tagLoving WivesTanning Freinds

Tanning Freinds

byL.A. Wicker©

My wife, and I have been happily married for close to 18 years. Each year our sex live has gotten better. There’s nothing we haven’t done to each other. From oral sex to anal, we love it all.

This last year my wife Rachael went from a size 16 to an 8. Yes I love her thin new body. She loves showing off her thin ass, and her fine looking 36c breasts. She dresses like a teenager, and I love it.

Last year some friends of ours J.T. and Linda came into some money, and they bought a tanning studio not far from our house. Rachael, and I had been friends with J.T. and Linda for about six years.

J.T. was a kind hearted guy that loved teasing Rachael. And, she very much enjoyed teasing him back. Linda, and I on the other hand, just gave each other sexy looks when we thought no one was watching us.

One day Rachael, and I went to see the tanning studio, "Well, hey there. We were wonderin’ when you two were coming to see the place." Linda said, with a big smile.

"We’ve been a little busy. You know how that goes." I replied, looking deep into Linda’s sexy, blue eyes. She always had a little sparkle in her eyes when she saw me. And I in turn always had a hard on for her.

Linda smiled back, licking her pink, full lips, and said, "This place has been so crazy this week, it’s been unreal. This is the first time in two weeks we’ve had a break."

I looked into Linda’s eyes, and ask, "Where’s J.T. at today?" My eyes wondered down to see her beautiful breasts.

She stood up, showing her very nice 36 inch ass, "He’s in the back getting more tanning lotion. Come on Rachael, let me show you around." Linda said, as she walked by me, brushing her ass against my hip. It was nothing for all four of us to flirt with each other. In fact, we all enjoyed it very much.

I watched as the two sexy woman made their way to the tanning beds. Linda’s ass was nice and round. The kind a guy would love to bite, and get ‘lock jaw’. Rachael on the other hand had a nice, thin ass. As I watched them walk away, my 9 inch cock grew to life.

J.T. made his way from the storage room. He saw me looking at the two sexy women, "Boy! If we get Rachael to come, and tan, you and I are going to have some sexy lookin’ ladies." He sat down beside me, and we both watched the ladies as they toured the studio.

The girls came back to join us, "Well, get Rachael signed up. She wants the Super Bed. Let me tell you what, you’ll be so dark in just two weeks you won’t believe it." Linda said, "That’s the bed I use. You can see how tan I am." Linda pulled up her short blouse, exposing her tan, flat tummy.

"Be careful! You’ll show ol’ Lenny your tits." J.T. laughed as he saw my face light up at the sight of Linda showing her tan body.

Rachael laughed at what J.T. had said, and she replied, "He’d love that!" I just smiled, and gave Linda a little wink.


Well, Rachael began her daily tanning session’s. Just like Linda had said, Rachael was so dark within a few weeks, I couldn’t believe it. Her tan body turned me on so much. Her nipples turned a dark shade of brown. Her pussy is even nice, and dark. We make love every chance we have. I have even talked her into leaving the light on when we love each other, just so I could take in her wonderful, tan, sexy body.

"Oh, you’re so sexy." I tell Rachael, as I lick her brown nipples. My hand makes it’s way down to her new, white panties I had bought her. The white really brings out her tan. "You make my cock SO hard for you." I say, as I began caressing her pelvic bone. I go on sucking, and licking her brown breasts. Taking my time on each one, making sure to tease each one as much as I can. When I please her breasts, she in turn will suck the holly shit out of my cock.

"Yes! Oh, Lenny." She moans, as her back arches up with delight. When she does that, I know she is mine. And, my cock is in for a good sucking.

I toy with her pussy. Just lightly running my fingers down her wet slit. Stopping only to brush her hard, and ready clit. "Is my baby getting all nice, and wet for me?" I ask, knowing good well she is. "Is your sexy, tanned pussy about ready for a nice, long cock?"

Her back arches up with each word, and touch of my fingers, "YES! LENNY. PLEASE, FUCK ME!" Rachael begs me, thrusting her hips upward.

"Oh my sexy, tan baby sure is horny tonight," My fingers press into her pussy slit harder, "I love you so much," I move down her tummy, placing little kisses along the way. I reach her wet, and willing pussy, "Is it OK if I eat this pretty, tan pussy?" My tongue runs up her slit.

