was recovering.....

Without warning, Tammy knelt down, and teasingly slid her lips around the head of his cock.....all it took was a few moments of her mouth to send him over the edge. John's shoulders slammed against the back of the shower and he howled in pleasure as six jets of warm cum shot across her fingertips, across her back and over her shoulders.......and for a beautiful moment, she had him paralyzed with an ecstatic bliss.

John turned the water off and peeled her soaked shirt off of her, and quickly cupped her breasts in his hands, tasting each warm nipple in his mouth, before kissing her again. The kiss remained unbroken for five minutes-----for five full minutes, he dried her and himself off with a large blue towel, lead her back to the bedroom, and laid her down on the bed----never breaking lip contact the entire time. By the time Tammy was sprawled across the bed again, her lover was already stiff again.

"Okay, now that I've recovered the ability to speak again," John laughed, "I think it's time for you to get comfortable...."

With a smile, she closed her eyes, and John began to crawl around her body on the bed, doing his best to send shivers up her spine------when he kissed the side of her neck, his fingertips were gently running across her belly. When he began to kiss her ears, his fingertips would stroke her shoulders and arms. He began to kiss and lick her shoulders, while his fingers would pass quietly over her nipples....and when he got to her nipples, his fingers would run her knees and thighs......he was slowly going lower, stimulating everything that could possibly be enjoying his attentions. Every time he crossed over her body, she felt his cock and balls drag across her----he wanted to hear her moan for him. He wanted to hear her appreciation for his touches....

Her legs had been dangling off the side of the bed, and by the time he seated himself on a stool at the edge of the bed, her pussy was already glistening with excitement. He lifted her legs in the air and rested her knees over his shoulders-----and with a very satisfied lick of his lips-----he began to nuzzle his face across her thighs. He began with kisses on her thighs, while his fingers ran across her ribcage and began to massage the sides of her breasts, just below the armpits.

After a few moments of this, he began gently licking the petals of her pussy.....the lips were already blooming, and John began to stroke her slit from top to bottom with his tongue, taking great care not to touch the clit just yet----it needed to be excited, and awoken , and although her clit was more than awake at this point, John knew that these things had to be taken in stages....

John's fingers were eagerly stroking and squeezing her nipples by the time his tongue had begun making little circles around her clit......that was when he heard her voice seriously rise for the first time since she walked into the room. It was almost as if she hadn't quite expected for his tongue to feel quite that good, but she was thanking God that it did.

This went on for about fifteen more minutes.......in time, John was stimulating everything on her........his teeth were gently clamping around her clit while his tongue licked back and forth, while two fingers of his left hand were sliding in and out of her hole, pressing upwards against her g-spot.....and one finger on his right hand was gently circling and massaging the outer skin of her ass.........

Her body bucked up in the air, and then rested......and then it bucked up in the air for a longer stretch, and she rested again.......every time her hips thrusted themselves toward the ceiling, she would hold the pose for a longer period, and at no time would John slow down his licking, his touching........after the eighth thrust, Tammy's body surrendered and she screamed achingly----a quick spray of juice splashed over John's waiting tongue---and then she fell silent on the bed, clutching her breasts and half-laughing, half-crying, she bit her lip and started to breath steadily again.....

With a dreamer's gaze, John lay next to her for the next two minutes and slowly rubbed her stomach and thighs as she tried to regain her composure. When his fingers passed over his nipples, her body seemed to say, "Fuck composure," and her fingers involuntarily reached down to violently stroke her clit.....

This only lasted for a few seconds, before she lustfully grabbed him by the cock and kissed him----"Get on, already," she told him, almost commandingly.

With a delighted grin, he complied-----lifting her legs upwards, he let his cock lay against her wetness, just stroking and massaging her pussy with the tip of his cock while his fingers returned to her clit......her head began to rock back and forth, silently begging him to enter.

It didn't take long for his body's needs to win out, and all seven inches began to slowly penetrate her. He leaned forwards to kiss her lips, and as he did so, his pubic bone began to grind against her clit, and he began to grind, putting as much pressure on her clit as he could......

It wasn't long before her hands were around his ass, pushing in and holding on as they continued to kiss.....

"Please.....harder," she whispered. He obeyed happily, and he traded his method of simple grinding for the heavier impact of his cock sliding all the way out, and re-entering for a quick, violent slam against her body----his balls spanked her as he continued thrusting....and when her body exploded in a second orgasmic rush, a volcano of juices gushed over his cock, and that was all it took to fire another quart of cum deep into her........they hugged each other as the simultaneous orgasm finally began to subside, and when John finally pulled out, the outside of her pussy was literally cascading with a waterfall of hot, white cum. ....

"Oh, sweet Jesus," she laughed, feeling the mixture of their juices pour over her ass. "Well, this is quite a mess....."

John smiled at her and gently stroked her clit one more time, which sent her into another burst of heavy breathing. "I'm not sure if I can take......maybe I should clean up first.....I don't know if....."

"Nonsense, I can do that for you," John whispered. "If you want, that is...."

Before she could answer, John's tongue was pressed against her pussy one more time.

She gulped, and exhaled again, and then just closed her eyes and moaned....

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