tagNonHumanTammy's Wolf and Mate Ch. 02

Tammy's Wolf and Mate Ch. 02


Tammy paced the floor while waiting for the courage to call the local Alpha. She knew that learning about her wolf was import, but she was afraid that she would not be able to assimilate to pack life. Until recently, she thought she was human and what little she did know about pack life, made her wonder where she would fit in.

Tammy had lost her adopted mom to breast cancer eight months ago and her dad to an unexpected heart attack two years before. Tammy was well aware that a pack number could reach into the hundreds or more, so the thought of being a part of such a large community enhanced her misgivings. She had become very independent and with the exception of a few friends and her so called mate, Tammy wondered how much of herself she would lose.

The thought of her "mate" brought her mind back to that delicious dream. Tammy's body tightened and the taste of his cum soaked her mouth. Even though her body heat increased and the need to masturbate overwhelmed her, she shook her head to reset her mind. "If he is my mate how would that be looked upon by the pack, she speculated. Do vampires and werewolves even get along?" With her anxiety rising, more questions invaded her brain. "Would the pack accept her, would they be willing to take the time to teach her, and then the hardest question of all formed. Tammy wondered if she was even capable of transforming into her wolf. Once again she shook her head to refocus her mind. "Damn it, stop over thinking and just make the call Adams," she said to herself.

Tammy let out a deep breath and dialed the number. The phone began to ring and she became increasingly nervous. After the third ring a deep confident voice said, " Drake Armstrong speaking." It took Tammy a few seconds for the words to register before she said, " He..ll..ooo Mr Armstrong my name is Tammy Adams, and I believe that you are expecting my call. Yes Ms. Adams, and I have been looking forward to it ever since Mrs. Donnelly explained your situation."

"If I understand correctly you have recently discovered you are a werewolf. Yes sir, and I would like your help to discover what that means. I have no problem helping you, but for you to truly know what life as a werewolf entails, you need to see it first hand. It isn't something we can discuss over a few hours on the telephone."

Tammy thought for a moment and asked, " Are you asking me to come visit the pack? I am but you need to realize, I am the Alpha. It is my job to see to the well being of the pack, and you will be a guest on our lands. I will not tolerate anyone who will not respect our laws or our people. I understand Mr. Armstrong. I need to learn about myself, and I will do what is necessary to accomplish that goal."

"Ms. Adams while you are on pack lands, I would like you to stay at my home. My wife would love to have another female around since we have three sons. I appreciate it Mr. Armstrong but please call me Tammy. I will Tammy and thank you."

"Mr. Armstrong, may I ask your permission to bring my friend Sonia with me? I will not know anyone and I will feel more comfortable if someone familiar is with me." It got very quiet on the other end of the phone and Tammy feared that the Alpha would say no, but he surprised her with his next words. "She will be subject to the same rules as you. I want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your experience. Thank you Mr. Armstrong. I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the pack."

Tammy and Alpha Armstrong continued their conversation for another 20 minutes before hanging up. In the course of their conversation, she discovered that the pack lands were four hours away and she was happy that the Alpha had invited her to stay at his home. He stated that all the arrangements will be made, and that he looked forward to meeting her as well. Tammy smiled and thought to herself,"Ok wolf it's time for us to learn more about ourselves."

Tammy's next call was to her friend Sonia. She was speaking so quickly that Sonia thought she was going to need oxygen. Tammy kept telling her how calming the Alpha's voice was and how she couldn't wait to get on the road. Sonia was ecstatic that Tammy had invited her to go with and asked, " What does one wear to meet a pack of werewolves?" The two friends laughed and knowing they had a big day tomorrow, said their goodbyes.

After her call with Sonia ended, Tammy got ready for bed. Sleep did not find her quickly because she was very excited to to meet the Armstrong pack. Tammy laid there for over an hour before her eyes succumbed to the need for sleep .

Tammy found herself by the stream once again but this time her wolf was no where to be found. Well at least not in the physical sense anyway. She realized that she would have to face the 600 year old vampire as her human half and was ready to face the consequences. It was just a matter of time, because Tammy knew that her mate wouldn't miss the opportunity to invade her dreams once again.

She bent down to drink from the stream and on cue that all to familiar twig snapping occurred. Tammy turned to see the sight of her mate in all his magnificent glory approaching. She stood and stared into those haunting blue eyes. Tammy eyes never faltered as she waited for him to stop before her.

Tammy already decided that she wasn't going to back down or cower. So she squared her shoulders and waited. She had to show this vampire she would endure her fate and prove to him that he has a strong mate.

He looked down and smiled, showing Tammy his fangs. Tammy was well aware he was trying to intimidate her but she didn't flinch. " I know from your show at the club, I will be facing consequences for disrespecting you. I could ask for leniency, but that isn't my style." I see you have discovered your wolf and have become a little shall I say cocky?"

