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Tangun's Story


Something I've always thought was funny, and for me personally, a little sad, is that quite a few people don't believe there's any such thing as a bisexual man, even though they accept that there are bisexual women. What I mean, is that you're either straight, or you're a woman in a man's body, which they don't say about women who like both eating pussy and sucking cock. Unfortunately, my ex wife was one of them, who while she didn't think of herself as a lesbian, because she enjoyed licking other women, felt that me wanting to suck men's cocks, meant I was totally gay, and really wanted to be a woman myself.

That's what this story is about, how my wife found out, how she reacted, and how we ended up going our separate ways because she couldn't accept me for what I really was. A bisexual man who loves fucking girls and eating pussy just as much as I love sucking cock. I get that men feel that way, that only gay guys like to suck other men's cocks, because that's what stops them from doing it themselves. But my ex wife, who was herself an admitted bisexual should have understood that you can desire both sexes, instead of thinking that sucking cock was something only women did, and I must really be a woman inside.

True, I sucked my first cock when I was 18 and I didn't have sex with a woman until I turned 22, but it wasn't due to a lack of attraction to girls, since I'd had plenty of girlfriends before that and we'd done almost everything else. It was that women hold on to their virginity a lot longer here, than in some other countries, and it took that long to find one who would let me fuck her. She wasn't the last girl I fucked, not by a long shot, nor the last girl who's pussy I licked either, although I admit that I preferred to do that after I came inside them, as well as kissing them deeply after I'd cum in their mouths.

That's kind of where the problem started for me, because the girls I licked after I fucked them, said that if I liked licking my own sperm out of them, I probably wanted to lick other men's sperm out of them too. And if I wanted to do that, I must want to suck their cocks as well, which when I told them yes, always ended our relationships.

So, I learned to separate those parts of my life from each other, meaning no more kissing after blowjobs, and not licking their pussies at all, because if I ate them before I fucked them I couldn't stop myself from eating them after I came either. Yes, I still had the other side of my life, where I'd get the cock I craved as much as I craved pussy. And even better, they were my 4 best friends; after I got drunk one night and sucked them all off, during a camping trip we went on.

They seemed to be more tolerant about me being bisexual, than any of my girlfriends, but looking back at it now, I think they didn't say anything because they enjoyed letting me suck their cocks, and didn't want anyone else to know they let me. Anyway, when I sucked them, they never insulted me, although they did dominate me, and they knew I liked girls too, so naturally, if I ever found a woman who did accept what I was, I would definitely have no problem sharing her with them, or sharing them with her, depending on how you looked at it.

And, I'd thought I found the perfect woman for that, when I met Sara, because she was dominant in the bedroom, as well as being open minded sexually, and she might just enjoy dominating me with my friends when the time came. Except, while Sara enjoyed the idea of fucking my friends, she rejected the reality, because I wasn't the first guy who said they wanted to watch her fuck their friends. That guy had told her the same thing, over and over again, yet when she finally did it, he got so jealous they ended up splitting apart.

She didn't want to go through that again, especially since we were married, and he'd only been her boyfriend. However, she did encourage me to fuck other women, with the idea of eventually having a threesome with one of them, something she'd enjoyed doing with her ex boyfriend. But even there she wasn't 100%, which I should have taken as a warning, because she'd only been passive with other girls, and had never eaten a pussy herself at that point.

I ignored it though, since if I had my way, the only threesomes we'd ever have would be with other guys, and I'd do all the pussy eating, after they fucked her. Still, I did start having sex with a friend of ours from the university, since that friend felt Sara just wanted me to build up some extramarital sex credits, to make it harder for me to be jealous when she did the same.

And, after having sex with Selma about half a dozen times, I told Sara the same thing, that she was free to fuck other guys now that I'd fucked another girl, although I did plan to try and get her to let me lick her clean, when she came home from her dates, to set us on the road to where I really wanted us to go.

