tagFetishTammy's Visit to Her Doctor

Tammy's Visit to Her Doctor


Tammy rolled over in bed, her alarm rudely awakening her from sleep. Having just turned 18, Tammy's mother had advised her to schedule an appointment with her physician for a complete exam. Wanting to get the appointment over with as quickly as possible, Tammy had accepted the first appointment the receptionist offered, at 7 a.m.

Running her fingers up and down her toned stomach, Tammy cursed herself for making such an early appointment. Tammy's hands squeezed her large but firm 34DD breasts, fingers slowly rolling and pulling on her constantly erect nipples. Reaching over to her nightstand, she squirted a generous amount of lotion into her hand, lifted up her t-shirt and began massaging the cream into her skin, pinching her aching nipples. Tammy's pussy was on fire and she could feel her juices soaking her panties.

She moaned as she pulled one tit up to her mouth and began sucking her big pink nipple. Tammy loved teasing herself this way. Her puffy nipples were very sensitive and touching them always made her pussy ache and drip.

Suddenly, there was a knock at her door. Tammy had barely pulled down her t-shirt when her dad poked his head in to wake her up in time for her doctor's appointment. Breathing heavy, Tammy jumped out of bed and threw on some leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, forgetting to change her damp thong. Glancing in the mirror, Tammy gave her body a quick check. At 5'6" and 130 lbs., Tammy had developed into a very sexy young woman. Long blond hair, brown eyes and a pretty face topped a fit and trim body. Her big tits were capped with big pink puffy nipples that poked through her shirt and Tammy gave them a quick squeeze before putting on her boots and heading out the door.

When Tammy arrived at the doctor's office, she took a seat in the waiting room, a little embarrassed that she was the oldest patient in the room. She made a note to herself to find a real gynecologist and say goodbye to her pediatrician as she was now 18 yrs. old. She didn't have time to worry too much as her name was called by Nurse Dana.

Nurse Dana gave Tammy and thin gown and told her to get undressed. When the nurse left the room, Tammy undressed, her nipples instantly hardening into long pointy nubs as the cool air reached her skin. The gown barely covered the top of her smooth, shaved pussy and there was no way she could get it tied in the back. Tammy blushed a little thinking of how much she was exposing to her doctor.

Nurse Dana bounced back in the room and took in the 18 yr. old, sitting nervously before her, breasts straining against the small gown, her round butt peeking out in back. Dana took Tammy's blood pressure, making small talk and trying to relax the clearly nervous girl.

They had just begun discussing Tammy's sexual history when Dr. Johnson opened the door.

Dr. Johnson approached Tammy intending to check her breathing. The cold metal caused Tammy to gasp as her skin broke out in goose bumps and her nipples stood at attention.

Dr. J slowly pulled down the front of her gown, the fabric grazing her tender nipples, teasing her slowly.

Tammy began to feel the familiar ache in her young pussy and worried that somehow the doctor would sense her excitement. Dr. J slowly moved his stethoscope across his patients' tits. At one point the cord accidently brushed against her nipples and Tammy gasped out loud. Dr. J couldn't resist teasing Tammy a little more with the breast exam.

The doctor and nurse helped Tammy lay down, the skimpy gown pulled down, just covering her panties. Dr. J and Dana stared down at Tammy's huge tits with their big pink puffy nipples poking up straight at them. The doctor's erection was now pushing painfully against his pants, thankfully hidden by his lab coat. Dana wasn't so lucky as her hardened nipples poked through her thin scrub top begging to be sucked.

Dana watched as Dr. J slowly began massaging Tammy's huge right breast in circles, working his way toward her nipple. Tammy squirmed under his touch as he took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pulled, squeezed and rolled. He could not resist the temptation before him as his other hand began massaging Tammy's other breast, rolling, pinching and squeezing her nipples until they were at least an inch long!

Tammy was extremely horny and unconsciously squeezed her thighs together, silently pleading with her juicy little cunt to calm down.