The vamp grinned wider and continued, "Oh my young wolf what shall I do with you." Then he began to walk around Tammy like a predator sizing up his prey. "I am well within my rights to show you how insubordinate acts are handled. However, you aren't some ordinary individual you are my mate. I can not hurt you without hurting myself. You are the other half that makes me whole, but I have decided that I will be testing your strength and tolerance." With those passing words, my wolf began to wag her tail and pant.

"Don't let my innocent face fool you vamp. I may be more than you expect or can handle. I am a very sexual person and with the right man there is no telling what I will do. Oh we shall see my little furry mate." The vamp stopped circling and grabbed Tammy's wrist and pulled her close to his body.

It seemed like hours that the wolf and the vamp starred at each other before the vamp leaned down and claimed Tammy's lips with his. The kiss took Tammy's body to new heights. But before she knew it, Tammy was suddenly turned around and found herself bent over a nearby rock.

Not knowing what to expect Tammy prepared herself mentally. Again in a blink of an eye the situation changed and Tammy found herself not only bent over the rock but naked from the waist down.

She heard the vamp move behind her and with a cold hand gripping the back of her neck, the other came down hard against the naked skin of her exposed derriere. She closed her eyes to hold back the tears and refused to give this creature of the night the satisfaction of her scream. Therefore, Tammy bit her lip and took her penance.

Her sexy mate repeated the action several times making sure she felt the sting of his hand. As abruptly as his painful actions began, they stopped. The vampire began to rub her red stinging cheeks with a soft touch. Once again Tammy didn't know what to expect and jumped when a cold wet tongue began to bath her reddened back side.

Tammy couldn't help but moan and her wolf smiled inside her head. She heard a voice saying, " I like what he did to us. I am glad he is our mate." Tammy smiled herself and couldn't help but agree. Tammy's mind was forced back to unfolding scene when she felt her cheeks being spread apart and a cool wet tongue enter her dripping pussy.

Tammy was lost in the vampire's oral ministrations. But an intonation penetrated her haze and stated, " Mmmmmm my little wolf enjoys being spanked. I could smell your arousal before I tasted you. We will have to revisit this revelation another time and maybe expand on it." With that thought left in Tammy's clouded mind, the vamp went back to the task at hand, punishing his mate.

Several moments passed as her other half licked his way from her pussy to asshole lingering to tongue fuck her puckered hole. Tammy cries of pleasure only encouraged the vamp and he plunged his tongue deeper into untouched cavity. Tammy knew she was on the edge and so did her vampire.

He made his way back to her pussy and reveled in Tammy's wetness before pulling her off the rock and laying her on the chilled grass. He made sure Tammy was facing him and once again assaulted her pussy with renewed vigor. The vamp noticed her musky smell getting more intense which triggered his beast.

His fingernails pierced her hips and his fangs extended. Tammy looked down at her mate and noticed his eyes were black. Before Tammy could scream, " I'm cummmminnngg," the vamp bit down on her clit sending her into the most mind blowing orgasm of her life. Her vision blurred and she heard a blood curdling howl as the orgasm ravished her body. Tammy wondered how she even stayed conscious but realized it was her wolf who made that possible.

The vamp crawled up Tammy's body and whispered in her ear, " Now you know a little of what is in store for you the next time you misbehave my love. I am sure we will find ourselves in this situation again and I welcome the challenge. I find that you are my perfect match. I look forward to finding out what other forms of torture you like. Until next time mate. Oh by the way, my name is Will, Tammy."

Tammy's eyes flew open and she was again in her bedroom. She was sore, soaked with sweat and smelled of cum and blood. She reached down and touched her pussy only to cringe at the slight pain she felt as her fingers brushed against her clit. But then she smiled because she liked how her mate punished her and looked forward to misbehaving again.

Suddenly she sat up with her heart racing and said, "How the hell did he know my name and what did Will mean by other forms of torture? After a few panicked moments, she relaxed and an evil grin formed on her face. She said, Bring it on Will. Like I said before, don't let the innocent face fool you. I may be more than you can handle. Have a good day sleep my love."

Tammy took a deep breath, threw off her covers and headed for the bathroom. She moved a little slow but knew a hot bath would sooth her battered but sated body. Now that her mate situation was handled temporarily, it was time to learn about her past so she can embrace her future. Hopefully when she got back from the Armstrong Pack, her and Will can have a proper meeting and date. She smiled at the thought of that and her wolf did as well. Tammy closed the bathroom door and started her bath.

Again we go across town to the luxury apartment underneath Club DNA, where a vampire opened his eyes. " Oh my little wolf don't worry I never underestimate any opponent even if she is my mate. I look forward to exploring your sexual side and torturing you further. I hope you find all your answers at the Armstrong pack. I will be here waiting for your return" With that thought, the vampire yet again closed his eyes looking forward to the next encounter with his wolf mate.

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