When she finally agreed, she surprised me, by saying she wanted to make doubly sure I wouldn't get jealous, therefore she'd only do it if we did it as a couple, and I fucked another girl, while she was fucking the guy. Of course, I didn't know any couples into swinging like that, so I asked Selma, since she had a steady boyfriend that she saw every two weeks, and fucked other men as well.

And if anyone knew someone who'd be interested, she definitely would. She did know someone, herself, since she had her own fantasies she'd like to make real with her steady boyfriend. The problem was that he was 25 years older than her, even though he didn't look it, and Sara might want someone younger instead.

Sara surprised me again, when we showed her his Facebook pictures, by saying that if he looked as good in person, as he did in his pictures, she'd have no problem doing everything with him that she did with me. And, she made sure I not only knew that she planned to have him cum in every one of her holes, but that if she liked it, she'd be fucking him, or someone else, at least once a week from then on. Which I told her was exactly what I hoped would happen, and that I also hoped it would get her over her fear of fucking my friends, because they were who I really wanted to watch fuck her.

Selma added her own take to this, while we were waiting for her boyfriend to show up. It was that he had an agreement with his wife that gave him 4 nights a month to have sex with other women. Selma had two of those to herself, and he had a girl for the third one, but he didn't have anyone for the 4th, and she hoped he and Sara would hit it off enough for her to want to fill that spot.

Well, when he got there, Sara quickly let us all know that he was more than acceptable to her, especially after Selma kissed me in front of them, because she immediately stuck her tongue down his throat in return. And when we were on the way to his house, the entire subject of conversation was whether I was ready to watch him cum in all her holes, mouth, pussy and asshole, and if I was sure I wanted to go down this road, since there'd be no stopping her after this.

So if I wasn't absolutely sure that I wanted her to start fucking other men, at least once a week, I needed to say so before his put his cock in her. Because once he did, no amount of crying or begging would keep her from fucking them. And, I told her again, that her fucking other men, on a regular basis, was exactly what I wanted to happen, and that I had no intention of ever asking her to stop, as long as I was in that bed with them.

When we got inside his apartment, Sara got things started, by pushing me towards Selma, while she went to him, to keep on kissing him until the real action started. Selma must have thought my excitement was nervousness, and wanted to get us past that, by asking her guy if he had any weed, so we could all get high together. I didn't need it, and by the way Sara was sitting on his lap to kiss him, and rubbing her ass back and forth on his dick, I didn't think she did either.

But I guess it was for her boyfriend too, since he'd never done this with her before, and he was the only one who seemed a little nervous. When we finished the first joint, the action got going real quick, when the girls both took off their shirts because they were too "hot". That meant that we spent the whole time the second joint was going around, alternating between smoking it, and working on trying to "cool" our smoking women down by using our lips and tongues on their tits.

That of course, had the exact opposite effect, and as soon as the joint was gone, the girls dragged us to the living room, to finish undressing themselves and get us as naked as they were. Then they pushed us down onto the rocking love seat and knelt before us, to ask one last time if we were ready for this. When they leaned forward to suck our cocks, Sara told Selma's boyfriend to watch Selma suck my cock, because she wanted me to pay attention to her while she sucked his.

As if I was going to watch anything else, since this was the part I fantasized about the most, although I also fantasized that I was kneeling next to her, helping her suck his obviously delicious cock. And, his sperm was delicious, as I found out when Selma sprung her first surprise on us, because not only did she kiss me after I came in her mouth, she also kissed her boyfriend and had Sara kiss me as well, so that both of us guys would get a taste of the other guy's cum.

My first chance to confess, came when Selma's boyfriend spun Sara around to change places with her, so he could eat her pussy, and Selma changed places so I could do the same to her. Because I almost asked if they'd let us wait until after we fucked them, to do this part. Then I realized this was to give us guys a chance to recover, without stopping the action, and I decided to hold my tongue until after we did fuck, and offer to use it on the cum he put in Sara's pussy then.