"OH! OH! YES!" Rachael screams out as my tongue works her wet love hole. Her hips thrash about like a wild woman. I know she is ready, I turn my cock to her mouth. With one swift move, her mouth is over my cock, and down her throat. She moans, as she sucks me, sending waves of pleasure through my body. Every time she takes me in her mouth, it always feels like our first time together.

My tongue finds it’s way into her body. Her loud moans fill the room, as we please each other. Each time my tongue drives into her body, she will suck me down her throat, and moan so deep, it’s hard not cuming in her hot mouth.

I know when she is ready, and needs to cum. We have been married 18 years, a guy really gets to know his woman. I begin rubbing my chin on her clit as my tongue continues licking inside her body. Her moans get louder, and louder, until she explodes on my tongue. I never stop when she cums. I enjoy the feel of her cumming around my tongue. Her pussy muscles squeeze my tongue so nice.

I will pump my cock in, and out of her mouth as she explodes. It is nothing for me to make her cum at least five, or six times. We will lay together, my tongue still in her wet pussy, and my cock still in her mouth. Enjoying her heavy breathing, and moaning.

"WOW! You should did cum good tonight." I say, giving her one more good lick up the length of her slit.

She pants for air, and replies, "I need you to fuck me, NOW!" Her sexy hazel eyes look into mine.

I climb on top of her, kissing her lips, and around her eyes, "You need my hard cock in you?" I ask, teasing her with my words. She, and I both love it when I talk dirty.

"YES!" She moans, pushing her burning hips into my hard cock, "Fuck me Lenny."

I line up my cock to her soaking, wet pussy, and ask, "You ready?" Before she can answer, I drive it in her so deep, I lift her brown, little ass off the bed.

"OH, YES!" She screams out as I sink into her deepest depths. We will lay together, enjoying the feel of being one. Holding each other as we had done hundreds, maybe a thousands times before. "I love you, Lenny."

"I love you, baby." I reply, and begin moving in, and out of my sexy wife. She is always so wet, and hot for me. It’s hard not to cum in her after just two or three pumps in her body. Her sexy moans always fill our room, and drives me to please her even more.

Our hips move as one. My hard cock sliding in, and out of her slick pussy. Her soft moans fill my ears, making me pump her tender love tunnel faster, deeper. I need to cum, but I like feeling her cuming around my cock before I cum.

"Is my cock good?" I tease her, pushing my cock in her.

"YES!" She moans, and digs her finger nails into my back. Her hips thrust to meet my cock. Our pelvic bones rub together, our lips meet. It is only a matter of seconds before she cums around my cock.

I pump her faster, as I suck her neck, "Is your pussy ready? Is it ready to cum for me?"

She pushes into my cock. Humping her hips into me as fast as she can, "Yes! Yes! I’m cuming! I’m cuming!" She moans, as her tender, sweet pussy cums on my hard cock. In all our years together there’s no way of knowing just how many times I’ve had the pleasure of feeling her cum on me. Each time is like the first, I live to feel her pussy squeeze me when she cums.

I push deep in her, "Oh fuck! I’m cuming! I love you so much." I say as my cock shoots in her wet pussy. I love cuming in her body, when my hot cum shoots deep in her pussy, it always makes her cum again.

"OH, LENNY!" She moans, as her body explodes on my cock again. Giving my hardness that wonderful feeling of her love muscles around my cock. Squeezing, and milking it of all it’s seeds.

We lay together, holding, kissing, and touching each other. As we have done so many times before.


One real nice Saturday I decided to go to the tanning place with her. During the week it seemed every other sentence Rachael said was about something J.T. said, or did. It kinda pissed me off, but other hand it turned me on thinking another man thought she was as sexy as I did.

That morning Rachael wore a very tight tube top that just did cover her wonderful breast. Allowing her big, hard nipples to be seen by anybody that looked. Her hips, and ass were covered by a small pair of spandex bike shorts. She looked good enough for me to fuck her right then, and there.

I pulled her to me, pressing my hard cock into her pussy mound, "I could fuck you right here you look so sexy." My hands caressed her nice ass, and I rubbed my hard cock on her pussy.

"You’re so hard today. I can’t wait to get you inside me tonight," She moaned, "Lets go before I miss my appointment."

