tagMind ControlTara's App Ch. 07

Tara's App Ch. 07


The final chapter. Thank you for reading along.

Caution: this story contains strong scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex. There's also a reference to incest.

All of the participants of this story are over 18 years old.

This is a work of fantasy, please don't read if this type of material offends. Depiction does not equal endorsement.


The weeks rolled by, measured in sunkissed pleasures. One of them was watching my harem on the beach. A wooden staircase along the cliffs led from the clinic's grounds down to a stretch of private sand. Santa Barbara's coast had a strange phenomenon, naturally-occurring tar that stuck to skin and bathing suits indiscriminately. My solution was that the clinic's residents swam or sunbathed naked.

Bia, naturally, loved it, parading around so that onlookers from the cliffs or nearby beaches could see; astounded tourists, or locals who were aware there would be a show. There was a wide deck built over the sand where the stairs ended, with an open shower and sun loungers.

Bia would spend as long as she could under the shower, soaping the tar off her body, paying close attention to her beautiful tits and gorgeous arse (I really should start calling it an ass. I'm 'murrican now). If her fingers strayed to her clit and she got herself off in front of the crowd, especially ones with binoculars or telephoto lenses, well, so be it.

Meg followed Bia's lead, and it also wasn't unusual to find our Japanese helpers, Misako and Mizuki, locked in a sensual clinch on one of the loungers. It was a pleasing discovery that they were already in a relationship when I hired them to join the clinic. It was easier for the app to encourage what was already there.

Sadie had to take a little more care, her complexion being more prone to burning. Still, she didn't lack help from one of the other girls to apply factor 50 sunblock. Bia oiling Sadie up on the beach was one of the most enticing views the region had to offer.

Then there was Tara.

The weather being what it was, I had set up an area of gym equipment at one end of the deck. Daily, Tara went down to the beach, stripped, uncovered the machines, then worked out vigorously while naked - burning with shame the whole time, of course.

I had a telescope on my balcony from where I could watch the fun. Currently she was powering away on a stationary bike, sweat gleaming on the obscene artwork patterning her skin.

Suddenly her progress faltered slightly. Just for a moment her stride slipped and she tensed. It was only fleeting, so quick it was probably unnoticeable to anyone else. Then she continued.

I watched carefully. It wasn't a chore, really. Tara exercising was a wonderful view, and knowing the humiliation she was experiencing always made me hard.

After maybe fifteen minutes, the same thing happened again. For a split second a momentary loss of rhythm, a tension. Then, back to pedalling as before.

Very interesting.


There was a knock on the door of my personal chambers. I knew who it was so answered with a brusque "Come!"

Tara entered, eyes down. She was still naked from the beach. She dropped to all fours and crawled to where I sat, then assumed submissive crouch. "You sent for me, master?"

I ignored her for a while, pretending to find my book incredibly interesting. Eventually, almost feeling the heat radiating from her face, I snapped my fingers. "Dungeon. Cross."

She crawled to the hidden door and let herself into the dungeon. I gave her a few more minutes.

With a theatrical sigh, suggesting to Tara that I thought she was a damn nuisance, I rose and went into the next room.

Tara had strapped herself onto a large St. Andrew's Cross, her back facing out. The restraints were custom designed to be self-locking. It was fun to make her complicit in being helpless.

Still affecting an air of boredom I strolled to the wall and pulled down a bullwhip from its hook. I generally didn't use anything on Tara that might damage her tattoos, but today was different.

She was waiting resignedly for me to fuck her or some other familiar abuse, so the white-hot streak of the whip on her arse cheeks was an unexpected new horror.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" she screamed. "Master, what-?"

CRACK! Her back this time. "AAAAAAHHHHH! MASTER PLEASE...!"

CRACK! The back of her thighs. "NOOOOOO!" She was terrified and in pain.

I wound up and flicked the whip. I managed to wrap it around her side, the end snapping down across her huge tits, pressed together between the beams of the cross.


"Who is sorry?" I asked casually.

"Oh no, oh God, Taraslut is sorry Master, please Master Taraslut forgot myself for a mom..."

"BAD GIRL, Tara."

The disgraced coder convulsed in psychological agony. I flicked the whip down hard, landing a strike that went from shoulder to thigh. Tara's scream could probably be heard out at sea.