I spent the whole time we were fucking them, on that same rocking love seat, wanting to lean over and lick his cock while he was fucking Sara. And the only reason I didn't was that I was sure Selma would give us the chance to lick the cum out of their pussies, both of them like we had the blowjob kisses, after we finished this.

But I lost that chance when Selma pulled another new twist out of her hat, and told us to go smoke and drink a beer, while she showed Sara the bedroom. What she really took her there for though, was to do what I had wanted, to lick all of her boyfriend's sperm out of Sara's cunt, and by the time we got there, it was probably all gone.

I still thought about licking my own out of Selma, but her boyfriend had another idea, that I decided to go along with. It was to help Selma spin around into a 69, to see if Sara might return the favor and eat her too, since Sara doing bisexual things would make her less likely to freak when I did them. Well, Sara took to eating pussy like a duck takes to water and after licking each other to a few orgasms, the girls wanted us to fuck them in the only place we hadn't fucked them yet.

Despite how tiny Sara's ass is, or maybe because it's so tight, Sara just loves getting fucked there, and while she'd been acting romantic up to this point, she showed her true colors now. That is screaming for him to fuck her hard and fast, letting us all know how much she loved having his cock in her ass, and telling him he could fuck her like that forever. When we started getting close, Selma got my hopes up, when she said she wanted us to shove our cocks in their mouths as soon as we finished cumming, except not in the girl's mouth whose asses we were fucking.

Because, maybe like after our blowjobs, she'd tell us to stick them in each other's mouths too, which I'd love, even if it had been in Sara's ass. Instead though, she asked her boyfriend if he was going to keep his promise to her, and when he moved down to lick her asshole clean, it was obvious what that promise was. Naturally, Sara wanted me to do the same, and while I hesitated because I'd never licked an asshole before, it having someone else's sperm in it, made me go for it, and I finally got to do at least part of what I'd wanted to do all night.

After that, we split up, with us going back to the living room, and them staying in the bedroom. I don't know what they did, since we couldn't hear them from there, but Selma and I talked while making love, then we took turns licking each other clean, before falling asleep together. And what we talked about was whether I'd enjoyed our night as much as Sara obviously did, and would like to keep doing it. That, and how I'd feel about Sara and her boyfriend becoming permanent lovers on a monthly basis, since it was what we'd talked about when we set this up.

I assured her that I'd have no problems getting together as a group every month or so, and him fucking Sara wouldn't bother me at all, as long as she also started fucking other men too, and we'd have our own nights like this. Then I repeated what I'd told her before about wanting to see her fuck my friends and that I hoped tonight had made the job of convincing her easier.

In the morning, Sara let me know that it would be easier than I thought, by sitting her freshly fucked pussy on my face, and telling me that she was definitely ready to fuck them, as long as I licked her like this after they left. Well, I quickly made that promise, although I didn't tell her I planned to do that while they were still there, among other surprises I had for her.

When we got home, and while she was still a little horny from our group sex, I opened the subject again, to ask when she was going to start fucking them, and which one she wanted first. It had taken 3 years to get her to join Selma and her boyfriend, but it only took two hours to get her to choose one of my friends and invite him to the house the next day.

She made what she wanted clear right away, by meeting him at the door in a negligée, and by taking him straight to our bedroom to suck his cock. I gave her the first surprise, when like I had when she sucked Selma's boyfriend, I gave her a deep French kiss right after he came in her mouth. The next surprise was for after he fucked her, where I dove between her legs, to lick her sperm filled cunt as soon as he pulled out of her.

Then, I gave her the big surprise, when I finished licking her clean, and moved over to lick him clean as well. I'd planned to make her think I did those things because of what we'd done with Selma and her boyfriend. But my friend gave the whole thing away, by telling Sara that I always gave them the best blowjobs, and I cringed at what her reaction would be now.

