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Tangled Web

byAussie Bard©

My thanks to "Marie-Terese" for her assistance with the woman's point of view and to Willy B for his patience in editing.


"Dianne, are you and your husband having problems?"

The question came out of the blue and, for a moment, I was unsure how to respond.

"What do you mean problems? I guess that we have the normal problems all married couples have. Why?"

My co-worker looked away, concentrating on her hands while she made up her mind whether to continue or not. The decision made she went on.

"Look I don't know how to tell you this; you know that my hubby took me away last weekend for our anniversary. Well I'm sure I saw your husband in the same hotel and he was staying there with another woman."

"What! Are you sure? It couldn't have been, he would never do anything like that to me. You must be mistaken."

"Well I could be I suppose, but it sure looked like him. If it wasn't him he must have an identical double. We saw them both, all lovey dovey, a few times up close and it sure looked like your husband."

Mark had been away last weekend, a fishing trip with his buddies, so he had said. Now it seems that he had been fishing for a bit on the side and it sure looked like he had caught one.

I wanted to cry, scream and rip his throat out, all at the same time. How could he do this to me? What was wrong with him that he was willing to throw away seven years with me for a roll in the sack with some whore?

I mumbled my thanks to Jane and returned to my office slumping into the overstuffed chair I had for visitors. Searching my mind for signs that he had been up to no good, I couldn't pinpoint anything. I had heard about the usual signs such as being over attentive and extra loving, but that wasn't Mark. He had been his normal self, caring and helpful. Was that his game? Was he aware of these signs and took care not to show them.

I was totally confused, no it couldn't be my Mark, Jane was right, it had to be someone who looked like him. Still, I had those nagging doubts, what if it was him? How could I be sure? If I asked him he would only deny it. If he was having an affair he would have warned his buddies to cover for him, so there would be no joy there.

Thinking back to Sunday night when he got back, I tried to remember anything that was suspicious. He had come in kissed me on the cheek, grabbed a beer and started to tell me about his weekend. Nothing unusual about that.

He had complained that the fish hadn't been biting. The only ones they caught were under size and had to be thrown back. Now that was unusual, Mark never failed to catch a fish. He is an excellent fisherman and he knows that river like the back of his hand. He has fished it man and boy since his father put his first fishing rod into his hand when he was six.

Still he might be telling the truth. How could I find out?

I decided to ring one of his friend's wives about the upcoming school fete and during the discussion I would ask about the fish he had caught. Yes that's what I'd do.

The phone almost rang out before Emily answered, just as I was about to hang up.

"Hi Emily? Dianne Andrews, how are you?"

The first part of our conversation was the normal things, kids, school, and sales at the mall. Not wanting to appear too anxious I let this drag on for twenty minutes before I got to the part that I had really called her for. I couldn't just come straight out and ask her, that would just make her suspicious and it would get back to Mark via her husband.

"Emily, do you have any good recipes for trout? I'm getting a little tired of the usual ways like baking and grilling and I wanted something a little more exotic. How did you cook the fish Dave brought home on Sunday?"

I waited with bated breath while Emily yelled at her kids to be quiet, telling them she was on the phone.

"Sorry Dianne. Fish recipes hmm!! Well Dave isn't very adventurous when it comes to food so I stick to the tried and true recipes. The fish he caught last weekend are still in the freezer I hadn't planned on cooking them until later in the week or I might do them on the barbeque at the weekend."

As she continued my mind drifted off in a different direction. The bastard had lied to me, the others had caught fish but he hadn't. Why? Because he hadn't been fishing he had been out fucking some trollop. Well when I got finished with him his bait wouldn't be worth much.

"Dianne? Dianne? Are you still there?"

Emily's urgent call brought me back to the present and I answered her through the tears that had started to fall.

"Yes I'm here. I'm sorry the washing machine is playing up, I have to run. I'll call you later. Thanks for the tips. Bye."

My first instinct was to confront him, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I had no real proof. He'd lie his way out of it and be on his guard. I needed more evidence.

