tagGroup SexTanya Supertits Ch. 01

Tanya Supertits Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Super Tits Takes On The Best

When she entered the room an uneasy silence fell upon everyone present. Tanya had natural blonde hair that went down to her shoulders and dark tanned skin. One of her many amazing features were the pouting red lips that left a slight gap for her teeth to show. They maintained a suggestive poise that seemed to be saying "Stick your big thick cock in my mouth and we'll see how long you last." Many men had done just that and most had had the entire contents of their balls swallowed within a few minutes. Her black mini-skirt showed the full length of those divine legs. From behind the skirt was so tight one could see the perfect round form of her small, tight butt. The top button was missing and about an inch of the zip was undone in a manner one might expect of a naughty schoolgirl. Don't be fooled though Tanya wasn't wearing old clothes. She had become distracted on the way and ravished some scaffold worker down an alley. He had succumbed to her requests for rough sex and ripped her pants down. No other evidence remained of her encounter as she had gulped stream after stream of hot cum down her thirsty throat. The small white shirt had been specially made for just such an occasion. It was pinned together by a single button currently pushed right out in front of her by those enormous boobs. The shirt stopped half way down revealing a slender, brown and toned waist, which appeared even darker against the white of the shirt. Her presence created a sexual tension that was like nothing any of them had experienced before. Tanya was a super-slut alright. Numerous stories existed that reinforced the legend of this girl as being a wanton sex machine.

Some say her father was the famous porn star Billy the Bone. He certainly shared a more than coincidental likeness with the once great stud. Tanya had inherited her father's insatiable sexual desire. She started to develop very early and loved to tease the boys through her teenage years. Billy himself could not help but notice how sexy she was.

Legend has it that on her sixteenth birthday he bought her a full body enhancement from a sex clinic run by an old friend that specialised in supplying porn stars with the improvements they needed. Not that she needed any improvement. Anyway Mr Bone couldn't help but try her for himself and one night shortly after her birthday he went to work on his pride and joy on the kitchen table. Billy Bone was a big boy weighing in at 12 inches. His not so innocent daughter had been practising without Billy's knowledge and was more than equal to his relentless pounding. Billy had fucked hundreds of big titted tarts in his time but he was not the first, nor would he be the last man to be broken on those massive round bazookas he had given his daughter. By the second titfuck his overworked cock gave in. The orgasm Little Miss Tanya gave her big daddy was so intense he burst a blood vessel in his head and died instantly.

Whether she had guessed her gravity defying tits would be too much for Daddy Bone will never be known. What is certain is that she inherited his millions earned from the years of, literally, hard work he had put in to his job. Tanya thus became thus richest sixteen year-old in town and proceeded to act like one. At her daddy's funeral she treated Billy's equally endowed brothers to a spit roast. She only stayed in college cos she could get to know the football team better and was always able to screw an A grade out of her teachers, including the female ones.

Now as she stood before the young hopeful studs, all she could see was cannon fodder. Would any of them put up a decent fight? The last time she did this, only three men had managed to contain themselves long enough to actually fuck her. Now, two years on, she was far more dangerous.

Almost as soon as she had entered every cock had grown hard. Even Jason who had an amazing control over his organ could not keep it from bursting through his jeans. Tanya, of course, knew this would happen; it was part of her plan. Two years ago she had surgically improved her hormone output. Scientists had isolated a chemical compound that caused men to become unnaturally sexually stimulated. The effect was to double a man's level of testosterone and sperm production. In short it drove them wild. The down side was that they wore out very quickly and even the best of Tanya's endless list of fucks hadn't made it beyond 9 minutes. She took a special drug that could produce this chemical, which was then released through her skin in the form of sweat. Today she had taken a dangerously high amount of the drug and every inch of her perfectly tanned body was dripping wet. Our boys had no idea what they were up against. To begin with the odds were staked against them but now none of them would be walking out of that room alive. Even Jason stood open mouthed at the sight before him.

Her tits were just too much to look at: at 40FF they were a match for any of the rods she would be facing that evening. But they were virtually perfect spheres; soft to touch but firm and so light they seemed to float on air. Today Tanya wore them inside a hopelessly inadequate white shirt that accentuated her golden brown skin. The shirt was held to together with a single button, which strained under the pressure of those massive globes yearning to burst out. Both breasts were covered in beads of sex sweat and so bore a beautiful sheen.

She began to speak in a deep husky voice that oozed pure sex. It was enough to melt the hardest of cocks on the spot.

Tanya takes up the story…

"Hello boys", I said. "Who's ready for some fun, cos I ain't had a good hard man in a long while. I don't just mean a big thick piece of meat. I want a real man. Surely one of you big boys can hold out long enough to satisfy me? I see y'all keep yourself in shape."

