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Tantra Lesson


"Are you excited?" My wife Erin asked me as we got in the car. She was beaming ear to ear.

"I guess," I replied apprehensively. Erin backed the silver SUV out of the driveway and we started down the road. "I might be more excited if you would finally tell me where we are going."

"No way Bradley." Erin's smile morphed from excited to mischievous.

"I told you I don't need anything special for my birthday this year." Today was my 31st birthday. The year prior, Erin had thrown me a great surprise party for my 30th. She had flown in friends from all over the country for a weekend of partying. The ten of us drank like we were back in undergrad without a care in the world. Of course, since I was no longer in undergrad I had paid for it with two days of massive hangovers.

"Just because 31 isn't a nice round number doesn't mean we shouldn't do something fun. Besides, you are really going to love this surprise." For the past two weeks she had been putting extra emphasis on 'really' every time she told me how much I was going to like my birthday present. I had been racking my brain trying to figure out her secret, but she had me stumped. What could be so exciting at 2pm on a Sunday in June?

Erin continued driving wherever the heck she was taking me, glancing over at me and smiling every few minutes. With each turn I tried to re-calibrate where we could be heading, but gave up after about fifteen minutes when I realized we were going into a part of town that I had never been in before. After a half hour, Erin turned down a two lane highway that led us further out of town. Houses and businesses were replaced by farms and fields.

"Where the hell are we going?" I asked, craning my head to try and see something, anything that was familiar. We seemed to be heading in the opposite direction of anything interesting.

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes, please."

"Alright, we're almost there so I guess I can tell you." Erin paused to let the tension build. "We're going to a tantra lesson."

"Really?" I perked up in my seat. I had been not so subtly hinting to Erin that I thought it would be fun, not to mention beneficial to our sex life, to learn some tantric sex techniques. She had been a little hesitant, thinking it would be a little weird to have someone telling us how to make love. She had apparently overcome her reservations. "Are you serious?"

"Yep. Good surprise, right?"

"Amazing surprise!"

For the rest of the drive I was as excited as a kid being taken to an amusement park for the first time. Finally, Erin pulled the car into the driveway of a small, white house in the middle of a field of native grasses. It wasn't exactly what I pictured when I thought of tantra, but I decided to keep an open mind and not judge a book by its cover. We got out and walked down the cracked pavement to the front door.

Erin smiled at me, "you ready for this?"

"I think so."

Erin knocked, and I heard the sound of footsteps approaching the door. The latch unlocked, and the white wood door swung open revealing a petite woman with a welcoming smile on her face.

"Hello, I'm Summer!" The woman said cheerily. "You must be Erin and Bradley. Come on in."

Summer looked about the same age as Erin, but was about as different from my wife as could be. Both were very attractive women, but Erin had a very modern look while Summer looked like a hippie right out of the 1970's. Where Erin was tall with an hourglass figure, Summer was short with narrow hips and small breasts. Erin had shoulder length blond curly hair, Summer's brunette hair was straight and reached almost the middle of her back. Erin had a healthy tan, Summer was very fair skinned. Erin looked like she was ready for a night out with friends in tight jeans and a low cut top while Summer looked like she was ready to dance in the field surrounding her house in her a short little sun dress with unmistakably no bra underneath.

"Hi Summer," Erin reached her hand out but Summer ignored it as she gave my wife a hug.

"Nice to meet you," I said as Summer shared a hug with me as well.

"Very nice to meet both of you. Please come in." Summer beckoned us in with a sweep of her arm. Her home opened into a small living room. It was spartanly decorated with only a beige couch and wooden end table. A worn multi-colored rug covered most of the faded hardwood floor. "Would you like some water?"

Erin and I both said yes, and Summer practically bounced through the living room into the kitchen. I could see the kitchen through an arched doorway; it looked like it was long past due for some new appliances and a paint job.

"She's a cute little thing," my wife said when Summer was out of ear shot.

"Yeah, I guess so." I shrugged, feigning indifference. I didn't want to turn off my wife by showing too much interest in our new teacher.

"You're a bad liar," Erin punched me playfully on the arm. I smiled and shrugged, guilty as charged.

