tagInterracial LoveTanya's Electric

Tanya's Electric


I've been working in the Franklin Towers for over a year now. My name is Mike and I'm a electrician's helper. Ever since I got out of High School this is the job I wanted. The pay is great to start, good benefits and I automatically get into the union program.

This is a sweet set up for a young dude like myself. Plenty of hot young babes, a pool we can use on certain days, and a work out room that is available to the employee's of the complex. Once in a while you step in it at the right time, this was my time.

I had been working on the 22nd floor at apartment 2202. The owner Tanya Wilson has not been home for the last two weeks and it was nice not to have anybody looking over my shoulder. Most people have a bad habit of thinking they know more than we do. "Wrong".

Ms. Wilson has one of the more beautiful apartments, two bed rooms a very big bath with a Jacuzzi, plus a shower built for two. Large living room and kitchen. Plus the balcony out side her French doors had a breath taking view of the city. You could lay out there and not be seen by anybody. Man I wish I could afford a place like this. Plus closet space to die for, this is woman's clothes horse heaven.

While working through out the apartment I had noticed several pictures of young black women and wonder which one was Tanya, or if she was even any of these women.

I had been working this morning putting in some new electrical outlets that she had requested when I heard the door to the apartment open and this tall very good looking brown skin woman walked in. She look about five foot ten in her heels, svelte is the word I'd use to describe her body. Ms. Wilson was not skinny and she had a beautiful ass, and well shaped tits.

Ms. Wilson did not even say hello, she started by saying you're not dirtying up the place are you, don't scratch my hardwood floors, make sure there are no finger prints on any thing. I want that Chandelier exactly 7 feet off the floor.

I looked at her and asked if there is anything else.

Tanya says no not that I can think of.

I say to her, "Are you sure you don't want me to wash your car, do your laundry wipe your ass." I then picked up my tools and went into the kitchen and was going to finish the light switches she had ordered.

The next thing I know my cell phone is ringing and it's my boss Ed. He asks what had happened and I told him about her attitude and not even introducing her self to me. Ed I tell him I never met this woman and she treats me like shit, and this just kind of pissed me off. Ed says OK finish the work I want her place done right that is why I sent you Mike, "Ok."

Alright but you owe me for this one Ed , and he just laughed.

I was just finishing up in the kitchen when I head a voice say "Hello." I turned around and there was this beautiful black woman, standing there in this pink bikini. "She looked absolutely gorgeous."

I'm Tanya Wilson, and I want to apologize for my rudeness this morning. I am not normally that inconsiderate of other people, I am sorry.

Tanya is standing there with a glass of wine in her hand, and in that bikini you can see she does not have a mark on her beautiful body. "Even myself and Steve Wonder would be able to see that."

I know she can see that my dick is hard and that is no secret. My pants are like a tent in a Cub Scout pact. "WOW" now I feel like I should apologize, for what I don't know but for something.

I'm standing here and you know my name what is yours.

My name is Mike I'm one of the maintenance electricians for the building. "Ms. Wilson you are one beautiful woman."

Mike, do you always say that to older women or just black women.

Neither, you are the first black woman I've ever talked to. I've talk to girls in school but there is a definite difference between you and girls.

Tanya kept sipping on her wine and said I'll take that as a compliment.

I went back to work. Tanya went and laid out side on her balcony.

I almost electrocuted myself twice just thinking of her. I would be back tomorrow to hang the dinning room chandelier. In away I hope she would not be home so I could get my work done. I also would love to see that lovely body sun bathe on the deck ,damn she has a beautiful ass.

I knock on the apartment door and for the first time in two weeks I hear come in it's open. I had a pass key to let myself in, but since Tanya is home I'm not to use it.

I walk in and the first thing I notice is the smell of coffee and ti smells good.

The second is the fragrance of Red Door in the air. Not heavy just a slight hint of the scent. My ex-girl friend use to wear it and it still turns me on.

Tanya walks out with a cream colored robe, that looks like silk and says good morning Mike. I said Good morning Ms. Wilson. She says my name is Tanya and not Ms. or Mrs. "Do you understand."

I looked at her and smiled and said yes. She stopped me in mid sentence and said you had better not I'll beat you. I said "OK I won't say mam." We both just laughed.

Tanya offered me a cup of coffee and we sat for a few minutes and got to know a little about each other. This was the kind of woman that you always think of when you need some one to teach you life's little lessons.

Later that morning I had just finished hanging the chandelier when I noticed Tanya out on her balcony sun bathing. She had on this "Orange Glow Bikini" that looked like it had it's own electricity to it. That color with her body shade was just beautiful, man instant "hardon."

I was standing in the dinning room sweaty and hard as a rock looking out the French doors at Tanya laying there on the balcony. She had removed her top and I could not see if she was looking in side . The sun glasses she had on covered her eyes.

Tanya had close cropped Gray Hair and I could not see any other hair on her body. I could not tell her age. I'm guessing middle thirties maybe forty at the most. Tanya rolled over again and she untied her bottom strings and let them fall. "I nearly choked."

