tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTammy the Transgender Witch Ch. 02

Tammy the Transgender Witch Ch. 02


Hello all, if you are reading this story, I want to thank you as well as encourage you to read part 1 of this series. This picks up pretty much where part 1 finishes up. If there's any feedback or suggestions, please share.



I knew it was only a matter of time before the entire girl's dormitory wanted to know what just happened in here. "Tammy open the door!" I could hear Trinity, one of the more popular girls yell through the door, followed by more banging. Most of the girls here usually ignored me, still I can't say I'm surprised by the sudden interest in me and what happened in my room.

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! "Tammy open up!" Trinity repeated.

Finally, I cracked open the door, enough that I could see half of the 7th year girls outside of my door trying to look in. I rolled my eyes with a slight smile on my face, before opening the door all the way. I clutched my robe closed, as to not expose myself, before batting my eye lashes a few times and asking the mob of girls outside my room, "Yes?"

"Did you two just," Melisa asked, before tailing off.

With a mischievous grin on my face, I said "Hon, a lady never kisses and tells...but I wasn't the one doing the kissing."

Everyone's eyes widened at the implication, then suddenly the room exploded with high pitch shrieks. Once the room calmed down a bit, Jessica, said "Give us the details!"

"Maybe tomorrow, hon, I'm spent" I said to which lead to more high pitch shrieks. This wasn't an accomplishment in the way they were thinking. I wasn't a virgin, I guess you could say it was my first time receiving a blow job, but it also wasn't a very good blowjob, I know, I certainly do better. And I didn't particularly like Chris. He was an ass hole to me for years, and the only thing memorable about tonight, was just how much I humiliated him.

Disappointed, everyone turned away to go back to what they were doing. As I went to close the door, Lana put her foot in the door, to stop it from closing and asked, "What was up with the cow noises?" Everyone did turn their attention back towards me, wanting to hear my explanation of that.

"You'd have to ask him." I said, wanting to avoid that question.

As I expected, by the next morning, the entire castle was buzzing with the rumors surrounding Chris and I. The rest of the students would not be arriving until tonight, but I suspect every 7th year heard some version of what happened last night. The annoying part was, this was a big deal because I was trans. Hook ups aren't uncommon, and usually don't inspire this much commotion, but I expect this will follow Chris around for quite a while.

I went down stairs for breakfast, earlier than most of the other students, which was my normal routine and decided to sit alone a peruse through my new spell book, when suddenly I saw Brandon, Daniel and David walking in my direction. I pulled out my wand, prepared to hit them with something, anything, if they tried to mess with me, but all three paused once they saw I noticed them, and head in another direction.

Absent from them, was Chris. I wondered where he was, maybe off some place hiding, I wasn't sure, but I expected he'd come begging me again to help reverse his situation or at the very least give him his wand back. For a moment, I felt sorry for him. But then I thought about the constant bullying the last few years and decided to instead think of what hoops I'd make him jump through when he comes seeking his wand.

Once I was done in the great hall, I returned to an empty dormitory and went to my room. While I wasn't going to cast another spell on Chris, unless provoked at least, I did need to figure out what to do with my other tormentors. There were just so many spells to choose from, I almost wish more students were cruel to me over the years. I wasn't mean spirited enough to seek revenge on everyone who had done me wrong, just the ones who habitually targeted me.

I could have spent all day plotting different forms of revenge, but there seemed to be someone trying to get in to the girl's dormitory. I assumed it was either Brandon, Daniel or David, however, I could hear Chris outside saying, "Tammy, are you in there!?"

"What do you want?" I said, not even attempting to hide my annoyance.

"Can I come in please? Before someone sees me?" he says.

Chris sounded desperate, however, if he was searching for mercy or even forgiveness, then he was looking in the wrong place. "Ashamed someone might see you coming to see me again?" I said, enjoying how nervous he was.

Chris answered, saying "What? No, I don't want anyone else to see me like this. Besides, this is your fault, so just, let me in"

That touched a nerve, so I opened the door. "Are you fucking serious!?" I scolded him. Without waiting for a response, I continued, "Hon, we are not friends and this was no accidental spell. Last night should have been very clear, that I do not feel bad about what I did and actually enjoyed it!" And with that I slammed the door in his face.