Summer came back into the room and handed us each a glass of room temperature water. "Please, follow me." She led us up a tiny stairway and into a dimly lit room to the left of the landing. There was a space heater in the corner which Summer turned on when we entered. A thin mattress covered by a white sheet was prepared on the middle of the floor. Next to one wall were two comfortable looking chairs and a pile of pillows. Summer held her open palm to the chairs, "take a seat."

Erin and I each took a chair and Summer sat in front of us on the floor, her legs folded underneath her. I tried not to stare down her lightweight dress, but the top was hanging open making it very difficult. Summer smiled at us warmly. "So, have either of you practiced tantra before?"

"No," Erin replied as I shook my head, "first time."

"That's great, I love working with new people. And why have you now decided to explore tantra?"

Erin looked over at me. Since I was the one who had suggested it, she clearly expected me to answer. Summer waited patiently.

I cleared my throat to try to gain some composure before responding. "Well, we were hoping we might learn something that would improve our sex life."

Summer patted my knee reassuringly. "I'm sure you will. Let me start by explaining what tantra is and what we will be doing today. Tantra is an ancient style of mediation and ritual dating back to 5th century India. Tantric techniques help you to experience a higher level of consciousness, more deeply connecting to the major chakras through your entire body. There is much more to tantra than just sex, but knowing tantric techniques certainly can enhance your love making. Through tantra, we learn how to channel the energies of our bodies and the energy flowing all around us."

Erin and I were nodding along as Summer spoke. I would have given anything to have been able to read her mind at that moment. Is she into this chakra energy stuff?

"As we move through different techniques, I will let you guide how far you would like me to go, and what topics you are most interested in exploring. Are you ready?"

Erin and I looked at each other and nodded. "I think so," I said.

"Great! To begin, we will focus on our breathing. Your breath is central to tantra as it brings energy into your body and circulates energy throughout your body. Understanding how to focus and bring intentionality on breathing is the first step to properly practicing tantra..."

Summer continued explaining how to properly breathe, and gave Erin and I time to practice breathing in a way that would help the energy flow throughout our bodies. I didn't really feel much difference, but focusing on my breathing with my eyes closed while listening to Summer's soft voice was certainly relaxing. She explained how our energies flow from our groin to our heads and back down again in a circle. After about five minutes of breathing, Summer decided that we had spent enough time practicing individually.

"Good job. Now we will practice connecting our bodies to others through our breathing. Please disrobe as far down as you are comfortable."

I resisted the urge to immediately strip and looked at my wife, deferring to her to take the lead. "Let's get naked," she said with a laugh.

Yes! I thought as I began taking off my clothes. I had always been a bit of an exhibitionist, so I was delighted to get the chance to get naked in front of a new woman. My dick started to stiffen as I watched my wife unhook her bra with Summer looking on just a couple feet away. My thoughts quickly shifted, don't get hard, don't get hard, don't get hard. I was unsure of proper tantra etiquette, but I decided avoiding an erection was the safer route to take.

My wife and I now stood side by side in our birthday suits. Summer was standing in front of us with her hands folded in front of her chest, a big smile on her face.

"You guys are fun. Ok, Bradley, sit down on the floor cross legged. Erin, you sit in his lap with your legs wrapped around his hips." We did as we were told and Summer sat back down next to us. Holy shit this is hot! It was the first time we had ever sat like this, and I was regretting all the missed opportunities in the past. My wife's large breasts and dark pink nipples were almost close enough to lick, and her spread legs gave me a wonderful view of perfectly smooth pussy. "Now place the palm of your right hand on your partner's chest, look into each other's eyes, and use the breathing techniques we just practiced. Feel the energy flowing into your partner's body, and your partner's energy flowing into your body. The circle of energy is now not just within your own body, but connected through both of you."

We breathed together as Summer told us about being present and focused on 'your lover'. I was only half listening as I was mostly focused on not starting at my wife's beautiful naked body. The heater in the corner had warmed the room considerably, and we both had a light sheen of sweat starting to break through. Summer decided we had effectively learned the partner breathing technique and decided to move on.