This woman had "No hair on her body other than the Gray Hair on her head." She lifted her right knee up and I could she her pussy lips and even her clit, and "They were the most beautiful full pussy lips I have ever seen. Live or in any book or on Memorex."

I have never seen anything to compare to those lips of hers. She lifts up her glasses looks at me and smiles.

Her breasts are a full C cup and are as pretty as any I have seen. She really is a well built woman But it is Tanya's pussy lips that have my attention.

I open the French doors and she lays there looking at me. I move toward her and Tanya extends her hand to me and I take it. I help her to her feet and look at this woman standing there only in a pair of Orange sandals with four inch heels. Tanya says to me, Mike should we take a shower? I answer why not!

In the bath room, Tanya removes my work shoes and overhauls, I remove my shirt, as we step in to the shower together. Tanya starts soaping my body and my erection starts getting even bigger to her delight and my own.

She just says this is a pleasant turn of events and I just smile at her. It was my turn to surprise her. I then have my turn and start on Tanya's body and start from her toes to her head and back down to her Pussy. I take my time on those beautiful lips of hers and feel her clit get hard as I'm soaping the outer and inner lips at the same time.

Tanya has me by my ears and is squeezing them and telling me I'm a naughty boy. I said Tanya you haven't seen anything yet. I grab her shampoo and start doing her hair, and she is loving it and she asks me where I had learned to do such a thing.

Even though her hair is very short the act and manor of the shampoo is the important thing. I did not want to tell her my mother taught me this trick. She said it may come in handy some day, "Mom you are absolutely right."

We finished in the shower and toweled each other off. I gave Tanya a passionate kiss, we went into the bedroom and onto her very large bed.

The one thing you will notice about her bed room is there are mirrors everywhere. I felt like I was on TV with all the images around me. I would soon forget about it when I dived in. "I would be to busy."

And I started with Tanya's toes and feet as she was now squirming on her bed. She is telling me she is ticklish and it drives her crazy. "I knew I had her all ready and we just started."

I said to my self that this could not be this easy. As I'm working my way up her legs to the back of her knees she is squirming even more and she starts grabbing my head like that is going to stop me. "Tanya is breathing heavy and making little whimpering noises as I now start kissing her behind her knee's."

This starts her moaning again and her telling me to stop this is far enough. Tanya I have just gotten started sweetheart. You need to relax and enjoy what is going to happen "I know you will love it." I forced her thighs wider apart and ran my tongue all along them. I would take and nibble my way up from each knee to the bottom of her pussy.

This I did for several minutes then I started to go in between those lovely pussy lips and I could taste the juices that were flowing out of Tanya. She was now moaning and mewing like she was in the middle of a great orgasm. "I kept my tongue in her and started to nibble on her big clitoris, She was ready to hit the wall."

I put my finger into her pussy hole and it was as wet as if she had peed on it. I then place a second finger into her and started to fuck her pussy with both of them. "I then found her G- spot and she went off like fireworks."

Tanya came up off the bed her lovely ass was bucking and rolling like there were fingers and hands all over her. "She had grabbed the sheets with her hands like she had a death grip on them." Even her toes were holding the sheets. I kept sucking on her clitoris while rubbing her G-spot. "She would not stop Cumming."

She was crying "Oh Mike, Oh Mike, Oh Mike," please stop you are driving me crazy. "Please Mike Oh please Mike." And she grabs my ears again and this time I let her pull me up to her. Tanya gives me a warm wonderful kiss that I know came from deep with in her.

Tanya gets to taste herself for her first time and I ask her what does she think. She says not bad, but when do I get to taste you, and I said very soon. I asked Tanya did she really enjoy me making oral love to her. She said "Mike what was not to enjoy."

God if I had known it was that good, I would have done it years ago.

Come on, Tanya are you trying to tell me that I'm the first man to ever eat your pussy. "Yes you are and I must say you are awesome."

I can't believe a woman as beautiful as you are, has never had any body eat her pussy. No one has ever offered or even tried? What is wrong with these black guys don't they know what they are missing?

"Tanya I would suck that pussy of your once a day whether you needed it or not." Thank you Mike, I may just take you up on your offer. Now lay back and let me show you what Momma can do. This is what I was waiting for and Tanya started running her tongue around my neck and then up along my ears. She then went down my chest area over my nipples which happen to be very sensitive to the touch. As she was doing this she had her left hand slowly moving up and down on the shaft of my cock.

The head of my cock stood out like a helmet on a battlefield. The seven and a half inches is enough for any woman black or white. Tanya just rubbed her hands up and down as she now bent down to run her tongue over the head and around the shaft. She slid the entire head into her mouth and sucked on it like it was an all day sucker. Tanya was a good cocksucker and she had a lot of practice at it.

I did not know how long I would be able to hold off but I figure it would be good no matter what. She was doing a great job on me as I felt the pressure build in my balls and my dick seemed to get stiffer if possible.

Tanya's tongue was doing a great job and I loved the way she would pull me down her throat with her muscles. Tanya would open her mouth and then she would go further down on my cock until she was able to take it all and I marveled at her ability to do so.