Almost immediately, I could hear Chris begging again "Please Tammy, once everyone saw me, all they did was make pick on me. Brandon said if I was going to act like a fag, then they'd treat me like one and now I have no friends. I never hated you, I just messed with you some, so I would seem cool, it was never personal. So please, I can't go back looking like this!"

"It was personal for me!" I yelled through the door. "I was different from everyone and you and those idiots reminded me of it every day, do you know how embarrassing it was for everyone in the castle to see how I'm different!"

A few moments went by, before Chris finally spoke up again, but instead of arguing any further, he simply said "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have treated you that way, and I guess I deserve this."

I was waiting for the part where he expected me to buy his apology and he starts begging me again to reverse this spell, but it never came. I aimed my wand at the door, and said "Translucidas," which allowed me to see through the door, as if it were a one-way mirror, and to my surprise, Chris was walking away.

I wasn't expecting to feel bad for him, but I did. I let out a long sigh, before saying "Bastard." I opened the door, calling out to Chris, "Are you coming in or not?"

Excited, Chris came running back towards the door. His breast had not grown since last night, but it was obviously, the flow of milk had not stopped. Upon reaching the door, he gave me this awkward hug, where I kind of just stood there without hugging back. "Thank you, Tammy, and I really meant it, I never should have treated you that way."

"Ok hon. I heard you, just come in, you know the way." I said, not entirely convinced by Chris' change of heart.

We reached my room, and I pulled out my spell book, but out of the corner of my eye, I could see Chris nearly standing over my shoulder. Wanting a little bit of space, I told him to have a seat on the bed. I began reading, looking for a way to eliminate the breast tissue Chris grew and to restore his penis to it's original, yet uninspiring size, however Chris, could not seem to let me focus. "So, do you think you will be able to reverse this?" Chris said, wanting to fill the silence.

I answered, "Maybe, if I can read without having to answer questions." At this point, I was not intending to be this cold, however, I wanted to find a good counter spell before I changed my mind. Like myself, Chris' parents were no-majs, and quite frankly he was only this way to me, because Brandon, Daniel and David were so horrible. Part of me would likely never forgive Chris, at any point he could have not gone along, but I at least felt like I understood how he felt.

Nervously, Chris stuttered "I'm sorry, I just....I'm not good with small talk, I spend so much time doing Brandon, Daniel and David's homework, I don't know how to talk to friends especially girlfriends."

"Hon, I'm not your girlfriend." I said, without looking up from the spell book.

"I didn't mean like that, I meant friend...that's a girl." Chris said, hoping to clarify.

Again, without looking up and in a very sarcastic tone, I said, "Is that what we are hon? Friends?"

In a very submissive tone, Chris answered, "I'd like to be."

Still, without looking up, I said, "What about your other friends?"

Chris paused for a second, before sounding a bit chocked up, and said "They aren't my friends anymore."

"Just because they won't sit with you in the dining hall, seems awfully fickle." I said, still trying to concentrate on the spell book.

"No, last night they..." Chris said before tailing off, "I don't want to talk about it."

For the first time, I took my attention off the spell book and asked, "What did they do Chris?"

Chris looked away and repeated his desire to not speak about what happened last night. "Great, more guilt. Seems I can't even get revenge right." I thought to myself as I went back to reading.

A few awkwardly silent moments passed before Chris was ready to start talking again, "Even if you reverse this spell, can I sit with you at lunch?" He said while looking at the ground.

I ignored him, so after a few seconds of silence, Chris again, started speaking in a submissive tone and said, "If you want, we could do that thing we did last night."

That caused me again to stop reading and to answer him, "Hon, did you just offer to give me another blowjob?"

Still speaking submissively, almost as though he was in a job interview to be my new friend, Chris said, "If you liked it, I can do it again."

I answered him, telling him "You don't have to hon, yesterday...I was just trying to get even, and I went too far, I shouldn't have."

Chris hesitated, before telling me, "It's okay, you were a lot nicer than Brandon and the twins."