"Very good. Now it is up to you for what we do next. Would you like to do more concentration and energy exercises, or would you like to move to applying what we have learned to sexual techniques?"

"Let's move to sex stuff," Erin said without hesitation.

Summer giggled, "I like you. Who would like to go first?"

Erin and I looked at each other, waiting for the other person to respond. After a few seconds Erin broke the silence. "I'll go first."

"Perfect. Please lay down on the mattress with your legs a little more than shoulder length apart. Bradley, you sit next to her so that you can see what I'm doing." Erin and I adjusted our positions as Summer went to the corner and grabbed a large bottle of lube and a hand towel. She sat between my wife's legs, leaning forward with her legs curled at her side. I was no longer trying to prevent my erection, any resistance would have been futile. "You have a very pretty vagina."

Erin picked her head up to look at Summer, "thanks."

"Now Bradley, the first thing I want you to understand is that you should start slow. I have had too many lovers dive right in way too roughly and it ruins the whole experience for a woman. Use your fingertips to lightly touch your wife. As you are doing this, concentrate on your lover, recognize her response to your touch." Sumer began slowly moving her hands across Erin's body. She started at my wife's feet and worked her way up to Erin's thighs. Erin's breathing got deeper, and she spread her legs slightly as Summer neared her pussy. Summer didn't touch her swelling lips though, as she skipped up to her stomach. Summer moved to my wife's chest, using one hand to draw circles around each breast. She started with a large circle which got smaller with each completed revolution until Summer was lightly rubbing my wife's hard nipples. Summer ran the back of her fingers down Erin's toned stomach, and then reached back for the bottle of lube.

"Are you still ok Erin?" Summer asked.

"Yes, definitely," Erin replied with a deep breath.

"Many people will go straight for the clitoris, but her lips are very sensitive as well," Summer instructed me. She took each of my wife's pussy lips in a well lubed hand, rubbing and pulling lightly. This was the first time I had ever seen another woman touching my wife so intimately. It sent a rush through my body. My cock was practically bouncing with the blood pulsing through it. "Does that feel good Erin?"

"Oh yes," my wife moaned. Her pussy was glistening as her own juices mixed with the lube from Summer's hands.

"One way that we use our tantra techniques during sex is by focusing fully on our partners. As I am massaging Erin's vagina, all my energy is centered on bringing her pleasure. I am not thinking at all about myself. A second way is through Erin's breathing. Just as we practiced, breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Feel the energy that is growing in your Yoni flow throughout your body. How do you feel Erin?"

My wife exhaled deeply. "Really good."

"Now that she is warmer, you can move to her clitoris. Again, remember to be gentle." Summer continued massaging Erin's lips with one hand as she started rubbing my wife's clit with two fingers from the other hand. Erin arched her back off the mattress. It took all my strength to not start stroking myself, I looked down at my cock which seemed to be begging to be touched. "How's that Erin?"

"It's great."

"Are you ok if I go inside?" Summer asked. Definitely the hottest question I had heard in my entire life.

"Yes," my wife replied boldly.

Summer continued rubbing Erin's pussy with one hand as she turned her body towards me. "I'm going to show you the movement that my fingers will make inside your wife. Her most sensitive spot is about 2 inches inside her and towards her stomach. You want to take one or two fingers and curl your fingers like you are telling someone to come over."

Summer demonstrated her finger motion a few times, and then re-lubed her hand. "Don't just shove your fingers in. Go in slowly." As she spoke, Summer slowly inserted two fingers into Erin's pussy, causing my wife to let out a soft moan. This pretty little girl was now finger fucking my wife! I could barely believe what I was seeing; it was even more erotic than I had imagined in my wildest dreams. Any man in the world would switch places with me right now! "I am going to start with small movements and see how she responds. If I can tell she is enjoying it I will pick up the length and speed of my motion. Your lover body will tell you what to do. How are you Erin?"

"Good, so good."

"Remember to keep breathing, feel the energy flow from your Yoni." I could see Summer's hand moving more rapidly, and my wife responded with louder moans. Then, Summer started massaging Erin's clit while she continued fingering her. Erin arched her back off the mattress and she grabbed two handfuls of the sheet. Summer was a perfect balance of concentration and calm as she brought my wife to orgasm.

