tagBDSMTaped, Humiliated, and Teased

Taped, Humiliated, and Teased


You walked in carrying a sealed box and sat it down beside the bed.

"Go ahead and open it," you directed with a cute smile.

As I pulled the flaps open, I saw stacks of rolls of duct tape and I heard you giggle at my reaction. I blushed and squirmed, not able to even look at you.

"Take off your panties and get on the bed. I'm going to tape you up, head to toe," you informed me.

I laid down on the bed, naked, except for my chastity device, confining my little cock, which was now straining in its cage.

I started to tremble as you circled around me, holding the first roll of tape, fondling it.

"Such a silly fetish, isn't it? Such a silly little tape slut aren't you?" You don't wait for an answer but instead you hold the roll of tape in front of my face. "Kiss it."

I press forward to press my lips to the tape and before I can kiss it, you pull it away, giggling.

You walk over to the box and gather a few more rolls and place them on the bed beside me.

"You have ten minutes of freedom left and then I am going to tape you up head to toe. I want you to think about that and I am just going to sit her and watch you squirm."

I watched as you studied my discomfort, occasionally smiling or laughing as I twist and turn trying not think about it. My cock is straining in its cage, wanting so desperately to feel your touch.

After what seems like an eternity, you take the first roll and pull a length of tape, looking into my eyes. "Ohhhhh," you mock me, smiling and laughing.

"Hands at your sides," you command and I feel you wrap the tape around my ankles, binding them together securely. Slowly, you wrap my legs, up to the knees. The next roll you use to wrap my knees and thighs. You sit me up and begin taping my arms, stomach and chest. You wrap it tightly enough that I can't move.

Slowly and methodically, I feel my freedom slipping away. I can still move a bit and squirm. Finally I am wrapped, arms pinned to my sides, legs wrapped together. Only my cock and ass are exposed.

"Pass number one," you tell me, getting more taoe. You start to wrap again, this time tighter and more securely. Slowly, I find I am more and more immobilized. Each wrap now making it harder to move, until eventually, I feel a wave of complete helplessness wash over me.

You climb on top of me and straddle my chest, pulling a strip of tape and tearing it off. I watch your smile grow slightly sadistic as you press the tape over my lips, sealing them shut. You add a second and then a third strip and just run your fingers over my taped lips. I try to squirm, but I can barely move. Every breathe I take I can feel.

You laugh at me and tell me how silly I look all taped up.

"I could do anything I want right now, couldn't I?"

I nod in response.

You lean down and whisper in my ear, "Do you know what I am going to do right now?"

I shake my head.

"I am going to read a book. I've really been enjoying this new novel and I think I am going to enjoy it for a bit."

You roll over and grab the novel and I can hear you laughing. I groan and try to plead with you.

"Shhhhh, if you make any more noise, I am going to punish you. You need to stop disturbing me while I am reading."

I turned my head and looked at you. So close, right beside me, already engrossed in your book. All I can do is watch you and I begin to feel consumed by a need for you, for your attention, for your touch.

I want to try to get your attention, but I resist, lying beside you as your taped up plaything, waiting and watching. My neediness grows more and more intense each time you turn the page. You are completely ignoring me now and it starts to hurt. I realize in that moment how desperately I need you and how little you need me.

It is still early, only 10 am and I wonder how long this will last.

I watch you for two hours while you read, watching your every reaction, feeling so close and so far away.

Finally, you put the book down. "Do you like your tape?" you ask me sweetly.

I nod, cheeks turning red.

"Good, because you are staying that way until tomorrow morning. My little tape mummy."

I squirmed and twisted, trying to protest.

"Now what did I tell you about making noise?" I watch you stand up and go to one of your bags, withdrawing what looks like a small collar and a remote device.

Your slip the collar around my balls and tighten it up snug. You press a small button and I feel a sharp, strong shock in my cock and balls, making me scream into my gag.

"Shhhhhh," you caution me, finger on the button.

