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Those who have been reading my stories, know that my name is Suman and that I am happily married to Raman. We are an Indian couple in our 40's. As you might have already read, we have had a few experiences with swapping and with exploring our erotic natures, normally while on holiday so family and friends do not suspect. This story is about the first Tantra massage I had. For those who have never tried it, Tantra is a wonderful experience for both men and women. The Tantra practitioners engage in what they call either lingam or yoni massage. A session will do wonders, especially for women who rarely orgasm and men who experience premature ejaculation. It has been four years since I had this session. I credit it as the beginning of what is, for me, now, a very fulfilling sexual life, full of highly erotic and memorable experiences.

I was attending yoga classes and, after some time, became friendly with the yoga teacher, Rashmi. She was an Indian woman in her 40's with the body of a much younger woman. To me, she was beautiful as well as built for sex. We soon became close enough to share details of our lives, as girlfriends are wont to do.

Raman and I went for a short holiday so I missed a few yoga classes. When I got back to the classes, Rashmi inquired about our trip. She teased me by suggesting that I might have had a lot of sex with Raman. As we discussed my trip, the talk became intimate and we shared details of our sex lives. Rashmi said that she almost always had an orgasm and most times had multiple orgasms. I was almost speechless at that revelation. She said that it was due to a Tantra massage and session she had. I had never heard of such, so Rashmi gave a few details and urged me to have a similar session. I was stunned that she was suggesting that I have an intimate massage with someone who was not my husband.

During the next week, we talked more about her massage experience and she provided more details of what happened to and for her. She went on to say that her husband had also had a Tantra massage. She said it had opened them both up sexually to the point that now their sex life was dramatically different and more exciting than she could have imagined. Of course, I spoke with Raman about our conversation and he was curious to know more. So, we did some research. What we found were testimonials about what a tremendous impact it had made on couples. Still, I was hesitant, but Raman was keen on the idea and wanted to know more.

We invited Rashmi to our place for an in-depth discussion. She informed us that that her yoga guru, Shivanand, and his assistant, Meena, had been the ones to give her and her husband their first Tantra massage when Rashmi and her husband visited them at their ashram in the hills of the Himalayas. I said that it was not likely we would go there, and she said not to worry too much about that since Shivanand and Meena were scheduled to come to town in the near future. She said she would contact them and ask if they would be willing to work with Raman and me.

Later in the week, Rashmi called and informed us that Shivanand and Meena were, indeed, coming for a few days and had agreed to meet with us to discuss the possibility of a Tantra massage. For the next couple of weeks, I alternated between excitement and hesitancy about what would be a more intimate experience that I was used to having. The day finally came. Raman and I went to meet Shivanand and Meena. We were surprised to see such a handsome couple in their 30' s. After some small talk about families and our lives, we got to the main topic of discussion. They began asking us probing questions about our sex lives. I have never before been asked such detailed questions or had to provide such detailed answers on such a personal subject. They urged us to be open and frank about things we liked and things we did not.

Shivanand explained that the Tantra massage and session would be either one or two days depending on our preferences and willingness. He cautioned that it would be very intimate and would involve tantric breathing, full body massage, lingam and yoni massage and would be performed by opposite sex, him with me and Meena with Raman. He also said that, if we wanted, they would teach maithuna, tantric sex. I told them that I had never been naked in anyone but Raman's presence. And, I had never even seen a naked male, other than Raman, let alone had sex with anyone.

They apologized for being so blunt but asked whether I would be able to engage in the session. They explained that, in their experience, very few Indian women would agree because it meant having to set aside all inhibitions. They also expressed concern about whether Raman would agree with me being touched by, aroused by and, possibly, even having sexual intercourse with Shivanand. Also, they wondered how I would feel about Raman doing the same things with Meena.