That night Mark seemed withdrawn as we sat and ate dinner. He complimented me for an excellent meal but seemed to have no life in him. When I tried to talk, he answered in single sentences and it was obvious that he had other things on his mind. I hoped it was guilt and it was ripping him apart inside, the way it was me.

Later we sat and watched television for a while before he made a move.

"I'm off to bed. I'm not feeling the best and I think I'll get an early night. Are you coming up now?"

:No. I think I'll watch a little more of this show. The girls at work say it is well worth watching so I thought I'd give it a go. I'll be up later. Goodnight."

Mark leaned over to kiss me but I turned my head and his lips landed on my cheek. His surprised look was enough warning that I had to come up with something quick.

"Sorry honey, I don't want to catch what you have. I can't afford to get sick right now with the Michael account happening. Sweet dreams."

My imagination was working overtime. There was no way I was going to kiss him after he had cheated on me. I knew how much Mark loved to eat my pussy; he'd do it for hours. I could see, in my minds eye, him doing the same to his lover. The very thought made me want to vomit.

I sat through a trashy sit com as I waited for him to go to sleep. Finally after an hour I tiptoed up to our room and quietly looked in on him.

His six foot two frame only just fitted into our queen sized bed and his head sat on the rumpled pillow, pushed almost up to the headboard. His hair was a wet mass and stuck to his head and face like a blond skull cap. He had been sweating heavily and his body glistened with his sweat. His sleep must have been restless as the sheets lay in a tangled pile on his side of the bed.

Mark was usually a quiet sleeper and I wondered if his disturbed sleep was due to his guilty conscience or was he dreaming of her. Damn him!!!

Mark always slept in the nude, and tonight was no different. Laying on his back his body was open fully to my gaze and I looked at him in a new light. I loved this man with all my heart and now I might lose him. Was that what I wanted? Maybe it was a one time affair and he'd never cheat again. Did I really want to go through with my plan? I had to, I had to know. No matter how painful it might be or what the consequences were I had to find out.

Mark was my first true love and the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. The man I wanted to father my children. How could he put all that at risk?

Quietly I picked up his wallet from the bedside table and quickly checked it for evidence. What I expected to find was an address, phone number or even some condoms. When we were dating Mark always had his supply in his wallet. I'd quickly realized that using a condom wasn't for me so I'd gone on the pill and he hadn't needed them since. If there were any that would be another nail in the lid of our marital coffin.

His wallet and pants pockets were clean of any evidence, so where else could I check?

His briefcase and car were next and each produced the same sterile results. By now it had become almost like a game. Each time I came up empty handed I would get this disappointed feeling like I had lost the game. Next I checked his email account on our home computer and when that came up clean I tried his cell phone. No luck there either.

I was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee trying to work out what my next move would be. In my mind he was as guilty as sin, and lack of evidence didn't mean a damn thing. I was already wired by the excitement of what I was involved in and the coffee just added to my hyper state of mind.

I mused over what I had done so far and decided that he wasn't smart enough not to have left some evidence of his cheating, I just had to find it.

Suddenly it hit me, I knew where it would be, in his fishing gear of course. He knew I never fooled with his fishing gear for fear of breaking something, besides I had no interest in fishing.

In the garage I rummaged around checking his tackle box and other accessories with the same luck. All I got was a couple of hook sticks in my fingers, which only made me madder at him. I was almost ready to give up when I spotted his fishing jacket hanging on a hook behind the side door.

Taking more care this time so as not to stab myself I went through the pockets and finally found what I was looking for. A packet of complimentary matches from the Hyatt hotel in Carlton, a small town about two hours drive time from here. In my state of mind that was enough evidence to convict and hang him. We'd never been to that particular hotel together and I couldn't think of a reasonable explanation for him having been there alone. Let's see him get out of this.

As it sank into to my brain that he really had cheated the real pain started. I spent the next two hours alternating between anger, frustration and humiliation. I wanted to rush upstairs, drag him from our bed and confront him. No that wasn't enough, I wanted to hurt him the way he had hurt me. I needed to see him suffer the same sort of pain and anguish that I was feeling. As I pondered my next move a small gem of an idea crept into my brain and slowly took form. By the time I was ready to go to bed I had almost completed my plan of attack. I was going to get revenge on this bastard.