Then I felt that pressure rise that tells the body now. I said "Tanya I'm Cumming" and she pushed her mouth down into my pubic hair, her knees went wider and stiffer and then I blew my load. "Spurt after spurt of ropes of and Cumm."

Tanya had it go right down her throat, she swallowed every thing that came out of my cock. I could feel her tongue pass over the head as I was still easing out my load. Damn what a good feeling.

It was my turn and I grabbed Tanya and pulled her to me and kissed her and she knew I was trying to make sure we both felt like we could enjoy each other with out any pressure on the other.

Tanya asked "how did you taste," and I said same as last time salty and musky. So your experienced at this are you. She just smiled at me.

Yes and I do believe you enjoyed it. So it doesn't matter to much. I would love to eat that beautiful pussy again if you don't mind. Tanya kissed me and said not in the least.

This time I went to those lovely breasts of hers, I would say a 38C with very dark areoles and nipples that stick out about an inch. "You just might want to take up Dairy Farming." This woman has a very lovely body and for the life of me I can not figure why there are no men around. Back to things at hand, I suck one nipple then the other and I went back and forth for about twenty minutes then worked my way back down to that wonderful love nest of hers. I just plunged right back in and sucked the juices out of Tanya's pussy. I ran my tongue from one end to the other and every time I went over her pussy lips and clitoris and then down over her asshole and she would jump every time.

I pushed a finger into her ass and she started squealing like a young school girl. Then I put a second and Tanya started shaking her ass and clinching her pussy muscles. Her pussy was dripping like a faucet and I knew she was ready and so was I. I crawled between Tanya's legs and began to rub my cock in between her pussy lips to make sure "I was well lubricated before I slipped my cock into her."

I pushed my way in and found that Tanya was a tight fit, and she was squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles as I was entering her. Tanya's pussy did feel good and we started s slow steady rhythm that I was enjoying very much. I could feel Tanya's Muscles pulling and pushing on my dick as we move to the rhythm of love and our bodies enjoy each other. Right now is a time when I am not even aware of the woman beneath me. Only that it is some one who is enjoying me and I'm enjoying them.

As we are making love to each other I see a figure of a young black woman in the mirror watching us. I am not stopping for anybody and when I look back up she is gone. Hell with it I'm getting ready to Cumm. I think I've been in the saddle about a half hour and Tanya is ready to pop and she is egging me on. She keeps saying Cumm with me Mike Cumm with me and I start driving as hard as I can into her and she says yes give it to me. "Fuck me Mike, make me Cumm."

Tanya arches her back and screams "Yesssss" and locks her legs around my waist. I blow my load at the same time and fill her pussy with as much Cumm as I have ever given any woman. I can feel her walls contract as my Cumm shoots into her cervix and her pussy keeps milking my cock. This is truly the best piece of ass I have ever experienced. I look down an can see just how much Cumm I have put into Tanya's pussy as it is coming out of her and going all over the place.

Tanya two things sweetheart, one is that a young black woman with beautiful long black hair was watching us making love. I saw her in the mirror. Tanya said what's the other?

I said to Tanya I'm sorry sweetheart "I didn't have a condom, and I'm hoping you are on the pill." Well Tanya starts laughing and she is hysterical. "I'm sitting there looking at her and she has tears coming down her face." I don't know what to do she comes over and wraps her arms around me kisses me and tells me I am the most sweetest man on the face of this earth. She is still laughing like hell and I can't figure it out.

Just then the bedroom door opens and a lovely young black woman who could be Tanya's twin if not for the Gray Hair walks in and asks "Mother what are you doing." What does it look like I'm doing Charlene, it is Tanya's daughter.

I'm standing there with my dick hanging down and the two woman are arguing. I said Tanya I'm going to put my clothes on. She tells me no you are not, you will stay right here with me. Tanya is still giggling to her self.

Tanya looks at me and says Mike How old do you think I am. Tell the truth please. Tanya I think you are no more than thirty five maybe forty at the most. Tanya's daughter Charlene says what about the gray hair. I told her my mother had total gray at twenty three.

Tanya said he thought he might have gotten me pregnant. Mother you can't get pregnant you went through the change. Tanya is still laughing and having a good time.

Mike I'm sorry I laughed at you, but it was so funny that you thought of knocking me up I couldn't help myself. Mike I'm fifty four years old. "I'm old enough to be you grand mother." God Mike you have made my year. I'm going to enjoy this for as long as you will have me.

Charlene says to her Mother that she can not be serious about Fucking around with mike. He looks like he could be her grand son and what would people think at the club. I'll be humiliated. Just say he is my grand son.

Well grand mother you had better get ready to use that Jacuzzi because your grand son is going to fuck the living hell out of you. "Grand mom I do love that beautiful black ass of yours. I did tell you that didn't I."

Tanya you are a beautiful woman whether you are thirty four or fifty four. Black or White it does not matter I will be happy to be seen anywhere with you.

See daughter when you know how to "Eat the right people" you always have a good time.

Well, can you say Jacuzzi!

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