They then gave a thorough overview of the actual activities of the session and urged us to think it over carefully, since it would impact our relationship, either improving it, or, if either of us felt bad later, potentially causing problems. They said that we should look at them as a teachers and not to view the session as having some sexual fun with other people. They indicated that everything would be done only with our consent and nothing would be forced on us. Besides, they said that they were charging a hefty fee so that we should think twice before accepting.

That night, Raman and I had one of our most intense discussions. I said that I was reluctant to have the session since I had never been with another man and had to be naked and do things. I asked Raman how my doing that would make him feel. He said he also would be having a session with another female and would be doing the same things. Raman said he was willing and hoped I would agree to give it a try and do whatever I felt was ok and nothing more. He suggested that I have the massage, but to hold off deciding on the maithuna until afterward and see how I felt about it then. I called Rashmi, who, of course, was urging me to just let myself go and do it. She said that Shivanand was very good and would never force me to do anything I did not like. I told Raman about my conversation with Rashmi and said that if he really wanted to do this that I would try. The next morning, Raman called Shivanand and Meena and informed them of our decision.

Shivanand congratulated us on our decision, gave us the scheduled date and said that in the time between now and that day we were to meet that he wanted us do a series of breathing exercises which he explained to us. As the day approached, I became more and more nervous and almost decided to cancel more than once. But, before I could do that, we got a call from Shivanand and Meena who said they had booked rooms in a local resort and asked us to meet them one day earlier than scheduled. They expressed their joy that I had made such a bold decision and said I would never regret doing so. As we talked, my fears seem to melt away. They ended the call telling us to come the next day fresh and happy with no preconceived notions and to leave our inhibitions at the door.

They welcomed us warmly next day and after some casual talk, Meena said she was taking Ramon into one room and Shivanand and I were to go to another room. When we entered the room, I was surprised at how much detail they had put into arranging things to set the mood. There was a huge bed in the center of the room. All round the bed on the floor were scented candles and flowers. It looked and smelled heavenly. Shivanand smiled at my reaction and said that I should just relax and take it all in. He turned on some light music then instructed me to go in the bathroom and have as long a bath as I wanted but to come back wrapped only in a towel.

I hardly remember that bath. But, walking out in just a towel took all my courage. When I did, there stood Shivanand, waiting with a sarong wrapped around him. He told me to sit in the center of the bed. Then, he sat opposite me. For what seemed an eternity, we sat facing each other. When he finally spoke, he asked me to relax and offered a prayer which I was told to repeat.

He said that we would begin with simple deep breathing and he wanted me to look at him while he would do the same with me. We started by him breathing and me following his pattern. Then, we began breathing together, establishing the same rhythm. Within no time I was feeling relaxed, which I attributed to the atmosphere and the focus on breathing. Then he told me to lay on my side and he laid on his facing me. In that position, we repeated the breathing. After a few moments, he had us stand facing each other continuing the breathing. He asked me to slowly look him over, really seeing him, from head to toe.

After having me view him several times, he said to relax while he did the same to me. Then, the first hurdle. He asked me to remove my towel. I was scared but somehow it felt ok, again the breathing and mood of the room I suspect I hesitantly removed the towel, all the time keeping my eyes to the floor. He told me to look at him. When, I raised my eyes, I realized that he had also removed his sarong. We both stood there naked facing each other. I did not know what to do as I had never seen a naked man so closely, other than Raman. He smiled as I looked at his face and said that I should look at his body from head to toe and that he would look at mine at the same time.

I was struck by the thought that he had a good body, with only a light amount of chest hair. As I looked down, of course my eyes were drawn to his cock, which he had told me was called his lingam, I was a little surprised to see that, even though he was not erect, he looked rather large. After a few moments of this, he asked me to lay on bed and said now we would repeat our side facing session of breathing and looking at one another. I could practically feel his gaze on my body from top to bottom as if he was touching me with his eyes . He seemed to take extra time when looking at my breasts and pussy, which he said was my yoni.