"Ohhhh yessss!" my wife cried out as she came hard on Summer's fingers. Summer smiled tenderly as Erin gradually lowered her body back down and folded her hands on her stomach. Summer stopped rubbing her clit and removed her fingers from Erin's pussy. She massaged Erin's legs as she waited for my wife to fully recover. When Erin's breathing returned to normal, Summer looked over at me.

"Bradley, please switch positions with Erin."

Erin picked herself up off the mattress and I lay down in her place. I wiped the pre-cum off the tip of my penis, for some reason feeling a little self-conscious. I felt like I was 14 again and about to have my cock touched by a girl for the first time.

"No compliment for me?" I said jokingly, trying to relax myself.

"You have a very good looking vajra," she replied earnestly.

I giggled childishly.

Summer started as she had with my wife, massaging my legs up to my thighs. But instead of moving to my stomach, she stopped and looked at Erin. "Is it alright if I touch his penis?"


Summer re-lubed her hands, then wrapped her right hand around the base of my cock and started stroking slowly. My wife's hands were larger than Summer's, so my six inch penis suddenly looked eight inches in Summer's tiny hand. I almost came instantly at the different feel of another woman's hand on my cock. For years it had been the exclusive property of Erin. Not the case anymore.

Summer was now teaching Erin. "You can either use two hands at once on his penis, like this." She alternated hands moving up the length of my shaft. She then started massaging my balls with one hand, "or use one hand on his penis and the other on his testicles."

I looked over at my wife who was watching Summer stroke my cock. Even though she had had an orgasm only a few minutes before, I could see the lust again in Erin's eyes.

"You should switch up your speed, and you can mix in different techniques as well." Summer jerked me quickly and then slowed her pace once again. For a fleeting second I wondered about how many other penises she had held in the past, but I quickly decided it was better to push out of my mind. She then held the top half of my shaft as she rubbed my tip with the pad of her thumb. This caused me to pull my hips back into the mattress as the stimulation became too much for me to handle. Summer gave me an understanding smile. She then resumed stroking my cock, this time adding in a little twist of her wrist that drove me crazy.

"How does this feel?" She asked.

"Almost too good," I replied. I really meant it, if it felt any better I would have lost control and I wasn't ready to cum quite yet. I was enjoying this too much for it to end.

"Remember to focus on your breathing." Summer looked over at Erin, her hands continuing their steady motion. "Would you like to continue to intercourse?"

Erin glanced at me briefly before replying. It took only a millisecond to know what my response would have been. "Yeah, let's do it."

Summer let go of my dick and it smacked down against my stomach. "Do you need a condom?"

"No," Erin stated. "I'm on birth control."

"Good decision, I am too," Summer said. "Ok, you guys are both warmed up, so Erin, I want you to straddle Bradley and guide his penis inside you."

Erin did as instructed and my cock slid into her eager pussy. Her warmth engulfed me, causing me to close my eyes and tilt my head back. Erin began riding me, slowly at first, then with increasing intensity.

"While you are making love, focus on your lover. Share your energy, do not think of yourself," I heard Summer say. I opened my eyes and saw her next to Erin. She was a mirror image of my wife: legs spread, leaning forward, hands holding herself up. "Erin, continue moving up and down, but what you want to do is circle your pelvis while you move. Encourage his chakras to flow into you and your charkas to flow into him."

Summer watched as my wife moved up and down my cock, appraising her performance. I could tell Erin was trying to do what Summer had told her to, but Summer's face told me she wasn't doing it quite right.

"Here watch me," Summer said as she started to grind against the mattress. "Do you see what my hips are doing?"

"Um, not really," Erin replied. She paused on top of me as she tried to see what Summer was doing.

"Here." With one swift movement Summer pulled her sun dress over her head. Apparently she wasn't wearing any panties either as she was now completely naked. Her body was very tight and toned. She had little pale pink nipples that were perfect on her small perky breasts. She had a thin strip of pubic hair, dark brown and cut short. Erin's body was more to my preference, but Summer and Erin together were a perfect complement. Summer resumed grinding on the mattress, "can you see now?"

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