As we walked into the tanning studio, Linda greeted us, "Well hey you two. We were wonderin’ if you were comin’ in today. Lenny, flip the closed sign on the door for me." She ask, walking to pull the window shades down.

"You closing already?" I ask her, watching her tight ass wiggle in a pair of blue jean cut off shorts.

She turned, and saw my eyes on her sexy ass, and replied, "Oh no. J.T. went for lunch, and there’s nobody coming in for an hour or so."

J.T. came in just as Linda finished her sentence, "Hey, how’s everybody today?" He ask, giving Rachael a little smile. And she returned the smile with a sexy wink.

"We’re good. What’s for lunch?" I said.

He laughed, and replied, "Some Mexican food. We’ll have to share, I didn’t know if you guys were comin’ in today." He handed a bag to Linda, and he sat down by Rachael, "I’ll share with Rachael, you and Lenny share that."

We ate lunch, each of us were flirting my the others spouse, and neither of us cared.

"Did you show them the new bikinis we got in?" J.T. ask Linda.

"Oh, I forgot. Get them, and show Rachael." Linda replied, "Rachael, you are goin’ to love them. You will to." Linda said, giving me a very sexy look.

J.T. came back, and handed Rachael the very small bikinis, "HOLLY SHIT!" Was all she could say, as she looked over them. All they were was, two elastic bands, with a small triangle, "A person sure could see everything a woman has to offer."

"But, their so pretty," Linda said with a smile, "I have the purple one." She gazed my way, as she said it.

"Mmmm… I think… I like this red one myself," Rachael said, pulling it from it’s wrapper, "This is just TO gorgeous. I’m trying it on, now." And, she went into the tanning room.

"All right, Linda. You got to model yours for Lenny." J.T. laughed.

"NO!" She said, with a shocked look on her face.

I tickled her side, and replied, "Oh come on, PLEASE?"

She slapped my arm, and said, "No, you better behave yourself…"

Rachael walked out of the room, wearing a very small hand towel over her breasts, and the tiny bikini. J.T. started the choke, and my cock got as hard as steel. Linda sat there with her mouth opened in shock.

"Do ya like it?" Rachael ask in a little girl voice.

"DAMN! No, we love it." J.T. replied, as his eyes roamed up, and down my wife’s body. I thought he was going to rape her with me sitting there. "Linda, Rachael modeled hers, so you have to model yours for Lenny." He said with a stern voice.

"The fan won’t come on in the tanning bed. Can you see what’s wrong with it?" Rachael ask J.T.

He jumped from his chair, "Sure!" following as close behind Rachael as he could get. It looked like his hips were against hers, he was so close.

Linda had a funny look on her face as J.T. went into the tanning booth with Rachael, "I wonder about them two sometimes." Linda said, looking at me with a sign of hurt in her eyes.

"It’s nothing," I said, reaching to caress her face, "Show me your bikini, Please?"

Her face turned a light shade of pink, "Do you really want to see me?"

"YES! Very much," I leaned, and placed a soft kiss on her lips, "Please?"

She stood up, and whispered, "Stay here." I watched her sexy ass wiggle as she walked into the tanning booth next to were my wife was with J.T.

A few minutes later I heard, "Spsst." I looked up to see Linda’s head peek from the room, and her finger motioning for me to come to the room.

I slowly pushed open the door. There stood Linda, with a shy, little girl, look on her face. Her arms were folded under her bare breast. Her nipples were full of blood, and very hard. I looked down to see her sexy hips, and her purple bikini. Linda, shaved her pussy, just like Rachael did. She was a vision, her slender hips were some of the smoothest I had ever seen.

I moved to her, pulling her naked body into my arms, and I whispered, "You are beautiful." And my hands began caressing her silky, nude back. Her skin was hot to the touch, and she gasped for air, as my fingers roamed her body.

"Lenny!" She moaned, as my hands found her tender ass. It was a dream come true for me to touch her.

I hugged her tight, I didn’t want this to end, "I’ve waited so long for this." I whispered in her ear, letting my fingers explore her. I traced around her firm hips, moving closer to her bare pussy. Gently I moved my hand to cover her burning sex. "You’re on fire." I said, as I ran my fingers across her mound.

"YES!" She moaned, pushing her pussy into my hand. She was on fire, and so very wet. Her body trembled in my arms, as I explored her dampness.