Ashamed of my behavior, I admitted, "I wasn't very nice."

Ready to open up, Chris told me what happened once he went back to the boys dorm over in Wumpus. "I went to Brandon, and told them what you did. I wanted them to help reverse it, since we were friends...or at least I thought we were. But all they did was laugh, then Brandon said he'd help me out, but first I had to dance for him. I believed him, so I did it, but Brandon kept pushing me more and more, and before I knew it, Daniel and David bound my wrist to the floor. While I was staring up, Brandon stood over top of me with his pants down and incinerated the shirt I was wearing as well as the bra you gave me. After that, he began rubbing his cock between my breasts. I begged him to stop, but all he did was laugh before eventually cumming on my face. Then Daniel took a turn, followed by David. After they were done, I was completely covered in their cum. They said I was the new house bitch, and they would break me in more later. Turn me into a real whore"

I wanted him to be humiliated, but I didn't want this. I figured they'd make fun of him, but this was too far. After a long silence, I finally spoke and told him, "I'm sorry, you were right, this is all my fault."

Still looking at the ground when he spoke, Chris said, "I guess I had this coming."

With a bit of anger in my voice, I told Chris, "No you didn't, but they will regret what they did. I don't know when, but before this year is over, they will wish they never did that."

With that, Chris looked at me for a moment and then caught me by surprise, when he lounged at me and began kissing me. After a moment, he broke the kiss, before whispering "Do you like me, like this better?"

I continued to kiss on Chris' neck, while we both began undressing. I rubbed my hands on his chest and over his body while I thought about his question. I've never been with a girl, but I have always been attracted to them. I considered myself bisexual, even though I never experienced being with another girl. I stopped kissing him, and leaned my forehead against his, while staring in Chris' eyes, and told him, "I think I do, but do you like your self this way?"

We began kissing again, before Chris said to me, "I think I do, it's just a little bit weird. I'm really just a guy with a breasts, I'm not beautiful like you."

With a smile, I told him, "That I can fix."

At this point, we were both nude, so I told him to stand up. I looked him over and thought about some of the spells that I read about in the spell book. Chris wasn't overly masculine, not the guy with a B cup that he thought he was, but if he really wanted to become more feminine, I could help him. "Femicus Capill" I said while waving my wand at him. Chris' body was surrounded by a whirlwind for a moment, before the energy dissipated. Once it did, his hair grew a few inches, nothing too long, but enough that he or she at this point could style into something cute. Also, all her body hair was gone.

"Wow," Chris began to say, before I told her I wasn't finished.

"Femicus Derma" was the next spell I uttered.

This left Chris a little confused, unsure of what happened, but once she began touching her arms and legs, she realized how much softer she became.

I hesitated before casting the next few spells, before saying to Chris, "Hon, the next few are gonna hurt a little, since it's change your bone structure a bit."

"I think so," Chris said, preparing himself for the pain.

I thought for a moment before deciding where to go next. "Femicus Vultus," I said while targeting Chris face. I could see this was uncomfortable on Chris' face, but I knew after a moment, the paid would subside and before long I could see her features soften a bit and her lips become slightly plumper.

I thought for a moment, before deciding to proceed with the final and most painful of the spells. "Femicus Corpor," I said aiming at Chris' belly.

For a moment, nothing happened, then Chris body had a little bit of a glow and her face began to grimace a bit. Her hips widened out some and she seemed to shrink a few inches. Chris was about 5'6 now if I had to guess, I'd say she was 5'3. Her proportions weren't that different, after only one time, they wouldn't be, but you can see her small amount of body fat redistribute. As she touched her face, I could see that her fingers were a lot more....dainty, for lack of a better term, as well as her feet and toes.

I couldn't believe I was still looking at Chris. Like myself, the only way you could tell she was not born female, was by looking between her legs, where you would see and extremely small cock, that could almost be described as a clit. She stared at herself for a few moments before asking, "Is this it?"

I looked Chris over, pleased with my work, before telling her, "Yes, you'll need these spells as well as a few more in a few months, but that's it for now hon."