As I stared intently at his body, my eyes kept lingering on his cock. As I watched him, it began to gain in hardness and it was now about half erect. In other circumstances, it would be difficult to keep gazing from such close distance without getting excited. But, the whole atmosphere was not overtly sexual or passionate. It was more sensual and pleasing. I felt calm and relaxed. He reminded me to continue the deep breathing and to be sure to concentrate on doing so during the session.

Shivanand broke the silence by asking how I felt. He was particularly concerned that I felt comfortable. I told him that I never expected the session to be like this and that I was feeling warm, relaxed and my senses seemed heightened. I said it felt wonderful. He smiled and said that was good and informed me that from now on the session will be more intense and interactive. He asked if I felt comfortable enough to actively participate without any inhibitions. I heard myself agreeing and not believing I was saying it.

He asked me to lay on the bed on my back and said he would feel my body softly. He began touching from my forehead and grazed his fingertips over my face, neck, and shoulders. His touch was feather light and I could feel my skin responding by wanting him to touch everywhere. He traced my body with his fingers touching my breasts, my nipples, stomach and all-round my pussy and thighs. Then he retraced his path back to my forehead. He did this several times. I know I was not counting, just feeling tingly.

Then, while looking at me, he described my body. He said he was now going to tell me what all he wanted to do with me. He described how he wanted to feel me, to kiss my lips, tease and lick my nipples, then tease my yoni, my clit and explore my yoni with his fingers. Finally, looking at my yoni, he said I had a wonderful and a juicy yoni and he would like to put his lingam in my yoni and give me lots of pleasure. He was speaking in a cool and calm voice. It did not feel vulgar at all. In fact, I felt wonderful and was ready to allow him to do anything.

After I said I was ok with what he told me he wanted to do, he slowly caressed my body, with a firmer, more sexual contact this time. He gently stroked and squeezed my breasts and teased my nipples. I was trying to focus on breathing and feeling my body respond and realized two things. One, I was having trouble keeping my breathing steady as I was getting aroused. Two, my pussy was starting to get very wet. About that time, he spread my legs and moved to sit between them.

I felt his hands spread my thighs farther apart and he began to trace my labia. By the time he touched my clit, I was fairly dripping with excitement. He inserted one finger between my lips and slowly pushed it fully into my pussy. He teased the delicate inside stroking slowing in and out. After a couple moments, he added a second finger. It felt almost like having a cock inside me. He stroked me like that for a few minutes. It was very erotic as opposed to being like raw sex. I was surprised that it and it did not feel vulgar and I did not feel in any way exposed or uncomfortable. As he stroked me slowly, I could feel my body responding as if I was not in control and, in no time, I had a huge orgasm. He stayed stroking while I came down from my orgasm, then he kissed my pussy. He smiled at me and said that is was very juicy. He asked to just lie there, relax and enjoy the moment.

In a few minutes, I was calmed and he told me that he was going to lie on his back and that I was to do to him what he did to me. He had me begin by describing his body and how it felt for me to look at it and touch it. I said he had a wonderful body and that I liked looking at him. I told him I especially liked looking at his cock, which now was half erect. I told him I would like to play with it and see if I could make him fully erect. I told him I wanted to stroke his cock, kiss it and perhaps let him put his lingam in my yoni. I felt as if I was in a trance as I spoke to him. I could not believe that it was me saying these things I had never said to another man or feeling the things I felt.

He told me to do whatever I wanted with his body. I touched his face, felt his cheeks and neck, shoulders, traced all round his chest. He told me to go slow touching him with my finger as if it was a feather. As I was lightly stroking his body, I could see his cock getting exited and swelling more and more. By now, my stroking down his body had arrived at that beautiful cock. I felt all round his cock slowly from bottom I held it in my fist and felt it gain in size and hardness until it was fully erect. I leaned closer to it to get a better look as my hand moved up and down on it. I thought to myself, "what a wonderful cock". It stood majestically to what I guess must have been about 9 inches long, and it just seemed so thick.