I beat her mercilessly for minutes more while she writhed under my hypnotic command. I continued until I saw the result I was waiting for.

"GOOD GIRL, Tara." She flopped against the cross.

I faced her between the arms of the cross. Her head was lolling, exhausted and defeated. I grabbed her short hair and yanked her head up so she met my gaze.

"Slut, there is pussy juice running down your thighs like a river. How long have you been cumming from being abused?"

Realising she had been caught, fresh tears spilled over the ones from the whipping. "A... couple of months, Master."

"Interesting. Care to explain?"

"I... nobody would make m... make Taraslut cum, Master. She could not touch her pussy, and nobody else would. But she was still capable of cumming."

"Of course you were. Otherwise where would be the fun?"

"So... your Taraslut tried to relish her punishment. It took a long time, but eventually this slut became turned on by pain, by being humiliated, by being used for your pleasure."

"Impressive. You became so aroused from all that you were able to cum, and still managed to hide it?"

"The first time, I was in the stocks." She was referring to a set of custom-made blued steel ones with ankle, wrist and neck restraints, which sat a few feet away. "Master was using Taraslut's arse. This slut was in a lot of pain, but she could feel herself starting to cum."

"I had no idea."

"This slut was terrified of being discovered, Master. She forced herself to keep her reaction secret. At least she was already screaming, which made it easier."

"Ha! Fair point."

"But once your slut started she couldn't stop. Now she cums constantly from pain and abuse. She... knows it is forbidden, Master. She only wanted a little pleasure."

She looked down, then raised her eyes to meet mine. "Please, Josh. I know I fucked up massively. But I've been punished for so long. Please, if there is any mercy in you, show me a little? Please?"

I let go of her hair and she slumped. I guess having committed the ultimate sin of cumming without permission, she figured I couldn't do much else for calling me by name.

I unlocked her and she slid to the floor, lying in a dejected, miserable heap. Her tattoos were crisscrossed with large welts.

If everything I had done up to now was insane, what I had in mind next was another level.

"Tara, stand up please."

She looked at me in shock, but obeyed.

"Come through," I motioned her to follow into my suite. I grabbed an Oxford shirt off a hangar and handed it to her. She flinched, then accepted. She was even more surprised when I motioned her into a chair. I think she expected this was a preamble to a more sadistic punishment. Maybe it was.

"Here's the thing, Tara. All of this, the clinic, the money, this crazy lifestyle, started with you. But when I look at you, I see that hotel, and you ready to make me a mindless slave."

She remained silent as I went on. "Now, I can appreciate on an intellectual level that I fucked you over first, but I had no intention of you being mindless. That's very difficult for me to get past. And because I protected myself against any mental changes before meeting you there, my mind can no longer be influenced, only my physical form. So I can't use the app to change how I feel."

"So, here we are at an impasse. I want to move on, but I can't look at you without those feelings coming back."

I was about to spell it out, but she beat me to it. "Could... could the app change how I look?"

"Good instincts," I replied. "I must admit I've missed collaborating with you. Yes, that's what I had in mind. It's by far the most complex operation the app will have performed. And it's untried; so I won't force you. Plus, it's not just your appearance. Tara Ward will, to anyone else, no longer exist."

She shrugged. "I never had much use for my family. I doubt they would even notice. As for friends, there was only Bia and a few others I've lost touch with."

"You really want to do this? You'd prefer it to how things are?"

"If you promise that I'll be treated like the others, I'm all in. You could turn me into a frog if you wanted, as long as I have the chance to get that cock back in my pussy."

"OK then, I'll make the arrangements. Remember how to code? You can check it before we go ahead."

"Thank you, J... Master."

"Nice save."

"So who will I be, Master? Any ideas?"

"Oh yes. Very much so."


A few months later found a skinny teenage blonde girl and a much older man sitting in my office, as I went through the sales routine. They were impressed by the Lady Nicci before/after pictures, and mesmerized by Megan. And like everyone, they gasped at the sight of naked Sadie.

"Oh and before I forget, meet Sadie's twin, Lily. She works on the technical side of things here. In many ways she's responsible for all the advances we've shown you."

