tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTara Quinn Ch. 02: Quinn Takes the Beach

Tara Quinn Ch. 02: Quinn Takes the Beach


(FutaWriter here. Thanks for all the support on the last story! I never thought anyone would see it, let alone it get a 4.2 rating with over 3 thousand views! For all you who thought I had too much exposition last time, this story has actual sex in it. Enjoy! PS: I know the sex scene kind of breaks the laws of human anatomy, but you don't come here for realistic stories.)


Tara Quinn woke up in a pool of cum, probably from a wet dream she had. Quinn had nothing to be embarrassed about because wet dream were almost a weekly occurrence for futas. She groaned and tried to move her leg, but it was stuck to her bed by the sticky cum. She sat up in her bed and looked at the mess. It originated at the base of her now flaccid cock and extended both on around her legs. She had to spend the next half-hour unpeeling her leg from her sheets. The cleaning ladies can deal with it, she thought, and went to the shower.

In the bathroom, she turned the shower on and looked in her floor-to-ceiling mirror. Her thighs and cock were covered in sticky, white, cum. She was going to have a tough time washing this off. Quinn stepped into her large shower and turned on the hot water. Over time, she had learned that blasting hot water on her cum was one of the most effective and least painful ways of removing it.

After her shower, Quinn was wondering what she should do with her time today. She had nothing planned today, which was rare for her, and she wanted to make the most of it. She decided on the beach. She rifled around in her drawers until she found the perfect bikini: a red pair with a top that was little more than small triangles attached by bits of string that barely covered her nipples and did little to constrain her massive tits. The bottom was stringy as well and functioned more as a decoration piece as it did next to nothing when it came to constraining her cock. Even fully flaccid, it hung out to the side and rested along her thigh. Her huge balls completely ignored the bottom's feeble attempts at doing anything to stop their movement.

Quinn pulled out her phone and opened her most used app, which was Snapchat. Before she took the photo, she stroked her cock to get a bit of precum to drip down her leg. The fans always like that, she thought. She snapped a photo and captioned it "I'm getting ready to go to the beach!!!" and sent it away to her story.

She went outside her apartment building and walked across the street to where her car was. Even if people didn't recognize her, she got a myriad of stares from strangers. She didn't care, however. Attention like that really got her going. She had to concentrate all her effort not to get an erection. Erections made driving almost impossible. Quinn rushed to her car sporting a half-erection. This'll have to do, she thought and drove off to the beach.

She got to the beach, which was full of mostly women. Beautiful women. Quinn laid out her towel and surveyed her next potential fuck. Just the sight of the ladies got her hard, her cock reaching its full length at about 1 and a half feet. She was big, even for other futas. She pulled down her bikini bottom, letting her cock swing free, and used her member as a sort of dowsing rod, but for pussy instead of water. As she glanced around, one girl stood out to Quinn like a sore thumb. The girl was tan with long, black hair and was curvier than Quinn was. She had found her next "victim".

Quinn made eye contact with the woman and looked down at her cock. The woman saw it, looked up astonished, and nodded. This exchange of glances was more consent than any futa needed nowadays. Consent had turned from a necessity into a common courtesy like keeping the door open for someone behind you: it was polite, but in no way needed. Quinn walked away from her towel and closer to the woman. People near her either moved in closer to watch or went away as far as possible, depending on whether or not they were prepared to watch someone get the best fucking of her life.

When Quinn arrived at the girl's towel, she spoke: "Hey. I'm Tara Quinn. I'm gonna fuck you now. It's not like you have a choice, but I'd figure I'd let you know.

"Oh no, I know", the woman said. "We did kind of exchange some sensual glances earlier. The name's Rachel. Also, you're Tara Quinn? The model?"

"That would be correct. I almost forgot. I need to document this on Snapchat, for the fans."

Quinn went through the motions of pulling up the app's camera. First, she pulled off the woman's bikini top, letting her huge tits hang free. She must have a futa for a mother, Quinn thought. Other women just don't look like that. Her tits were perfect: they were still perky and had the perfect ratio of nipple to areola to breast.

"Hold on, I just need to take a quick video."

Quinn started recording, starting from her own hard cock and trailing up the woman's body, from her toned legs to flat stomach to huge tits. She captioned the video "My cock's getting hungry, and she's gonna satisfy its hunger! ;)"

She then pulled down Rachel's bikini bottom, revealing a perfectly shaved pussy. The woman laid down and Quinn positioned herself in between her legs. Quinn pressed the tip of her cock against the woman's hot pussy. She made eye contact and pushed her tip in. Quinn shoved her cock further into Rachel's body, pushing away anything in her way. It shoved right past her cervix and ended up right beneath Rachel's tits, Quinn's melon sized balls slapping against the woman's ass. Her cock's outline was clearly visible throughout Rachel's body. Whenever Quinn thrusted, her cock slammed through Rachel, pushing her tits. Rachel's face had a look of pure ecstasy on it as if she had found enlightenment. Quinn's balls slapped against the other woman's ass with each thrust.

Rachel wasn't the only one feeling ecstasy. With each thrust, Quinn's brain was filled with emotions and feelings she hadn't felt since her first fuck. Normally, futas, and Quinn especially, were excellent at holding their cum until they wanted to, but Quinn couldn't control herself this time around. She felt the telltale gurgling and swirling in her balls, and she could only say one thing to Rachel before she came: "Good luck". With that, the floodgates opened. Quinn's cum raced from her balls, to her shaft, to the tip of her huge, throbbing cock and out into Rachel's body. Quinn was already pumping more cum than Rachel could handle. She made sure to get her body as close to Rachel's pussy to block any cum trying to escape. This caused her seemingly endless amounts of cum to need somewhere to go, and since it couldn't go out, it went up. Rachel's stomach inflated and soon she looked like she was pregnant. She then began to spill outwards and upwards as the cum filled her entire body.

As Quinn's cum-dump finished, she pulled out, spraying her last spurts of thick, ropy cum onto Rachel's body. Her stomach and tits were now covered in the stuff, like icing on cake. When she pulled her cock, acting as the plug that kept her excess amounts of cum in Rachel's body, out of Rachel's still-tight pussy her cum came pouring out onto the towel.

"Holy shit", Quinn said. "I haven't felt like that in years. We need to do this again, when you've... Recovered."

Quinn pooled some of her cum off of Rachel's belly and wrote out her phone number on Rachel's arm.

"Call me".

Rachel could only moan in response.

Quinn was too fazed by her orgasmic experience to bother cleaning up her still-dripping cock, so as she walked back to her car, she spattered huge droplets of cum onto the ground and anyone unfortunate enough to walk near her.

I can't wait to get back in touch with Rachel. This is gonna be the start of something great. With that, she drove herself home and began the arduous task of cleaning her cum-spattered body off.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/05/17

Love the way the story is going. However I would enjoy it a lot more if you added more detail to the story as a whole.

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by Anonymous06/10/17


Definitely could use some more details when it gets into the thick of things (pun intended). Looking forward to your future stories :)

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by Anonymous06/10/17

knocked up

and shes pregnant heheeh

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by dongstar06/08/17


A great concept but I definitely want more detail. As it is I feel like I barely had time to get into the story before it was over.

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by Anonymous06/07/17

This is a great story! Maybe your later stories could be a bit longer, but this is still good!

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