I played with it for several minutes and then I felt the urge to kiss and suck it. I kissed the tip a few times running my lips and tongue around the head. Then, I slowly centered it on my lips and gently sucked the head. When I tried to suck the head into my mouth I had to stretch my jaw to get it in. I teased it with my tongue, reveling in the taste of him and his precum. All the while, he was smiling and breathing deeply and enjoying himself. I licked and sucked him slowly not wanting to stop for what seemed a rather long time.

After a while, he told me stop and just lie beside him and relax. As we lay and looked at one another, breathing deeply, he asked how I felt. I told him everything was okay, more than okay. I said I felt very happy and safe. I hugged him and kissed him deeply. We lay next to each other for several minutes until he announced that it was time for lunch. I was shocked. We had spent more than 3 hours but if felt like no time at all. So, we each took a bath, got dressed and went into the main room.

As we came out of our little hideway, we saw that Raman and Meena were also ready for lunch. Raman asked me how the session went. I just hugged him crying and thanking him for pressurizing me to have the tantra session. We had a couple of minutes to tell each other the basics of what happened, enough to know that we each had a similar experience and we both had a similar reaction, one of being happy we decided to do this..

After we had lunch, we were told to take a short nap and rest up before the next session. Raman and I laid together in each others arms. I told Raman that I had not expected to react so well to another man touching me in such an intimate way. I said I felt sexually aroused but in a purely sensual way. I told him how I had played with and sucked and licked Shivanand's cock and how much I had enjoyed him. I said how large he was. I told Raman that the whole session seemed like a dream. Raman said that was exactly how he felt about his session and that he and Meena had done the same things.

Of course, that brought us to the question of whether I was ready to go further since the next session would be even more intimate. I told him that I would definitely get the massage and decide about the maithuna when the time arrived. We drifted off to sleep holding one another.

Shivanand called us and when we met him and Meena in the main room, he explained that the body massage and the Yoni and Lingam massage, as it is called, would be the next activity. He said by doing this our Chakras will be awakened and we would feel a sense of arousal as a result. This, he said would have tremendous effect on us and it was through that awakening that multiple orgasms were achieved, and for, Raman, maximum control of his ejaculation.

He explained that in tantra, the man is the Buddha while woman is the Shakti or Goddess. That is the man gives the woman all the pleasure. The aim of Tantra is that the man and woman should enjoy sex for a prolonged period, with multiple orgasms. The man should also achieve an orgasm, but without ejaculating. They said Tantra teaches the man how to control his orgasms so that they can occur and he can control whether or not to have an orgasm include ejaculation. Shivanand said men with his level of training can have sex for hours without cumming, yet have several orgasms.

Then, he asked our thoughts about maithuna. He said if we felt comfortable it would happen. He asked Raman and me whether we would accept the fact that each of us would have maithuna with each of them. He said he wanted to be sure we would not feel jealous or have guilt feelings later, so that we should not have any marital discord as a result. He asked us to talk it over and decide.

While they went to rearrange the beds and flowers and light new candles, Raman and I discussed the issue. We both agreed that we would if we feel comfortable in the moment. I said that the thought of having multiple orgasms and enjoying the touching was wonderful but I was little worried that since Shivanand had a huge cock I may find it difficult. Raman said that I should do what I feel, but that he was fine with me having full sex with Shivanand. I said that he should feel free to do the same with Meena. So, it seemed the die was cast.

We were instructed to go to our individual bathrooms and to bathe. This time, I enjoyed the bath, toweled off and walked into the room fully naked to face Shavinand. He took some warm scented oil and started to rub it on my body. After he had applied the oil all over, he asked me to lie on my stomach. He then started to massage my back, and my legs moving very slowly. His touch was firm but soft and sensual at the same time. As he continued to massage I sort of dozed off. When he asked me turn over I was a little bit groggy. He started to massage my face, cheeks, hands, etc. slowly while sitting by my side. As he moved down towards my breasts and stomach, he reminded me to breathe deeply and just enjoy the massage.

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