From the side door, another blonde entered. She was already stripping out of her dress by the time she reached my chair. Naked, it was easy to see she was literally identical to Sadie, except that instead of horizontal bars piercing her nipples, each erect nub had two bars running through them vertically. Almost like the Roman numeral "II".

"That! I want that!" said the girl in a valley girl accent so thick it sounded like a comedy sketch. "I rilly rilly wanted a boob job for my eighteenth birthday, and, like, Daddy said he'd pay anything." I already knew he would, along with a large supplement for certain 'attitude adjustments' - mostly a willingness to be, well, willing, and for his daughter to keep certain late night visits to herself.

It was a little sad for him that I thought he was even more of a heel than I was. He wouldn't remember the extra demands once he'd looked at the paperwork. His daughter would definitely be accommodating to one of the men in the room, just not the one he intended. It would be fun having an intern.

I thought I should mention it just in case you were under the mistaken impression I wasn't a heel. Though I think that's unlikely at this point.

The details settled, 'Lily,' Sadie and I strolled back to my chambers, the women still nude except for heels.. Bia was waiting for us, an angry expression on her face.

"Maestro! This cannot be true! You're not taking me to the premiere?!" The red carpet screening for Starla Truegreen's controversial new film '21st Century Porn Star' was in a couple of days (apparently they shoot quick, these indie dramas with full on-screen penetration of the leading lady).

I shrugged. "We'll get more press coverage with me and the twins. More press means more clients."

Bia actually stamped. "No, Maestro! It's not fucking fair! They aren't twins, just because that puta Tara has a new body..!"

"Everyone in the world thinks they're twins," I said. A few judicious emails to Sadie's estranged parents and key friends, and they all 'remembered' her sister Lily. They had been inseparable, probably why nobody could quite remember which of them had done exactly what growing up. It was all just 'the twins.'

Bia swore continually in Italian, rounding angrily on Tara/Lily. But I'd had enough. "Bia, HEEL."

The furious woman dropped to her knees, silenced. "Bia, you're a marvel, but you need a reminder of who does and doesn't get a say in what goes on around here. Ladies? A nice BDSM look I think."

The twins disappeared into closets with much giggling as I stripped. I yanked Bia's dress off, then made a patronising 'knock knock' gesture on the top of her head. "Open up. And as the afternoon unfolds, Biaslut, don't forget you can always find yourself in the guest quarters on the other side of the camera."

Bia's mouth opened involuntarily, and I shoved my cock past her lips. I listened to the girls getting ready while I used Bia's throat, angrily fucking it as if it was her cunt. She was gorgeous and wonderfully sadistic, but occasionally needed to be reminded of who was in charge.

Lily and Sadie emerged from the closet, wearing matching harnesses of thin black straps covered in studs, and shiny high-heeled thigh boots. The harnesses covered nothing, but the straps wrapped around their bodies so as to beautifully accentuate them.

Their naked tits now bore pointy black nipple covers, hiding their identities. The only difference was one now wore a severe red bobbed wig, the other its black equivalent.

They were also sporting giant black strap-on dildos that had been moulded from a cast of my own cock.

I motioned them to a drawer which held two bottles and two pairs of surgical gloves. One of them, wearing the black wig, gasped.

"Now Bia, in a moment we're going to play a little game, well, you and the twins really. It's called 'who's in my cunt and who's up my arse?' And to make it easier, one of the massive toys you're about to be DP'd with will be covered with deep-heat muscle rub, and the other will have a generous coating of hot sauce."

The tears on Bia's cheeks weren't just from my cock hitting the back of her throat. The fear in her eyes was palpable. I withdrew. "You may speak, slut."

"Per favore no, maestro! Ho imparato la lezione!"

"Well, maybe you have. But I'm going to enjoy watching you get sado-fucked anyway, because I can. So, want to take a guess before we begin?"

Bia frantically looked from one woman to the other. Black-wig was looking nervous, while Red looked outright hungry to begin, a burning lust in her eyes. As it were.

"RED! Red is Lily!" Bia screamed. I tutted with annoyance.

"What was the giveaway?" I asked. "No, don't tell me. She's the one who looks so excited at the thought of an excruciatingly painful fuck."

Lily's face fell. "Oh, shit! I'm sorry Master!"

I waved a hand dismissively. "Never mind. At least now you'll be finding out first hand just how painful. You'll be taking Bia's place."

