tagMatureTanaka Fucks the Neighbor... Again

Tanaka Fucks the Neighbor... Again


She woke up in a panic. "Why?" she wondered when her husband was completely aware of her feelings for Kyle. In some ways, her husband almost encouraged her to sleep with him. After all, he was often a topic of their own sexual fantasies while they were having sex. Her husband had said then he wanted to watch Kyle fuck her. She was not really sure, but I think the guilt of her continued indiscretions coupled with the fact that she had not told her husband about the continued encounters made her feel guiltier than she probably should. She resolved herself to that fact that he would be home in two days and she would have to tell him. She thought he would be excited to hear about it. Still, she was nervous and the fact that she was seeing Kyle today made her feel a little guilty. When her husband was gone, she justified having sex with Kyle as a means to satisfy her urges. With him coming home in a matter of days, she had no excuse. She did not really care, she like fucking Kyle.

They had been having sex for almost eight months. What started out as a once a week thing quickly turned into four or five times a week. After his wife came home, things slowed again, but they still found ways to be together. His wife had little interest in sex so she was glad to fill that void. She wondered often what he told her or if she even cared. Perhaps she knew. Regardless, their intimacy was perfect for both of them and their passion for each other continued unabated.

Prior to his wife coming home, they had many nights where they would fuck until the sun came up. Sleep for a little while, and then start again. His stamina amazed her, and when he left, she could usually barely walk. She loved the soreness she felt. She loved the feeling of being filled with his cum after being stretched by his amazing cock. She did not love him, but she sure loved having sex with him. She had to wonder whether their love making would continue when her husband came home. She hoped it did because she found herself worrying about it.

After his wife came home, those late-night sessions came to an abrupt end. They managed to sneak away one weekend night a month, but usually their sex was relegated to the occasional quickie here and there. Sometimes his wife would go out with friends on day trips and this allowed them some more time. That was rare though, but still, it did not satisfy her. In truth, the day/night long fuck sessions did not satisfy her. She wanted more of him. He was like a drug that she could never get enough of. Again, she did not love him, but his cock, she loved that. His muscular body, she loved that. His ability to make her cum with his tongue, she loved that. The taste of his cum, she loved that. How he could fuck her again and again, over and over, she loved that. What a shame she might have to give it up.

She pushed her feelings aside and considered what she was going to wear tonight. His wife was going to a Bachelorette party and would not be back until tomorrow. She felt herself getting wet as she considered what was to come. It had been almost a month since they had last spent the night together. With her husband coming home, she knew this likely might be the last time for a while. After all, what are the odds of both of their spouses being away at the same time? It was all too complex, but she had tonight. She intended to make the most of it.

She looked through her panty drawer and found the perfect set. She purchased it last week in anticipation of this evenings activities. She was excited for him to see her in it and then tear it off her. That set, she went to take a shower. After shaving her legs, she looked down at her "landing strip" and knew it must go. She wanted to be smooth for him and have nothing in the way of feeling his tongue on her. Once done, she dried off and got dressed. He would be here within the hour and she decided against getting fully dressed. Instead, she put on a squirt of Jo Malone perfume and a silk robe. She did not want to waste time getting undressed. She could feel her pussy getting wet. Soon she would feel him inside her mouth and inside her pussy.

She went downstairs and opened a bottle of wine. She resisted the urge to pour a glass. She looked at the clock. In 30 minutes, he would be there. She reached between her legs and felt her panties. It was soaked, and she had a feeling that once he kissed her, she would start to drip through them. Still, 30 minutes felt like 30 days.

At last, there was a knock at the door. She ran to the door and threw it open. There he was, looking as gorgeous as ever. She invited him in and jumped into his arms. He kissed her passionately, and she inhaled his scent. He always smelled so good, and his scent sent shivers down her spine and into her longing groin. He put her down and she continued to kiss him. Their tongues danced with one another and she reached down to rub the stiff bulge in his pants.