I would go out and fuck someone then bring the evidence back home to Mark. I'd show him that two can play at this game.

The trouble was, I still loved him and the thought of losing him hurt as much as the though of him having an affair. I didn't want to divorce him, although my first reaction had been to kick his ass out into the street.

Finding someone to fuck was easy. At thirty two, I still looked good and the guys in the office still flirted with me. A couple of the sales reps I dealt with hit on me from time to time but, so far I had always rejected them.

Now, I had my pick of a bunch of guys some of whom were real hunks. One young guy in particular, Andy, was something else again. He had most of the girls in the office drooling every time he walked in. He was only twenty-one and just out of university where he had studied under a sports scholarship. Andy is six feet, dark piercing eyes and a buff body. Quiet and unassuming he didn't seem to notice the affect he had on the women around him. He projected an air of innocence that made him all the more attractive.

I made up my mind; Andy was going to be my means of extracting revenge on Mark. All I had to do was seduce him. He was a man so that shouldn't be too hard.

Over the next week I made my move on Andy. I dressed to show off my best assets with plunging necklines that gave him, and anyone else, an ample view of my 34 D bust. I also wore my shortest, hip hugging skirts with no panties so there were no visible panty lines.

Of course I had a lot of attention and this time I played up to them all. Flirting with the guys made me feel wanted and desirable again. Not that Mark hadn't done those things for me. He was always very attentive giving me little surprise gifts, bunches of roses and left little cards all over the place for me to find. It was just the knowledge that he had cheated that had me doubting my sensuality. This attention was the balm I needed to sooth my shattered ego.

Andy was easy. When he first saw me his jaw fell open and he stood and gawked.

Walking up to him I closed his mouth then in as sexy a voice as I could muster said, "What's up lover? Like what you see? If you play your cards right you could see a lot more. That is if you want to."

Leaving him wondering if he had heard me right I turned and walked away from him emphasizing every step with a swing of my hips. That same action had always brought a strong reaction from Mark resulting in a long drawn out sexual romp. Would it have the same effect on Andy?

For the next three days I continued to tease him and he became increasingly more attentive and suggestive in his flirting. A few of the girls told me to stop teasing him as it wasn't fair. He's not very experienced with women and might get the wrong idea was the general consensus. Jane, on the other hand, knew exactly what I was up to and her advice was more direct.

"Dianne, what you are doing is not fair on Andy. He has no idea that he is being used by you to get back at your husband. If you have to do this at least pick on someone who can handle what is about to happen."

"Thanks Jane but I think Andy will enjoy this. Who knows, I might make it a regular thing with him."

Jane just shrugged and walked away shaking her head, leaving me to continue with my plan. As she closed the door she left me with one piece of advice, "That would be a big mistake."

Andy was interested but as yet hadn't made any moves and I was in a hurry to get this thing started. The thought of having sex with such a hunk had my pussy wet and with no panties on that was becoming a problem. I had also frozen Mark out of any intimate ideas he may have entertained. Unsure of what was happening he was becoming frustrated by my refusal to talk to him about our problem.

I wanted him to sweat on it but not for too long. I had decided that this Saturday was the day for my revenge.

"Andy, are you busy Saturday night?"

The light shining in his eyes told me the answer before he managed to croak out his response.

"No. I hadn't planned on doing anything special. Why?"

"Well I was thinking that you might want to take a lady to dinner, dancing and what ever follows. Do you think you'd be interested?"

"Gosh yes." Then a cloud came over his face, "But you're married. What about your husband?"

"He doesn't need to know, besides we have an agreement of sorts." My mind filled in the missing pieces, "He just doesn't know it yet."

"Yeah sure." His face brightened with a knowing smile, "Where would you like to go?"

"Well I thought that dinner at a small, intimate restaurant, some dancing at a club then maybe we could find a room somewhere. If that's ok with you?"

Andy was blushing but had regained his composure enough to know the next move was his.

"Sure that sounds like fun. I know just the place and there's a motel not too far from it. If you like I could book a room."