Except, she seemed happy about that news, and said she definitely wanted to watch my friend cum in my mouth. But, because of what I'd done when we were with Selma, I told her I wanted to watch my friend fuck her in the ass first, then I'd suck him until he came. She got off on that idea even more, and after he did cum in my mouth, she lovingly kissed me to share it, moaning the whole time.

We took a break then, to give my friend time to recover, then she asked for something I wasn't really enthusiastic about, for me to let my friend fuck me in the ass too. She sweet talked me into it though, by telling me that if I did this, she'd get on her knees with me and suck his cock after we finished, which was one of my biggest fantasies, that we'd start sucking men's cocks together.

After that, Sara really changed, inviting each of my friends to the house every night for the same things during the week, and all at once on Friday night for a whole weekend of nonstop fucking. Of course there was lots of domination, with her telling me how to please her and them, along with some humiliation about me being her little faggot. But being submissive by nature, that actually heightened my excitement, as did her expecting me to take over the rest of the housework when we weren't fucking.

Two weeks later though, my excitement faded because she started pushing me away when I wanted to make love to her, saying that only real men got to fuck her, and I wasn't a real man. My stating that I thought she was fine with my being bisexual was met by her saying she was fine with me sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass. But there was no such thing as a bisexual man, just real men and men who were women inside, like me.

And she loved me enough to help me embrace that woman, and teach me how to make my outside match what was inside. For example, we were going to let my hair grow out, so I wouldn't need to wear a wig, and remove all my body hair with shaving at first, then electrolysis. I was going to start wearing women's panties under my clothes, and frilly nightgowns whenever her lovers came to visit. And she was going to teach me how to do my makeup, and wear dresses when we went out, so we could pick up men together. Although it might be a good idea to get breast surgery first, to make that part even easier.

When I told her that I didn't want to become a woman, she told me I was lying to myself and just running scared, since only women did the things that I liked to do. That and for me not to worry, because she didn't plan on getting me the final surgery until I'd become a woman in every other way first. When I told her she should just admit that she hated me now, instead of making all these cruel threats, she said she wasn't threatening me.

She was trying to help me be happy with myself, because of how much she did love me, and these were the things she knew I really needed to become the woman I wanted to be. She was right that she hadn't threatened me yet, because those started as soon as she saw me packing my suitcase to leave. Because, on top of calling me a coward who was running away from my true place in life, there were the threats about how she'd get everything in our divorce, with the proof she had that I was gay. And, that when I came crawling back to her, which she knew I would, her first demand was going to be the removal of what was left of my manhood, so I'd stop fighting myself like I was doing now.

Of course, I didn't crawl back to her, because I wasn't the kind of person she thought I was. And any attempts I made to explain that to her, were met with so much venom that I started hating her as much as she obviously hated me. She also didn't get everything in the divorce, because being bi or even gay, are not crimes in this country, and her frequent and violent outbursts in court stopped her from getting alimony, and the rest of our assets were divided equally.

Not the least of which was her having to sell our house and pay me half of the proceeds. The really bad part though, was that I lost all my friends to her, since she had more to offer them sexually than I had. Then again, if they were willing to sell me out for a piece of her ass, they hadn't really been my friends in the first place.

I avoided sex completely, for almost a year, before I did what I should have done in the beginning. That was to join a swingers site, and list what I wanted, and didn't want, my sex life to be like. That was to make it clear that I wasn't gay, and loved having sex with women, although I did enjoy sucking cock too every now and then. And my new girlfriend, soon to be my new wife, accepts me for what I am, without trying to change me.

Because she is also bisexual, meaning she shares girls with me regularly, as long as I indulge her special passion every other week. For her to get fucked by big black men, in all her holes, and for us to lick them clean together. That's what true love is really about, finding a way for both of you to be happy. And while I still have bad feelings about the crazy bitch Sara turned into, I honestly do hope the old Sara finds the same kind of happiness some day.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/14/17

Best of both worlds!

Coming from someone with lots of experience, IMO, being bi is really best of both worlds. All you need is the right woman in your life and the possibilities are endless.

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