The Italian looked relieved. "...after you've finished with her, that is." The relief vanished. "What bottle are you holding?"

Sheepishly Lily held up a bottle with a chilli pepper on the label.

"Great! So just hot sauce for both holes then." Bia looked at me, horrified. "What?" I responded. "I didn't say there was a reward for guessing right."

Lily applied chilli agony to both first her dildo, then Sadie's. She lay on the bed with the contaminated tool pointing upwards. "It's OK Bia," said the gorgeous clone. "Sadie is more likely to go easy on your arse."

"Only if she wants a turn as well!" I interjected happily. Sadie shook her head frantically. She was going to pound Bia's tightest hole into next week.

"Biaslut, climb on Lily's cock," I commanded. Robotically, and with extreme reluctance, she obeyed, rising stiffly and clambering on the bed. Her cheeks were wet with tears before the burning toy even touched her inner folds.

She gave a wail of despair as she unwillingly lowered herself onto the tool. Sadie determinedly pushed the other toy against Bia's arsehole.

"Oh dio, Maestro! Brucia!"

"I would imagine. Don't worry though, they only have to carry on until you cum."

Sadie had locked the tortured goddess into cuffs, Bia's arms now twisted uncomfortably behind her. "GOOD GIRL, Biaslut," I said, releasing her.

Gasping in pain, Bia actually started fucking back against the toys. I guess she wanted to cum and escape the stinging invaders, or maybe prove to me she could take her punishment like a trooper. I sat back in a plush chair to watch.

Bia's tears dripped onto Lily's chin and she licked them up. "I can't wait for you to do this to me..." she moaned.

There was a discreet knock and Megan entered. She gave a curious look to the sandwich on the bed, but came over to me.

"I'm sorry to intrude, Master. I've just learned that the same reporter from before has been trying to speak to another client."

I sighed. "OK, fine. We'll deal with it. in the meantime get your throat around my cock, the show is just getting good!" There was a scream of pain and pleasure from the bed as Bia succeeded in cumming.


This annoying reporter from an online publication had been sniffing around, attempting to talk to clients and staff, and being unusually tenacious in trying to uncover the secrets and history of the clinic.

She was in the press line when I took all four of the girls to the premiere, as I had always intended to. Bia was particularly affectionate. Lily/Tara had been teaching her the finer points of pleasure through pain, and Bia loved a challenge.

It was fascinating to see them together, since Lily still had many of Tara's mannerisms. It took me back to their apartment at the start of this strange story, what felt like a lifetime ago. With Tara's new look it was as if Sadie was part of their games too, even when she was otherwise occupied. With my cock, usually.

Anyway, back to the reporter. She had clearly been asking around, yelling from the press line about what had happened to the tattooed woman from the beach who hadn't been seen around for a while.

Not that anyone heard her, or would have cared anyway. My girls were looking particularly scandalous, and the paparazzi just wanted pictures.

An email to her editor took care of the story. But then, you know that part. In fact now you know everything. Not that you'll ever tell anyone.

I might even let you remember it for a while. I was thinking it would be fun to have you work in the guest quarters while retaining your old memories - well, not fun for you, obviously. Our clients aren't really into overweight online crusaders, but they won't know the difference of course.

Then when you can't stand being a cumdump for the mega-rich any more, I think you'll beg me to change you. I'm not sure what you'll be yet. I was thinking of a triplet for Sadie and Lily, but that seems greedy.

Or possibly a little sister for Bia. Imagine, the same type of fiery personality in an eighteen-year-old firecracker. Did you know the app can cause spontaneous regeneration of a girl's virginity? That's been huge with some of our clientele from, shall we say, less enlightened countries.

But y'know, I always slightly regretted not making a more permanent connection with the black woman I mentioned. Keisha, remember? Don't answer that. Right now you couldn't if you wanted to.

So, precocious kid sister for Bia, or gorgeous black porn star lookalike? I think maybe the latter. You've got plenty of excess baggage we can turn into amazing curves.

I can still have both, of course. Your boyfriend works at the website too, doesn't he? He's been helping you with the story. Skinny little thing, almost looks like a teenage girl already. And I've been dying to see if it's possible. Do you think he'll like being a girl?

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