Tammy snuck a peek at Dana and noticed her nipples poking from her top. The sight of the other girl's nipples made Tammy blush and she could feel her juices leaking down the crack of her ass, soaking her already damp thong.

"Alright Tammy, I am now going to exam your vagina. Move your bottom to the end of the table and spread your legs please."

He discreetly reached into his lab coat and unzipped his pants, allowing his massive cock some relief. Daring a quick squeeze, he stroked his hard-on while watching Tammy's tits jiggle as she scooted down to the end of the table.

Tammy was red with embarrassment. She was not expecting the doctor to have to look at her down there! Tammy knew her pussy was sopping wet and her clit felt so swollen that she was on the verge of an orgasm.

Tammy grew even more heated as Nurse Dana slowly pulled Tammy's wet thong out of Tammy's ass and down her legs. Tammy's face was bright red from shame, but still she couldn't stop her body from responding to their touch.

The doctor ordered Dana to stand behind Tammy and continue with her breast and nipple exam. He squirted a generous amount of oil onto Tammy's breasts after noticing how puffy and red her nipples had become. He couldn't wait to sit between Tammy's legs and watch his sexy nurse rubbing and squeezing the poor girl's tits.

Dana began a light massage of Tammy's breasts, but soon her own aching pussy clouded her professionalism and she started rolling and pinching Tammy's big, puffy nipples.

Dr. Johnson placed each of Tammy's legs into a stirrup and took his seat between her legs. Tammy could feel his hot breath on her throbbing clit as he slowly traced a finger up and down her puffy lips. Unable to control herself any longer, her body began humping the doctor's finger. Dana continued her assault on Tammy's swollen nipples.

Tammy moaned and grunted as the doctor pinched her swollen clit between his fingers and gently tapped it.

Dr. J had never seen such a wet pussy before! Tammy's pussy was shaved completely bare, fully revealing just how aroused and horny his slut patient was. He didn't even need lube as he inserted a finger into her wet hole.

The doctor forced in a second finger and began moving his fingers in and out of Tammy's tight little lips.

He was dripping pre-cum out the head of his cock as he glanced up at Tammy's red face, her eyes squeezed shut in shame and passion as Dana teased her nipples and he fingered her slit.

Motioning for Dana to give him a hand, he placed her fingers on both sides of Tammy's slit, forcing her to spread her lips open. Tammy's hard clit looked like a tiny erection, just begging to be sucked and Dana couldn't stop herself from "accidently" rubbing her fingers over it. Together, Dana and Dr. J teased Tammy's little pussy, Dana circling her clit while the doctor finger fucked her hole, rubbing against her g spot. Bucking and squirming on the table, Tammy couldn't help but cry out in pleasure.

Just when he knew his patient was about to explode, Dr. J removed his fingers from her cunt.

The doctor complimented Tammy on what a good girl she was being and asked her to roll over onto her hands and knees so he could examine her rectum.

Dana pushed a soft pillow under her head and rubbed her back as she got into this new position. Tammy felt so exposed as her ass cheeks were now spread wide for both her doctor and nurse to see! She could feel her wetness all over her inner thighs and worried about what a slut Dr. J probably thought she was. Dr. Johnson ran the tip of the thermometer against Tammy's wet pussy, lubricating it for insertion into her asshole.

Slowly inserting the thermometer, Dr. J slowly began fucking Tammy's virgin asshole with the thick plastic rod, sliding it in and out with the help of her pussy juice. Tammy relaxed and muffled her grunts into the pillow as her trusted doctor violated her tight asshole with the long thermometer. She could feel Dana's hands gently caressing and rubbing her back and buttocks, pulling her cheeks apart and squeezing them together.

Tammy felt the Doctor's breath against her rosebud as he cautioned her that he was going to replace the thermometer with his finger.

Tammy gasped as she felt Dana's finger rub the cold jelly all around her pink rim. Dana couldn't resist pushing the tip of her finger into Tammy's tight pink asshole, her other fingers gently tickling the poor girl's lips and clit.