Chris looked herself over a few more seconds, happy with how she looked, before making her way back over to me so we could make out again. Making out with Chris this time was totally different than a few minutes ago. This time as I rubbed my hands over her body, I could feel her feminine as opposed to her masculine features. Instead of feeling hair and rough skin, she was completely soft. Her lips were much softer, and when she reached for my cock, it was a completely different feeling from last night.

It didn't take long before Chris took me in her mouth while starring up at me. She felt a lot more comfortable and even confident than she did last night. And this time, I ran my fingers through her hair more as a lover than someone I wanted to humiliate. This was a lot more enjoyable in so many ways than last night's revenge sex, so I decided I'd give Chris a little treat. I lifted her further on the bed and turned her ass towards me, so I could suck her at the same time.

I was slightly disappointed at Chris' size, and actually thought to myself, that if we're going to have this type of relationship, I really needed to change this part of her back. Either way, wanting to return the favor I began sucking on Chris' cock. Almost immediately, it sprung to life as I began licking all over the head. Eventually, I remembered the spell I placed on Chris' prostate as well and began fingering her while I sucked her, which caused her to go crazy.

"Fuck that feels good." eventually escaped Chris' lips between moans. Unable to keep up, Chris stopped sucking me, and began to concentrate on the pleasure I was giving her, before finally asking, "Can you fuck me Tammy?"

I wasn't sure how I felt about this, yesterday was my first time getting a blow job, and I certainly never topped before, however, I thought I'd give it a try. As I thought about how I wanted this to go, Chris had her ass in the air, presenting to me, her hole. Unlike Chris, I did not have a small cock. I was around seven inches or so and I did not want to hurt Chris, so I reached for my wand, and pointed at her hole, before whispering "Lubricans."

A clear liquid began coating her ass and once I was satisfied with the amount, I aimed my wand my cock while I rubbed it on, covering myself as well. I eased Chris in, by inserting a finger inside her first. She was tight, as expected, but it really seemed to drive her wild. I began working my finger, back and forth in a steady rhythm, before I decided to play with Chris cock. Almost immediately I noticed how hard she was and much pre-cum there was leaking, enough, that I did not need to use any lube to stroke her.

The combination of me fingering her, as well as jerking her cock, was enough that Chris literally started begging me to stick my cock in her. Unlike last night, when my goal was humiliation, I wanted this to be an experience she would always remember, in a positive way, so I tried to slowly enter her. However, I couldn't, she was too tight. There were a few excited moans, but there were also a few indicating that it was hurting her, so I decided, now was not the time to go all the way. But I wasn't going to let that stop me from having a bit of fun.

I stood on the floor, while Chris sat on the edge of the bed, while she looked up at me. I kissed her again, and told her that I was going to show her how to give a proper blow job. I lowered to my knees, and placed my face between Chris' legs, before gently grabbing her cock and kissing the tip. I looked up at her and said, "Eye contact is the key to a good blow job" and locked eyes with her, as I began sucking on the head of her cock.

The more I sucked, the harder she got. Chris was still shy and tried to look away from time to time, so each time, I would say something to get her to focus back on me. As I worked Chris' cock more and more, I decided to assert a little dominance over her, despite me giving her head, so I removed her from my mouth, and began jerking her off, and told her "scoot back a bit and put your feet on the bed." Of course, Chris obeyed, which exposed her virgin ass hole, so I re-inserted my finger and put her cock backin my mouth.

Chris began grinding on my finger, and her moans got louder and louder, before closing her eyes and almost shouting, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna...."

As I inserted a second finger into Chris' asshole, her eyes shot open, and she began to unload in my mouth. I swallowed every bit, which was easy because she tasted sweet. My two fingers remained inside her for a few seconds after the last wave of cum, before I slowly removed them from her ass, which caused her to shudder. As she was coming down from her post orgasmic bill, I began kissing her again, sharing her own sweet taste with her, before I kissed Chris on the forehead telling her, "You can't go back to the boy's dorm like this."

Chris looked worried and began to say, "No, I guess I can't, I imagine they wouldn't be able to keep their hands off me now."

In the most serious tone I could muster, I told Chris, "No one is going to put their hands on you again." After a moment, I began to smile and added, "Only me, got it hon."

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