She dropped to her knees and unbuttoned them. She pulled them down and pulled his shorts away from his body. His beautiful cock broke free of its hold and his pre-cum glistened on the tip. She put her tongue on the tip and sucked it out of him. She continued to suck on him, savoring the size of him and his generation of his sweet sperm. His breathing quickened as did her pace in response. She sucked and stroked him with increased vigor. His pre-cum was oozing from his cock until at last, she felt the warm blast of his seed explode in her mouth. His labored breath eased as she stroked and sucked the last of his cum from his drooping cock. She could feel wetness and it made her long for his penis inside of her.

She moved off of his cock and kissed him on the mouth. She knew there was a little bit of her cum still in her mouth, but this apparently did not faze him as he kissed her passionately. She told him how much she missed him and moved over to pour them each a glass of wine. As they drank, he gently rubbed her breasts and touched her pussy through her wet panties. He reached inside her panties and gently teased her clit. She could feel her wet panties clinging to her, and his touches only made her drip more. He kissed her again, this time, much deeper than before.

She reached down to rub his cock. Like always, he recovered quickly and she needed to feel it buried inside her. She grabbed his hand and let him the stairs. He stroked her ass as they moved up the stairs and once in the bedroom, he threw her down onto the bed. He moved her silk robe aside and dove into her crotch. He licked the inside of her thighs and gently kissed the outside of her wet panties. He gently moved them aside and began to lick and suck her clit. He gently inserted one finger into her wet pussy and sucked her clit harder. She could feel the pressure building until at last, she exploded. She screamed with desire and this caused him to suck her clit hard and now moved two fingers in and out of her pussy. She could hear the sounds of her wetness as he thrust his fingers in and out of her. This man drove her crazy and as she looked down at him, she again exploded with immense pleasure. Her body shuddered with pleasure until at last, it subsided.

He withdrew his fingers and put them into his mouth. He licked them clean and she watched with anxious desire. He slid her panties off and positioned his gorgeous cock outside of her pussy. He ran it along her clit and pussy lips. She begged him to fuck her and at last, she felt herself stretch as he slid into her.

"My goodness this man is amazing," she thought as he slowly moved in and out of her. He sped up and she felt herself nearing the edge once again. She grabbed his ass to move him deeper into her and was rewarded with an orgasm emanating from deep inside her. He slowed and she moved him off and asked him to lay on his back. She moved above his cock and slowly guided it into her. It hurt her pussy so good to feel him inside her. She moved up and down his long shaft, feeling herself stretch and get wetter as she did so. Her pace quickened and he rubbed her breasts and teased her nipples as she rode him. She moved faster and faster until once again, she felt the release of an orgasm enveloping her. She slowed and he pushed her off and pushed her on her stomach. He grabbed her hips and positioned himself just outside of her pussy. He wet his cock with her dripping juices, and without warning, thrust himself deep inside her. Her pussy stretched and she screamed a little as the pain emanated through her groin. He moved at a feverish pace until at last she felt his warm cum flow inside her. He continued thrusting until he was completely empty and then collapsed on top of her. He kissed her neck gently and gently pulled out of her. As he did, he saw a massive amount of cum dripping from her gorgeous pussy. "She is so sexy," he thought, "I cannot wait to fuck her yet again".

They sat kissing and stroking each other. Their tongues danced in and out of each other's mouths as she reached down to rub his cock which was now getting hard again. His stamina was amazing, and she knew with the right touch, he would be ready to fuck her again.

He continued to rub her clit as he moved himself up to put himself into her mouth. There was some dried cum on his cock, and she moved her tongue up and down his shaft to taste every drop of it. Hard again, he positioned himself on top of her and thrust his huge cock inside her wanting pussy. There was still cum dripping from her which added to her wetness. His cock was so large that despite being extremely wet, her pussy still hurt a little as it stretched to accommodate his massive penis. He moved faster and in and out of her for what seemed like forever. She came over and over as her pussy swallowed his cock until at last, she heard him grunt and spill his cum inside of her again. As he did, she felt herself orgasm so hard she had trouble catching her breath as he continued to explode his cum inside her. He finally moved to the side, but kept his penis inside her. They kissed deeply as she touched his arms and he, her breasts. The moment was broken by a familiar voice from downstairs.

"Honey, I'm home!" They looked at each other with a look of shock. She was unsure how her husband was going to react. She threw on a pair of panties. She was well aware that Kyle's cum was dripping from her stretched pussy, but she tightened her robe and went downstairs.

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