I noticed they all had extremely well toned bodies that must have been the product of hours of hard work. I picked on one particularly well built grunt. I closed in. His eyes were wild with passion. In my high heels I was nearly his height and I stopped just so my massive tits virtually but didn't quite touch his equally massive pecks. His hormones were going wild. I started to pant.

"Hmph, agh, hmm, oh yeah"

I ran my hand down his sweaty body and down across the six pack he clearly cherished so much. At this point I was pretty hot myself. My nipples were barely concealed by the tiny shirt I had chosen especially for the competition. Suddenly both nipples popped out and touched his rock hard chest. This happened at the exact same time I grabbed his cock through those poor tight jeans. Stud No. 1 was on the edge and I pushed him over it.

"Ooh that is such thick piece of meat you're packing. I bet all the girls work themselves out on that thing."

Stud No. 1 was speechless

"I'm gonna treat you tonight. If you can handle it I'm gonna take all of your big pole in my mouth and work it up and down, again and again the way you men love. But if you're a good boy and hold out for me then I'll let you stick that monster between my tits. If you're very good you'll keep yourself under control just long enough to work these jugs for a few seconds. But if you get that far its game over cos I'll suck every last drop of cum you can throw at me without spilling any on these prize tits of mine"

I cupped the tits together and licked some of the sweat off.

"Hmm I bet you want me to lick your cum of these don't you big fella? Well we'll see."

However, Stud didn't last long enough to take up my offer. His cock had been under a lot of strain and even those jeans weren't going o hold it in. The sound of ripping denim set off some of the other lads. Two or three others had similarly strong dicks that tore through their pants. My victim grasped his shaft. It was throbbing and bright red, ready to burst. Precum had been leaking from it ever since and I entered the room now his dick and pants were covered in it, an impressive amount I might add.

"Let me help" I said, and wiped his man meat across both juicy tits. This wasn't fair. I could have let him last a bit longer but I had a lot to get through. No. began to climax and I took his entire load, I counted six shots, in my mouth.

"Mmm" I said wiping a tiny drop that had escaped onto my puffy lips. "Too bad you won't make it to round two."

Stud 1 staggered back and crashed to the ground, cock in hand. He wasn't the only casualty: a couple of others had seen too much. One was bent over on the floor the other was leant up against the wall. Neither had managed to get to their weapons in time and had cum all down their legs. Now three studs were unconscious and every man in the room had blown a gasket. No one had withstood my opening performance, as the loud groaning and pools of white liquid testified. I turned to see the horse hung stud I had heard so much about unloading a final massive streak that flew across the room and splattered all over my, until now, unsoiled breasts.

I was shocked by this impressive display. I had got him like all the rest but he struck back in a way no one had ever managed. No one had ever cum on my tits, though I promised this prize to anyone that could match me. The sensation was amazing, it was boiling hot and there was more in one spurt than the Stud had produced in six. I watched as the white juicy liquid dripped between my cleavage over my stomach and onto the floor.

"You" I said seductively "For that I'll let you take me last. If you're still hard"

Jason's version

His poor cock wasn't going to last much longer. Neither was anyone else's. As the once mighty stud Tanya had chosen to destroy unloaded into her expectant mouth my buddy Tim had Jo lap up his copious seed. Tim could cum in buckets but I could match him. He was the only other hunk in the room still with enough in him to teach Tanya a lesson. Unfortunately her display had proved too much for him to cope with and he'd shot his last blot across Jo's face and six foot across the floor. Even this impressive jet had fallen well short of the gorgeous babe at the centre of the room. The Super-Slut girl had won round one but I was the only guy still standing and determined to send her a warning shot. My cock was uncontrollable and all I could manage was to aim high in her direction. As my gun exploded a long thick jet of man juice shot into the air and made it's target perfectly. I had been the first to claim those round wet tits she showed off.

Slut girl Tanya wasn't done. But even after this Herculean effort neither was I. I staggered over to her. Bosom heaving she licked all the cum off those killer knockers and lifted her eyes to mine. What she said next made me cum again, this time I had no control and it spewed forth everywhere. Most of the hot juice hit her tits and stomach. She was so turned on her tits seemed to grow. Suddenly the button that held them together, and had lasted longer than any of us gave way. Her breasts burst out. They were covered in cum; my cum. Amazingly those tits not only grew but actually seemed to rise now they were no longer constrained by the shirt. Glistening with the combination of sweat and cum they looked irresistible. Tanya proceeded to lap up all of my best efforts to impress her. Cleaning off every last drop of white seed I had managed to produce. This wasn't going to be easy.

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