He pushed a lubed finger up against her rim and soon Tammy felt two fingers exploring her asshole and crack. Dana's was now stuck inside, up to her knuckle and her doctor's finger slowly swirled around her rim. Dr. J squeezed his finger into Tammy's tight ass too. Tammy never had anything in her butt before and couldn't believe how hot and full it was making her. Dana's pussy was now dripping excitement and she worried about her wetness leaking through her pants! Dr. Johnson raised his stool so his face was directly in front of Tammy's ass and sat down. In doing so, he bumped into Dana who was now finger fucking Tammy's ass, causing her to fall back onto his throbbing erection.

Dana was so horny she couldn't resist grinding herself against the doctor's cock while she fingered the poor unsuspecting patient's asshole. Dr. J, enjoying the show in front of him, removed his finger from Tammy and placed both hands on Dana's hips, keeping her steady and bouncing her hips up and down on his hard pole.

Dr. J asked Dana to clean their patient up a little, hoping Dana was horny and willing enough to get the hint.

Knowing Tammy couldn't see with her face buried in the pillow, Dana began licking the pussy juice from Tammy's ass cheeks and thighs. When her fat wet tongue touched Tammy's pink rim, both Tammy and Dr. Johnson moaned. Dr. J moved his hands under Dana's top and began kneading and pinching her hard nipples. Dana began earnestly eating out Tammy's ass, licking up all her juices and sucking and fucking her hole with her tongue.

Dr. J knew he was on the verge of exploding as he humped Dana's ass, pinching her nipples and watching Dana licking Tammy's ass. Tammy was beside herself, loudly moaning and rubbing her ass against what she assumed was a soft wet cloth. She was tempted to reach up and rub her clit but didn't want to get caught. Instead she lifted up a little and rubbed her nipples against the soft pillow. Before he lost it, Dr. J asked Tammy to get back on her back so he could finish the exam.

When Tammy rolled back over onto her back, Dr. J had an idea. He told Tammy that he needed her to give herself a self-breast exam so he could be sure she knew the proper technique before leaving. Legs spread and back in the stirrups, Tammy began squeezing and rubbing her huge tits for her doctor and his nurse. Tammy began pulling and pinching her sensitive nipples, her eyes closed in pleasure and embarrassment.

Dr. J sat back on his stool and rubbed his massive erection, no longer needing to hide it from Dana who had a hand up under her top, working one nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Dana fell to her knees and began hungrily slurping on Dr. J's dick.

Dr. J told Tammy that she needs to perform monthly vaginal exams as well and asked her to practice in front of him again. Tammy's fingers shyly began feeling her swollen lips and rubbing her clit.

Tammy, having been teased and tortured for a good half hour could no longer control her building orgasm. With one finger rubbing her swollen clit, she shoved two fingers from her other hand inside her dripping wet pussy and fingered herself right there in front of her doctor as he softly encouraged her.

Screaming loudly, she came hard inches from her doctor's face just as Dr. J grabbed Dana's head, forcing her to swallow his cum as it shot out of his 9 inch cock!

Still acting like everything was normal; Dr. J tucked his cock back into his pants and pulled Dana up to her feet, ordering her to clean up the girl.

Dana's pussy was in a state of frenzy as she wiped her mouth and took a seat in between Tammy's spread legs. Tammy still recovering from her huge orgasm lay on the table nervously. She was glad that the doctor had left the room after she acted like such a little whore exploding right in his face like that. Dana took a soft wipe and slowly ran it down each side of Tammy's still swollen lips.

Sliding one hand under the elastic of her scrubs, Dana began furiously rubbing her own clit while she gently cleaned Tammy's pink pussy. Tammy began squirming again under Dana's touch.

Tammy could no longer control herself and cried out again and again as she came for the second time, humping the air and her nurse's hand. Touching the girl's wet pussy and hearing her moans as Dana's fingered teased and rubbed her clit, Dana herself came hard against her own hand, muffling her grunt with a cough.

Nurse Dana left Tammy to get herself dressed but not before telling her to schedule a follow up appointment in a month. She was already plotting ways for her and Dr. J to arouse and tease the poor unsuspecting girl again.

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