You reach down and unlock my chastity device slowly freeing my swollen and aching cock from it cage and put on a pair of latex gloves. I watch as you smear lube on your hands and you begin giving me an excruciatingly slow hand job. My balls are already aching from my chastity but as you tease me, they grow more and more swollen.

"No cumming, now. Understand?" I nod frantically.

Over and over you take me to the edge, until I can't stand it any more. I plead and beg through my tape gag, which is met only with laughter and a series of shocks to my cock and balls.

You curl up beside me, leaving my hard throbbing cock to ache and twitch without any sensation.

I can look down just enough to see you have slid your hand inside your panties.

I feel my heart race and my breathing grow shallow as I realize you are masturbating, one hand touching yourself, the other running over my taped body and lips.

You whisper in my ear, "I am so wet right now. It feels so good to touch myself. But I know something that you like even more than that. I bet you wish you could smell my fingers right now, don't you?"

I squirmed, growing more desperate, my cock twitching now.

"What was that word you liked? Stinky? You like stinky things don't you?"

I closed my eyes, the shame overwhelming me.

You smile and me and giggle. "Mistress getting herself all wet and stinky and you can't even smell her. That must be so frustrating. Would you like to smell me? Sniff me? My wet, stinky pussy?"

The more ashamed I grow, the more I can tell you are getting turned on, getting closer and closer to an orgasm. You keep using the word over and over, the word you know is my trigger for my shame, humiliation, and desire.

You are laughing at me as your body shakes with orgasm after orgasm.

Finally you collapse and curl up along my taped up body. You make me watch you smell your own fingers.

You scrunch your face and laugh more. "So stinky!"

You can see the desperation in my eyes.

Abruptly you stand up, leaving me twitching and aching. "I am going to shower and maybe cum again or a few times," you tell me.

I listen for the next half hour as you cum over and over in the shower.

I can feel tears welling up in my eyes.

When you come back, dressed in a large hotel robe, you untape my mouth and run your fingers over my lips.

For the rest of the night, we talk. You sitting next to me, with me still taped and exposed.

Occasionally I don't answer fast enough or too incompletely and I earn a shock to my cock and balls.

By the end of the night, I have confessed everything, no matter how embarrassing. There are things I have never told a soul. There are things that make me so ashamed, I can't look you in the eye.

"Bedtime," you tell me eventually. You put a strip of tape over my mouth and two squares over my eyes, blindfolding me.

A few times during the night, I wake up, feeling your lubed up hands sliding over my cock, teasing it to a very full and straining erection and then stopping without warning. I try to remember not to groan.

I wake up to you peeling the tape from my eyes. I blink and read the clock, which says 8:00 am.

With my mouth still taped, I am overwhelmed when you cross your arm over my face and press your armpit over my nose. Your scent is so full and I can smell your sweat and your musk.

You tell me you are just back from the gym and that you want me to smell you before you shower.

I start to cry as your scent fills my world. I feel your sweat coat my face and I can smell you even when you get up and walk away. Your scent feels like a part of me.

When you return, you are dressed and clean. One hour left.

For the next hour, you tell me, you are going to tease me relentlessly. You want to see my cry.

I doesn't take long. After about ten minutes, the tears start to flow. I expect you to stop, but you don't. You untape my mouth and give me permission to beg, to plead.

I grow desperate promising you anything. The more I beg, the harder you laugh. Your teasing has become slower now, but each movement, each sensation brings me right to the edge.

I am crying and sobbing.

I lose all track of time.

Finally, you tell me it is time. You have the scissors and are ready to cut me free.

"Oh, one more thing," you remember, slipping my chastity cage back on and locking it.

As you cut me free, we slip back into conversation. You remind me of some of what I confessed to you, drawing me back and forth from relief to humiliation and back again.

Once I am free, you hand me my panties and tell me to get dressed. I am taking you to lunch with a few of your friends. I am a mess, but I do as I am told, getting dressed and escorting you to the restaurant.

Before we walk in, I think of the only two words that I can possibly speak at the moment: "Thank you."

You smile and caress my cheek. "You are welcome."

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Great tease session!

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