tagFetishTara's Pregnancy - 1st Trimester

Tara's Pregnancy - 1st Trimester


"I'm Pregnant!" Tara ran out of the bathroom and down the hall to find her Erik. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and Erik met her halfway down the hall.

"Really!" Erik grabbed Tara and spun her around. He kissed her hard on the lips and the moment she wrapped her legs around his hips, he knew she was horny. He latched onto her neck and sucked hard, leaving a mark.

"God that drives me crazy."

"I know baby."

Erik carried Tara to the bedroom and pulled her into his lap as he sat down. He was only in boxers and a t-shirt while she was in that sexy pink baby doll she had worn to bed last night.

"Lets see the test." Tara handed him the pregnancy test that was in her right hand and he grinned. Those two pink lines were the best thing that he had ever seen.

"We're making love all day baby. If you feel up to it." Erik was running his hands up and down her back. She was moaning and pulling at his t-shirt.

"Yeah I'm not sick to my stomach or anything. Just horny as always."

Erik grinned and pulled off her baby doll. He latched onto her perfect nipple and sucked hard. Erik had a huge pregnancy fetish and Tara knew it. They had only been dating a few months, but when he told her what he wanted she obeyed. It had been less then three weeks ago since they had this conversation and now she was pregnant. Erik was almost forty years old and had met Tara at a club. She was barely twenty years old and was so wild and sexy that he knew he had to have her. Tara had given him a run for his money that first night together. He figured she would eventually be pushed past her limit, but that wasn't the case. Erik had laid down on his bed at seven in the morning begging for a break and Tara was still wet, horny, and ready to go.

Erik could feel her hands pinch his nipples. He gripped her cute butt and massaged it firmly.

"We have to be careful not to be so rough right?"

"Yeah I guess." Erik grinned. Tara was very clueless in a lot of ways, but he knew that they had to be softer, at least until she was ready to give birth. He pulled down his boxers and slid his throbbing member into her pussy. Her pussy was so perfect and he loved it. She waxed it completely and had gotten the cutest clit ring ever. She did anything he asked and when he announced on their second date that he loved girls with clit rings she was willing to get one. Erik gripped her hips and moved her slowly up and down on his cock. They normally had hard and fast sex and surprisingly this slow rocking drove them both crazy.

Erik felt his cock so deep inside her and loved the idea that his sperm had impregnated her. He got so turned on knowing she was carrying his baby and couldn't wait for her to get bigger. He pushed her down hard on his cock and rocked her baby and forth.

"Fucking hell!" Tara dug her long fingernails into Erik's back and began to cum. She was always loud when she came and this was no exception. Her eyes glazed over and she had that look of pure ecstasy. Erik continued to rock her on his cock until he came as well. He held his breath when he came and then as the last of his cum was gushing out he would take a deep breath and moan.


Two months later Tara's morning sickness was finally gone. Erik had gotten used to her running to the washroom in the morning, but after she did that she was always eager to fuck.

"God your breasts are huge baby." Erik was lying on his side massaging Tara's breasts. She was lying on her back completely naked. He could barely fit one breast in his hand and was convinced she had gone up at least three or four bra sizes.

"I know. All those sexy dresses don't fit anymore. And I have to wear bras now."

Erik laughed. Tara had every sexy and slutty dress imaginable and she never wore a bra with any of them. Now her breasts pressed against all her shirts, but Erik loved it. He leaned up and wrapped his lips around her huge nipple and sucked hard.

"Want to tit fuck me?" Erik's eyes went wide when Tara asked that. She knew he had always wanted to do that and she had been whining about how sore her breasts were.

"Fuck yeah. Don't your breasts hurt though?"

"Nope. You can cum all over them too." Erik watched as Tara moved to lean over the edge of the bed. Erik got up and stood in front of her. This way he could slide his throbbing member between her breasts and not put pressure on her swollen belly. The moment her breasts wrapped around his cock he was in heaven. They were warm and soft and felt so good. He thrusted back and forth and was going to hold back until Tara pulled on his balls and slid a finger into his ass. She was skilled at finding his prostrate gland and the moment she touched it he came all over her belly.

Tara grinned and began to rub his cum into her belly. Erik just watched in amazement as his girlfriend rubbed her pregnant belly. He was going to enjoy the next seven months.

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