"Sound like a date to me. You can pick me up at the mall car park north entrance at seven pm and we'll go in your car."

Leaning over to give him a better view of my tits I kissed him on the lips then whispered, "See you then lover."

The plan was in motion and I don't think I could have stopped now even if I wanted to. Phase two was to tell Mark I had a girl's night out and I wouldn't be in till late. Hell, if Andy lived up to my dreams I might not come home until Sunday.

After dinner that night I dropped it on Mark.

"Mark honey, I rang Susan today, she and a few of the girls are having a night out on Saturday. They invited me to go and I accepted."

"Oh! I had hoped that we could have a quiet night in together and sort out our problems. Can't you go another time?"

I gave Mark one of my stern, don't fuck with me looks then told him, "I'm going whether you like it or not. I don't get to go out very often and there might not be another night like this for who knows how long." Then again there just might be.

Mark went to respond then thought better of it and left the table. Turning at the door he told me, "Thanks for caring." Then he wandered out to his workshop, probably to play with his damn fishing gear.

I saw the hurt in his eyes and almost surrendered to it, then my anger kicked in and a vision of him with some blonde bimbo flashed into my head.

"Fuck you," I yelled after him. "It's not as if you care about my feelings." He had gone and I don't think he heard the last part.

The argument worked in my favour because he slept in the spare room for the next two nights. That might just become his permanent room if he's not careful was my last though before I went to sleep that night. It felt strange because it was the first time I'd slept alone since we were married.

Friday morning he was gone before I woke so I didn't know how he was handling it. Badly I hoped. I had never realized how vindictive I could be and it came as a real surprise. On the one hand I was glad he was hurting but it was almost as painful for me to watch him suffer. I really did love him even with his philandering ways.

I decided to try and ease the tension a little Friday night with a special dinner for him. Baked potatoes, grilled asparagus and one of the trout he caught a couple of weeks back, done in foil with herbs, chili, garlic and olive oil. I knew this was one of his favourites and it might ease his mind a little. It would also ease the guilt I was starting to feel.

The phone rang just as I put the finishing touches to the table decorations.

Pulling the earring from my right ear, I cradled the phone to my shoulder.

"Andrews' residence."

The background noise was loud and I could hardly hear him.

"Hi Dianne. It's me Mark, some of the guys are having a night out and seeing as you are going out tomorrow, I thought I'd have a night out with them. Don't wait up, I will probably be very late."

He hung up before I could answer. He had sounded really pissed and for a moment I wondered if my revenge was such a good idea. Damn him why does he always do this? Out with the boys, I'll bet he's with his whore again tonight. Well we'll see who has the best time.

I tried to sleep but tossed until he came in at 3 am. I heard his door close then two thumps as his shoes hit the floor. After that, nothing.

Saturday morning I was up early and prepared another surprise for him. When Mark finally surfaced it was twelve thirty and he looked like shit. He was still in the clothes he had worn the day before, but rather than the neat appearance he left with, he was now disheveled and bleary eyed. The front of his shirt was stained and the right knee of his beige slacks was covered with mud.

A grunt was the only response to my cheery good afternoon. I must admit it was more to piss him off than how I really felt.

Grabbing a cup of coffee he sat, or rather slumped, at the kitchen table.

"I saved your dinner for you. It's your favourite, so I thought you might like it for lunch."

With that I put the plate of charcoaled remains in front of him. Two hours in a fan forced oven on high can have a serious effect on that sort of food.

It took a few minutes for him to register what I'd done.

Pushing it away he groaned, "Very funny."

Finishing his coffee he made it back to bed to sleep off his hangover.

Maybe he had been with the boys last night. He sure wouldn't have been much use in bed in the condition he was in. Maybe she'd dumped him. That thought brought a smile to my face.

Well Markey if you think you feel bad now, wait until I come home tonight or when ever.

Saturday went quickly. With Mark out of the way I could spend as much time as I liked getting ready without worrying about what he would think. Not that I really cared at this point. This plan had a life of its own and I was being dragged along by the forces that drove it.

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