We heard moans coming from the other room where J.T. it seems, was doing the same things to Rachael, as I was to Linda. "Sounds like they had the same idea as us." I went down on my knees, placing Linda’s soft breasts right at my mouth. My tongue danced around her swollen nipples, and my hands toyed with the ass I had been looking at the last few years.

Her soft, little moans filled the room, "oh Lenny. Yes, yes." Her hands held my head as I played with her supple nipples. Her body shook with delight each time I sucked one into my mouth.

My hands roamed her tight ass, finding their way between her legs. Wetness ran down her long legs, "Is Linda… excited today?" I ask her.

She pushed my head back to her full breasts, "YES! SUCK THEM MORE, PLEASE!" She begged me. By now her hips were pushing into my chest. This poor woman was on fire. "Lenny, PLEASE, take me. Make me feel like a woman again." I could hear a tone of desperation in her voice.

I stood up, pulling her into my arms, "Doesn’t J.T. keep you happy?" I held her tight, trying to calm her trembling body.

"Lenny. He’s always in a hurry. It only takes him a minute, or two, and it’s all over. I heard Rachael say, it took you an hour, or longer to cum. That’s what I need! A good, long, hard fuck by this long thing you have." Linda said, as her hand found my cock, giving it a good squeeze, "I can’t wait to get this LONG thing in me. PLEASE! Do it now!"

I stood her against the wall, pulling down my shorts, I heard her gasp for air when she saw my 9 inches, "You want this in your… pussy?" I teased her, walking to her, "It’s going to go nice, and deep in that sexy pussy hole of yours."

Her eyes were locked on my cock, as she replied, "Oh, yes! Nice, and deep!" Her hands held her full breasts, and teased the nipples.

I pushed my hard cock on her damp pussy, and ask, "How do you want it? In front? From behind? You on top? Anything you want, pretty lady."

I could see her thinking about the ways we could love each other. With her big, sexy breast I didn’t care as long as I got to suck them as we made love, and she said, "I want on top! I haven’t done it that way in so long."

"OK. You can ram this long cock so far inside your pussy, it may never come out." I pulled her in my arms giving her a deep kiss, "Lets get started. I’ve wanted you for so long. Every time I see you, all I can think about is, what it would be like… fucking you."

"I know! That’s all I ever think about when I see you, too." She said, with a big smile, "Now we’ll know how each other feel."

I laid down on the floor, holding out my arms to her, and said, "Come, be my love." She moved over me, lining up my stiff cock to her dripping pussy.

The head pierced her pussy lips, "OH, LENNY!" She moaned, taking more, and more of me in her tender body, "You’re so… long!" Linda gasp as my cock head hit the bottom of her flaming pussy.

"You’re wonderful!" I panted, as her muscles worked my cock. She was very wet, and so hot inside. I wasn’t sure I’d last an hour fucking her. I felt like a teenager trying not to come to soon. I had dreamed, and wanted her so bad over the last few years.

Her hips started a nice, slow rhythm, driving my cock pole deep into her cunt. I could feel my head hitting the back of her cunt. Her muscles squeezed me so hard. Then she screamed, "Lenny! Oh my GOD! I’m going to cum! I’m cumming!"

I thrust my cock deep in her, "GO! CUM! Get it all out. Ride it!" I said, as I pushed my hard cock as deep in her as I could get it, "Come on, baby! Come on me. Make your sexy pussy cum." I held her hips as she rode me hard, and fast.

"YES! YES! I’M CUMMING ON YOUR LONG COCK!" She screamed loud, and long. Her hips thrust up, and down on my long pole as good, as any woman I had ever had in my life. Our skin slapped together so hard, it hurt. And, that wonderful sound of sex filled the room.

After she had used my cock all she needed, and I had came in her so hard it felt like my balls had blown off, we held each other. It was a feeling I had never known. A warm, fulfilled rush ran through me. We kissed as our arms held each other close.

"I love you." Linda said, as little tears ran down her face.

I hugged her to me, and replied, I love you, too!"

We cleaned up as much as we could, and went back to the little front lobby, "Boy! You two really got loud in there. I’m glad we didn’t have any customers." J.T. laughed, "Would you two like the same time next week?"

Rachael, and I looked at each other, then to J.T. and Linda, "Sure! We can’t wait!"



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